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Hyundai Accent Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • carfreak09carfreak09 Posts: 160
    edited January 2011
    Excellent deal!! Well below invoice. Wait, did that include any rebates? You got your better equipped SE for less than my GS. I'm a little jealous :) We both have Nordic White too! Congrats and welcome to the Accent fold. You might want to check out There is a wealth of info there.
  • Yep! That price included 2k in rebates.

    As humble as it is, I really love this car. My daily driver has been a 1981 Volvo 242 DL, so you can probably imagine the difference in handling, acceleration, silence, convenience features, and every other factor affecting the driving experience.

    I love the short throw shifter and sporty suspension. I can't wait until I've broken it in a bit so I can start revving it out a little more. It feels quite zippy, even though it's not a fast car.

    My only complaint is that a squeak developed after I dropped the rear seat to move our Christmas tree back into storage. I think you may have spoken to this issue in another forum, but it isn't my cargo cover hinge. I removed it completely to verify that it wasn't causing the squeak. I guess I'm going to make a trip to the local dealer to get it sorted out.

    All-in-all, I love this car. The Yaris just bored me to tears at a higher price for fewer comforts. The Mazda2 was my other choice, but it was much smaller, less utilitarian, and much more expensive.
  • Oh ok, than you actually paid about $800 more for your SE than my GS premium. But for the amount of stuff your car has over mine, that was well worth the little bit of change. Does your car have a standard sunroof?

    As for the squeak, it's most likely the seatback not latching tight enough or the hatch itself is slightly loose. A little grease on the seatback hinge may silence it.
  • Yep, it has the sunroof. That was the kicker for me over the Mazda2. That and the fact that I couldn't even sit up straight in the back seat of my own potential car, LOL.

    With your suggestion (thanks!), I isolated the squeak to some portion of the seat hinges or latches. With the seats folded flat, the squeak goes away. I guess I just need to get a little grease into the latch and hinges.
  • phill1phill1 Posts: 319
    It makes me laugh out loud when posters proclaim the great deals that they negotiated with their new car purchase and trade in allowance with or without a lot of arm twisting and haggling, but are very comfortable at the end of the buying process and bend over for the $599. Dealer Processing Fee pack. OUCH! Just because your car salesman states that they (Can`t) waive the Fee due to the fact that the Purchase Agreement has it printed boldly stating that even "Employees" must pay the FEE....Bull-Crap! After the deal is done, calming tell the salesperson to allow an extra (whatever the amount of the fee) say, $599. as additional discount or trade in allowance, or....WALK! I guarantee that eventually, a dealership that really wants to close the deal and make the sale will in fact knock that stupid fee off the purchase agreement. Stop being sheep and refuse to get sheared. Its the only purchase when the vehicle gets a wash job and the buyer gets a hose job and they call it "dealer-prep"!
  • While I agree the dealer processing fee is bull and they of course stated all paperwork includes it already printed so there was nothing they could do to remove it, in the case of my dealer, even with the dealer fee added, I still paid under invoice and exactly what Edmund's said was the going price for my car. So they really didn't hose me. They simply sold me the car for what they really were willing to sell it for. Not including this "dealer fee" allows them to advertise a screaming low price on their window. Sure, they could have advertised the car for $12487 and not put the "dealer fee" on their paperwork, but $11888 sounds so much better.

    So, please tell me how I did not get a good deal? $400 below invoice is a very good deal when nothing was required other than me signing the paperwork. And for the record, I did walk out because of the dealer fee and guess what? They called right away and thanked me for stopping by, but did not try to get me to come back. I ended up caving to the need for a car and came back a few hours later and signed the paperwork because I realized that even with that fee, I still got a car below invoice.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    My son has been saving for a new car and with trade or sale of his current ride he is pretty close to covering the cost of an Accent. He can borrow the rest from HMF and score a $1k cash back from them. the question is do they have a minimum amount that is required to get the cash back? Several banks and credit unions have $7k or $7.5k mins (way more than he needs) and they are not giving any cash back.

    The details online don't mention a minimum, nor is there a mention of an early pay off penalty. The rates are high, so we figure on taking out the loan to get the $1k, then refinancing at a better rate and lower amount borrowed, if possible.



    Low APR

    Special Low APR rates on the 2011 Accent as low as 3.9% for up to 60 mos, 4.9% for up to 72 mos, PLUS $1,000 Bonus Cash. Advertised rates are subject to dealer negotiation. Actual contracted APR may vary. Subject to Hyundai Motor Finance credit guidelines. Some customers will not qualify. Rates and terms subject to change without notice.

    Bonus Cash must be used with Low APR program. Bonus Cash is only available when financing through Hyundai Motor Finance. Bonus cash must be applied as a down payment.

    See participating dealer for details.

    Terms and Conditions

    ¹ See your participating Hyundai dealer for more details on these special offers. Special limited time annual percentage rate (APR) available to qualified buyers on approved credit through Hyundai Motor Finance Company. May not be combined with other special offers except where specified. Only a limited number of customers will qualify for advertised APR or lease offer. Finance contract or lease agreement must be signed no later than January 31, 2011.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Looks like each dealer has a hand it setting the minimum, I got quotes of $5,900, $7k, and $7.k from the 3 dealers that responded to my question.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    I helped my son deal for his first new car yesterday. He decided on a 2011 Accent GS 3 door with automatic transmission in dark sapphire blue. The car had factory accessories of the floor mats, cargo net, and splash guards. MSRP (depending on where you look) would be $14,640, $14,670, or $15,640. Invoice would be $14,229 or $14,397 - all numbers include $720 destination charge and installed accessories.

    He paid $13,215 less $500 rebate less $1,000 finance rebate = $11,715 including destination or $10,995 for the car. They charge a $387.50 dealer fee, which we knew about up front and is on par with all the other local Hyundai dealers. So $11,382.50 for the car or $12,102.50 for the car with destination. The cheapest invoice I could find less $1,500 in rebates plus after rebate invoice at $12,799 so his price was $696.50 under invoice including dealer fee.

    This was the price without or with a trade and was the dealer's "Internet special" - the actual special was on a black GS AT with no accessories, but he preferred the blue one and they (have a brief negotiation) agreed to the same price for the blue and ate the $180 (at invoice) in accessories.

    Here in high tax land (7% plus local tax plus high tags) the OTD price was $13,275.35 including new tags, title, and all taxes. Here (and most places?) you have to pay sales tax on the rebates, so there were nearly $1,100 in taxes.

    He did have to finance (with Hyundai) $5,900 of the car to qualify for the $1,000 rebate.

    He loves the car, wish we could have found one for a similar deal with the premium equipment package (to get ABS) but there were none to be found. Shame on Hyundai for not making ABS standard on all their cars.
  • Good choice for a first new car. It should serve him well. I'm curious why you said the Hyundai financing was high? 3.9% for 60 months is pretty darn good in this day of tight lending standards. My credit union couldn't beat it.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    My credit union can beat it by 1% and Capital One by .6%. In the end, he borrowed so little that the finance rate will not make much difference. Besides, most places I checked have a minimum amount to borrow even higher than Hyundai did...

    He really loves the car, nice looking inside and out - a lot "richer" than the older cheap Hyundai cars , Really nice stereo with XM, MP3, aux and ipod / USB included for the money as well.
  • aimon35aimon35 Posts: 1
    I just bought a new 2010 Accent 3-door GS, M/T with the premium equipment package and floormats for $8949. That's with a trade-in of $1080 (1997 Honda civic with 188k, cracked head and check engine light on) and $2000 in rebates. I was suprised at the nice stereo with XM, USB and iPod connections. I have 30 days to take care of the depressing job of paying taxes, etc.

    I think it's a good deal and such a fun little car.
  • Hi, I'm looking to buy a 2012 Accent GLS in a couple of days and qualify for several of the incentives offered on the hyundaiusa page. (Military & New Graduate).

    I'm in particular interested in asking about the new graduate incentive (-400 off on top of a -500 military rebate and -500 loyal hyundai customer rebate)... BUT, a dealership i inquired with about this incentive they advised that i could only use it if i financed through them??

    So I had two questions about this situation:

    a. are they trying to hustle me by requiring that i finance through them?
    and b. can i finance through them (for the first month) and then use the loan i've already approved for (60 mo @ 2.49 apr) and simply cash them out; effectively working around my having had to 'finance through them' ?
  • 2012 Accent GLS is 15165.00 less 500.00 military discount, including New Mexico Tax, title and license fees equals 15365.63 drive out. NM sales tax (3%) ... (no cruise, no blue tooth, or steering wheel controls)

    2012 Elantra, automatic, cruise control, (no steering wheel controls, no blue tooth). Price is 18335.00 less 500.00 military discount, including New Mexico tax, title and license fees equals 18654.63 drive out. NM sales tax (3%).

    There is a $450 delivery fee to get either of these to me bringing my final totals to...

    Accent = 15815.63 final
    Elantra = 19104.63 final

    I am ready to start the paperwork ... just wanted to get a roar of approval/disapproval from the forums whether or not I should jump on it.
  • carfreak09carfreak09 Posts: 160
    I don't think they were jerking your leg about having to finance through Hyundai in order to get the extra rebate. And yes, you can refinance through your own bank. I believe you do have to make at least one payment first though.
  • Hello,

    Just bought a 2012 Hyundai Accent SE (5 door hatch) clearwater blue today from Hub Hyundai West in Houston,TX. Out the door price was $17,900. Selling price was $16,042.xx. The MSRP price on the car was $17,695.xx.

  • For the automatic SE?? Damn...they must really wanted to unload the car to make their end of year numbers.

    I am waiting to hear today on a SE in Cyclone Gray with the Manual transmission. Unfortunatley since its in another city I have to pay MSRP for it to get it.

    Congrats on the new car. How do you like it so far?
  • I think I'd save the 3 grand and get the Accent. Seems like a good price overall though.
  • It's only been a couple of days.... So far, it's been great. Got a spare tire to put in the back...lose mpg, but gain peace of mind if I get a flat. Will update if something comes up.
  • I bought my 2010 Accent a month and a half ago at the dealership I work for. It was bought for me from the auction as a favor, but I wasn't under any obligation to buy it if I didn't like it, it would have just gone on the lot to sell to someone else. Turns out I loved it, it had 25k miles on it and needed a starter and two new tires. I paid 10,889 for it. I am having so much fun with it...I'm only 23 and this is my first financed car. (Before I owned an old Ford and an old Jeep.) I had done some online research within my budget and had only found one other car that was new-ish and didn't have a million miles on it. I am lucky to have found my Accent and I intend on keeping it for at least five more years.
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