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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mrd4mrd4 Posts: 27
    yes, it's 11' model. Theoretically there is no difference between 11' and 12' model. I see three posts (1 in orange county, 2 in san diego county) got $6500 under MSRP for 11' ES350.
  • just go to and use american express pricing...
    and you will get an idea
  • blee4blee4 Posts: 1
    Dear #2698 - regarding your 11.28.11 post about the pricing of the loaded Lexus ES 350, were you able to find better than $38k OTD (out the door)? To clarify, when you say $38k OTD, does that mean total out-of-pocket cost, including tax and all fees? Would you mind sharing the name of the dealership and the sale person from whom you purchased. Thank you for your time.
  • nabhanabha Posts: 2
    Hi ,

    I am new to this forum so not sure whether this is the location for my question.

    I have been looking for a car for myself & found one deal. This one is 2009 lexus ES350(moon shell mica color) with 20000 miles. There is no navigation or back up camera. This car is priced at $23950+TTL. There is 4 years/50k warranty also.
    Location is Dallas,TX.
    I like the color but someone told me this is not one of the favorite color in today's world. I am a married man of middle thirty age. Is this color for the 60+ people?
    Is this a good deal?

    Thanks in advance for your time.
  • raver8raver8 Posts: 2
    Had at deposit down on a 09 Audi A6, but while selling my car to Carmax, I stumbled onto a deep blue (metalic) 09 ES350 every thing except Mark Levinson/rear camera and auto park. Got price to $26.8K and bought there warranty extention of 72 mo/no bumperdeductable bumper2 for an additional 1279. Boca Raton FL lease return with 19621 actual, starting 10/10. Salesman said front seats were "air conditioned". I see here actual product is "ventilated". Dark metalic Teal exterior/ parchment interior with wood/ leather etc. Bought on impulse after short test drive.
    Normally I do some research, but tired of Euro Sedan repairs bills - BMW/Porche cand Jags (2).
    Car is mint - not a scratch or rock ding. Ran TMV for Certified to $34K so 2 6.8 seems fair for a So FL no snow/salt sedan. ?????Experts?????
  • nabhanabha Posts: 2
    I think you have done good but I am not an expert. I am also buying ES350 ,2009 with 19980 miles, the dealer is offering me extended warranty for 4 years/50k miles ,price $1800.
    Can you please tell me about the warranty you bought because the price looks really good. I have tried to look for warranty online but its confusing like what is covered & what is not ?

    Thanks for your time!
  • rcummelinrcummelin Posts: 184
    Our 2008 ES is Moon Shell Mica, but the color must not have been too popular, as Lexus dropped the color after 2009. It's pink for God's sake & may not appeal to many men. An older woman owned/drove our car before we bought it. BTW- we are in our 60s, ha ha.

    We bought our ES in December for $24K with NAV, back-up camera, heated/cooled seats, etc. with 41K miles. Still some factory warranty left too.

    Extended warranties need to be carefully read before buying. Toyota's Platinum warranty (really?) is NOT a bumper-to-bumper warranty and there is a looong list of exclusions. We were offered it for $1700 and we passed on it, but we can still go back & get it if we think we REQUIRE the extra coverage.
  • Can anyone give me an idea how much is the OTD price of ES350 with navigation in Los Angeles/Southern California region? Toyota's fiscal year ends on Mar 31. Is it the best time to buy Lexus? If not, when according to your experience? What's the difference between the Navigation/Mark Levinson Audio Package and the navigation system available as an interior option? Thanks!
  • bbrainisbbrainis Posts: 3
    Hi CarMan:

    I would like to know the MF and Residual for the 2012 Lexus ES for a 10K and 15K 36 Month Lease. It looks like with the Conquest rebate, a negotiated price should be at best around $4000 off MSRP ?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    A reporter is looking to speak with anyone who bought a new car in the last two months. She’s especially interested in the economic and market factors (fuel prices, access to credit, pricing, etc.) that went into your decision. Please send a brief description of your experience and your preferred contact information to by Wednesday, March 7th, 2012.
  • msgill1msgill1 Posts: 2
    Any pricing info on above. Looking for the same thing.
  • msgill1msgill1 Posts: 2
    Any pricing info on above. Looking for 2012 ES350 with navigation in Los Angeles/Southern California region?
  • I got a quote from Lexus in Riverside for 2012 E350 MSRP $39,103 at $35,443 plus tax and licensing, which will be $35,443*1.0875 (LA County tax) = $38,545 plus licensing.

    The MSRP above includes:
    Vehicle base price $36,725
    Delivery Processing & Handling $875.00
    Preferred Accessory Package: Cargo Net/Trunk Mat/Whl
    Locks/Rear Bumper Applique $328.00
    Wood & Leather Steering Wheel & Shift Knob $330.00
    Heated and Ventilated Front Seats $640.00
    Full Size Spare Tire with 17-inch Alloy Wheel $205.00

    Still shopping for better prices.....
  • Got another quote from a broker today:

    2012 ES350 MSRP $39,422 (not itemized; no navigation)
    OTD cash $38,988 (incl LA County tax, license & fees)

    The broker said that MSRP changes every week depending on the new inventories that come into the dealership.
  • caddymancaddyman Posts: 12
    I am the original owner of a 2007 ES350. While price is important, consider that you are buying possible the best car on the market. I am intending to buy the 2013 ES when introduced, however I really don't want to give up my 07. If you've never had a Lexus, you will be blown away by the service. The European cars don't have the reliability of the Lexus or the amazing service. The "reviewers" don't give Lexus the respect it deserves. They dribble over the European cars, that will let you down. The feel of quality surrounds you. Listen to the "thud" when you close the doors - quality. I get 24 mpg on regular gas, cumulative from when I bought my car 12/06. My two cars previous to my Lexus were more expensive, but not as satisfying. I would only consider a Lexus going forward. It doesn't get better. Buy a clean ES, with as many options as you can, and you will never regret it. :)
  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    I only wanted to add that I also have enjoyed my 2007 ES350. The service I received from my Lexus dealer was great~! - the only problem is the closest Lexus dealer is over an hour away from where I live. The interior lighting had alot to be desired and the only other complaint I had is the GPS. Other than that it is a great car and I am considering one of the SUV's in the next year or so.
  • mr4242usmr4242us Posts: 2
    Is the 2013 worth waiting for?

    Will the 2012 be heavily discounted?

    Lexus ES350 vs. Camry XLE .... is it night and day and worth the price difference?
  • koppsuzkoppsuz Posts: 13
    Any thoughts on the radio?
  • rcummelinrcummelin Posts: 184
    edited April 2012
    Is the 2013 worth waiting for? The 2013 will be a major change from the 2012, with more bells & whistles. If you don't mind being a guinea pig for Lexus (debugging & troubleshooting a new model), it may be your thing.

    Will the 2012 be heavily discounted? I think that depends on how well the 2013 sells when initially offered. If there's no takers for the left-over 2012s, you can expect to see some discounting--no telling how much discount though.

    Lexus ES350 vs. Camry XLE .... is it night and day and worth the price difference? You actually asked two questions here, but my answer would be "YES" to both. Depends on what you want from your car though. Some people don't like the feeling of isolation & solitude the Lexus provides. I love it.
  • vk02169vk02169 Posts: 3
    edited April 2012
    Just bought a New 2012 ES 350 with following options for 35K + TTL in NJ

    Preferred Accessory Package: Cargo Net/Trunk Mat/Whl
    Locks/Rear Bumper Applique $328.00
    Wood & Leather Steering Wheel & Shift Knob $330.00
    Heated and Ventilated Front Seats $640.00
    Full Size Spare Tire with 17-inch Alloy Wheel $205.00

    I don't think that I got a stellar deal to brag about but shouldn't be bad either

    Thanks everybody in the forum for providing valuable info
  • sk1182sk1182 Posts: 7
    edited April 2012
    As the title states, I am currently set on purchasing a 2012 ES 350. Just standard base model without any bells or whistles. I live in Atlanta, GA. The listed MSRP is $36,725 and invoice is $34,400. I just wanted to get a general idea of the purchase price I should shoot for before PF, destination charges, and TTL. I have heard that 2,500~3,000 below the invoice is a good starting point so would I target for somewhere around 32,000 before the usual fees? I would appreciate any feedback and any purchasing experience. Thank you.
  • koppsuzkoppsuz Posts: 13
    That sounds like an excellent price. I paid more than that for a 2007
  • a1s1a1a1s1a1 Posts: 20
    edited April 2012
    In January of 2009, I bought an UltraLuxury (Glass panoramic roof, Mark Levinson, etc) 2008 brand new ES 350 with less than 80 miles as a left over from the dealer. MSRP 45450, I paid 35500 plus taxes. Moral of the story "it all depends upon supply and demand" Good Luck and happy Buying.
    P.S. I love the car
  • iamgodly42iamgodly42 Posts: 1
    Initial price of the 2012 ES was $47,678 with tax. Was able to get that price down to $43,000 OTD. Not as good as some other buyers but non the less a great deal and buy. Robert James was a quality salesman and gave us a smooth and fast process.
  • brm1brm1 Posts: 2
    Hi - I am looking to buy a fully loaded Lexus ES 350 2012 fully loaded (luxury package, disk based nav) in the next few weeks. I live in PA but am willing to travel to NJ, NY, MD, VA for the right price. Anyone has purchased one recently in any of these states? Any estimates on price/receommendations for a dealer?

  • lvandemarklvandemark Posts: 2
    As far as dealerships, I would try Motorworld in Pa, or Prestige Lexus in Paramus, NJ. I know Prestige has a really large inventory of 2012 ES in stock.
  • dearmedearme Posts: 2
    Can anyone tell me if they got a good deal on a recent car purchase of an 2012 ES350, anywhere in the Chicago area?

  • my pending deal in NJ 350 RX sticker $49,360 - dealer taking off $5469
  • rman66rman66 Posts: 21
    thats an amazing price.. $10K off MSRP. Any suggestions on how to snag such a fantasitc deal in the current market
  • balkibalki Posts: 1
    Dear buyer,
    Thanks to provide valueable information. I was looking the same car. I wonder if you can provide dealership name, city and state, It would help me to get the good price.

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