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Hyundai Tucson Audio Radio MP3 iPod CD Stereo



  • badams007badams007 Posts: 7
    The only thing I HATE about my '06 Tuscon is the radio reception. It stinks BIG time... and living in a rural area, it makes me crazy.

    Are there any viable options for improving this ?


    Beth (a car dunce) :mad:
  • Can anyone suggest an aftermarket "direct wire" (as opposed to cigarette lighter adapter) for an auxilliary audio input for an Ipod?
  • tpfilm1tpfilm1 Posts: 25
    So... another site had a link to this website about a direct wire interface for Hyundai radios to play iPods (or other mp3s...)

    XCarLink MP3

    Anyone else have any other ideas or have you used this company?
  • tpfilm1tpfilm1 Posts: 25
    Ok... I thought that Cassette players in cars had gone the way of 8-track players... Ok.

    Anyway. Once things get sorted out will be getting an SE, 4WD. It has the cassette player. Anyone using the old fashioned cassette player adaptor for iPods? Are you satisfied w/sound? Does the Hyundai's stereo accept it easily?
  • I tried the iriver mobile FM transmitter for the ipod. You plug it into your lighter socket, tune to an empty FM station, hook the ipod to it. It worked Ok but being in a big city, Philly, it tended to fade slightly in and out. I'm sure if you are in the country it will work fine.

    Only paid $20.00 for two on so not worried about it. Will use when I travel to Layton NJ for crafts camp. ;)
  • Hi. Has anyone come up w/ an answer to this question? I just bought an '05 Tucson and had the same question. I can listen to random songs from a single cd, but don't seem to be able to listen to songs from all cd's randomly.

    Also, in relation to another question, I bought a Jensen cassette adapter for my ipop that inserts into the Tucson cassette player. Works fine. Sound is good. The trick is to turn your ipod sound up fairly high, and keep radio dial low, which eliminates any potential hissing sound.
  • Hello all,

    I am new to HF and I am glad to finally find a place where I can get advice on my car. I have a 2007 Tucson (V6 automatic transmission). It runs perfectly and I enjoy it very much. However after I took it in for service in June (exactly a year after buying it), I noticed that my CD player is not functioning well. It skips a lot and also is not able to move to the next track and appears to be stuck on the end of the track and keeps repeating like an old record used to do when the needle got stuck. I thought it could be that it is dirty so I bought a good CD player cleaning disc system, but it had no effect. I have read the manual and all it says about CD player problems is to remove the fuse and replace it which will reset it. I have tried that and it did not work.

    I am quite frustrated and I wonder if anybody has experienced this problem. I would very much appreciate any guidelines as to how to fix this and also wonder if I am entitled to warranty on the CD player if I have to contact Hyundai or the dealership for a solution or a replacement.

    Thank you
  • I don't know how else to describe the noise from my 2007 Tucson. My son's 2005 Elantra also makes a similar sound.

    It doesn't do it all the time but sometimes when we are just driving down the road we'll hear this wearing sound or low pitched whining sound from the front end. Not like the grinding sound from worn pads or the tweet tweet from the "low pad" springs (if these vehicles have them).

    It may be associated with the pads because if you touch the brake peddle the sound stops; take your foot off the brake and it comes back. We pulled the front wheels from both vehicles and the brake pads are fine.

    Also, if we swerve left and right the sound stops while the wheels are turned but returns when they are straight. Really, you can drive down the road rocking the vehicle left and right and as the wheels pass through straight ahead the sound happens then disappears when the wheels are off straight ahead.

    Any ideas?

  • I have 790 miles on my new 2008 Hyundai Tuscon. The car has a few issues like Torque Steer where when you accelerate the car pulls to the right. Also, the rear suspension clunks over bumps. However, the consensus on the internet from test drives confirms that these are common issues.

    However, today the radio/MP3/CD/XM stoppped working totally. When you press the power button, a clicking noise is heard in each speaker in a sequential pattern then it repeats itself.
    This is a standard equipment radio. From what I hear, many auto companies merely buy their radios from well known radio manufacturers.
    When I called the dealer today the service appointment taker stated that this radio is actually made by Hyundai which I'm sure is not true. Apparently there are other radio failures in the Hyundai Tuscon and the dealer will be replacing mine under warranty.
    Internet research reveals that Hyundai buys their radios in bulk from companies like Clarion and pays them $50-60 per radio and buys them 100,000 units at a time.
    This is probably true since I've never had a radio that has failed when the vehicle is only one month old.
    Anyone out there with a similar issue?
  • I'm about to buy a 2006 Hyundai Tucson. The one I'm looking at just has the basic CD player radio. Does any one know.. If I were to buy the cd changer model on ebay, can I just switch them out? Are all the wires/plugs on the back the same? I dont know a great deal about wiring, so I'd prefer something that's plug and play.

  • macedomacedo Posts: 1
    every time I set up radio stations using radio's memory [1-6], after a while all pre set stations get erased.

    I could not find any reason for this to happen. Is there anyone experiencing the same issue? Is there any fix?

  • ricky_dricky_d Posts: 1
    Hi there,

    I just purchased a 2007 Hyundai Tucson and everytime I go and play a CD "Error 5" appears on the display and the CD pops out without playing. Do you have any fixes for this as it is very frustrating.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    You can try pulling the fuse and see if that will "reset" the player. If you can get a disc cleaner to stay in the player, that could help.

    Not exactly your problem, but variations of the fuse reboot idea can be found in the How to Remove a Stuck CD guide.
  • I just bought a used 06 ( my o4 elantra was totaled on vacation) Im having a similar issue apparently the previous owner had a cd stuck in the player although it always reads no cd in player i managed to get it out but it will not accept any cds apparently the motors and other mechanics are fried or something
  • I recently bought a used 06 Tucson this is my 3rd hyundai though its the first used one ive purchased. Anyway the adjustable arm rest on the center console ( terrible design) has a crack in it so that the top lid will not latch securely and properly also the arm rest will not lock into position, I have been trying to locate a used one since I can not afford the dealer price for a whole new unit any help would be great
  • Could be a ground wire on the antenna or a loose connection the only time i have that issues is with my sat. radio ( wasnt included with oem stereo)
  • I have had similar issues with my '05 Tuscon. After having the radio replaced twice under warranty for cd problems, it just quit. No power. I pulled all the fuses to see if one had blown, but they were all good, so I just put the fuse cover on and figured I'd have to replace the radio a third time. Nope. It started working. I don't know if a fuse got loose or what, but it seemed fine until it did the same thing about a year later, almost exactly a year. Again, I checked the fuses and when I checked it, the radio worked fine. It is very annoying, because I love my car, but I can't live without my radio!!
  • Hi

    I just purchased the 2011 Tucson .... have not even picked it up yet. I was reading a blog that several people said the blue tooth does not work ...... I have an I phone 3G(rogers customer).....any comments.

  • Is this way sweet or what?
    Loaded up a 32GB flash drive with approx 5000 songs and let-er rip.
    Heck with the radio, XM, CD's, or even iPod, this is the way to go IMHO.

    The USB port on vehicles is getting to be more common but most of the other small SUV's we looked at with their dated design didn't have this feature. This was a must for me when I'm spending this kind of money on a new vehicle.

    Did I mention I just luv this vehicle? :-)
  • mystikamystika Posts: 2
    Mine works fine with iPhone 3 but I can't get the iPod reader to work!
  • mystikamystika Posts: 2
    Also have new 2011 Tucson and although the bluetooth works well with my iPhone, I wish I could say the same for the usb port which gives me errors reading the tunes on my iPhone. If it works for anyone else, could you please reply? :mad:
  • Does anyone have step by step instructions, or a URL, describing how to get the Mapquest GPS app's audio turn by turn directions to play through my Tucson speakers? I had a Honda (without Bluetooth) before my Tucson and it was totally plug & play with turn by turn coming through its speakers. I cannot figure out how to do the same with the 2013 Tucson/Bluetooth.
  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 4,284
    Just bought one in silver and so far, love the Sirius/XM and the Bluetooth plus the aux/usb inputs are really in a great location...very pleased! had the amp taken out of my old Civic and plan to have it re-installed next week and hopefully the speakers won't sound so awful as I don't want to replace them quite yet...will if the sound isn't up to snuff for me as most times, the original equipment is the cheapest crap they can get a deal on and nothing a true audiophile would ever consider. I am not that obsessed, just like my tunes on the louder side with no distortion and want to hear every sound possible. Will do what needs doing if my ears aren't happy...luckily, I have the time to do this as I hope to keep it a long time!

    The Sandman :) :sick: :shades:

    2015 Audi A3 (wife) / 2015 Golf TSI (me) / 2009 Nissan Versa SL Hatch (daughter #1) / 2008 Hyundai Accent GLS (daughter #2)

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