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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • skrin1skrin1 Posts: 2
    Hmm.. Dealer is asking 37K, would 31K to be too low? But I'll give it a try.
  • jane3jane3 Posts: 21
    I emailed Ira Lexus Manchester....but when I emailed, I got the quote of $41600 but they didn't tell me the color choice avail to me, and even though I told them I wanted 2011, it could be a 2010 they quoted....But I never followed up with those questions.

    when I tried that price at the other two dealers in my area, they wouldn't budge for it....
  • testrrtestrr Posts: 1
    The wife really likes this model, we would like to get one recently. We went to Johnson Lexus of Raleigh once a while back, the dealer tried to work the price from 43,000 for a FWD(MSRP 44,5xx) w/o Nav, w/ premium package, 19", Heated seats, backup mirror, intuitive parking, towing prep pkg and etc.

    I have read lots of pages in this forum, it seems many of you guys got very very good deal. For the one I am looking at, It should be in 39,500~40,500 range (no loyalty discount for me). There are only two lexus dealers in my area, it seems very hard to negotiate to that price range. Anyone have recently purchased this car in Raleigh area? Which dealer is better in this area? I am willing to drive several hours if I can get a good deal.

  • I got my car from there in march...the MSRP was $52xxx, and I got it down to $44xxx. So ur price range is do-able at Johnson Lexus on capital
  • cubescubescubescubes Posts: 10

    I am in market for RX350, FWD with Premium package in San Francisco area. Any help on the price range I should be looking at when I start negotiating with dealers would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you all in advance.

  • mk16mk16 Posts: 1
    Hello All,

    Trying to get a AWD Lexus RX 350 with Base + Prem Package + Backup cam , Heated Seats , Parking Assist , Wood & leather trimmed Steering and shift. + accessories like cargo mat , net and wheel locks.

    MSRP : 45112.00

    The dealer in chantilly VA , Pohanka came upto Inv + 500 = 41812
    So out of Door price 41812 + taxes , Fees etc = Final Price : 43500

    I was looking more or less of a final out of Door price to be 41000.

    Plz let me know if that is possible or if you can suggest the best deal around this area.
    I am willing to travel to get the best deal.
    I am also planning to buy before Memorial day .
  • enar5enar5 Posts: 5
    I bought one in Austin. Few dealers in Texas that are motivated to sell are asking 500 over invoice. several will not go more than a 1000-1500 on MSRP. In March it was different. Things have changed.
  • charlieliucharlieliu Posts: 80
    When I bought RX350 for my wife back in March, I traded in the 08 ES350 with 32K miles on it for $21K. When I looked at dealers' ad on newspaper, 08 ES350 with comparable miles list between $26,995 to $28,995. This just tells you how much mark-up dealers have on used cars.
  • shoppingarndshoppingarnd Posts: 2
    edited June 2011
    Just bought one at 40900 (+ tax, ttl) in Chicago area, Great car, great service. RX350 AWD + premium pkg, w/o NAV. MSPR: 446xx.
  • sfjoe523sfjoe523 Posts: 6
    Anyone bought recently in the San Francisco Bay Area or looking to buy that got a price quote? Im looking to buy in the next month, Im hoping end of the quarter in June will make the dealers want to negotiate a little more. Thoughts?
  • pschiffepschiffe Posts: 373
    They are in short supply right now due to the parts situation in Japan. Thus dealers can get close to MSRP, the situation is not likely to change until fall when the supply catches up with the demand. My two cents.

    Pete :(
  • I just want to let everyone know the truth is that Lexus RX350 is not in short supply. Please do not listen to the lies from the sales. All the RX350 in US are already in US. As Sep is coming, the next model will come out. The current economy favors buyers.
  • pureluck2pureluck2 Posts: 6
    Agree with happybuyer11. There is no shortage at all.

    Some dealers posted fake information on this board. They are shameful.

    The compact luxery SUV market is very crowded. Too many modes. The selling is very slow. Just based on the number of posting everyday on this board, you know what is going on. Everyone will get below invoice price if you are patient and willing to shop around.
  • drpsychodrpsycho Posts: 1
    Can you or happybuyer11 share more details on what dealer in San Francisco bay area has best price? I'm looking to buy RX 350 without navigation within 2 weeks.
    Laos how much over invoice is considered reasonable to pay in Bay area?

    Thanks and appreciated any help/infos.

  • pureluck2pureluck2 Posts: 6
    May 2011, Lexus reported passenger car sales of 5,681 units, down 46.3 percent from May 2010. The ES 350 entry luxury sedan led Lexus passenger car sales with sales of 2,400 units, while the IS lineup reported combined sales of 1,715 units. The all-new CT 200h hybrid posted 454 units in its third month of sales.

    Lexus light trucks recorded sales of 6,624 units, down 33.2 percent over May 2010. Lexus light truck sales were led by the RX luxury utility vehicle, which posted combined May sales of 5,847 units. The GX 460 mid-size luxury utility vehicle reported sales of 635 units. Lexus-Performs-Death-Spiral-Down-40-64430/
  • idmidm Posts: 7
    They should look into giving the CT 200h more power and more overall room. The backseat doesn't have enough legroom.

    I know it's being manufactured for the "youth market," but come on -- the youth market doesn't buy Lexus. I know Lexus is hoping the mileage of 42 mpg will sell the car.

    Make a longer, more powerful version that gets 35 mpg. I'd buy it in a heartbeat. I love my RX 330, but the mileage is killing me.
  • bingo9bingo9 Posts: 2
    Anyone bought RX 350 AWD (premium, nav, comfort package including backup camara, heated/ventiliated seats and wood/leather trimm etc. ) recently in Rockville, MD or MD/DC/VA area? What is the lowest price you got?

  • cubescubescubescubes Posts: 10
    In general, dealers are quoting about 1K above invoice in Bay Area...same excuse of shortage. It is remarkable that they have gone from 500-1000 below invoice to 1K above invoice in a couple of months. Perhaps it might be best if we wait another couple of months and contact them again?
  • mrd4mrd4 Posts: 27
    edited June 2011
    I got $600 under invoice offer from South County Lexus dealer. I was asking $1000 under invoice but no success.
  • girlnycgirlnyc Posts: 1
    edited June 2011
    hi - looking for prices paid for an 09 RX 350 with or without navigation in nothern NJ. i see some responses in which people paid below invoice - how do i find out what invoice is?

  • yhe49yhe49 Posts: 1
    I am in Albany NY. About 3 hours to Boston. Can you let me know the place name you buy the 2011 RX350.
  • I am currently in the market for a used 2010 RX350, can you please tell mewhat you ended up paying for your RX350? I just want to know what is reasonable to pay.
  • cubescubescubescubes Posts: 10
    2010 or 2011 model? If it is the latter, my experience has been that currently the dealers are charging about $1000 above invoice and are not particularly interested in coming down in price by much. The most common excuse is shortage of inventory. I have decided to wait it out until inventory reaches more normal levels (perhaps until sept) and dealers may be more flexible. Given what has gone on in the past as posted by many on this board, patience might get us an RX below invoice...
  • I have been trying to find a 2010 RX350 and having a hard time getting them to come down much more than $38,000.
  • jsun2jsun2 Posts: 1
    Hi shoppingarnd, Could you share with me the dealership name? I am in Chicago too and looking to purchase the same model very soon. Thanks.
  • Thanks to everyone who has posted to these boards. These posts here and on other boards gave me some more ammo and confidence during negotiations. My turn to give back.

    In So Cal, 2011 RX 350 FWD, No Navi, w/ Premium Pkg (Perforated heated & cooled leather seats, b/u camera, power lift gate, etc.) MSRP 43232, Invoice 39637. (Cars Direct Price 40994)

    Had been shooting for $500-1000 under invoice or 13% under MSRP. Didn't get it. Settled for ~11.7% under MSRP or $489.95 under invoice (or $1489.95 under invoice if you include the $1000 Lexus Loyalty cash) BTW, walked away from 2 deals (500 above invoice and 200 below invoice) before I got to this one (came close here too).

    Working Backwards, OTD price (42600) - tax, license and fees = Price of car (38147)

    Can't help but feel that I could have gotten almost $800 below invoice (or better) + the $1000 Lexus Loyalty. Buyers remorse, right? Can't complain much though, the RX is nice and the family loves it.

    Good luck, never pay retail...
  • mrd4mrd4 Posts: 27
    congratulation. I got some $600 under invoice offer recently, but ends up didn't take it. First, the best offer end of 2010 is $2000 under invoice (old price); second, the lexus RX MSRP increased twice this year, which adds up about $1100 on top of old price; third, the finacing rate is not competive with 2.9%. So I figured out I need pay $2500 more than the best offer end of 2010 to buy a same vehicle, I gave up.

    Alternative, I found an offer with MDX, which offers similar price compared to end of 2010 and get it, I'm also happy with 0.9% financing.
  • wasabi4wasabi4 Posts: 2

    Can you disclose the dealership? I'm in socal and also looking to get a good deal on the rx. From Van Nuys to San Diego, no one seems to want to deal as much as the dealer you went through.

    thanks in advance.
  • cubescubescubescubes Posts: 10
    familymanx2: Congrats! I think you did well! At least much better that what I could. The best anybody did here in Nor Cal was about 400 above invoice and I gave up. Inventory shortage is the excuse. I am thinking of waiting for at least 2 months before I try again. Perhaps I will have better luck.

    Congrats again on your new car. Enjoy it!
  • Contact me at [email protected]
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