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2008 Jeep Liberty



  • thepdmmthepdmm Posts: 82
    I hear you and that is probably what will happen.. cloth can't last as long as steel or glass..
  • oldmac1oldmac1 Posts: 6
    Just took the OL's week old Liberty through a automated car wash today. The second time for it and the sunroof leaked both times under heavy water pressure. Her JGC Overland which I traded in and my 02 Liberty never leaked, so I went back to the Dealer and he reports that the sunroof leaks under high pressure car washes and this is normal. Said the 4 drain tubes are to small to handle the runoff of the pressurized water. This is not normal to me, so I took my 300 down and it does not leak. They vow it will not leak unless it is in a high pressure wash. Am I being snookered?
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    I have a 06 Charger with a sunroof that went through many car washes,and never leaked,I had other cars with sunroof,they never leaked.I think your being snookered.When I get BS from the service dept.,I go to the GM of the dealer and tell them I want my vehicle fixed.I also have a 08 Liberty,which I like it,but been having minor problems and its like pulling teeth to have them fix it.Next week all four Wrangler ST are coming off and replaced with Goodyear Fortera tires,under warranty,I pay the differance in the tires about 100 bucks.,but I had to go to Goodyear to do this,my dealer did nothing.I think Chrysler is trying to save money,so now we have to fight to get good service.Good Luck.
  • oldmac1oldmac1 Posts: 6
    Reported to Chrysler Customer Satisfaction that the 08 Liberty Sunroof leaks under hi pressure automatic car wash and confirmed by the dealer twice since I bought the car two weeks ago. You get water in your face when it hits the sunroof (closed of course). Chrysler Customer Satisfaction just reported that the 2008 Liberties are not designed for Hi pressure car washes and will leak in a high pressure car wash. So bottom line don't waste your money on a sunroof on the 08 Liberty unless you don't mind getting wet when you use a Hi Pressure car wash. My 7th Jeep and my first leak and they can't fix it as it is a design issue. Guess the OL's Jeep will be a "dirty" Jeep unless I feel like getting wet.
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    They should of issued you a umbrella.What are you suppose to do during a rain storm,duck under cover?Sounds like customer sastisfaction doesn't work at Chrysler.My 08 Liberty has minor problems that it should never had.I see that they are having quality issues,and should fire some of their engineers.
  • oldmac1oldmac1 Posts: 6
    Your right on your quality statement. Never heard of a design issue with sunroofs that leak under pressure at a car wash. First sunroof I ever had do that and the answer is a "design" that is not car wash friendly. My other Jeeps never leaked and my 300's don't leak. In a rainstorm the Jeeps sunroof trough's get water in it but it doesn't rain on you. Guess the motto is don't buy a sunroof if you want to stay dry.
    I agree with you on their engineers getting a wake up call. No way to design a sunroof.
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    My wife wanted one with a sunroof,I'm glad we didn't get one.My sunroof on my 06 Charger had a rattle,but no leaks.
  • oldmac1oldmac1 Posts: 6
    Well, Jeep Customer Satisfaction says the Liberty was not designed to use in a hi pressure car wash and it will leak. My intent is to seal the roof now so the OL does not worry about the leak and was wondering if anyone has sealed a roof with some type of sealer from a tube? The OL never would use the sunroof and I would want to remove the sealer before I trade this car in. So, since I have a 850 dollar item that leaks, we will never use it and I want to seal it until trade time. Anybody have any suggestions?
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    I wouldn't advise trying to seal off the sunroof. You might end up with leaks all the time. Suggestions: 1. Don't go to high pressure car washes. and 2. Take a towel with you if you do go through one and wipe up the moisture outside the car wash. 3. Go to a full service car wash and let them wipe up the interior. 4. Relax and enjoy the huge hole in the roof on nice days and find something else to fret about. It is what it is.
  • carbuff81carbuff81 Posts: 2
    I want to install LED amber signal bulbs in my 2008 Jeep Liberty Limited, I have the on board dash computer system which tells me I have a bulb out when I obviously don't, and the signal flashes fast. I need a flasher relay, but ordering one is not the problem, the problem is locating where the factory one is mounted. Does anybody know exactly where the flasher relay is located in the 2008 Jeep Liberty? Is it underneath the dash above the gas and brake pedals, is it behind the glovebox door? I appreciate any help, pictures of location, etc. Thanks everybody, good luck with your Jeeps.
  • mdennis01mdennis01 Posts: 1
    I was driving home tonight during a bad thunder storm and suddenly, while doing 65 on the highway, the "Gate" warning light came on as if the tail gate was open, and all the lights came on in the Jeep. Since it was storming, I kept driving home. Once I got home, I opened the tail gate and slammed it shut to make sure it was closed. The warning light and interior lights stayed on though. And I've tried opening the rear glass with both the button on the tail gate, as well as the clicker on the key, and neither will open the window. We have checked all relevant fuses that we could think of and I tried re-screwing on the gas cap as I had seen in older Jeep Liberties that sometimes this caused an electrical malfunction. Any suggestions? It is a 2008 Jeep Liberty Manual 4WD. I'm suppose to leave in the morning for a road trip but I'm hesitant to go --I don't think it will effect the driving, but I don't want to drive in the dark with all my interior lights on!
  • carbuff81carbuff81 Posts: 2
    There could be a good chance that your Jeep was stuck by lightning. Lightning stuck my friends Ford F150 pickup through the antenna, the lightning melted the antenna, and all of the idiot lights lit up on the dashboard, they had to take it to their local mechanic to fix the problem. I would take it back to Jeep, the problem has to be covered under warranty, the Jeep is still new. Whatever is wrong with it should be taken care of free of charge. Good luck.
  • scjeeper2scjeeper2 Posts: 2
    It is caused by water shorting out the circuit that tells the computer the door/hatch/gate is closed. Somehow the moisture/rain gets in the back gate and shorts it out sometimes. I also have this problem when it rains. Doesn't happen every time it rains, but it happens. I also have problems with my lock/unlock button on the driver side door. I think it's also caused by moisture. By the way, 2008 Liberty here, have owned for 7-8 months. I took it to the dealership for repair, and they have yet to fix it, or agree that it is messed up. Actually took it twice for the rear gate, and once for the driver side door locks. They keep saying it's not messed up when they go to work on it, but it magically messes up again right when I leave the lot. I think they unplug the battery or something to reset it, but then it starts doing it again within minutes, just a temporary fix. I love the vehicle, but I hate the BS that I have to put up with. Purchased it for the lifetime warranty, but they don't fix the POS when it messes up so what is the lifetime warranty for? This is definitely the first and last Jeep Liberty I will ever own. I also purchased a 2007 Honda Fit. Not one problem that hasn't been easily taken care of. Maybe this is a good example of why Jeep is going out of business.


    South Carolina
  • I knoticed my liberty makes a popping noise when turning from lock to lock, just at a certain place. anyone with similar problems....
  • I just picked up a 4x4 sport model week ago. The day i went to pick it up it was raining hard and there was a puddle on the driverside floor. They kept it a day and promised me it(a sunroof leak) was fixed. When i got it home it also rained that night. That am there was over an inch of water on driverside front and rear floors! 4 days later finds me sitting at home w/ a loaner car waiting for some guy from chrysler to access the rust I found while soaking up water. I pray it leaks agian :lemon: :lemon: The newest idea seems to be a leak from the cowl area...... i'll post back when i get things fixed, and i will
  • I purchased my 2008 Liberty and also have had problems from the start. The day I puchased it I drove it on an 800 mile road trip. I notice that when I would get close to 70 miles per hour there was a vibration. I also notice that from time to time it would shift really hard going in to second gear. For example when I was slowing down to stop say at a red light and the light would change so I would just accelerate and sometimes it would shift really hard. I have had it in the 4 times now for both issues. The first time they replaced all 4 tires because there was some type of know issue with the tires. Needless to say this did not fix the vibration. They also said that they upgraded the software and that should fix the hard shift issue. It did not. I took it back a second time and they said they did not notice and could not duplicate the vibration. This time as far as the hard shift issue that said that they reset the computer because it has an error code that it had at some point gotten stuck in overdrive. Again neither one of their solutions fix either problem. So now I just took it to the shop again and was first told that the hard shif was normal because when I was slowing down the accelerate without stoppping that it confused the compute. (do I need to expain that I am a female and they thougt I would just accept that poor excuse). well I did not accept it and ask that they please look into it. Also discussed with the service writer that I was still have the vibration issue and that it was almost like a motor mount was loose. I also added 2 new problems to my list of issues. One the turn signal does not work correctly and the Skyslider now has a lot of wind noise that it did not have when I purchased it. The next day I receive a call from the service writer telling me that they were ordering parts for the skyslider and that my tires needed to be balanced and that the hard shift was not a transmission issue, it was normal under the example I gave and that they could not duplicate was I discribing. My jeep was to be ready for pickup today but I received another call from the service writer to tell me that it would not be ready. He found a service notice about a known issue with the tork converter and that they would need to open the transmission to replace it. He said that this problem is probably what was causing the hard shift and the vibratioin. They had to order parts so I will be taking it back in next with to have the tranmission worked on and the skyslider repaired. To date they are aware of the turn signal issue but there is not a solution for that yet. I was wondering if anyone else has had any transmission issues with the 2008 Liberty (2wheel dirve, automatic). I will post the final outcome once the service is completed.
  • vicvillevicville Posts: 19
    my 2008 2wd liberty limited does the shift thing too. just everyonce in a while when i come to a stop and dont stop, it shifts hard. but i just have dealt with it.... i have 22k miles now and the major problem i had was the steering colum had to be replaced... it kept making a popping noise when turning.. i als have the vibration somtimes. but i think the tires are not the best.... otherwise i love my jeep...its been pretty