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Lexus GX 470: Real World MPG

steverstever Posts: 52,462
Please report on your GX 470 mileage in this discussion. Please include city/highway, odometer, driving style or similar comments that you think may be helpful. Thanks,

Steve, Host


  • cdfwifecdfwife Posts: 37
    I am at 6000 miles since Jan 31. I am getting 15.9 mpg. I drive 50 miles r/t to work on the freeway, but with lots of stop and go. I have not seen much variation. I always use reg unleaded, just like I did in my MDX.
  • blov8rblov8r Posts: 567
    Round trip Tucson to Yosemite w/ an overnight stay in Vegas we averaged 16.9 mpg ... mostly highway but some hilly terrain ... burning only Chevron Supreme 91. Bart :shades:
  • alexmn76alexmn76 Posts: 6
    GX 2005 model, 10K miles, drive within city & suburbs, 16.1 mpg, using highest grade gas
  • alexmn76alexmn76 Posts: 6
    heh, that was typo:i meant, 16.3 mpg with 10k miles of city and suburb driving.
  • jimmiezjimmiez Posts: 1
  • We purchased a 2007 GX470 in December. We are averaging over 18 mpg in a mix of city and mountain driving.
  • First,
    Voice activation system should be obsolete. This system is completely useless. Check out Acura(honda) on how voice activation should work.

    While driving restrictions completely handcuff with this vehicle. While I agree with this in principle there needs to be changes.

    Slight hesitation and "bucking" when coming to a stop. Can't explain it and Lexus has no answer for it.

    Design is too similiar to older vehicles. My fault. I should have went with the X5

    MPG is horrible. I only use 91+ gasoline and i am averaging 13.8 mpg on highway and streets.

    If I could do it all over again would choose an 2007 X5.
  • okay so i have to respond here. i had an x5 (a 2005 4.4i) and i loved it. now i have a new 07 gx. the gx is better and cheaper. gas mileage is horrible ... i will agree with you.
  • I average 17.0 mpg in my 07 GX around here on the California central coast. While driving it across country this past June, I averaged 19.5 mpg while doing 75 mph through Nebraska. I also got 418 miles to a tank of fuel. Of course it took 21.8 gallons to fill the tank. I figure the average miles per gallon by taking miles traveled and dividing it by the amount of fuel it takes to fill the tank. The onboard mpg computer likes to be optimistic. Than again, I've yet to see any manufacturer with an accurate mpg computer on their vehicle.
  • opabillopabill Posts: 2
    Wow - I'm stunned by these posts. I just joined and read these posts & am stunned by the mpg figures on the newer 470GX's. I drive my 03 (107K miles) to work daily on Calif freeways, and routinely get 20-21 mpg at 70 mph - one person no load, and on regular gas! I can actually slow it down and get up to 25 mpg on my 35 mile one way commute.

    It has been a great car for me and the grandkids - only compaint I have is that the 90K mile checkup - they advise a timing belt replacement - $2500 - ouch. I can't believe this big SUV doesn't have a metal timing belt.

    All the Toyota's and Lexus' recommend the regular gas. I broke mine in that way and only use premium if I 've got a load going into the mountains.

    Maybe the best deal is to find a low mileage older GX470 rather than a new one.
  • rob222rob222 Posts: 49
    With 46,000 miles logged, I average 15-16 mpg overall all on regular gas. Can I really get excited about a cross-over that average 19-20 mpg without true 4wd performance. What to do when my lease expires in January.
  • opabillopabill Posts: 2
    Yep - that's the lease delema. I knew I would be driving too many miles - so I bit the bullet and bought mine. I will end up passing it on to one of my kids anyway. I put 200K miles on my Jeep Grand Cherokee, and then passed it on.

    good luck
  • What MPG is every one getting on LX-470 & what models do you have:
    1. In town
    2. On the rural highway interstate
    3. Overall

    I have a 1996 LS 400 that gets:
    -27 going 70 MPH
    -26 going 80 MPG
    -22 all around gas mileage

    It has 182,000+ miles on the odometer.
  • I recently bought a used (pre-owned) 2005 Lexus GX470 with 83Kmi. Most people are saying they get from 16-20 MPG highway using Premium 91 Fuel driving their GX 470's. After driving like a grandma through a full tank of gas I am getting 13.3 MPG highway driving in North Texas (with the AC on). I have been putting regular fuel in the tank and calculate Miles Driven since last fill up divided by what it just took in gallons to fill the tank. Does the Premium really make that big of a difference or is my vehicle in need of something like a tune up? Just one other note... The computer says the average MPG is 16.1 and I have brand new tires....
  • rcummelinrcummelin Posts: 184
    We just completed a round-trip from our home near Grand Junction, CO to Denver & back. This is mostly freeway driving on I-70, but we have to cross Vail Pass (over 10K ft.) and The lower part of Loveland Pass where the Eisenhower/Johnson Tunnel is (must be close to 10K ft. too). It's about 250 miles each way.

    We averaged 18.8 on the way over to Denver and 19.9 on the way back home. I suppose if we drove a bit slower than 75 where posted (about 100 miles each way) that we might get a bit better mileage. This mileage was calculated, and the on-board display stated about 1.0 more mpg than we actually got. However, I'm pleased with the mileage as it is actually an improvement over our previous ride, a 2010 Honda Ridgeline, that only got 17-18 mpg with a V6 on the same trip.
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