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Cadillac SRX Test Drives - What do you think?

tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
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Tell us about your test drive!


  • simonsnanisimonsnani Member Posts: 6
    test drove the srx v6 .plenty of power for me,rides a little firm handles greet.nice int.navarro cadillac in santa fe NM,gave me 4500 off of the msrp prise.the fit and finish looks good. I liked the dealer and suv/ I leased it for 24 mo,s at 1500 miles per year
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    "Hey, this drives like a car. Well, more like a car than its size would suggest."

    Cadillac SRX: first impressions

  • gasman1gasman1 Member Posts: 321
    Took my first (and last) SRX test drive. It's a decent looking vehicle with a very nice interior. The stats look great on paper and the engine is sweet. I hated the road noise from the rear tires coming from third seat area. The nice stereo makes the road noise go away, but with the stereo off, it's not what I expected from Cadillac. That's a real shame as I'm really trying to make my next vehicle a US brand.

    Now get this - this dealership also sells Hyundai. The sales guy ask what I thought when I get back to the lot. I told him the above. He said that Cadillacs are quiet, but the SRX is more for sport... He told me that I must drive the Sante Fe Limited as it's just as nice as the SRX but much more quiet and bargain to boot. (My salesman was busy with other customers when I came back so another salesman was waiting for me. He made the same comments.)

    So in one trip to the dealership, I had my first and last test drives in two vehicles. The dealership facilities are stuck in the '60s or early '70s. the two salesmen I spoke with are idiots and I could never trust either one of them, and the vehicles I drove did not meet my expectations for $47K (SRX) or $30K (SF) vehicles. That's one successful trip!

    I'm still amazed that two salesmen at a Cadillac dealership would try to move me to the Sante Fe.
  • jessgalljessgall Member Posts: 3
    Test drove and purchased!! Need I say more?

    It was the 2005 AWD V8, fully-fully loaded. I am a freak about noises too, I don't hear anything, except that I have since added a Yakima roof rack system and it can be a bit noisy at times. We also added a noise reducer which helps a lot.

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