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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • one thing i forgot to say is that the dealer told me that if i'm getting the 4k well really 5k incentive then i won't be able to get the low financing.... like .9% or 2.9 or even 4.9% and looking at around mid 5-6% finance. is this true? please help.
  • Just bought the RX350 Premium Navigation, MSRP 46,000 for 35,800. HC are lying low lifes don't deal with them. Good luck all.
  • Just signed the paper work on a RX 350 Bamboo colored with Navi, premium package with MSRP over 46k. Purchased for 35,800. Communicated all through email. One dealership blatantly lied, HC, you know who you are. They said one thing then said another when I went there but all others kept to their word when I went there. Good luck all. Looks like I got a unbelievable deal because I don't see any posts with lower purchase price.
  • ce5288ce5288 Posts: 17
    Hi terry79,

    In your case MSRP$41,250, TMV price $33,945. You are expecting $7.3K below MSRP. I would say you might get 8K to 8.2K below MSRP if you shop "ONLINE".
  • ce5288ce5288 Posts: 17
    There are couple of Lexus dealers near NY area. You can ask these dealers to quote you through internet.

    Good luck!
  • terry79terry79 Posts: 27
    Baton Rouge. Price Leblanc Lexus. Haven't heard back since my offer.
    My logic for the Lexus discount is the highlander discount of 8000 to 9000
    on the 08 limited models from some NC dealers when the 5000 rebate was
    available. If they can sell the highlander at those prices and make money then
    they can sell the Lexus at 9000 below msrp and make mony. It's still early and time will tell depending on how fast the 09 RX's are leaving the lot. And time is on my side.
  • Sterling McCall Lexus
  • JozzJozz Posts: 9
    Also looking for a better SUV on the comfort and safety side. Washingtonpost and Motortrend got me to check out Hyundai Veracruz.

    If you're keen on value, Veracruz is a great deal, at least before RX370 comes out. The big question is, how much is the Lexus emblem worth to you...

    Anyway with Genesis' arrival, Hyundai to Lexus '09 might be Lexus to BMW '89.
  • texdextexdex Posts: 4
    Thanks for the info char121. Would contact them ASAP. Did you go through the internet sales dept.?
  • Impressive! You must be a very good negotiator! Where are you?
  • No, I used a regular salesman. I had some unusual circumstances with timing that helped with that deal. I wasn't there until the $5000 in Lexus incentives were announced.
  • Can anyone recommend a dealer and salesman on LI,NY to get a 2009 RX with Premium plus and Nav or Pebble Beach Edition, to get a REALLY GOOD DEAL?
    What would be the best deal for 36 month lease @15 or 18K miles?
    Can anyone help???? Thanks!!!
  • texdextexdex Posts: 4
    Received a quote for $36,000 +TTL for FWD RX350+ PP+ Nav+ Heated front seats+ tow prep+ cargo net+ wheel lock+ Liquied graphite 18" wheels with MSRP of $44,800. Close to 9K less than MSRP. Is it a good quote?
  • terry79terry79 Posts: 27
    Not too shabby if it's the color you want. But i'll wager he has some wiggle room in that price. Is that from Sterling?
  • texdextexdex Posts: 4
    No. This is in Austin.
  • terry79terry79 Posts: 27
    I would make a counteroffer, say 35000, and see what happens. This could be like the 08 highlanders. They went pretty quick with the big discounts. Could be that
    waiting will limit the color choices.
  • Is the 0.9% financing still available? Thanks,
  • rx8errx8er Posts: 3
    purchase '09 rx350 awd+ppp 33k+ttl msrp 43591
  • No. That was available until Jan. 5 with a program that included $2500 in dealer incentives. The new program has $5000 in dealer incentives but no low financing rate.
  • Best price so far in Florida... RX350 09 FWD premium package. MSRP $40,600 best quote so far $31,900. Anyone seen anything better?
  • Premium package, auto wipers, HID lamps, rear DVD system, 18" wheels (don't think they're the liquid graphite ones). Pretty sure MSRP = $42,945. Purchase price = $34,000, w/ TTL <$37k. Am absolutely thrilled, since I worked w/ 14 dealers on 12/31 to find a deal (had some great offers but not the color/package combo I wanted - and I did NOT want nav) and ended up walking away when it wasn't working out. Exactly two weeks later I've saved literally $4.5k+ and have the car I want from the dealer in my own backyard. Thanks to everyone posting on this board, and good luck to those still looking!
  • c2008c2008 Posts: 17
    Hi, Can you give the details of your options as awd+ppp does not get up to 43591. Thanks.
  • Just signed the deal for a new 2009 RX350 this afternoon. Premium plus package, 18'' wheel, no nav. The MSRP is 43591. The price I got is 32388. After TTL, the final price is 34388. Feel it is too attractive to resist. Tried to negotiate price but dealer won't lower price at all. The whole process was very smooth and pleasant.

    Hope this could help.
  • Shrew, which dealership? Thx
  • that's a nice price! do you know if they have black/black? there's none on west coast where i am(specifically black/black with PT, HH, FV, TO, C1, WL)... :(
  • We checked numerous dealerships in Florida and the best we did a few wks ago was out the door @ $35,500. The MSRP was the same as the one you spoke of. Which part of FL did you get the quote from? Sounds like you got a good deal considering nobody wanted to give us more than $4000 off the sticker price and told us to look elsewhere if we thought we could get a better deal...
  • They have black (exterior) when I was there yesterday, and I assume it is still there. Since I am not interested in the black, I did not pay attention to the interior color.
  • rx8errx8er Posts: 3
    It the same one shrew_boston brought in Danver but his is $600 cheaper now :(
    PPP, 18" wheels, tow prep, mat,
  • daddydaddy Posts: 21
    Is it possible to purchase a new RX350 from an out-of-state dealer who offers you a lower price and have it shipped to you? Do you end up paying taxes twice once during the sale and the next time you register in your state?

    Has anyone tried this? If so, how was your experience and what was the shipping charge?
  • cairo5cairo5 Posts: 2
    Things have changed due to new dealr incentives in last week.
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