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Mazda CX-7 Tires and Wheels



  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 117,294
    Checking the Mazda website, your wheels are 17 X 7... That might be a little narrow for a 225 or 235 width tire..

    They give the factory alternative as 235/60-18 on 18 X 7.5" wheels.. Lots of choices in that size...

    I have to agree... not great alternatives....

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    Edmunds Moderator

  • go to tire rack - looks like there are probably several other sizes that would fit the rims for this vehicle. Below is one that seemed to get good ratings. This tire spec says 6 to 8 inch wide rims, so 7 should not be a problem I would think. I was initially a little concerned after my purchase, but after further research, think the OEM they will try to sell you is not always the best tire answer. X&partnum=265HR7PSX&vehicleSearch=false&fromCompare1=yes&tab=Specs
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 117,294
    I agree.... but, I run tires in a similar size.... and, 225s don't fit on any rim smaller than 7" wide.... 7" is a stretch.... and, may work..

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • i am still having issues with my tires...they are 6 months old and have 4,000 miles on them and they are already wearing, by almost 1/2! I am not sure if i should change my tires/rims because of my computer system, speedometer ect.....i am concerned that it may cost me more in the long run. i don't believe that as a consumer i should be left without options or a recitification that may cost me thousands of $$$$........i can't get an answer from Mazda, my dealership or any official as what to do...... i don't drive irratically, or many miles for my tires to be wearing down so fast.

    suggestions guys????

    thank you :cry:
  • bcp1bcp1 Posts: 21
    I have not had the extreme problem you have, but my Bridgestone's were cracking both sides and between treads. I took the vehicle to the Firestone/Bridgestone dealer and they submitted it to the factory and I received a complete new set of tires at N/C. This is the reason I stayed with the same tire, OEM's because they donot have a very good reputation.
    You can look on line and see what tires are available in the size needed. Tires will show you reviews on all brands and it makes it easier to make a choice. Good Luck. I know it can be very frustrating.
  • how may miles/months should i get out of a set of bridgestone duelers? honestly, they are a no mileage warranty for my CX-7, and i am on my second set! Bridgestone replaced all 4 original tires back in October 2010. It is now April and my front tires are wearing evenly the entire way across.......i have 5,000 miles on these NEW tires and they are wearing already! :mad:
  • bcp1bcp1 Posts: 21
    I have my 2nd set of OEM Bridgestone's on my 2007GTFWD CX-7. The first cracked badly, The tires were replaced at NC at Firestone/Bridgestone. That was last summer. I have less than 3,000 miles on them and they show very even ware, but very little ware. I am not familiar with the Duelers, but with the power you have in the CX-7 and I presume you have the turbo-charged inline 4. Have Firestone/Bridgestone dealer you trust to check alinement, etc. Make sure the tires are not out of round. The only reason I stuck with Brigestone 742's was they were replaced at NC. I would not buy this tire again. You may prefer another brand or at least a sporty tire for SUV's etc.
    Good Luck.
  • thank you! i do not have the turbo...i have the standard 4 cylinder. for the 2010, they made the turbo an upgraded option. so i have ALOT less power. i am very unhappy with not having any options for my 2010 cx-7. thank you..
  • Duellers are made from a much softer rubber for better traction. Winter Duellers are an awesome tire but generally only last one year. If you have the money to burn, buying new Winter Duellers each fall keeps you safe on the road then you can run them right through summer until your new set in the fall again. I ran them this way on my Silverado and again on an Envoy... I am going with the Hankook RW11's this winter on my new CX7, they have been getting great ratings and Mazda & Hankook are offering a good rebate through September... :)
  • multi_carsmulti_cars Posts: 4
    edited September 2011
    In reading this thread about CX-7 tires, I would agree that the original tires put on the car were bad wearing tires (we have a 2008 CX-7 and the original tires were GOODYEAR RSAs.

    I got rid of them at about 23,000 and switched to Yokohama PARADAs from the TireRack. I also bought a new set of wheels that they had on special discount. My CX-7 now has 19" O-Z wheels with the Yokohama PARADAs and the car drives and handles MUCH better. - AND that is in rain and snow as well.

    I did a lot of research on the tires and the PARADAs are a great fit for performance in Mud and Snow. (We have had some real bad winters the last two years and the CX-7 handles great)

    My advice to any looking at replacing the original tires - go with the Yokohama's and if you can, up to 19" wheels. The car handles much better. (we are at 44,000 miles on the car now - tires are still sticky and have great traction)
  • We have only had our CX-7 a month. We ran over a screw last week puncturing the tire. As many of you have already discovered the tires are impossible to get. How do you design a car with no tire availability. Shame on Mazda.
    The part that makes me the most angry, is we asked the salesman if the tires on the car where standard 17inch easy to find tires, and he told us they were. I guess shame on us for not checking he was telling the truth.
    I am not even sure when we can get a replacement now. This was suppose to be our main vehicle for traveling, which we do quite frequently, but now feels like a useless car. If we get a flat on a 500 mile trip somewhere we are completely stranded.
    I am feeling really duped by both Mazda and our local dealership.
  • tigerhawk -

    Go to or better yet - CALL them. They can fix you up with tires.

    I cannot believe you cannot get replacement tires.

    Another idea - go to a different dealer more focused on service.
  • thank you for agreeing with me! finally! it is such a shame....honestly. i have taken alot of pain staken time and effort to try to get mazda to fess up to the design flaw of the CX-7, needless to say with no luck! i purchased my cx-7 brand new from a local dealership and when i started having a ton of issues with the tires, i started at the dealership first. no-one believed me. i even called around to smaller tire dealers hoping for some luck. NOPE! after 6 months of back and forth, a BBB claim, a lemon law claim and a call to my state attorney general's office....i had gotten no-where. i have waisted my money on that car, and have since taken the HIT and have traded it in on a chevy. i was not having MAZDA take any of my money anymore......

    i wish you the best of luck....and if anyone wants to do a class action against MAZDA, let me know!
  • tigerhawk -
    I am not sure I agree with you 100%. The tires we got on the 2008 CX-7 (Grand Touring model) originally were 18" Goodyear RSAs which did not last long at all (but most cars do NOT come with premium tires - they come with whatever the "best deal" is for the manufacturer)

    We switched out to 19" O-Z wheels and 19" Yokohama Paradas (both from the TireRack) - and the CX-7 has driven well since then. (much better handling for the vehicle and better wear on the tires)

    We have not experienced any other issues with the CX-7 and have thought it was a good car for the money spent. (we have about 48K miles on it). It is much better in snow than our previous car - a 2001 Subaru Forester(probably because it is heavier and has a longer wheel base).

    I think if you would have switched out the tires you would have found it is a good all-around vehicle.
  • Hi guys, I own a 2007 CX-7 GT AWD. I'm looking to buy a used rims for winter use. Specs are 18 inch rims, 8 width and +40mm offset. Just wondering if this would fit my CX-7. Stock rims are 18 x 7.5 and 50mm offset.

    Anybody knows if this would make a difference? Thanks!
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