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2008 Jeep Liberty



  • Sorry you feel that way. Looks like they did fix my leak though. We have had a couple of big down pours and no problem. I suggest:
    1. When you take it to the dealer - make sure they assign the job to a guy that has been around for awhile. Other jeep products have had leak problems in the past. The first guy that worked on mine had been around for about 2 years - smart kid, but didn't fix it. Second, guy had been around for about 20 years, he knew his stuff fixed it no problem.
    2. It takes awhile, if you take it in figure about 3 to 4 days for them to fix it.
    3. What they did:
    1. Re-welded the weld points on the top of the door, the guy said it was easy to see were the machine had welded too deep making a small hole.
    2. The roof is made in pieces and is layered. Not a single sheet. He stuck a sealer product, explained as similar to what goes around the windows and lights, inside the header and the exposed end of the roof. (I didn't see this, hopefully your mech will understand.)
    3. I have roof rails, so they opened them up also and resealed them.
    4. The work was done at Stoneridge Jeep in Dublin CA. Have your dealer give them a call. :)
    5. Sorry to hear about the electrical problems. That and mold was my biggest concern.
    Good Luck!
  • naatz1naatz1 Posts: 188
    To you and Davidjeep as well....
    I have some postings on the Grand Cherokee (Prices Paid and MPG) forums mostly and way back in October did a semi-controlled test comparing a JGC, 08 Liberty,and Saturn SUV. I honestly wanted the Liberty and was pretty attracted to it for a couple months until my 5'10 wife got in the passengers seat and noticed the protruding over the glovebox grab bar hitting her legs in almost all positions other than seat way back ... which severely limited any room in the rear seat behind it. I also was concerned wanting a Selectrac fulltime 4WD Liberty but most around were all Commandtrac, even the Limiteds. Based on our 01 JGC, you want Selectrac if you live in snow country to ensure you are not constantly switching the 4WD system in/out all winter long; commandtrac does not cut it especially in a loaded limited style vehicle. I needed a SUV/CUV vehicle that would tow a 3000lb+ boat/trailer so most import SUVs had a 3500 lb limit, but the Liberty @ 5000lb and JGC V8 6500 lb were attractive (I would have considered the new JGC diesel except Chrysler did not allow the lifetime powertrain warranty on the diesel for some goofy reason!).

    However still leaning to the Liberty due to it's styling and towing and somewhat better mpg I took a Limited on this test drive. Yes it got slightly better 10-15% mpg than the JGC 4.7L V8 as one would expect. But I found the handling and overall smooth ride of the newer styled JGC to be incredible; note we'd been driving a 01 JGC for 7 years and this post 05 version is much improved. Part of my controlled drive was north 2 miles on the freeway before turning off on a 2 lane blacktop and that day we had consistent 30mph winds. I thought the hood on the Liberty was not fastened, it was visibly moving up/down almost and inch and the entire car was rocking in the wind (vs no problems in the JGC or Saturn). As much as I liked things about this Liberty limited, I dropped considering it that day and focused the last 2 weeks of dealing and research on the Saturn and JGC ... a 07 closeout JGC Laredo loaded with the X pkg (heated leather, sunroof, Bose audio, remote start, 4WD w/Lo range, etc) won out with $4k rebate and another 10% off list due to supplier affliliates package. Note the 08 JGCs now have $3+1k equivalent customer cash 2 months later. No problems so far, was getting the 15/20 EPA mpg until it got cold in December, but despite killing apparent MPG this remote start is sure nice in our cold MN winters! I do have the E85 option as well, which may make sense if we get off corn and go to cellulosic switchgrass based ethanol someday.

    I happened to be behind a silver 08 Liberty yesterday and do like this styling still (I considered a Commander that resembles the new Liberty, but as reviewers have said the extra 500lbs and useless 3rd row seat don't make sense for usually only 2 people in the vehicle). So enjoy that JGC and I hope all Liberty owners have good luck and Chrysler dangles a few more incentives their way too.
  • I can't believe it. I thought it was fixed but it is back in the shop today. Did they fix yours?

    I am so glad CA has a lemon law. I am starting to worry that they won't be able to fix it. I am concerned about mold - and then what about resale - I will have to disclose that it had a leak.

    They better be able to fix it this time.
  • Totally agree with you on the Liberty styling--every time I see one, I still take notice and think they are really nice looking. And I feel the same way about the Commander you do---it's too big for just 2 of us. But, a month into my JGC ownership, I am enjoying the slightly larger seating for those occasions that we go out with friends, and, I hate to admit, I love the Hemi--what a rush! Hubby never did really like the Liberty that much and loves the JGC, so I know I made the right choice. My Hemi has the "fuel saver" option where it drops down to 4 cylinders when you hold your speed fairly steady, and I find myself driving more conservatively as I watch the MPG rise in response. Of course, I still love to blow off a jerk in a so-called luxury vehicle every now and then (not that all luxury car-drivers are jerks; they're not, and some might consider me a luxury car-driver in this baby)....It's just nice to know the power is there if I need it, and it is very smooth and responsive.

    Anyway, someone else in the forum stated that they expect increased incentives on the Liberty in the spring if car sales continue to be the deals may be out there if you're willing to wait. Timing, as they say, is everything, and I got the deal I wanted when I wanted it. Liberty just wasn't in the cards for me...but I still like it!

    Good luck to those considering either one--Jeep has done a fine job on both of these vehicles!
  • anyone notice the 2008 libertys airbox, the one that goes into the air intake, in pictures on the internet, they all have like a box like thing on the motor that says 3.7 v6 mine just has a plastic tube going from the air filter going to the intake, was that a early design, then they changed it later , any ideas. what do yalls have?
  • You are OK- I noticed this too. I had this on my list of questions for my first visit to the dealer. What we have is a better or more protected piece that keeps more elements out - better for off roading, etc. Basically they explained it to me and our part is good- I can't remember the details- because it was not an issue once I received the explaination. Hope that helps a little.
  • niecy22niecy22 Posts: 7

    Just wanted to say I finally bought my 2008 Jeep Liberty! Got manual so we had to order it from the factory. I have heard alot of positive things overall on it so we are excited to get it next month.
    Just wondering if we got a decent deal. Apparently they just came out with 2000 off so we paid 20,200. Its the sport version with sunroof. I live on Long Island, NY. Do you thinkthat is a good price? I hope so! Being I paid 19 and change for my Jetta 8 years ago I thought it was a good deal for an SUV.
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    A ad in my Sunday paper has a 08Liberty thats list for 21205,it can be bought for 16995.$2000 rebate with a dealer discount of $2030.I think you could of gotten a better deal,but as long as your happy,thats all that counts.I got mine with a $1500 rebate,and $95 over invoice.I like mine so far but with minor problems.The MPG is not great,and it lacks power.Good Luck!
  • thepdmmthepdmm Posts: 82
    any issues with this slider roof? does it leak a lot? does it seem to age rather quickly? I just worry about the big hole in my roof over time? any info on issues or lack their of?

  • I had the same concerns which is why when I bought mine last year I only got a sunroof. Problem was the leak was in the back hatch and roof - nothing to do with the sunroof.

    The slider roof is very cool. I would wait a year and see how it performs.
  • thepdmmthepdmm Posts: 82
    I hear you and that is probably what will happen.. cloth can't last as long as steel or glass..
  • oldmac1oldmac1 Posts: 6
    Just took the OL's week old Liberty through a automated car wash today. The second time for it and the sunroof leaked both times under heavy water pressure. Her JGC Overland which I traded in and my 02 Liberty never leaked, so I went back to the Dealer and he reports that the sunroof leaks under high pressure car washes and this is normal. Said the 4 drain tubes are to small to handle the runoff of the pressurized water. This is not normal to me, so I took my 300 down and it does not leak. They vow it will not leak unless it is in a high pressure wash. Am I being snookered?
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    I have a 06 Charger with a sunroof that went through many car washes,and never leaked,I had other cars with sunroof,they never leaked.I think your being snookered.When I get BS from the service dept.,I go to the GM of the dealer and tell them I want my vehicle fixed.I also have a 08 Liberty,which I like it,but been having minor problems and its like pulling teeth to have them fix it.Next week all four Wrangler ST are coming off and replaced with Goodyear Fortera tires,under warranty,I pay the differance in the tires about 100 bucks.,but I had to go to Goodyear to do this,my dealer did nothing.I think Chrysler is trying to save money,so now we have to fight to get good service.Good Luck.
  • oldmac1oldmac1 Posts: 6
    Reported to Chrysler Customer Satisfaction that the 08 Liberty Sunroof leaks under hi pressure automatic car wash and confirmed by the dealer twice since I bought the car two weeks ago. You get water in your face when it hits the sunroof (closed of course). Chrysler Customer Satisfaction just reported that the 2008 Liberties are not designed for Hi pressure car washes and will leak in a high pressure car wash. So bottom line don't waste your money on a sunroof on the 08 Liberty unless you don't mind getting wet when you use a Hi Pressure car wash. My 7th Jeep and my first leak and they can't fix it as it is a design issue. Guess the OL's Jeep will be a "dirty" Jeep unless I feel like getting wet.
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    They should of issued you a umbrella.What are you suppose to do during a rain storm,duck under cover?Sounds like customer sastisfaction doesn't work at Chrysler.My 08 Liberty has minor problems that it should never had.I see that they are having quality issues,and should fire some of their engineers.
  • oldmac1oldmac1 Posts: 6
    Your right on your quality statement. Never heard of a design issue with sunroofs that leak under pressure at a car wash. First sunroof I ever had do that and the answer is a "design" that is not car wash friendly. My other Jeeps never leaked and my 300's don't leak. In a rainstorm the Jeeps sunroof trough's get water in it but it doesn't rain on you. Guess the motto is don't buy a sunroof if you want to stay dry.
    I agree with you on their engineers getting a wake up call. No way to design a sunroof.
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    My wife wanted one with a sunroof,I'm glad we didn't get one.My sunroof on my 06 Charger had a rattle,but no leaks.
  • oldmac1oldmac1 Posts: 6
    Well, Jeep Customer Satisfaction says the Liberty was not designed to use in a hi pressure car wash and it will leak. My intent is to seal the roof now so the OL does not worry about the leak and was wondering if anyone has sealed a roof with some type of sealer from a tube? The OL never would use the sunroof and I would want to remove the sealer before I trade this car in. So, since I have a 850 dollar item that leaks, we will never use it and I want to seal it until trade time. Anybody have any suggestions?
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    I wouldn't advise trying to seal off the sunroof. You might end up with leaks all the time. Suggestions: 1. Don't go to high pressure car washes. and 2. Take a towel with you if you do go through one and wipe up the moisture outside the car wash. 3. Go to a full service car wash and let them wipe up the interior. 4. Relax and enjoy the huge hole in the roof on nice days and find something else to fret about. It is what it is.
  • carbuff81carbuff81 Posts: 2
    I want to install LED amber signal bulbs in my 2008 Jeep Liberty Limited, I have the on board dash computer system which tells me I have a bulb out when I obviously don't, and the signal flashes fast. I need a flasher relay, but ordering one is not the problem, the problem is locating where the factory one is mounted. Does anybody know exactly where the flasher relay is located in the 2008 Jeep Liberty? Is it underneath the dash above the gas and brake pedals, is it behind the glovebox door? I appreciate any help, pictures of location, etc. Thanks everybody, good luck with your Jeeps.
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