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Oldsmobile Alero Starting-Stalling Problems



  • The problem i am having with mt alero is when i start the car up, it is fine, but as the engine warms, it begins to stall. there is a funny noise coming from the belt, like it is being restricted. once the engine is somewhat warm, the car will not hold unless I put my foot on the gas and hold it. The idling is very rough and hesitant. Can someone give me and idea?
  • Things that you might want to check are>
    1. PCV valve system for leaks
    2. EGR system maybe its stuck open
    3. Read the codes with a scanner there should be a clue there.
    4. The MAP switch on the side of the intake could be providing a bad signal. Check the electric plug connections.
    5. I would look at the sparkplug wires. I once had a rusted coil connection on the coil pack and it wouldnt provide a good spark to that cylinder, due to the factory not puting
    a lubricant on the connection.
    6. Take off the boot off the intake and clean the inside of the throttle intake area with carb cleaner. There are small holes there that can clog up or get covered.
    The belt noise is a whole separate issue..idler pulley with bad bearings. Or the belt is slipping a bit due to it being worn. Or the water pump could be leaking a bit of antifreeze on the belt and causing it to slip a bit.
  • The grinding noise is most likely the starter. The small gear that slides against the flywheel teeth with age the shaft it slides on gets dry and causes it to hang against the flywheel when the engine starts. Can chip the teeth on the flywheel and the longer it happens the teeth get bent and both fail to engage properly. You could take it off and take a look at it to see whats happening.
    Hard Starting can be due to the IDLE Air Control, EGR valve stuck open, MAP sensor signal bad. Check the engine for codes that have triggered. IF the egr valve is stuck open a bit then it will cause exhaust air to be brought into the intake manifold of the engine basically the fuel mixture is too lean when that happens. Just to make sure check the connections on the battery. THey should be clean..its possible that the battery isnt supplying enough amps to the starter if the connections are dirty.
  • I cannot get my 2003 alero to start. It will crank, its not getting gas. Checked the fuel pump, wiring and circuits. Replace the fuel filter and circuit. I took everything off and put it back together. It started for about a day and now it wont start again. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciate.
  • I would check the basics again. Check the fuel pump at the fuel rail for proper pressure. Hook a fuel pressure gauge onto the fuel rail on the passenger side. With the key on and the engine not running you should have at least 41 psi.
    If you dont have that there could be a problem with the crankshaft sensor that sends a signal to the control module. If the module isnt getting reference pulse signals from the crankshaft sensor then it shuts the fuel pump off after 2 seconds. If there is no fuel pressure then check the fuel pump relay for voltage and then check the fuel pump fuse. Check the wiring at the tank going to the fuel pump if there isnt any voltage or if the fuse is burnt.
    You should be able to hear the fuel pump engage when someone turns the key on by listening at the fuel filler tube. Check for spark at all the ignition wires after its verified that you are getting fuel to the fuel rail. It could be something simple like a loose connection that wasnt hooked up properly.
  • kdeezlekdeezle Posts: 12
    I am making progress. Is there a chance it could be a bad water pump? The car stalls as the engine warms, and there is a coolant leak that I cant see. When the car was running, if I would be idle at a light, the engine temp would increase every time. The grinding noise I am hearing may be the water pump bearing. Can anyone help me figure if this could be the problem? Would a bad pump cause my car to keep stalling unless I hold the gas down?
  • went757went757 Posts: 9
    You didnt say what year your car was or what engine. I would say yes its possible the water pump is bad.. I know on the V6 engine the price of a water pump is only $18.00. They are easy to change out so that would eliminate that issue.
    The GM dealers put out a Service Advisory that says that the lower intake manifold gaskets need to be replaced with new gaskets and the bolts torqued to new specs.. using new bolts with a threadlock applied. I am working on a V6 right now that has the gasket leaks..what happens is when the engine is cold there isnt any pressure in the system and as it warms up the pressure increases to say 15 psi.. if that gasket is leaking you could be burning water when it gets hot and then it will change the fuel ratio and you would have to give it more gas to keep it running. One easy way to see if its burning coolant is to remove the upstream O2 sensor. The engine has to be warm to remove that sensor more easily. If dexcool is being burned it will be covered witha chalky white substance. The engine I am working on has 113k. The intake gasket just started leaking enough to make it get hot about a month ago..the year of this car is a 99. Its probaly several problems..the water pump and a gasket leaking somewhere. The thermost gaskets go out also. That dex cool tends to deteriorate them. One thing on this car that is a pain is that if you have to remove the radiator you have to remove it from the bottom of the car and also discharge the ac system and pull the radiator/condesor/fans out as a unit.
  • joe7074joe7074 Posts: 2
    My alero didnt start for a while taken to several auto services places including the dealer and it was never fixed.I read this forum and in 10 minutes, just like you guys said,the car started. id sue the#@$% out of these guys if thought for a second i now,how do we fix it ourselves or bypass it.....thanks all Joe.
  • Had the same problem this afternoon. Everything worked (lights, radio, etc) but car would not turn over. Followed the advice on the board, leave the key in ignition in the ON position (according to the manual) for 10 minutes, turn to OFF and then attempt to re-start, and the car started up with no problem. First time this has been a problem (65,000 miles). Thanks to the board for the great advice available!
  • gjohiogjohio Posts: 1
    Glad I read your reply first, I had a similar problem but MY STARTER WOULD NOT TURN OR MAKE A SOUND IN THE START POSITION (despite a lot of battery) But.... Turning the ignition switch to my 2002 Alero to start for 20 min and then shutting off and then starting it worked for me too! As soon as I read your message I ran out and put the key in for the 20 minutes. As I read other people on the tread I thought "oh this wont work for me cause it sounds like every one else is having weird fuel delivery issues and I have a weird starter issue"....BUT IT WORKED FOR ME TOO
  • I have a 2002 Olds Alero with 115000 miles on it. Having the problem of it cranking but just will not fire. I have noticed the security light coming on when I'm trying to start it. Also all of the windows roll down except the driver side. I found this kind of odd but am not for sure what the problem is. I was told that it could be the fuel pump, one of the coils, but am just not for sure. Any help or advise will help tremendously.

  • agilentagilent Posts: 2
    I just experienced same problem on my Alero 2000. I had turned the car off and was sitting in the car with key in off position. in a few minutes, i tried to start the car but wouldn't start, noticed the security light blinking.
    i think it took about 10-15 minutes when i noticed the security light was gone. i restarted and it worked fine. for last 3 days it has worked fine now. though i am worried that it could happen again.
    hjohio, have you experienced same issue again.
    i've a feeling that passlock sensor is going but not sure.
    any suggestions.
  • arich02sarich02s Posts: 3
    My 02 Alero will not start when the temperature is hot outside. It will start in the morning and evening when the weather is cool. It seems like if the temperature is above 80 and sits in direct sunlight it will not start. The radio, lights and everything work but it will not fire. I was on a business trip last weekend in a much cooler place (about 70 degree) and it started perfectly every time. We already replaced the battery, fuel filter and air filter. It did not help. Please help me!
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Does it crank but not start, or does it do nothing?
  • andy74andy74 Posts: 1
    I have an 03 Alero and about a month ago replaced the fuel pump ($600). The car started fine for about a week. Then all of a sudden it wouldn't start in the afternoons. After a week of the same thing, starting every morning and every night, I realized that it just won't start if the temperature is greater than 80 degrees. It tries to start, but then eventually the battery starts to wear down. It also has a brand new Interstate battery in it. My security light is not on. Any suggestions would be wonderful.
  • arich02sarich02s Posts: 3
    It cranks but won't fire. Usually if I keep trying and wait a little bit in between it will start after the 3rd or 4th try. There was only once when I had to wait until the next morning to start it when it was cool.
  • went757went757 Posts: 9
    I would sugguest checking for trouble codes. Auto zone and alot of other places will do this for free. The connection for the obd2 scanner is underneath the dash by the steering column. There is a IAT temp sensor located in the ductwork between the airfilter and the throttlebody. Its job is to sense the temperature and then send the signal to the computer so it knows how long to keep the fuel injectors open based on the input from that sensor and others. The sensor might have a bad or corroded electrical connection to it. There is also the sensor that sends a signal to the temp guage and the computer located near the thermostat housing. Most likely its the IAT sensor. A can of electrical connection cleaner from the auto store should help clean the connections.
  • neecie577neecie577 Posts: 3
    This has happened to me two times in a week now, The security light comes on,, then the car dont start,, I put the key in the ignition for ten minutes, then it starts. Is there a way to shut this stupid security light off for good???
  • msdavid1msdavid1 Posts: 2
    my security light is on but not blinking on my 2002 oldsmobile alero what should i do? it turns over but wont start
  • jprocjproc Posts: 135
    I had the sensors cleaned and switched to 89 octane gas.Been about 2 months now and the car is starting fine.Their is a TSB out on this problem and the above action is the recommended first step.
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