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Ford F-Series Powerstroke Diesel Problems



  • My 2004 6.0 deisel just started blowing white smoke at start up. Does anyone know what that might be and what I should do about it. It still runs good.
  • azgreekazgreek Posts: 7
    Pressure check your radiator when the engine is cold.Should hold 16 pounds for at least 15 or 20 minutes if not you could have a bad head gasket or cracked head
  • I have been having to add water every few weeks for the last six months. I had just filled it yesterday, probably overfull, and it began smoking when I restarted it about an hour later. How do I know if the water leak is the heads? What else can I do?
    Thanks for your help, Nick.
  • I have a 2007 Ford 650 with a powerstoke 6.0L engine. I have it in the shop every 6 weeks or so for a problem. To make it worse, the closest shop that can work on this truck is 150 miles away. The major problem seems to be the EGR valve. It goes bad causing antifreeze to come out the exhaust and smoke white. This morning I started the truck, left it to idle about 3 minutes. When I came back out of the house to leave, I heard it shut off as I walked across the yard. I got in, shut the key off, and tried to start it again. The wait to start light came on for 2 seconds (it usually runs at least 10 seconds even when it's already been running) and then it went out and the truck would not even turn over. I have contacted a dealership to find out if there is a specific fuse of if I'm stuck towing this truck (under warranty) back to the dealership at my expense (never was reimbursed for prior tows they promised to pay for). To say the least, I am disappointed. As soon as this truck goes out of warranty in 8 months, I will sell it for a loss (looks like about $20K in loss) and buy a GMC topkick to replace it. Did anyone ever bring that class action lawsuit? Because I am on board.
  • P.S. This truck only has around 40000 miles and has been to the shop about 6 times costing me several days of work and thousands of dollars in lost revenue in my small business.
  • Replying to your post about the6.0. My husband is dealing with a Ford Mistake as well. We have a 2003 6.0 powerstroke turbo diesel and at 75000 miles the engine blew. We are now trying to put a new engine in it. This truck has been a mistake since the day we bought it. I have tried several lawyers, and no one wants any part of it. It seems like nobody wants to take on Ford, even when Ford is to blame. Sorry about your situation.
  • I have an 04 F350 Diesel and I hade problems with mine and white smoke. It turned out to be the seals in the turbo. It took the dealer along time and a bit of nagging on my end to get it fixed. Once they replaced the seals on the turbo no more problems. This occured at about 50,000 miles or so. It's been running well ever since. I hope that this may help you out. Good luck
  • I have a 2004 6.0 that just past 100,000 miles. I just had my second EGR cooler replaced this past weekend. The first one was replaced by Ford under warranty at about 72,000 miles. The mechanic said using a programmer probably damaged the new one. It causes the exhaust gases that flow throught the cooler to be much hotter, he said, which causes the coolant part of the cooler to expand and leak. He just put a new EGR cooler in but he capped off the exhaust gas ports. He said I should never have this problem again. The first time it went bad it blew black smoke. This last time it blew white smoke and lost a large amount of coolant. The engine may not be starting because of vapor locking. Mine almost did but I got it started and made it to the shop. My truck seems fine now. I hope this helps.
  • crazydancrazydan Posts: 39
    edited August 2011
    sir i hope you have lotsof money to waste,because if you keep messing cwith fords like this ,you will ither go broke or waste all of your time fooling with this ****, i don,t care how many miles u have on your piece of junk ,you will have a heart attack or something, i have two fords, 7.3,s 2002 and they won,t run, they don,t even make good furniture, i fricken hate ford, when they ran ,i couldn,t sell them,i am so upset you wouldn,t believe it, how angry and dead inside i,m left. and broke fooling around with this ****,junk, if you are ready to die ,just keep fooling with ford, they got what they want sir.sorry for telling you the truth,danny thomas,6litre,s suck the big one,,,,,good luck sorry isn,t that what the dealership tells you?
  • cowboy9cowboy9 Posts: 161
    Hey Dan,
    Now I know I have asked you before if you had taken them to the dealer and at least let them tell you what wrong or if you keep just replacing parts on them thinking you know whats wrong with your 02's but you have never answered back. I don't know what they charge where you are but here in Colorado the local dealer charges me 109.00 to see what is wrong then I do the work. Now the current 01 I have has been a more of a pain then the other 6 -- 7.3's that I have had but I still love my Fords. If I remember right I even asked what your trucks where ( Lariats, XLT, 2 or 4 door, 4x4 ) and what color they are. Yes the color matters to me as I only buy Red. So to you and everyone else in here unless you know for 100% that a part is bad don't not replace it then get pissed because it didn't help it and even if you pay 150.00 to have the dealer tell you whats wrong at least you won't be trhowing money at it. Also most auto shops now with the Scanners they have will do the same as a dealer unless you have Dodge Hemi then they don't even know, lol.
    So Dan either take it the the dealer or give me the details on them and stop running your mouth please because I am starting the think you don't even own a Ford and you just like trashing Ford because they beat your Chevy's, lol.
  • have a diesal runs on left bank,while running you disconnect 1,3,5,7 &no change,did inj buzz test no codes, checked high pressure pump 580 psi HELP
  • Cowboy9,
    I feel the same way about O'l crazydan. I think he owns a dodge though!!!
  • Runs great,will be going down the road with the crusie on,at 70mph it will die,service engine soon light comes on.I have changed the oil,, :confuse: :sick: :P :( the fuel filter fuel pump,cam sensor, droped tank and cleaned it,and had put it on a computer shows nothing.
    When it dies its like it isnt getting and fuel I can turn key off and back on it will run ok then.I am lost as what to try next has anyone else had this problem any input would be great!
  • After being parked for over 8 mounts, I am back trying to get it running again.
    I have had it to the ford dealer 5 times. Replaced just about every thing, even
    #8 injector, valve cover gaskets, all sensors. fuel pump. sending unit in the tank.
    runs good for about 4 miles then acts like it is not getting enough of fuel.
    Now the overdrive light says off and I can not turn it back on. The only thing I have not changed is the high pressure oil pump. Do you think this will solve the problem
    or is it unfixable. The price books says the truck is worth $17,000.00 I owe nothing on the truck but have spent right at $4800.00 on repairs that only works for a short time. Can any one help
    2002 7.3 4 door Lariat 2WD 8' bed white truck
    Levi Justice
  • cowboy9cowboy9 Posts: 161
    How many miles are on this truck ? They are checking to make sure these things are bad before replacing them ? I told the dealer if it doesn't make it run right after replacing a part I am not paying for it and you or anyone else out there should pay for them to guess at it. Hell anyone can do that and most in here do.
  • after ford works on it they say that part was bad and now the comp.says another part is bad. I do think they do not know how to fix it. I just do not understand why
    some one at ford can not come up with a answer. I would pay to fix their mistake,
    If I knew what it is.
  • cowboy9cowboy9 Posts: 161
    Mine is doing the same thing and the dealer was trying the same thing until I told them if it doesn't fix it I wasn't paying for the part, they just left it sit there after that, lol. I am taking it down to another place that does nothing but diesels and hopefully they will figure it out. It sounds like our trucks are doing the same thing and will let you know what it is if they can figure it out.
  • cowboy9cowboy9 Posts: 161
    Hey also it's going to be next week until I can leave it with them. I am not sure where you are but I can check to see if they know someone in your area if I know where you are. Here is the company Central Motive Power Inc-Diesel Service Center (303) 428-3611. Hopefully they will figure my truck out, lol.
  • I have a 2004 F-250 with the same problems, Replaced the the throttle actuator, the computer, had the EGR system cleaned, and replaced the EGR valve with no success, did you ever find out the problem or does anybody else have an idea.
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