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Chevrolet Equinox Real World MPG



  • n9lasn9las Posts: 3
    Im very interested in your new computer chip results. Are you driving a 6 or 4 cylinder?
  • Hi we have the 4 cyl , have not had a good chance to test any improvments , I used PERFORMANC CHIP , recommended and proven to get up to +6 mpg , the wires to use are LT BLUE -LAT TAN -GRD
  • n9lasn9las Posts: 3
    Thanks for your reply. I also have a 4 cyl, and may install a chip if you see a increase in mpg.
  • I am clueles to the mechanical efficency of the ZF 9 Speed auto developed for moderate power FWD but the ZF 8 Speed RWD Auto is one of the most efficient trqnsmissions developed. Mazda's new 6 Speed Auto is another example of top noth mechanical eff. I'm a mechanical engineer and like to dig into this stuff.
    It is in the arragement of the planetary drives and redefining what a torque converter is supposed to do. These are not traditional slush boxees, but more mechanical direct transmisions that just use the torque converter not so much for torque multiplication but to allow the tansmission to stay in gear at very low engine speeds, and along with dampeners, to mometarily ease the shock during shifts.
  • n9lasn9las Posts: 3
    Well it's been a few weeks since you installed a Performanc chip. Has the fuel mileage increased? I assume the performance is a little stronger as well.
  • possibly 2mpg suppossed to get up to 6mpg, ,but winter time is not the best for an true test so will try again in the spring, you can set the chip for performance or economy, but not both, I used a GTE PERFORMANCE CHIP.
    We took our equinox in for some issues to be checked out , but not resolved, the electric tailgate would not operate in cold weather, the owners book states this could happen , salesmen do not tell you of course , and who looks at the owners book when buying a car!, poor economy dealership not interested , trip computer instaneous readout totally useless, remote does not always lock the doors, the service guy informed GM that I had installed a chip ( hoping it would void my warranty I,m sure)
    but GM said it would not.
  • 25.3 MPG over the last 15,000 miles with my doing wife 95 % of the driving. (2011 NOX AWD 4 Cly)
    I can usually beat her mileage by 1-2 mpg at same speed by driving smooth and anticipating braking.
    How do you change the rear wiper on this thing?
  • Following the mileage complaints regarding the 2011 Equinox FWD has me concerned and disappointed. I've never experienced issues with advertised mileage the way that we have with our 2011 FWD Equinox. We have a 35 mile , fairly level drive to town and back. We're easy on the acceleration and have not been using A/C for the last several months. Our payload is generally 1-2 persons at a total of 170 - 220 pounds and our mileage rarely gets above 23 MPG and is usually lower after logging 7,500 miles. We adhere to the 70mph speed limit and there are no stops on the way to town. We bought this vehicle in great part due to the advertised mileage and we are extremely disappointed. I will definitely follow some of the tips I've heard here but we've been to the dealer regarding this issue and they don't seem to have had any of these suggestions. I can't help but feel that Chevy has simply lied to the public regarding their mileage claims. Why have I not experienced similar issues with other vehicles over the past 25 years that I've been paying attention to them? There's common sense and there's excuses. I've been seeing a lot more of one than the other regarding this issue.
  • cmhj2000cmhj2000 Se, Pa.Posts: 378
    On our FWD LS 4Cyl 12 Nox. We have a good mix of highway and city driving. Overall now with 1,200 miles on the vehicle we're hitting about 25 MPG on 10% ethanol! During road trips, which seldom last more than 100 miles, the DCI will show we're hitting the low 30s. Overall the DCI shows 26.
  • rrovernutrrovernut Posts: 15
    I totaly agree with your comments , we also drive carefully and keep to our speed limit , but mo way can we acheive what GM claim ,as you say they have lied to the comsumer we had no issues either with other vehicles ( Dodge ) as regards stated fuel ratings , we bought the equinox with fuel economy in mind, disgusted with GM !
    A GM rep offered us $1500.00 to go towards buying another GM product, because we had made complaints , why on earth would we do that.
  • rrovernutrrovernut Posts: 15
    Maybe Gm have made some improvements over the 2011 models , there is no way I can acheive what you are getting
  • kelsan1kelsan1 Posts: 34
    I have posted here before on mileage results while driving an 11 Equinox and 11 Terrain with the same equipment levels but different tire sizes. Both are FWD with 4 cyl engines so my comparisons have some validity.

    To wit, I am getting low to mid 20's on either car while doing city driving primarily including stop and go as well as freeway in the metro area, on occasions I use the eco mode but not often. My DIC always seems to indicate about 1/2 mpg more that physical methods of fill up and divide into miles driven but under prolonged freeway driving at 65mph at 1900 rpm, my mileage on both cars goes from 28 to 31 average per tank. The Terrain has had the actuator replacement and ECM module reflash and the Nox has had nothing done. My post is that I cannot entirely blame GM for the EPA ratings maybe just how they presented them to the public but In 40 years of car buying from pick ups to vans to 4 WD's. My point simply is this, if you think you can get the 32 mpg driving less than conservatively, you might be disapointed, if you expectt 32 MPG @ 70/75 MPH, then you are in for a rude awakening. IMHO.
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,654
    'if you expectt 32 MPG 70/75 MPH, then you are in for a rude awakening. IMHO. '

    I would agree. I have gotten 26.5 MPG on our 6Cyl AWD Terrain (rated at 22MPG HWY) on a couple trips (one about 500 miles and another 1100 miles over a few days). They were mostly flat road and warm temps (but cool enough to leave A/C off) and set the cruise at 57MPH . Many don't like to drive that slow but it does help. Tach is about 1450 at that speed and I also try to match the tach number on slow speed limit roads when I can.

    Might be interesting to have someone with the 4cyl FWD take a little road trip of 20 miles or so and try that MPH with cruise and reset of average MPG and see on it does .
  • rrovernutrrovernut Posts: 15
    your comments are interesting , but I would to say Gm advertised the equinox & terrain FWD as obtaining 46 mpg ( this is in Canada ) our gals are 1\3 bigger than your us gals or 6,2 litres per 100 kms, the AWD version is rated as getting 6.9 liters per 100 kms or 41 mpg , of course this is under ideal conditions , ie weather no a/c and driving conservatively , which my wife & I always do . the speed limit here is 100 kms /hr which we do not exceed , when we overtake it is done with out downshifting ( it is possible) on various fuel tests runs we have not been able to come close to GM claims , I have installed a chip to try and improve economy and pahaps got 2 extra mpg in cold weather , so am going to do another accurate test when it warms up some . Ido not expect the mileage they claim driving like Sterling moss or 70/75 which we never do ,but would like to come close to the rating Gm claims , they should have presented to the customer you may get what we advertise ,but in reality you will get much less.
  • kelsan1kelsan1 Posts: 34
    As an update to my last post we just returned from a round trip run to Key West, FL and back to Cocoa Beach and return home to metro Atlanta.

    Total miles driven by DIC was 1897 with speeds going from 65 mph/min to 75 mph + max with air on and off DIC mpg average was from a low of 26.5 to a high of 30.2. I have not calculated the fuel cost of the trip yet feel that the Terrain was with in 1/2 miles mpg of the DIC.

    Hope this helps all who have had negative expierences with the Nox or Terrain but with the actuator rework and reflash of the ECM, I feel the car lived up to its claims and we just topped 20,500 miles on this trip. :D
  • I have a 2012 4cyl FWD and about 1300 miles only on it. The 3 highway trips of 60 miles each way I averaged 28.5. On 1 occasion I drove at 55 for about15 miles and it was alittle more than 29 mpg.It might have been more if I drove longer.When I drive to work its about 7 miles one way with 7 stop lights(which are hit and miss) and the speed limit is 25 for 2 miles and 35 for 2 miles and 55 for 3 miles.There I have 24.5.We are going on a trip this summer and will report back on mpg.
    When I looked at the window sticker last week I got a chuckle. Hwy mpg said something like 26-38. I thought 38 must be going down a mountain only. I have never hit 30 mpg yet. Maybe with a 40mph wind behind me might help.

    I think the consumer ought to take GM to court on fraud.I would put the hwy mpg at 26-30 at best.If you ever get over that I would buy a lotto ticket.
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,654
    I expect you will see improvements in MPG after you get to 3000 miles or so. Also if your in the 55-60 MPH range it should do pretty well.
  • marcia54marcia54 Posts: 3
    I have a 2011 FWD 4 cyl Equinox LT and am only getting 22.4 mpg mixed city & highway. On a long trip, I'm lucky to get 24.5 mpg. The only response I get from the dealer and GM customer service is "The car needs to break in". I have 14,000 miles on it now and still getting the same lousy mileage. I had a 2010 FWD 4cyl Equinox LT that got great gas mileage - 27 mixed city & highway and 31 on trips. Had to trade it out due to a faulty computer. I just can't believe that GM made that many changes in 1 model year that the mpg would change that much. I certainly haven't changed my driving habits so it has to be something they did in their model change. I'm very disappoointed in GM and feel that they have mislead the public when they say the Equinox gets great gas mileage and 600 miles between fillups. I get mad every time I see that commercial. I have driven GM products for over 35 years but I doubt that I will ever buy another GM product unless the company can come up with a solution to the mpg problem.
  • jan21816jan21816 Posts: 9
    We just passed 10k miles on our 11 4WD Nox. We do live in a hilly area and we do little highway driving. I am the slowest turtle coming away when the light changes and I coast whenever possible.

    However, day to day I cannot get the gas to 20 mpg, let alone 22, 24.5, etc. Even at 60 mph on a flat highway across a lake, it tops out at instantaneous readout of about 24.5.

    I've had the reflash etc. done (but that was mostly cos the car kept stalling in mid-road), and it hasn't helped worth a damn.

    I come here to read with wonder the tales of people getting 30 or so on long trips. But frankly, it really rankles when other people come on here saying that owners like me just have unrealistic expectations.

    A car that is advertised as the Nox was should not be getting an average of about 19.

    Then again, I have to ask myself just why am I complaining? It got 17 when I first bought it. Thank goodness it's broken in now! (sarcasm alert)
  • kelsan1kelsan1 Posts: 34
    If your vehicle is still under the total warranty period, I would take it into a good dealer and have them check out your engine electronics and drive train. There should be no reason that these cars cannot acheive the 25MPG combined estimates that are advertised. I have hit 30/32 mpg on the driver info center average on long trips at moderate speeds with the econ on but never consistently and my GMC now has 23000 miles and Equinox has 18000 miles, mid 20's are realistic and probably the best you can expect under average driving conditions. Good luck.
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