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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jpzy3jpzy3 Posts: 11
    mar1an1 at least you are or still were in the running for an 09 RX350 this week. i've called around all week and i'm just told they are sold out in the northeast or given some crazy price of $39k. so i've given up too.

    what features does the MDX have over the rx350? maybe i should start looking at the MDX as well...
  • brianbjgbrianbjg Posts: 5
    Purchased a 2010 LX350 AWD, with Premium,Comfort, Navigation, Towing, Leather/Wood, wheel locks, remote start, glass breakage packages, mats, roof rack crossbars (everything but 16 speaker radio and rear DVD screens) today at Lexus of Watertown, MA.

    Paid 5 percent over dealer invoice, which saved around $3250 off of the sticker.
  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    Thank you. If you don't mind my asking did you ask for a greater discount and agreed at 5% over invoice. Without negotiating they had offered me about $2500 off on a car with a few less of the smaller options . I am still debating if I want to trade an older RX. With the economy so bad I wonder if Lexus will provide some marketing support in the reasonable near future.

    Thanks again
  • brianbjgbrianbjg Posts: 5
    I started by asking for 3%. Got a response of 6%, then settled at 5%. The whole process took around 45 minutes, and I was pretty pleased.
  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    Thank you.

    After you have driven a bit, please share your thoughts with all of us. It certainly is a nice car and the nav-mouse is definitely unique.
  • dollyhdollyh Posts: 5
    Can you please tell me MSRP and dealer invoice on RX 350 2010?
    Thank YOU!
  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    Check out Edmunds new cars.
  • brianbjgbrianbjg Posts: 5
    Here's the info for the 2010 RX350 AWD, which I will be picking up next Saturday:

    Retail Dealer
    Vehicle Base Model: 38200.00 33043.00
    Comfort Package 2000.00 1600.00
    12 Speaker Prem Audio 110.00 88.00
    Navigation 2400.00 2052.00
    Premium Package 2400.00 2028.00
    Tow Prep Package 238.00 190.00
    Cargo Mats 92.00 55.00
    Wheel Locks 81.00 51.00
    Cross Bars 259.00 225.00
    Remote Start 375.00 225.00
    Glass Breakage Sensors 205.00 149.00

    Total Accessories: 8530.00 6870.00

    Destination Charge 825.00 825.00
    TDA 573.00
    Dealer Holdback 764.00
    Whsl. Financial Reserve 382.00

    Total: 47555.00 42457.00

    Hope this helps!!
  • dollyhdollyh Posts: 5
    thanks so much!
  • Well, I just puchased my 2009 Lexus RX350 at North Park Lexus @ San Antonio with the level 3 Premuim Plus package which includes navigation and the mark levingston sound system for $37,000. I had to work them pretty hard and I called their bluff a few times but I finally got the deal I wanted. I purchased the car from Bill Williamson. He will work with you and he will give you what you want for your trade... Hope this helps
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755

    I have been reading here for a while, I have notice that no one is sharing their driving experiences about the new RX, they tell all about the price, msrp, and this and that, but no DRIVING EXPERIENCE!!! :confuse:
  • kyfdxkyfdx Everywhere, USAPosts: 123,015
    That's because this is the Prices Paid forum..

    If you want to discuss driving characteristics, try here:

    2010 Lexus RX


    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • What is:

    Dealer Holdback
    Whsl Financial Reserve????

    Sounds like you got a great deal....that is barely over invoice. The 2010 RX just came out, so to get a deal like that is great. Congrats man!
  • mar1an1mar1an1 Posts: 38
    If you are still in the market for the RX350 and happened to be in NJ, try calling Prestige lexus. If they still have the cars, then bargain with them. Seriously, they've had these cars with NAV for weeks ever since I started talking to them. And you're right, they also wanted $39k for each one of them. Tsk... tsk... tsk..
    The thing about 09 MDX that I like the most is the SH-AWD. It's one of the best. From what I read, RX350 has tons of problems with it's F/AWD (late production of 2009 and even get carried over to the 2010. I will post the posting that I found regarding this). Besides, MDX has one of the best Navigation system, and third row seating available. Many will try to say that the 3rd row seating is totally useless (for child and pets only), but it's better to have it then not.

    The interior and exterior of RX350 have not been redesigned for years. It still has the tape deck audio system. And when I asked the salesperson why the tape deck and not the IPod, he said that because it was going to cost too much to redesign when the cars have been ordered for manufacturing years ago. Not sure if this is true or not, but I just feel that if I want to dump that much money for a car, it better be perfect and not outdated!

    For the price around $38k, you can get a fully loaded MDX (Tech Package which include NAV + backup camera, reliable SH-AWD, redesigned exterior/interior in the color combo that you want, and not settle for whatever the Lexus dealership has). That's the way I look at it... It's a bit more if you want the one with the Sport Package. You should really test drive the car to see the difference between them two. I made a mistake of not doing enough research the last time I bought a car (06 Subaru Legacy Turbo 2.5GT Limited) and realized that I was had by the salesperson!!!! :mad: So, I will take my sweet time this time around to get something that I really want on my terms too.... The way that the economy is going, it's a buyer's market ;)
  • mar1an1mar1an1 Posts: 38
    RE: Posting on 2010 RX350 F/AWD. In my humble opinion, Acura SH-AWD is one of the best at the moment. The same system was first rolled out in 05 RL (we own the 05 RL, thus far, no complaint).

    >> The 2010 RX350 (and the Toyota Venza) F/awd system was adopted from the Ford Escape/Mariner/Tribute design and is WORSE than the previous RX F/awd system by a WIDE measure.

    >> The new 2010 RX350 F/awd system, like the Ford Escape, uses direct drive from the transaxle output to the rear driveshaft. At the end of the rear driveshaft a "linear" electric clutch is used to modulate, modify, the level of engine torque, 0-50%, delivered to the rear diff'l.

    The functionality of Braking, ABS, VSC, EBD, etc, depends on the rear driveline being INSTANTLY decoupled upon activation of any of these "features", and that is the Lexus procedure.

    The way I read the information the only time(s) the rear drive line will be automatically "coupled" is under HARD acceleration or with front wheelspin/slip arising from too much engine torque being used for road surface conditions. There is an intimation that OAT, COLD OAT will play a part in the level of torque automatically delivered to the rear drive line.

    If the clutch is fully locked, as it can be up to 18MPH under driver pushbutton control, the driveline and tires will be forced to "absorb" any stress due to high roadbed traction. If the clutch is only partially closed/engaged then the clutch itself will be forced to absorb any undue driveline stresses, stressing.

    The Ford manual WARNS that in this circumstance, linear clutch overheating, the system may go to FULL engagement or be disabled altogether and advises the driver that should this happen the procedure to follow is to pull over long enough for the rear linear clutch to cool off.

    Toyota and Lexus have been notoriously lax with this type of advice so I suspect we will not see this CAUTION note in any Toyota or Lexus owners manual until maybe 2013.

    While I am NOT a strong fan of the current RX's F/awd it can be made more functional than the new one. The current model uses a fully OPEN center diff'l that will allocate the engine drive torque 50/50 F/R just as long as both "ends" have equal, roughly equal, traction with the road surface.

    The "secret" to making use of the current system is to assure that F/R roadbed traction is ALWAYS roughly EQUAL. I do that by installing all four tire chains in times of need.

    The only option with the new system would be to "wire" the rear clutch fully closed and disable one of the front drive halfshafts. You would then have a RWD vehicle, ultimately more safe than the new F/awd RX350.

    I have been seriously considering the purchase of a Mercury Mariner hybrid (now with VSC) and should I do so it would go immediately into the shop for a REMCO front halfshaft modification and I would "hot-wire" the rear clutch fully closed.

    RWD but with part-time 4WD capability via manually engaging the REMCO halfshaft coupling device.
  • does road in tire, multi shield and protection plus policy it a good deal for future use?
  • jpzy3jpzy3 Posts: 11
    yes, i'm in NJ and I think got the $39k quote from Prestige too. they'll probably wait til the last day of the promo and if no one bites at the high price, they'll sell it to their friends at the low price.

    i guess i should go test drive the MDX. i've heard many good things, but acuras never really did anything for me. however, if it drives well, it maybe enough to convince me b/c I've already had my share of impulsive car shopping and i'm done - although i had lots of fun with those 2 impulsive buys.

    i test drove the volvo XC90 this weekend and was pleasantly surprised. i actually test drove it to confirm i should cross it off my list, but instead it's back on the list.

    also test drove the BMW X5 and was hoping i wouldn't like it soo much(i am biased towards bmw) and now that's definitely on the top of my list. can't beat that bmw-handling. but I can't see spending that much money on a new car so i may go used.

    i did cross the cayenne off my list. test drove a cayenne base although the one I drove might've had issues. i guess i was looking for anything to cross it off my list - the maintenance is too costly.

    i'm looking for a good quality vehicle at a very discounted price in this economy. a co-worker is also looking for a new subaru, but even subaru is not budging on price. i thought it was a buyer's car market too - what's the deal?! or should i say where are the deals in NJ?

    i was actually in the market for a used vehicle and this lexus marketing support through me for a loop b/c of the big discount. unfortunately, i found out about it too late. warnock said they were sold out of the 09 RXs a couple weeks ago and didn't have to go anywhere near $11k under list.

    i'll let you know how i like the MDX. maybe we can go in together and get a deal for two. thanks for posting that info on AWD.
  • jpzy3jpzy3 Posts: 11
    Does maintenance come with a new lexus purchase?

    I'm more familiar with BMWs and maintenance is included for first 4yrs/50,000mi. I thought it was included with a Lexus purchase as well, but from what I gathered from the service forum it isn't. Someone mentioned they pre-paid for maintenance... anyone recommend what a good price is and for how long are the contracts?
  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    The first one or two scheduled services are included, but not for 4yrs/50000 miles.
  • Hi Car Man:

    Can you tell us if Lexus has announced any favorable money factor or other incentive yet for the 2010 Lexus RX 350?


  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    As of 3/9 there are no additional incentives according to my dealer.

    I suspect many are waiting for an incentive, but Lexus is probably going to wait to see how the new RX is selling, especdially since supplies are somewhat limited now..
  • kf2009kf2009 Posts: 2
    where did you bought your RX350..may I have the Sale person name?
    Thank you
  • soonercatsoonercat Posts: 48
    Not favorable. 59% residual at 3 years. Means a lot of depreciation with a fairly high money factor. I saw some folks getting quotes for about $800 per month with tax included and zero down.
  • skylabskylab Posts: 37
    Ouch. Considering loaded 09s had been leasing for around $450 a month, that's a bit of a kick in the pants.
  • mar1an1mar1an1 Posts: 38
    Check out the Acura MDX forum Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences. There are several of us who're holding back together in NJ!! :)

    They too have good incentives. And if you happen to like MDX, the best price around North Jersey is supposedly Acura of Ramsey. Somebody in the Acura forum was able to get a deal at $38500 (09 MDX with Tech Package) with 2.9 or 3.9% APR for 5 yrs. If you like the X5, you will be pleasantly surprised with the MDX. MDX rides totally differently than Lexus or BMW though. In my humble opinion, it's more sporty and rugged. Performance wise, it blows Lexus and BMW. And their electronic gadgets also blow their competitors. In terms of services, this is where I'm not too happy about. We went to several Acura dealerships to service our RL and they rarely have any loaners available. You have to make an appointment like at least 3 days in advance. HQ Customer Services follow up dilligently with most complaints though. A colleague owns a Lexus and he told me that Lexus' HQ Customer Care never follows up on complaints. Only on praises.... that's why they have "over the chart" customer satisfaction... hehehe....

    Subaru isn't going to budge their prices. While other car manufacturers suffer, Hyundai and Subaru are actually doing very well in comparison. Please tell your coworker to stay away from Ramsey Subaru or any other Ramsey Auto Group (Acura of Ramsey is not a part of this group). They got sued and lost due to their unethical business practices, and still they scam at every possible opportunity. We got scammed and I would never forgive/forget it. Will find out the name of the salesperson and post it on That should teach him a lesson... Subaru itself is not a bad car. It's a high performance car (at least mine is). But the electronic gadget is sooooo outdated.... HQ Customer care is somewhat descent, though you really have to make your case with them.

    Anyway just my 2 cents. I'll never consider cayenne.... it's too much hassle, and not enough ROI. My Subaru has the same boxer engine... not sure how long it will last as this is the first time ever I own a subaru, but crossing my finger. :shades:
  • mar1an1mar1an1 Posts: 38
    Can you share how you call their bluffs to get to the $37k with NAV? Did you get the F/AWD? (Sorry, I can't call it an AWD in my good conscience as it's not a full time AWD)
    I was told this much for their demo with 3000 miles in it.
  • runner19runner19 Posts: 2
    Thanks to all the posts here got a good deal on the 09 Rx350, about 10K off on MSRP, NAV, Premium Plus, 18in wheels, rainsensors etc. got it last week at Lexus of Rocville, MD, they have some more, some non nav's too. If you are interested PM me I will give you more info.
  • gregd1gregd1 Posts: 38
    I have been looking at many Lexus dealer's web sites. And none seem to show their new inventory. They display used inventory. But no new.
    Has anyone seen a Lexus dealer's web site that lists new inventory?

  • drjcool1drjcool1 Posts: 45
    I would love to have your contact info at that dealership in Rockville, MD if you would be so kind. Thanks!
  • md_outbackmd_outback Posts: 185
    Hey soonercat,
    Are you sure about that 59% residual? That's actually a very favorable 3 year figure as most vehicles are now listed in the low 50% to high 40% range for 3-year residuals (typically based on 10K or 12K miles per year). Many manufacturers were bitten pretty hard with lease returns that had a market value well under the buyout price, so they reacted by reducing the residuals. A residual of 59% could save you about $80/month compared to a 52% residual for a new RX (using their standard .00275 money factor and guessing at a typical price). Then again, it is a 2010 model and it is still early 2009 on my calendar, so maybe that's figured into the 59% figure.
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