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Nissan Versa New Owners Report



  • Hello everyone,
    I'm not a mechanic so please bear with me. I'm also very upset so please excuse me if it starts to show.

    Couple of months ago I bought a 2007 Nissan Versa Hatchback. I fell in love with the car immediately. My wife and I also purchased the extended warranty or service agreement (can't remember which). After about a month I began noticing that the car would act funny when accelerating from a stop. Basically the car feels like it is not getting gas and then all of sudden BAM, the altimeter needle skyrockets and the engine whines like I'm in a race. Please note that the car doesn't seem to have much power so it isn't pushing me back in my seat when this happens it just makes a loud embarrassing racket like I'm trying to squeal the tires or something. The symptoms are worse when the over-drive function is on (which I'm understanding is the default setting). Then there are times when I get the opposite reaction, either from a stop or when trying to speed up. One time at the McDonalds drive through I had just placed my order and took my foot off the brakes and onto gas. The tires actually squealed even though I hadn't depressed the gas pedal at all--I let the car kinda coast up to the window.

    These symptoms are awful and embarrassing as I attract the wrong kind of attention. I took the vehicle in to the dealership from where I purchased it and they found nothing wrong. What they told me was that they drove it around all day but couldn't get the car to reproduce the symptoms I was describing! There was nothing they could do. They did find that the car needed a new bearing for the front passenger side wheel and that required taking the car back to them twice more (the first time they couldn't install the bearing because the one they received was defective or something). Each time they would tell me that they once again drove the car around but still could not reproduce the symptoms.

    I got into with the one rep. telling him he needed to have the mechanics research possible causes for the symptoms that I'm having but he said it doesn't work like that. He said that they need to reproduce them before they'll know what to do. I told him that was bullsh*t because if they could reproduce the symptoms all they're gonna do is go back and research what might cause those symptoms. I mean, its not like the cars gonna come alive and tell them whats wrong they'll still need to diagnose the problem--right?

    I'm at a point where I'm ready to talk to a mechanic and maybe an attorney, this is ridiculous. Anyone who might know of anything that I might be able to do to get satisfaction would be of a great help to me. I just want the problem fixed and I know there is one. It's not in my head.

    Thanks for listening to my ramble, I appreciate all your help.

  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Did you buy the 4 speed automatic, or the CVT ? I'm betting the CVT and you have a transmission problem.

    I bought the cheaper 4 speed, to stay away from the CVT belt drive technology. As an engineer, that CVT just doesn't seem like something that is going to last very long.....compared to a regular tried and true transmission that typically gets 100K+ miles.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 8,493
    Just about 39,000 on my 2007 and all is well. I'd love to have regular gas back with NO ethanol, but that's not the fault of the car.

    Any other high mileage Versa owners ready to sing the praises of their ride? ;)

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  • Just wanted to say how awesome my 09 Versa SL was in the deep snow we had in Puget Sound area. It never skidded and felt very surefooted in turns. Those tiny wheels dig deep into the snow! I don't even think I need winter tires.

    My Mazda6 S is definitelly not as good for winter.
  • I am having the same problem as many others with the dead battery. If I have not used the car in 3 or more days, the battery is dead. The longer not in use, the more dead it is (Intelli-key wont work at all). This will be my third battery........such a waste since I can NEVER rely on this car to take me to the airport or sit for a few days without working. Its sad since I bought it in October 2008. I thought Nissans were reliable, and now I am finding out they are not. :mad:
  • I bought my 09 in Aug, 09. MPG is 32 with 75% hiway, not babying it. Babying it ( 60 mph or less) gives me 35 mpg (twice). Using non-ethanol gas. Lucky to have it available. Shell. I have some surface rust on the exhaust already. Will show it to dealer. I need a pillow behind my back for lumbar support. Radio has NO SCAN feature. Big negative. Have to keep pressing the button to get new station. Safety hazard, like texting.

    Overall, am happy with car. Looks good. Good mpg. Smooth ride. I have 4,000 miles already, in just 2 months.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Alamogordo, NMPosts: 7,615
    is your Nissan Versa outfitted with a manual tranny or an automatic tranny?

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • I have the auto trans. And it's the regular 4 speed auto, not the newfangled CVT autotrans.

  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Alamogordo, NMPosts: 7,615
    helps me frame my thoughts properly when you post from now on. :blush:

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • colloquorcolloquor Posts: 482
    Has then been a owner comparison of MPG based on the 6-speed manual, 4-speed automatic, and CVT? I would be sincerely interested in seeing the average city/highway fuel mileage comparisons for each the three transmission types.
  • At 15,600 miles a knocking noise began under my hood. Just had the oil changed recently. The dealer says it's normal for this car and had me listen to a previously owned vehicle with 27,000 miles on it. It had the same noise, but maybe that's why it's previously owned?? Please reply if you've had this problem. I don't think a car that's not even 1 yr. old should be making this kind of noise. Thanks!
  • OK so I had a 2007 Versa and after having those horrible transmission problems and being laughed at when I said that it was the transmission ( I was told "CTV transmissions are the best and NEVER have ANY issues), ten trips to the dealership later and after having it totally die, go into limp mode 3 times and almost being hit turning left when in limp mode I took the car back. The dealership then moved me into a 2008 taking some of the costs but I still had A LOT rolled into the new lease. NOW the 08 with only 40K on it and having it for not even a year and a half is having issues. The ABS light goes on, then the hatch starts to make a sound like it is unlocking and locking itself even though NO buttons are being pushed. It even makes these noises when the car is turned off, and when its been locked and :sick: you are standing away from it. When it does this it also either seals shut or won't close and then the alam goes off. The dealership said it was a latch missalignment and said they fixed it, I didn't beleive them and the next day the same problem was happening again. This lasted for 2 months but has recently seemed to go away on its own for now, BUT then just in the past week, the first night that was -12 the car refused to start the next morning. Again took it in and they said they could find nothing wrong with it. THESE CARS ARE BAD!!!!! When I called Nissan I had NO help their customer service was horrible and my only option is to go to arbitration! Anyone else have this Nissan Nightmare????
  • Bought 2009 Versa. Loved it until about 2 weeks ago when the battery suddenly died. It wouldn't hold a charge. They towed it into the dealership, they said there was some kind of connection part that they replaced, but that the battery was good so they didn't put a new one in. Worked fine for a week, then wouldn't start up one day. Towed it in again, we made them replace the battery, they said it was a bad battery. They said that in that year, the batteries were made before the cars and they sat for a long time, which is why there are so many complaints. Hopefully it's all good now.
  • I know it's been a while since you wrote this. Mine started 600 miles earlier than yours. The Dealer says they all do that and Nissan has backed them up. Both my service writer and Service manager will not contact me. Never have I been so disappointed in a vehicle, or ever felt so shamed having to drive it. I think Nissan knows they have done a bad thing. I am spreading the word!!
  • Have you had problems with your hubcaps falling off?
  • campermancamperman Posts: 53
    I have a new 2009 Versa, Manual shift, 1.6 sedan. Has anyone any experience towing one of these cars behind an RV? What type of hitch is installed on your Versa and can you advise a rough cost plus installation?
    I have sent a similar message to Curt manufacturing and when I receive a response I'll post it here for others.
    The owners manual states the car can be towed but should be started and run for two minutes after a 500 mile tow.
    Thanks to all.
  • Hi everyone! I bought my 2010 Versa HB 1.8S last night and as I drove off the dealership's lot and turned left (from the lot), a weird "knocking" noise came from right side under the hood. It sounded like a "popopopop" sound for like 2 seconds when I hit the gas to go straight. I thought it wasn't a big deal because I drove it off the lot with ONLY 25 MILES on it so maybe it needs to be driven more. But happened again this morning right after I backed out from my driveway, turned the steering wheel to go straight and hit the gas- that's when it happened. Has anyone had this problem?? I'm SO concerned because it's a brand new car and i'm already gonna have to visit their service department to get it checked out :( this is absurd!!!

    Also, the steering makes a squeaky sound when I'm turning it all the way when backing up into a parking spot. It almost feels as if it's too tight that it causes it to squeak. Please help me, maybe someone can tell me what this is all about and maybe it's not serious and will go away as I drive it more!!! I've only had this car for LESS than 24 HOURS and it's already making me go into the service dept and start worrying about the car. Besides, I even think that I didn't get the best deal on it :( but that's another topic. Thank you so in advance, and please let me know if you have an idea of what it could be.
  • riddelrlriddelrl Posts: 1
    Hi carmenghe!

    I am very curious on how everything has been going on with your Versa. Did you take it back to the service department? I ask, because I too, am having the same problems. Only thing is, I have had these problems since November when I bought my car. Bad news is, these problems don't get better if you drive the car for a longer period of time, they only get worse :lemon: . My car has already been in the shop 5 times. I have wrote so many letters, called so many people, and my only other option is to seek outside sources. I just feel like no one is helping me with my issues. I guess I should have bought that Mazda ;) lol. I hope things have been better with your Versa, I wish you luck!
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 8,493
    edited June 2010
    Sold my 2007 to my daughter and picked up a 2010 6-speed on Friday. Put about 700 miles on it over the three-day weekend and got just under 36 MPG on the trip with 4 adults in the car. Differences from the 2007 6-speed: ABS, stability control, cruise, and an ipod jack. They've also made the cargo cover an option/accessory, which makes sense since we've had the one for the 2007 in the closet since around October.
    Inside the glove compartment seems larger, and the door of the glove box seems a bit flatter giving even more leg room for the front passenger.

    Thanks to my dealer, who we've been buying from since 1979, our out-the-door price was under $15K.

    We be happy!

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  • Reported same knocking + vibration when stopped at a light @32K miles. Dealer could not replicate problem or diagnose. Now @ 50K miles (all highway driving) just learned that my engine is fried. Waiting right now to see what Nissan will do for me. Used full synthetic oil but changed @10K intervals because the oil looked good and I was driving highway 110 miles per day for work. Seemed OK. FYI, Nissan says 7,500 mile oil change interval on standard oil OK.

    Lesson: Keep your records of oil changes, repairs, etc. You will probably need them to defend your warranty claims.

    I bought this car because I needed reliable durable economy. That's the Nissan brand image. Let's see how they do for me the customer. Will report later.
  • rebel71rebel71 Posts: 87
    I'm looking to purchase a hatchback within a few months and have looked at many different models such as: Subaru Impreza, Yaris, Honda Fit, Mazda3, Versa, Golf and waiting for the Ford Fiesta. Narrowed it down to the Impreza and Versa. I've read most all the Edmunds posts and NHTSA about the Versa starting with the first model year. I'm disappointed that the quality doesn't seem to exist for this vehicle, too many issues. On paper the Versa is a nice little car, it seems that Nissan has not fixed any of the issues that have been plagued this vehicle since day one. I really like a lot of things about it but on my test drive I noticed the pop/clunk sound that many have reported. I hope there are people out there who have had a positive experience with theirs. I guess I'll keep looking, sigh....
  • Did you ever get this resolved? My boyfriend told me I needed to break the Versa in..........well it has been back to the dealers, they replaced a strut. I left with it still making the noise and 2 dings on my front hood. I have the car there today and they are keeping it until they resolve the ping/pingss..........I am entirely disappointed. I had a civic for 11 years and not one problem!!!!!!!!! I am sorry I bought the versa, had I known of this forum before I bought the car , I would not have bought it. Now I need body work done? I have had the car 4 months and have been back to dealers 4 times, not even for an oil change...........I fear my problems are just starting.
  • carmenghecarmenghe Posts: 3
    Hi everyone! UPDATE: I took my Versa to the dealership only one day after I purchased it (I posted that here) and luckily they were able to "replicate" that knocking noise coming from my right front tire or under the hood. Their diagnostic: the ABS sensor triggers at 20 mph after starting the car, this makes a "knocking" sound which basically tells you that the ABS Breaking System is working properly. The car makes this sound every time after starting the car, just a second after the doors auto-lock at 20mph. Basically, if you turn off the ignition three times a day and start the car three times, the ABS triggers every time as soon as the car accelerates to 20mph. According to the dealership, this is perfectly normal and I also found it on the Owner's Manual ;) As for the vibration when the car is idle at a light, or going at is also the ABS breaking system doing it's job. These breaks are very sensitive but awesome! Also, the squeaking steering wheel: well, the car was brand new...that noise is gone as I've put 2,200K miles in three months and the car is broken in. Oh! and it literally got broken into only six weeks after I purchased it. :( so sad! Other than that, I love my rides smoothly and it's giving me good MPG (32 highway). I've also gotten used to the noise which could sound as if a strut is loose or something like that, but it's perfectly normal (so they say). I hope this info helps. :) Take care.
  • carmenghecarmenghe Posts: 3
    it's 'braking'...not 'breaking'. oops.
  • campermancamperman Posts: 53
    Hello. I purchased a 2009 Versa in Feb.2010. I now have 8,000miles on it and only one complaint which was fixed under warranty. A filter in the exhaust system was bad. It took hours to diagnose and several visits to dealer to have replaced. The problem didn't show up on a diagnostic and was only found with assistance from their mechanics help center. The car gives very good mileage; 36 highway. It has the most comfortable seats of all small cars and I recently drove it 21 hours straight with no problems. I bought it because of the seats and because it can be towed behind a motor home. So far, it's been a very good car for me. I would look at Honda and Toyota but I wouldn't go anywhere near a VW. I sold a Passat several months and it was the worst car I have ever owned, the most unreliable and most expensive to keep repaired. I have been driving almost 50 years and the older VW's were good. Last 10 years are plagued with costly problems. See VW posts.
  • jolyrojrjolyrojr Posts: 1
    edited July 2010
    I just way overpaid for a 2008 Versa SL. We were trying for months to find a good deal to get out of a lemon malibu that was falling apart after 70k miles. We were way upside down, and trading itis was a not going well.

    I love this damn car though. I paid $17.9 after the upside down trade in, but my monthly payments only went up by 6 bucks. Its red, has the wing, front, back, and side lip kits, aftermarket H&K air filter, fog lights, aftermarket exhaust, 18" racing low pros with new tires, and only 5K miles. There are also 3 buttons added under the steering column we cant identify... I guess some kid got it for graduaion, the parents put alot of money into upgrades, then the kid got into trouble with drugs and so they traded it in for a new truck for themselves!

    the nissan dealers was sooooooo nice. We have never been treated with that much respect, usually we try to leave, like to work after being there for 5 hours and they wont let us go, this guy reminded us we said we had an apointment and invited us to come back later.

    So far, I am blown away. There are so many sweet features my head is spinning a bit. The inteligent key, bluetooth phone, and ratcheting height drivers seat are my 3 favorites though. that muffler makes it sound mean as hell too. I justified the purchase a bit by saying, I wont spend anything to improve it, because its already nice, but Ive already bonded to the car enough I cant help but look for things to do to it.

    The only thing I dont like is the speadometer numbers, which go by 20's and 2's, and nearly every streets I drive on has speed limits that end in 5. Its a small price to pay for such a comfortable and fun ride.
  • mxcastromxcastro Posts: 1
    I was just wondering if you had any luck with finding out what was wrong with your car. Unfortunately i am having the same problem with my car.
  • Hi there,

    I have exactly the same issue. Bought the car yesterday. heard the noise and then brought it back to the dealer and they said they had no idea. Has the noise that you had diagnosed been developed into anything different?
  • ch300ch300 Posts: 2
    2007 nissan versa, 3.5 years old, 55,000km. rusted weld at flange forward of muffler. muffler place told me to bring it to dealer, should be a warranty issue, should never rust at the weld, said was a bad weld. dealer told me over three years, even though under 60K. told me tough luck. thanks nissan canada. i will remember that one. muffler place told me many versas have the exact same corroded weld.
  • I JUST started having that problem! around 16k miles, and this just happened. I heard a friend of a friend had this same problem. Looking up other problems, I see this site, and now I'm freaked out... thinking the hubcaps may be the least of my problems. The first was the arm rest material pulling up on my driver side door, which they replaced.
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