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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gmanusmcgmanusmc SoCalPosts: 694
    Wing - Incentives that run thru 9/3 are 1.9% for 60 months. If leasing, there is $500 lease cash and complimentary first lease payment. Instead of waiting until Sep, you might be able to land a great deal the last few days of this month. The 2014s are due in and the 2013 inventory will start to dwindle along with your color/equipment choices.

    2016 ES350 Lux/Atomic Silver
    2017 Accord Sport CVT Mod Steel Metallic
  • Has anyone had a recent purchase of a 2013 ES350 in the Northeast that can give me an idea of how much of a discount off of MSRP is being offered? I have been getting quotes in the area of 6% below MSRP on cars that are loaded with overpriced options..... at a time when the2013 will soon be replaced with the new 2014. It hardly seems worth buying a 2013 with all these options at almost sticker. Also, any idea when the 2014 ES350 will be available ? Thanks..... and thanks to all who have provided such helpful info on this board
  • In NJ, 8% off MSRP or more possible. I got mine last week. If you are in NJ I can refer you to the dealer, which offers referral fees.
    Sales said 2014 could be another two months, I did not find any information on the web.
  • Thanks for the response.... I did in fact get a sell price this week .... in NJ.... that was 11% below MSRP.... I ended up getting the car and did it with a 36 month/12kmi lease.
  • grigolgrigol Posts: 17
    Now the same question to you.
    If you can, please provide the dealer location/person or at least give a hint to locate an area of NJ.
  • Look for Evan of Lexus of Monmouth.
  • lpnclpnc Posts: 9
    Has anyone had a recent purchase of a 2013 ES 300h in the Maryand, Virginia areas that can give me an idea of how much of a discount off of MSRP is being offered? Thanks.
  • Hi everyone,

    Does anyone know the estimated discount off MSRP or Invoice for a 2013 ES 350 in the MD/DC/VA area?

    Thanks in advance!
  • pazzo1pazzo1 Posts: 17
    After using edmunds forums for info on my purchase, want to possible help someone else. Here is the deal reached after asking 4 dealers:

    Dealer taking my 2010 es350 early (lease up Aug 2014).

    2013 es350. 36 mth/12k
    MSRP. 44063
    invoice. cannot locate however 41k ish
    Sale price. 39277
    $ factor. .00060
    Residual. 58 percent
    474.99/ mth.
    only 1st months payment due at signing
    no other $ paid

    While I understand that inputting these numbers on lease calculater do not come to $474.99. This is the deal. The dealers play with the numbers to make the deal and there was equity in my turnback. Hope this helps.
  • Bought mine at pohanka lexus in va
    MSRP $44063
    I Paid OTD price of $41200 w 1.9% financing thru them. Hope this helps and try to get better deal than I had.
  • gs100gs100 Posts: 4
    Does that OTD price include taxes?
  • OTD price includes everything such as license tag registration fees, sale tax etc....
  • Got an ES 350 on Oct 31st for 12.65% off the MSRP; two dealers in the dallas area had very similar deals on the 2013. If you want one, you really need to hurry as their inventory of the 2013's is almost depleted.
  • kohinahikohinahi Posts: 112
    Looking to purchase a 2013 ES 300H with the Luxury Package, Navigation, acc. (MSRP: 46,700 - 46,800). Can anyone with a recent purchase share MSRP and prices paid? Looking to make the purchase next week and your prompt response would be appreciated.

  • Can you provide a dealer, a name? not seeing anything close to what you're getting here in Buckeye land.
  • Sewell and Park place lexus. Both had prices within 2 to 300 of each other. However, I am not sure there are too many 2013's left. Call ASAP. I purchased mine at Sewell (Dallas showroom). They quoted approximately 38,250 on the ES models with an MSRP around 43,500. This includes a $1000 rebate if you finance with lexus. I did the math and depending on the model and options, the selling price was $5300 to 5600 off the MSRP.
  • Lauren Lukas at Sewell Lexus, Dallas. Was great to work with.
  • Got mine the last few days in October; not sure if the timing had anything to do with the deal.
  • Thanks for the details, I'm on it.
  • Let me know how things went.
  • Looking to buy a 2013 ES300h with Luxury package, BSM, parking assist and Radar cruise control. What should I expect to pay for it?
    Also any recommended dealers in the area? The closest to us is Lexus of Edison.
  • saw this so this might help you with a target price for your new es300h purchase.

    "Paid $38740+ttl for a new 2013 ES300h with navigation in CT. MSRP is $46727."
  • lali3lali3 Posts: 16
    Very good price.

    I got es350 on 11/30 for 14.7% off of msrp
  • Even I purchased one on 11/30 for 14.6% of MSRP 2013 ES350 with MSRP of 44k got it for 37550+TTL in texas.

    You can go cheaper upto 1000$ for seasoned negotiators and also if you have some patience.

    I wanted a car and completed deal in 2hrs on a morning.
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