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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • tranavtranav Posts: 32
    Hi 4joy4joy,
    Can you give name and phone # of the sale person at the dealer (Lexus Oxnard, CA) that you bought it from? Thanks,
  • I purchased 2009 RX 350 with Navigation for 38,000 on Dec 13th.
    MSRP is 46,065. in NJ. Extra fees were $671.50, plus tax on the vehicle
  • Hi RX350Shopper-

    Where in NJ did you buy your car from?

  • I got it from Tri-County Lexus, 700 Route 46 West, Little Falls, NJ 07424
    Beware of the accounting. When I checked my loan numbers, they tried to increase my loan on $400 just doing the incorrect math.
    They charge extra $198 for the window etching with the cars VIN#. My car does not have it but they are not returning the money I paid.
    They charge $160 just for old plates to be transferred, that is not includung 1 year registration. They asked me to pay additional $200 for the new plates and a new registration.
  • 11K off MSRF,-rock bottom price. more power to u. Let you cut the deal, let me know that dealer you purchased from.
    I was quoted a deal doc fee of $595. Think it is very high. Any thoughts by others.
  • 4joy4joy-
    You paid 36 565.09- does it have the NAVand is it AWD

  • fanatfanat Posts: 8
    RX 350 lease 36 months/10K. Prem+Navigation!

    After talking to different dealers in NYC area for couple of days the deals I'm getting are:

    About 2700 total due at signing (taxes + 1st months payment, bank fee, licence and registration).

    450 per month (no taxes, taxes paid upfront and included in the 2700)

    Now, one dealer told me they could lower the monthly payment by 20 dollars which brings me to 430!

    Is it possible to go even lower? How much lower is realistic?
  • Dealmaker,

    not 11k off. I was responding to someone in my same area getting 7k off msrp and wanted him to get 2k more.
  • On 12/6 I leased from Southampton Lexus an RX 350 AWD, prem package, for 36 months 12k miles/year --$2810 down (taxes, 1st month etc) no NAV 370/month. I was a returning customer.
  • That is a great deal. I too am in the market for an Rx 350 with premium plus and NAV on Long Island. I would appreciate it if you would share the name of your salesperson at Southampton Lexus. Thanks in advance and if anyone has any other thoughts or suggestions, please keep them coming!
  • hi what is the MSRP of this car and final price.

    i have a rx at 42111 MSRP and 36k for buy price. MF at 0.00095 and Residual at 0.54 for a 3 year/36k miles. monthly at 426 (tax not included). (15k miles at 448). down payment at 2750 (3 yrs tax, title, lender fees, 1 month, etc.,). so can you pl. share the MSRP and buy price....if you have the MF that will be great too...
  • hi all,
    this board is fantastic, this saved me a lot of money...i appreciate all of you here.

    I have a RX at
    - 42111 MSRP (No NAV)
    - 36k for buy price. (this is 14.36% down from MSRP)
    - MF at 0.00095
    - Residual at 0.54
    - 3 year/36k miles.
    - monthly at 426 (tax not included).
    - down payment at 2750 (3 yrs tax, title, lender fees, 1 month, etc.,).
    - i am going to pick this on the 30th of Dec and am a returning Lexus GX lease customer.
    - 15k miles at 448 (Residual at .52)

    1. What is the best percentage from MSRP to buy price have you all seen or just the lowest sell price
    2. what is the best MF you have seen...
    3. Any other ways to reduce the security deposit etc.,
    4. Will there be any further reduction in MF given the FED rate cut
    5. Why are these guys giving 14-17% discount on MSRP..what is going on..

    any help..
  • tranavtranav Posts: 32
    1) from socal, I got offers $7500 off MSRP for Non-Nav rx350 fwd and $8200 off from MSRP of $46321 Nav/Mar, all buying.
    2) don't know
    3) don't know
    4) don't know
    5) reason is 2010 rx350 is coming in Mar with whole new design (
  • I got the package Premium plus + TO + WL + C1., but I added on DVD system, XM radio, IPod interface. drive out price= $40000. How much did you pay for drive out? I am looking for another one same as your package. Thanks

  • What is drive out price for this package NV, Premium plus + TO + WL + C1(09RX350 FWD)? is there any rebate or closing certificate or incentive available on Dec-08 or year end incentive? Thanks alot.

  • I am in the market for a Lexus 350, AWD 2009. I could buy from Lexus of Reno, or from Sacramento. Anyone bought from there or aware of what I should pay? I want one with the nav system. My husband says it is a waste of money. Is it? I'd love to hear what people think of this option. :
  • Lexus website part of their December Lease Special
  • Tranav: where did you get the $8200 off MSRP of $46321 in SC. What is name of salesperson. I got a quote from Longo Lexus last night for this vehicle

    09 RX 350 AWD
    Bamboo Pearl

    They told me they do not have AWD; for the FWD, they told me for 38K all in sell price, I can only get one w/o Nav. I am not sure if this is correct or just dealer's talks. Let me know.
  • I want to correct an error that I made. My lease deal for the '09 RX350AWD that I got on 12/06 was $469/ month NOT $360/month. I looked at so many cars that I got confused with a Pre Owned 06 BMW deal I briefly looked at.
    I did put down $2810 and got the Prem package, NO NAV, 12k, 36months-- It was a so/so standard lease- from Southamptom Lexus.
  • fanatfanat Posts: 8
    I was making decisions yesterday based on your 360-370 per month deal! LOL

    I agreed to a deal yesterday, 435 per month (no taxes) / around 2700 due at signing.

    36month/10K lease on AWD 350 prem+navigation. I think it's an ok deal.
  • Has anyone gotten a good deal lately on a 09' RX 350 in Florida?
    We've gotten offers for $4000-5000 off the MSPR... and its supposed
    to be the deal of the century!! Any Advice? Seems people on
    here are doing WAY better than this...
    Thanks :confuse:
  • Which year model is your RX350... you really got a great deal... do you have Mark levinson? I paid a drive out of $40K for the package...
  • Most of the posts seem to include the Nav system, but I'm planning to lease or buy a 09 RX350, FWD, with the Premium Plus Package/wipers/heated seats.

    At Lexus of Nashville North (Madison, TN) today I was quoted MSRP of $42,191 less $3,591 for a total of $38,600 before TTL. Seems very high...

    How are others doing on working deals for year end? What specifically are you negotiating? I plan to sign a contract around 12/30.
  • tranavtranav Posts: 32
    Longo Lexus only quoted me with the invoice price (roughly $4k off the MSRP).
    You should contact Mission Viejo Lexus. They will give you good quote.
  • My friend, in Los Angeles area, just got her 09 fwd with Nav a few days ago. She got the car for 8k under MSRP, and a total out the door about 39.5k. Wow!
    It is almost like the price I paid for my 08 Rx without Nav a couple yrs ago.
  • I am in Miami- where did you get this deal? ia m looking at JM in Coral springs
  • I am also in Miami area=what are some of the deals you are finding???
  • I did not have MarkLevinston package. Which city are you calling from? If in Houston, Where did you buy? and who is your Saleman? I am looking for another RX350 same as your RX package (Please confirm what package did your get? specify options? ). Thanks alot.

  • I got it at Countyline in Hollywood. I had a very difficult time dealing with them, but ultimately they honored the following deal:

    '09 RX without Navigation, Premium Package (MSRP $40,660)

    $638.16 at signing (1st mo., tag & title), $420/mo. for 36 months with 10,000 mi./yr.
  • I wanted to add this to my previous post:

    It's a FWD and the $420/mo. payment includes tax. The dealership is in Hollywood, Florida.
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