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Chrysler Pacifica: Electrical/Lighting Problems



  • Sounded like some real good fun just prior to the holidays. Was your Pacifica still having you reset the seats every so often? My seats have not worked for about a year or so. I am too cheap to get them fixed at the dealer. Most of the time they just replace everything and this usually fixes the problem at a huge expense. so I refuse to do it for the seats. I have 77K on the car and besides the seats and the tie rod ends the car has been pretty good to me.
  • Strange--the word "fun" wasn't in the list of words I was thinking.... nope, still not there!
    Up until this event, I had been able to pull the No. 8 fuse for 10-15 minutes to reset the CB, but with this occurence, that did not work. Today they are working perfectly--however, if they do go out again--on the assumption it is not the major wiring issue, I will jumper a wire from the battery (fused) to the switches in the doors, and by pass the control modules.

    The service manual states that to diagnose the door panel systems (windows, seats, mirrors) to use the "DRB III tester." Anyone know how much one of these costs? or where to obtain one?
  • Seen a few on Ebay. Mostly from shut down Chrysler dealers which I am assuming will be a growing trend. Cost around 300. Although in looking at them, they appear to be more focused on transmissions rather than doors.
  • Hi

    I am having the same issue with my 04 pacifica, did you get any solution to this problem? I have complained to the dealership and they say it's a problem with the pacificas. Now if that is the case must someone die in an accident before they address this issue. It is scary dangerous driving, I have to be winding down the windows when ever I want to change lane or merge. This is just crazy!
  • bmore2kcbmore2kc Posts: 1
    Just got my 05 back from the dealer and he stated that I had to get a new driver side seat switch in order for my seat to operate properly. Has anyone changed out the switch and if so what was the outcome?
  • sashay23sashay23 Posts: 1
    Just purchased a used 06 Pacifica 2months ago. The first night the check engine light came on so that Mon I took it back and it was supposedly the O2 sensor...had that checked and the next day the check engine light was back on. A week later, the ABS and brake light started flashing on and off, causing the radio to cut out so Ive been complaining about this to the dealer and since have had it in the repair shop 5 times(including today). 2 days ago, the car cut off in the middle of an intersection and now whenever I start it and drive off, it acts as if it's going to cut off...has anyone experienced this?
  • My 04 Pacifica did something similar last year, all my dummy lights were flashing and we barely got it down the road a couple miles to leave it at the Chrysler dealer. The Chrysler dealer was able to fix it. They said the connection to the alternator was burned up.They replaced that part and it ran fine. My check engine light came on again recently and my neighbor plugged a computer in to it and it said there was a problem with a sensor but not serious. If you can get your car over to an Auto Zone they can plug it into the computer and give you an idea of what may be wrong, Where I live Auto Zone doesn't charge for this service. I haven't had the check engine light fixed yet, it is still running fine though.
  • nik96nik96 Posts: 2
    have you fixed this elec problem....I had this same problem but I fixed it....let me know.....
  • Thank you for your reply. My check engine light is still on, but the car has been running ok.
  • not2latenot2late Posts: 2
    Looks like I am having the same problem as everyone else. I have an 06 Pac. The break light will come up and will lose the radio for a sec. It bothered me but I the car was fine. Today all the instrument lights came up and the car just stopped while I was waiting at a stop light. I wonder if the burnt alternator cable is covered under the extended warranty I bought.
  • Hello sashay23,

    I have the exact same problem with m '06 Pacifica. I have had my car at the dealership several times and they can not find a solution to this problem. Were you ever able to get your car fixed and if so what did they have to do to fix it? Thank you.
  • Did you ever figure out what is going on with your car?

    My 06 Pacifica started doing the same thing. The ABS :mad: :confuse: and Brake light flash along with a ding...and the radio cuts out every so often. And all the interior lights flicker, so do the exterior lights.

    The dealer said it was a bad battery, it was a fix for a week. another mechanic i brought it to said the code was low voltage from altenator, but it has a brand new altenator.
  • I didn't take it to the dealer but tried to see if I can do something at least. I removed my GPS which was connected to the battery cigarette lighter. I removed the battery connectors and tried to clean them.

    So far, the problem disappeared but I don't think it is gone. I have seen the ABS lights come on one and every once a while I would see the lights flicker.

    Talking to a mechanic, he said most likely it is a bad connector/wire. Or a wire about to get burned. In his point of view, keep driving it till it stops or to the point where we can produce the problem.

    Good luck. Please keep me posted with your fix.
  • I don't know if this is related to everyones electrical issue, but for about 2 years on my 2004 Pacifica, I was replacing lights, headlights, taillights, 3rd brake light. The headlights were the most at about a pair every 6 months. I tried $20 ones and even $50 ones. No luck. Had a new battery installed about a year ago at Sears. Car had trouble starting up. Took the car back to Sears to check battery. They said alternator was failing to charge battery but the battery also had a weak cell. So they gave me a new one. I bought a new alternator and installed it. There was a lot of dust build up on the old alternator which the technician at Sears said was probably the winding going bad. It has been about 8 months with new alt. and I have not had to replace a single light so far. After the fact, the lights were blowing out as a result to a surging voltage from my alt. Compare that to my 2001 300M, which has the original battery and headlight with 140K on it. Go figure.
  • By the way, I still have not been able to figure out my power seat issue. they still pulse when you try to adjust them but they don't move. Anyone?
  • Same problem Solved by wiggling the wires that go to the fuse box to the right side of the battery. I have heard that there are connection problems to the fuse / relay box. A couple of fellers actually replaced the main (red) cable to the battery.

    The whole box comes off with four tabs two on the battery side and two on the body side. I would disconnect the battery first. Remove the box, lift up, remove and reset reset all of the connectors. There are a dozen or so. Seats work again and no flickering.

    If you remove the battery you only have to release the tabs next to the body and the box is hinged towards the battery.
  • I do not have a problem with the ABS light....yet. I'm waiting though. I have had my 2004 for 3 years (bought it used). About a year ago, the alternator went (I always had a weak battery-figured that was why). Now it seems that my nice climate control and center console lights staying on and the key chiming with the the door ajar-with no key in it. LOVELY!!! Hubby ran a code, said "low voltage". Climate control center is going nuts! The blower runs in high constantly, if you shut it off it goes to defrost on high-without the center being on at all! Cannot adjust the fan manually either. I also noticed something when my hubby reconnected the fog lights flickered....ummm that's not normal. I think my car is ready to have a massive computer breakdown! I had a Chrysler Sebring convertible and lost the dash lights. That computer cost 1200.00 to replace! I can ONLY imagine what this one will cost! I think all of us listing random problems are facing the inevitable...replacing the main computer...someone needs to save all of us "suckers". Hubby is going to try changing the blower module. I will keep you all posted. Good luck to all of you. I will NEVER by another Chrysler. I don't care what hubby says! I'ld rather drive my 69 Grand Prix in the winter first!
  • crwright3crwright3 Posts: 1
    edited January 2011
    Ok, i have had this problem with my 2006 pacifica. The lights on the dash will start going on/off and start cutting out the radio. The way to fix it is the red wire cumeing off the battery term is bad. The one that goes to the bottom of the fuse box, it go's to a stud with a nut on it. It will have a black plastic block thing on the wire it self. That is were the wire is failing at. I just made a jumper with a 7.00 wire from auto zone and it was fixed. It was just a 40 inch new battery wire with terms. at the end allready on. It was a 15 min fix that no one else could figure out. Hope this helps
  • this pacifica the running lights stay on when ever the engine is running and I can't seem to find a way to turn them off. Had a guy at auto zone tell me that is normal????? I don't think so. It burns out the lights every month or so and starting to show burn marks on the light socket it's self. I'm an electrician but not for this. Does anyone have any idea why they would stay on or how do I fix the issue. I see the same pacifica's everyday and there running lights aren't on.???? You help is greatly appreciated. :confuse:
  • It sounds like your Pacifica has daytime sensors for the headlights. If you do then there should be a sensor on the dashboard. If not, then press the menu button next to the clock. There should be a setting for the headlights or power accessory delay. Hope to be of help.
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