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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi

    I'm looking to buy 2010 Rx 350 and best offer I received is 36k ( reduced from msrp of 36,995) from prestige lexus in Ramsey New jersey. The car has 26K miles. color: starfire pearl with light gray interiors. The dealer is adamant is not willing to go down down any more. Is this a good price?

    Also in addition to price dealer is charging

    $285 documentary fees
    $350 for disposition fees

    Is there any room to negotiate on documentary and disposition fees?

    Of course in addition to this i have to pay DMV and taxes

    Please let me know what are you views as the dealer is going to wait only till Monday morning

    thank you
  • nazzy100nazzy100 Posts: 82
    edited April 2012
    A few questions:

    MSRP of 36995 ? Perhaps you mean his asking price was 36995 when you walked in, and he came down only 995 ?

    What is a disposition fee for ? We know about Doc fees.

    Also is this a CPO car ?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,730
    edited April 2012
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  • kodenkoden Posts: 5
    So I got an offer for the RX350 with premium package, Parking assistant, backup camera, & heated ventilated seat for $40,000. What do you think of the price?
  • sgoreliksgorelik Posts: 4

    I am getting the following offer on a 36mo 12k mi lease
    MSRP - 49,360 (Comfort, Premium, NAV package)
    monthly payment - $535 (including NYC taxes)
    Upfront - $1500

    Does that sound right?
  • pjamesepjamese Posts: 15
    Seems like a good price. Thats more than $4k off MSRP, right?
  • sep2sep2 Posts: 9
    how much under msrp should i expect on a 2013 lexus rx 350
    p.s have there been anymore sightings at any dealers im in florida
  • hazmartyhazmarty Posts: 19
    That sounds pretty good, with $1500 down and an 8.75% city sales tax rate built in. What is the "sell price" on that....about $45.8K?
    I am looking for the same, but with 15K miles in the NY Metro area. What dealer are you working with?
  • Hi everyone, I was at Woodfield Lexus last night, and I looked at the 2013 Rx 350. I was not impressed in the style of the bumper and the new red that is coming out. So I decided to purchase the Matador Red with Parchment, loaded up with navi, awd, MSRP is around $49,5xx.00. They are giving me the truck for $500.00 over invoice which is the new invoice, and basically coming out to $46,985.00. I have no other Lexus to qualify for the Loyalty, however I do have an 08 Acura Mdx, which that $1,500.00 discount ended a few months back. At any rate the new finance rate is 0.9% for 60 months and I want to take advantage of that, however I am wondering am I paying too much for the car? They have the color I want but not the 19" wheels which I am willing to live with. HELP! I am going to buy this car maybe tonight or tomorrow at the latest. It is an AWD also and every dealer I talked to around here is all saying the same $500.00 over? I see people on this site getting great deals and I want that too. I appreciate any responses to this issue.
  • sgoreliksgorelik Posts: 4
    Not sure what the sell price since they simply gave me the quote.
    The dealer is Tri County in Little Falls, NJ.
  • kodenkoden Posts: 5
    that is correct. I also got another offer without the park assist for $39000 so it's about $44k out the door (tax is 7.75), not sure if I can go lower than this?
  • pa1974pa1974 Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2012 with AWD and Nav yesterday. With auto start and Mud Flaps added on as well I paid $45K. I thought I could have done better than that had I known that Acura just came out with major incentives on the 2012 MDX.
    I negotiated the price on Saturday and found out 20 minutes before picking up the car on Monday about the MDX incentives.

    My only advice to you is that the 2013 has so many more great features. If you can get them to give you a 2013 for the price you have above I would make that deal. But there is more room on the 2012's.

    My dealer had over 20 2012's on his lot along with another 10 to 12 2013's, which the salesman did not want me to see. That helped me get the car down to the $45K with the additional accessories.

    Good Luck
  • gqscholargqscholar Posts: 18
    I'm guessing that price is for a 2012.

    As of right now, your pretty much on your own when it comes to getting the best price for a 2012.

    Everything is so crazy right now, IMO there are only a few dealerships in certain areas like Cal that are willing to give under invoice deals for the 2012 Lexus.

    Many of the below invoice deals you are reading are from dealers who still had rx 2012 that were purchased by the dealer prior to mid Feb, when the invoice price went up around 2k.

    I would email around 2-3 dealers even if it means contacting a dealer 80 miles or so away and try to get the best deal you can. Usually the bigger/ higher volumn the dealer, the better the deals on the 2012 RX

    Now onto the 2013 RX

    From what I have researched dealers are only selling the 2013 for MSRP. There has been some feelers by some, who knew some dealers by name and were able to try to get a oral deal (nothing in writing for a 2013 rx 350) at 1k below MSRP if there is inventory on the lot come sept. But again, its nothing in writing and based off the assumption that by sept, the dealer will be able to discount them more.
  • I just bought the truck this evening, different dealer with the package I really wanted which was Heads up display, also the 19" wheels, picked it up for $500.00 below invoice. Im sure I left money on the table but I have looked and this was the only one in my area with the color combo and package I wanted. Also the 0.9% helped out too. Thanks all for the replies. Get this the finance manager would not sell me the warranty for $100.00 over invoice, I told him this what I aways pay he told me he would not sell it for that much period and let me purchase the truck without one. I am surprised that his ego got in the way of his company making money and himself. Some of these guys should not be in the postions they are in.
  • nemesis08nemesis08 Posts: 7
    I live in the same area and spoke to same dealer. can you let us know about the rebates and how to get them?
  • bhl1bhl1 Posts: 2
    Does anyone have any guidance as to how much negotiating room there is for a 2012 RX450h with MSRP of 56,120? Also any idea as to when the 2013 RX450h will be arriving at dealers?
  • Hi, I am thinking of buying a new 2012 RX 350. It has AWD, does not have Nav, but has the parking assist. Everything else standard, nothing too fancy. What is a fair price you would pay? Dealer wants 41 but we are concerned that we can get a better price in a few wks/months with the 2013's coming out now? THANK YOU!!
  • mishmoshhmishmoshh Posts: 2
    I'm looking into purchasing a 2010 RX350 AWD. I'm wondering if I should hold out on the purchase until the 2013 rx 350 comes out in July. Do you think there will be a be a markdown and how much? Thank you!!!
  • liza4liza4 Posts: 4
    I was told that 43 for a premium packg. is a great deal but its in Illinois so it all depends where you are located. How much would be for a new2012 Rx with nav?
  • That's what I'm wondering too, what will the price be in July once 2013's hit. Actually I've already seen 2013's out there for sale right now. I was told that Lexus did something the past few yrs where their older models will sell really fast due to low inventory and thus if you wait you may not get the model you want... at least that's what the dealer said to try to get me to buy now.
  • sep2sep2 Posts: 9
    i notice in my inventory check of all dealers in my 200 mile radius they dont have my favorite
    color combination white exterior and black interior. i was wondering if the reason is that
    its a popular combo or is it undesirable and they dont have many. it seems the gray and
    parchement are very easy to find.
  • kodenkoden Posts: 5
    we just bought 2012 RX350, white with parchment, premium + park assist + backup w/out navigation. We paid $39K + tax & licence, out the door @ about $42500.
  • gqscholargqscholar Posts: 18
    edited May 2012
    Great Deal, did you use any incentives to get that price?

    What location?

    Was it AWD or FWD?
  • liza4liza4 Posts: 4
    What would be a great deal for 2012rx 350 with nav. The best that I was offered was 48 plus tax>
  • tim166tim166 Posts: 3
    Just picked up the car last week - with the following packages and options: premium, tow prep, preferred assessory, heated and ventilated front seats, wood and leather wrapped st wheel and shift knob, back up monitor, and remote engine start. Paid $424xx plus TT etc.
  • gqscholargqscholar Posts: 18

    Is it AWD or FWD?
  • tim166tim166 Posts: 3
    AWD, obsidian color.
  • sep2sep2 Posts: 9
    pick up my 2013 rx 350 on thursday. white with black interior. 49.600 msrp
    dont expect to much of a deal anytime soon. trading in my 2010 rx/ in florida
  • kodenkoden Posts: 5
    Didn't use any incentives, it is FWD. Purchased at South County in Mission viejo, California.
  • kodenkoden Posts: 5
    I got an offer with nag for $43K plus tax, but we didn't need it so we went w/out nav. I think 48K is too much, at that price you can go for the 2013.
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