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Ford F-Series Powerstroke Diesel Problems



  • My F250 periodically would lose power --engine not shut down--but no response to throttle. MANY trips to both Ford dealers in town yielded lots of tests but no results including replacing the accelerator wiring system. Finally, one of the diesel mechanics said it looked like it may be having an erratic ICP signal. Replaced the pigtail connectors and I have never had a problem since then. Went the first 3 years I had the truck with many stall outs--no response to letters to Ford, etc. until this one guy at the local Ford place replaced the 4C3Z*12A690*AA wire assembly. At least that is what it said on the repair ticket. That was 40,000 miles ago. Poor fuel economy but the truck has never stalled out since then.
  • I have a 2002 f350 power stroke, I have about 3/4inch of free play before it starts to accelerate.I checked to see if I could adjust cable but it does not have a cable. How can I fix this problem? It only has 97000 miles.
  • just bought a 94 powerstroke with the 7.3 turbo diesel and the guy said the only thing it needs is glow plugs and when i was driving home the check engine light came on and i lost power but truck didnt die, but got it goin again and check engine light stayed on and ran just fine then it started to sputter a bit and blow some white smoke then the light went off and ran fine but just about everytime i step into the throttle it sputters for just a couple of seconds and dumps some white smoke, does anybody know if it could just be the glow plugs getting worse? If not any suggestions? plz email
  • cowboy9cowboy9 Posts: 161
    Well Skeeter,
    It's not the Glow Plugs doing that as the Glow Plugs are only at start up then never engaged until the truck is shut off and re-started. White smoke is usually a sign of a Turbo starting to go out or Blown Head Gasket letting water into the system. But check your Air & Fuel Filters first and be sure to check an see if there is a Inline Fuel filter under the truck as well. You may get lucky and just have bad filters. If the guy told you it does that because of the Glow Plugs tell him he is on crack, you can make a simple call to the dealer and they will tell you the same thing I have just said.

    Also I am not sure where you are from but I went to school back East in Pa. with a kid name Skeeter. Emporium, Pa. if that is you Hiya if not I will still try to help ya, lol.

  • Hello,
    Somehow,, I thought a screwed up EGR cooler would do the same thing.
  • i have a 01 f350 7.3 diesel ford pickup. it has a monitor that monitors trans temperature, pyro, and turbo. the trubo pressure is very low and feels like i have less power when pulling fifth wheel trailer up the mountain.. no smoke, engine is running ok, just less power and a ticking sound that seems to be louder. any suggestions.truck speed can be as much as 70-75 mph and the turbo is reading as low as 2.5 to 3.5
  • I own a 04 Powerstroke and tow a 36 foot 5th wheel. Three days ago we were heading to the mountions on vacation towing a 15 foot cargo trailer with a Harley in it when it started overheating. I went to a mechanic were he tool me there is coolent both internal and external and looks like both head gaskets are leaking or cracked heads. I have 49970 miles on the truck and the warranty ran out in May.
    I am now waiting for the extended warranty carrier to tell me how much they will cover. Is there a class action lawsuit going on regarding all these problems with the 6.0 ?
  • i have a 94 7.3 that just started to knock i was told that it might be a injector does any one have any ideas
  • took the truck to ford dealer. found two exhaust ports leeking and a (donut gasket leaking) the bolts on the manifolds really look in bad shape and probalbe will break when trying to remove the manifolds. am also going to replace the oil pan since is it complete rust now. ask if there is any other preventative maintenance that i should do while we have the engine out. perhaps considering replacing rear seal while engine is out and flywheel off. dealer gave me 2500 estimate to do the work. any other suggestions.
  • Ok, I just bought a used 2004 F-350 Super Duty Diesel..Nothing but problems since I got it..It has been in the shop more than the road! Now, the EGR Coolant Tube has been replaced, it is still at the shop because it won't start..Any ideas?
  • my ticking sound, sound a lot like a knock., make sure it is not a exhaust leak.
  • my truck started jerking as it goes down the road several months ago. it happened occasionally and with no regularity. finally it happened enough that the check engine light came on (has to jerk 3 times for this to happen). they hooked it up and read the codes. there was some sort of exhaust code and voltage code. that all got fixed. drove it to work and then on the way home it happened again. it jerked 3 times, the light came on and then it happened several more times. i got the mechanic in the truck with me and drove down the road. of COURSE it didn't happen again, but he plugged it in and a code for my cam sensor came on. we replaced it. it continued to happen. my tires were quite mismatched on the rear, so i bought 4 new tires for the back yesterday. today...... it jerked again and even died at the stop light.
    this jerk- sometimes it's hard, sometimes not. it happens at all speeds. i've spent over $300 at the mechanic and then over $500 on new tires. any ideas???
  • I'm sorry to read about your truck. My husband and I are looking for a fire answer too. Tonight our truck had the block warmer catch fire after only 20-30 mintues of being plugged in. The wires going into it burnt in two, thank goodness the lights in the house responded to the shorting or we would have been too late. And it was only about 7 feet from my daughter's bedroom window with two full tanks! Does anyone know if electrical fires are common for this truck? Ours is a 1995 I don't know if that matters, but any info will help before it's too late.
  • I have been reading other oil leak post and none seem to have the same problem as I do. Maybe someone knows somewhere to try and track mine down to. It is on the top of the engine, it puddles on top of the block. It seems to be coming from the front and flowing back. the turbo has be completely taken apart and checked, no leaks. where else could it be coming from? Anyone that has any suggestions, thank you!
  • I have a 2001 f250 with 60,000 miles and today it lost all of its oil, it appears that it is coming from the back of the oil pan but it is also pooling in the valley between the heads. Any one have any ideas?
  • the ford of these years have a history of oil pans rusting to the point of leaking. not an easy job to replace. cannot speak for oil in valley. my dealer quoted 1400 to replace the oil pan. ia m having other work done also. if they pull the engine, check for exhaust leaks and other preventative work that be worth considering at this time.
  • the other thing that might be is the O rings under the turbo charger,there is a pressure & a return to the turbo that when they leak will run oil down each side of the block behind the heads & in the valley between the heads on diesal models.
  • I have a 97 F350 4x4 with 7.3 auto E4OD. have had problems with trans for a year now so i wanted to swap the e4od for a zf 5speed. I got a 95 f350 with 7.3 zf 5speed for the swap. I pulled the EEC & PCM also the wire harnes under the hood.
    I started the 97 up but the check engin light is on,i have no tach or throdle control.
    could this be that i didnt change the wire harnes to the motor itself? has anyone done this swop and can tell me what i maybe missing?
    Thanks .
  • you may want to look at your high presser oil pump at front of motor or your fuel pump that is in the valley between the heads. oil pump may have leak at pump or any of the lines to the heads. fuel pump has a o-ring at the mount that may leak.
    other then turbo mount o-rings or crack in heads at the oil passedges.
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