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Toyota Camry Hybrid Audio & Entertainment Questions



  • iceman9294iceman9294 Posts: 5
    I am about to purchase a TCH this afternoon and appreciate your comment. I will ask my dealer for an internal antenna installation and not on the trunk.
  • skiba1skiba1 Posts: 3
    have two questions I hope someone can help me with.1st) it seems that when I run the automatic temperature I get better gas mileage.Is this true or just my imagination.2nd) I had the car in for the yearly state inspection But now it seems like their is an uneasiness (almost like a skipping) .Anyone know what this might be?I have a TCH 2007
  • barbskarbarbskar Posts: 1
    I too have purchased a TCH and after much deliberation had the Sirius Radio installed by Toyota. The reception is intermittent and not up to the standard that I experienced with my previous Best Buy installed models. The dealership is giving me the run-a-round and insisting that the internal antennae is the only one that Toyota offers and the reception that I am experiencing is the best that it can be. Somehow, I do not believe that those of us who own the Camry Hybrid need to accept substandard reception due to substandard installation. I am in the process of attempting to secure a schematic and will have my own techs try to add an external antennae. Has anyone else been able to resolve this problem and if so how? The dealership would remove the radio and reinstall the factory radio, but I would rather get this right.

  • For some reason I hear a slight "crackle" noise from the speakers, its the same sound as if the speakers were to be blown. The funny thing is it only does this when in "SAT" mode. I have a 07 Tundra, installed the same Sirius SC-C1 in the truck and it doesn't make any noise or "crackle" I wish I knew what or how to fix the issue? :)
  • My experience was the opposite. My Toyota dealership tried to save me some money by actually referring me to a 3rd party for the Sirius Installation. The 3rd party did what I thought was an exceptionally poor job. Toyota had the Sirius taken out and reinstalled it themselves (no extra charge to me and rightfully so). They put the antenna above the rear view mirror and my reception is outstanding.

    I've had Sirius for about 5 years now in other cars with the antenna on my trunk and I'd argue that my current reception (next to the rear view) almost as good as as the trunk reception. I do get drop outs under bridges and when exposure to the sky is obstructed but this is not unusual. Over all I'm pleased with my Toyota installation!
  • I have the standard Toyota factory installed receiver. I had to buy the SCC1 and direct connect kit from Best and get it installed. It was fine for the past year and now this week, when you press the Satellite button the radio nothing happens. You can only get AM.
    Help!! Neither Best Buy or Sirius will help me. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  • I have the same thing going on. Do you ever get his resolved?
  • scarmadescarmade Posts: 2
    My new company car is a 2011 Camry Hybrid. Can I use my old after-market Sirius Sportster receiver with my 'Sirius Compatible' Head unit some how. The car has the white triangle antenna in the middle of the roof above the rear wind shield. I want to figure out how to plug there receiver into that antenna without having to buy a new receiver or head unit. Can i run it through the AUX input? Any ideas?
  • dhmarcusdhmarcus Posts: 2
    Thanks so much. I've wanted this info for years on my 2008 Hybrid.
    Dealership said "there was no way!" :) :)
  • scarmadescarmade Posts: 2
    They told me the same. I ended up using my aux input works great and cd sound. still have to use aftermarket antenna tho.
  • Did you find a fix for your cd player? My player will not eject the cds or play them.
  • pat85pat85 Posts: 92
    I have an 09 TCH. Is there an easy way to hook up an Ipod touch? I have the Nav systyem. There is what looks like a cigarette lighter type aux connector near the botton of the radoi inside the lift up door.
  • ssmith7ssmith7 Posts: 1
    On my '08 TCH with the basic package, I was playing a CD and noticed that the display showed random, broken-looking characters. I can use the buttons to change tracks, etc., but I have no read-out. This has happened three times in the past year and eventually the display returns to normal. Before I take it to the dealer, has anyone else seen this or does anyone have a recommendation about what to do?
  • pat85pat85 Posts: 92
    I have an IPOD connected to my 2009 TCH. I bought a connector that inserts into the connector in that liftup door under then radio. In the back on the bottom is a place to insert the IPOD connector. The connection I bought also connect to the 12 volt cigarette lighter type connector in there too. So my IPOD plays and charges when connected. You have to put the station selector on AUX to play then IPOD. It's pretty simple and fairly obvious how to connect it
  • We bought a 2011 Camry Hybrid in 2010. From day one I complained about the AM reception around the L.A. area. Big stations' signals would fade out or get "noisy" and thereby un-listenable driving round town. Toyota headquarters said "no problems reported blah blah blah".

    Frequently I would drive up and down I-5. A BIG Fresno station could be heard for about 100 miles and then would fade.

    My wife bought a 2011 Prius. The first time we drove the Prius on I-5 we could listen to that same station for several hours - over a distance of 250 miles or more. WOW!

    Still, Toyota led me to believe that I was the oooooonly one complaining about the radio in my $29,000. car which, otherwise, we looooove.

    In July the on-off knob mechanism broke. My extended warranty covered the replacement of a new radio (probably a re-manufactured item). I was hoping that I would get better reception . . . no such luck. The replacement radio's performance is just as terrible as the original :-(

    Am I really thaaaaaat special that I got the Camry with a bad radio? Help ! ! !
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