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My 2006 TL has had 3 windshields so far and ALL have been optically distorted. The 2 loaner cars did too. One was so bad I
was carsick. The service mgr was shocked that no one had pointed it out to them yet. Am I the only one with perfect vision seeing the imperfections ? Has anyone had this problem, and should I continue replacing them or start with Lemon Law ?
I am ready to sell it and get a Lexus or Infinity.


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    Buy the terms of quality...there is not much of a comparison!
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    Were you wearing polarized sunglasses? I noticed something strange in my windshield today. My sunglasses are polarized lens and tinted glass (not aftermarket tinting) can look different through polarized lenses. With the glasses off, I really didn't notice the distortion, which I only saw in the bottom right area of the windshield.
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    Yes, I do wear Polarized glasses, however, I had a Legend for 17 yrs & always wore
    Polarized lenses and NEVER had this problem !! Nor have the problem in other
    cars - gotta be the TL's. One of the loaner cars I was given while they were replacing
    one of my windshields was even worse than any I had on mine. Service people were
    shocked no one else had pointed it out to them sooner. The Pacific Ocean horizon
    is flat not rippled as it appears through TL windshields #1, #2 and now #3.
    Guess I'll go for #4 .......
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    Well, I took a rock to my windshield on I-95 and had to replace the glass. Acura dealership recommended a company that they use, and I called them to schedule a replacement. Replacement seemed fine, but my short (OK, petite) wife noticed some optical distortion along the bottom 1-2 inches of glass as well as in the corners. Her passenger at the time noticed it too. Glass repair outfit said that the windshield was under warranty and that the distortion was considered a defect, so they came out and replaced the glass again. Windshield #2 has identical problem. Both were PPG. OK, several questions:

    Should I have the glass done yet again? Spoke with the dealer and he says there's no difference b/w the ppg and the "honda" marked windshield, though I'm considering getting "honda" glass next time around (although isn't it made by ppg?) as a possibility.

    Is this a normal distortion due to the curve of the windshield? If so, why was it not apparent with the stock windshield? Is it normal for aftermarket windshields?

    Would I be causing or risking a different problem by having the windshield taken out and replaced a third time? Or are windshield replacements no big deal.

    Does such a distortion indicate a structural or unsafe flaw in the glass or is it just a distortion?

    Any help and enlightenment I could get on this subject will be much appreciated. Many thanks in advance.
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    Done correctly, windshield replacements are no big deal... but the windshield is a structural part of the car and the job needs to be done by a reputable company.

    Glass distortion is common, especially in aftermarket "OEM" windshields. It's often not noticed by most drivers.

    Distortion in the glass is most likely not going to be a safety issue in terms of structural strength, but if the glass is distorted, I would have them do the job again, and see if they can use a Honda Windshield. If not, see if they can use a different brand then these first 2 times.
    Obvisously, the PPG glass is not a very good option for you.

    Pilkington is a OEM supplier for car companies like BMW and Volvo and are supposed to be very high in quality, but I know people who have had Lexus windshields replaced with Pilkington glass and complain about this same distortion issue.

    Distorted glass can cause dizziness in some drivers and if it is affecting you, it should be replaced.

    When you break a windshield and have it replaced, it should be every bit as good as when you bought the car new.
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    I had the windshield replaced on my '04 with a Honda windshield - no problems.
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    Good to know - I just bought a used 03 TL and the existing Honda windshield has a rock crack that is starting to spider. I took that into consideration when I made my offer and will make sure I replace it with a Honda windshield.
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    How much did that cost, if you don't mind my asking.
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    After having 4 replacement windshields in the 06 TL, they ALL had some degree
    of rippling in the laminate - some worse/bigger than others - and depending on where
    the ripples occur, really made driving feel like I was in a fun house, although
    not having fun - the after market windshield was actually the best - good luck
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    Thankfully I didn't pay for any of them - Acura saw the problem too and replaced them at no charge - all 4 were unacceptable, and I ended up selling the car - am happy in a Lexus IS now
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    So I'm a new TL owner and unfortunately I already have a crack on my windshield. The quote I received from the dealer is $900. I have found other glass repair shops that charge around $2-300. Should I go to the dealer to replace it or go to the cheaper shops? Thanks
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