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Kia Spectra Prices Paid and Buying Experience

CarMan@Edmunds[email protected] Posts: 38,515
edited July 2014 in Kia
Please use the following discussion to post your experiences when shopping for an Kia Spectra, including how much you paid if you'd like. Thanks.

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  • loco5loco5 Posts: 3
    I wanted to post my experience and pricing paid for my new Spectra5 I purchased this week.

    $16965 was MSRP for the 2005 Kia Spectra5 manual tranny.
    This included the options of Sunroof, ABS, Cruise, and Floormats.

    I negotiated the price of $15114, which is 3/4% over invoice - cash back incentive of $1000.

    I did all of this via the web as I test drove one over the weekend and decided that was what I wanted and I proceeded to email all dealers and negotiate for the best deal.

  • Hey everyone! I just purchased a 2005 Spectra5 about 2 weeks ago. So far I am really impressed with the car. Very quiet,handles good,great gas mileage! I was wondering if anyone has mod their cars? Does it void the warranty?? I was happy with the price sticker was 18,000 cause I got it with sunroof and sport package I think it said but then I got a 1,000 rebate! I got it in black and wished now I would have gotten it in spark well.. :)
  • chrisducatichrisducati Posts: 394
    don't do anything that you can't change back before you take it to the dealer for repair work...Like lowering it would be a warranty void-er. Chipping would too. I too like the lighter colors on this car...they show off the body line that runs from the front over the wheel and along the side. :)
  • kaisabukkaisabuk Posts: 4
    I bought the Silver Spectra5 fully loaded minus the ABS. The sticker price was 17,500, we got the car for 260 a month, no down payment and Lojack installed. They gave us a price of 13,880. The term of the loan is a little long because of the lack of a down payment, but it worth every penny. The more I drive this beauty, the better it rides. I test drove this baby and fell in love right away and only read reviews of other cars. It was the best value of all the cars out there. Where can I find new emblems for this car, I would have to bring it back to the dealer and make appointments and I have no time for that, I just want to order one. :D
  • kaisabukkaisabuk Posts: 4
    The sticker price for my Spectra5 was 17,500, We got it at 13,880. The test drive was an instant sell, but we had no money for a down payment so we were going to wait, but they kept throwing offers at us. Then we finally caved and and bought the best looking, handling, driving car for the cost. I just wish my fiance wanted a 5 speed.
  • smalltownsmalltown Posts: 75
    Bought Saturday morning, automatic, sunroof, cruise control & floor mats. MSRP was $17540, minus $610 dealer discount & $1000 rebate. This dealer does not negotiate from their advertised price which, in this case, is well below Edmund's TVM. After the test drive, I had two 5-minute phone calls over the next two weeks before deciding. The dealer is 90 miles from me. Other Kia dealers are 85-100 miles in different directions. So comparison shopping is not worth my time or expense. I also bought a Hyundai Accent from this dealer three years ago base on a firm price quote in an email, which took two minutes to write. This dealer handles 15 brands, including Mazda, Nissan, Chevy, Lexus and Jaguar. They are all sold the same way.
  • kaisabukkaisabuk Posts: 4
    How much did you actually pay for the vehicle? You mentioned the MSRP, but never gave the actual dealer set price.
  • smalltownsmalltown Posts: 75
    $17540 - $610 - $1000 = $15930 before taxes
  • kaisabukkaisabuk Posts: 4
    Wow I can't believe that a car place can charge that much for a car and not even let you haggle. How do they stay in business?
  • This forum has been really helpful, guys. I always have a couple dozen good car choices in mind....but the Spectra5 has been my top choice for months now. I just have to have one. My only problem is....which color! I guess I don't really care. I'm having a hard enough time finding one with an automatic and ABS. :cry:
  • Hi there!

    New to the forum and I was curious -- I currently drive a 2002 Kia Spectra [base model] that's been having quite a few problems for about six months, including some belt problems, a suddenly dead battery, replaced starter, alternator and I'm actually taking it in tomorrow to have a CV axle and possibly my transmission replaced!

    I've been doing research on the Spectra5. I actually went to a dealership today [when it's closed, so I can look without being bothered!] and am getting pretty convinced this would be a really good deal for me.

    Question for those who've traded in a Kia: does Kia still offer the owner loyalty bonus? In December,/January the dealership I've been getting my car fixed at offered me the bonus, so I know it was still around as recently as that. Also, I'm pretty sure it was $1500. Is that right?

    Thanks for all the help!
  • crowbarcrowbar Posts: 7
    Has anyone been dealing on or checking prices of a 2005 Spectra5 recently? I was wondering what sort of quotes you have been getting. I have gotten one from a local dealer that was $15,253.00 for automatic and cruise. Is this reasonable? I would have thought a lower price would be warranted given that the '06 line-up will be out very soon.
  • crowbar, FWIW, according to my scribble notes from this past Sunday afternoon (can't read my own writing sometimes) says here: Silver Spec5 auto..."no options" which means I probably didn't spot a sunroof or abs on the sticker. Don't recall if cruise & mats were there or not on this one. $100 b.s. processing fee. Total on "Gotta go! Clearin' Inventory!" sticker on window - $14395.

    Iowa, seems you and I are seeing the same thing. Zoomer3 has a price for those willing to pay it. Elantra 5 door v. Spec5 for me and my house coming up. For BEEP & giggles, test drove an '04 GT 5spd Elantra in mint condition with low miles and what I thought was a decent price. Absolutely HATED the vinyl (sp?) looking and feeling "leather seats". Since this car could not corner nearly as good as my lil' '00 LX Protege', when going 'round the bend, the sliding fanny going with while grabbing the wheel for stability didn't seem real fun. Cloth for me which I guess rules out the GT's. Elantra 5 doors still an option.

    I too, reeeeeeelly like "the looks" of this Spec5. My opinion, it's newer than the Elantra thus the slight disadvantage in pricing. But just wait about 29 more days... :)
  • Thanks for the input. The best quote I have gotten so far is now $14,325.00 with mats, cruise and automatic, so I'm thinking there might not be a lot more wiggle room left. I'm really impressed with the car. I also checked out the Elantra but was not overly impressed with the 'look' of it. I much prefer the Kia.
  • I just bought a 2005 SX (no options) in Los Angeles a few days ago. Here's the break down:

    (MSRP + destination = $15,900)
    ($14,100 selling price) - ($1750 rebate) = $12,350 (excluding ttl)

    The Spectra5 was selling for the same price but the rebate is $1000. So if I bought the Spectra5 I would have paid $13,100 (excluding ttl)

    0% financing can be subsituted for the rebate. They also have a "competing car" rebate for $750 if you qualify by already owning a car in their list of competing cars (see the kia website for the list).

    During the walk through of features the salesperson told me that the check engine light would come on if I open the fuel cap while the car was still on or if I don't close it tight enough. It didn't occur to me to ask why at the time but now I'm wondering if this is by design or just a defect?
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Alamogordo, NMPosts: 7,615
    it has to do with your car's sensors, which are very sensitive. It will read the "not clicking your gas cap enough times" as a slight exhaust emissions leak and cause the check engine light to come on. I have experienced this with both of my Kia's, including my current Kia, a 2001 Kia Sportage 4x4.

    Just don't take your gas cap off while the motor is running and do twist your gas cap on and keep twisting it until your hear 6 or 7 clicks. Otherwise the check engine light will come on and you'll have to have it looked at at your dealership. You can wait for it to cycle itself off-it will turn itself off (the check engine light) in time, say, after starting your Kia and driving it around and shutting it off again several times. It's frustrating but if you follow the emboldened tips above you can avoid it completely.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • I recently bought a 2005 Kia Spectra EX in Minneapolis.

    The car is an automatic, with the additional options of cruise control, alloy wheels and floor mats. The selling price was $14,950 - 1750 rebate = 13,200 excluding the tax, title and license fees. I was not eligible for the competing car rebate.
  • doohickiedoohickie Posts: 949
    I noticed that Hyundai dropped their incentive on Elantra from $1250 to $500 for October, and Kia, at least so far, has not renewed their competive bonus of $500 on the Spectra since it expired Sept 30. Are the good deals getting away, or should I sit tight a little longer?
  • Hey doohickie, just wanted to let ya know I picked up an Elantra GT hatch this past Friday night (the 30th). Had the wife breathin' down my neck to trade in our Zoomer and get something with that new car smell. Since time was running against me (angry wife was getting angrier!) and Hyundai/Kia wasn't workin' with me in the free flow of information category (had no clue on the '06 arrivals...and still don't!...had no idea on the possible upcoming rebates...and still don't!), I bit the bullet. Didn't get the mega deal I was pulling for but did okay in the end (9:45pm EST on the last day of the month/end of quarter).

    In the end thought the Elantra the better car although definitely dated in comparision to the Spec5. A lil' cheaper too. Know you're kickin' the two around yourself and thought I'd throw these comments your way. Do hope you have the advantage of waiting a bit longer than I did. Mrs. Doohickie I hope for your sake is much more patient than Mrs. zoomzoomitis. Makes the whole process MUCH easier!

    Last checked, the crop of '05's are still out there and they haven't moved since Friday (end of rebate day) here locally. I'm thinkin' if you've got the time, the deal will definitely come your way if you stay flexible on your wants and needs. That reduction to $500 on the Elantra is sucker money. My opinion.

    All the best and much luck in that final decision.

  • doohickiedoohickie Posts: 949
    05 Elantra hatches are pretty rare around here; I haven't seen one on a lot in a few weeks. I'm sure they are around to be had, but I would definitely have to order one I think. 05 Spec5s are very plentiful though.

    But it just torques me off that both companies have slashed their incentives at the end of the model year. They should be slashing prices! I suppose they've managed to meet sales goals and don't feel compelled to move their stock. Or maybe they just haven't put the new incentives on the website yet.

    In frustration, I checked the Suzuki dealer and fell in love (again) with the Reno. I just love the look of the car, inside and out. The stock stereo is much better than Spec5 or Elantra, and they still have their incentives. They are offering $1000 back on 2006 models, plus $500 for recent graduates (like my wife who got her degree in May). So I'd be looking at a pretty loaded Reno for no more than $13,500, maybe a little less if they throw in some dealer cash.

    I just don't have as much confidence in the Suzuki brand, especially the Daewoo-built models. If I knew it would be reliable, it would be the Reno, hands down.

    I will talk to a Hyundai dealer or two later this week when I get some time. If they can offer me any kind of a decent deal on an Elantra hatch, I'll probably take it. If not that, then the Spec5; if not that, I might just go for the Reno.
  • I think there's something to be said for sales goals having been met. One place I went to gave me such a lowball offer on my trade it was roll on the floor laughable. I happened to know the sales guy and he kinda told me to get to the door as quick as possible. His "boss" was trying to steal my car. IOW, they reeeeeally didn't want to sell anymore of their in stock Elantras. Supply was running a lil' low I think and they wanted to keep what they had for another month especially IF the '06's don't show up 'til the later part of Oct/early Nov. Might be wrong but that was my gut.

    Did have to travel a bit to snag my car but the supply was much greater at this cross town dealership. Much higher incentive to move rubber you might say (Their website does claim "Largest Hyundai dealership in volume on the entire East Coast." Who am I to argue?). As I got up and started walkin' towards the door, "my number" magically appeared. Imagine that.

    Yeah, I can see the Kia Spec5 might be more abundant than the Elantra GT hatch in some areas although I do think since you mentioned you were interested in the automatic, they (the GT's) ARE out there in larger #'s than the 5 speeds. My opinion, trust hasn't exactly gone through the roof yet with the American public I think on the Kia brand. That's not to say that it won't, just hasn't yet. Hyundai's a little bigger corporate wise and is hitting the JD Power rankings rather well of late. Time will tell if this brand new Korean car of mine stands up to the Japanese products. For the three grand discount I calculated right off the bat, I thought it worth the gamble.

    Suzuki cars? Nah. Doohickie, you know better than that. Don't get "torqued" at Hyundai/Kia. Get even. Wait to see what the next hand in the card game deals ya...again, if you've got the time and patience. I still maintain since you didn't pull the trigger yet, wait. There's a car out there that's going to come right into your sights.

    PS Spoilers falling off...hmmm...nervous? I was too.
  • doohickiedoohickie Posts: 949
    The Kia salesman just called. Without giving me an "official" quote over the phone, it looks like a $17000 Spectra5 will cost me about $15000. This is more than I want to pay, but he said there is a good chance we can get the special Kia finance rate of 2.9%. My credit numbers are not good enough to automatically get that rate (just a few points below prime), but the salesman said I might still get it if we apply for the loan. After my downpayment, my monthly payment on a 5 year loan would be less than $270 month (my target is $250, but I could afford more).

    This number assumes a reduced rebate ($500) and $500 for new graduate incentive (for my wife). And there may still be a little wiggle room for the dealer to bargain a bit.
  • doohickiedoohickie Posts: 949
    I found a Hyundai Elantra hatch with everything I want except the CD stereo (and I'm not averse to putting an aftermarket unit in). Over the phone the salesman said it would be about $13700 to $14000. I think I prefer the Elantra to the Spectra anyway, so I hope to drive out to the dealer (almost an hour from here) tomorrow afternoon and check it out. I may come back with a new Elantra. I was hoping to do better, but with Hyundai cutting back on their incentives, this may be the best I can do.

    The model is a Hyundai Elantra 5-door with cruise and AT (no other options).
  • tom71tom71 Posts: 46

    How do you like your new 2005 spectra 5 with manual tranny?

    Is your car with the 138 hp engine or previous lower powered engine?
  • hi everyone! new to the group, we bought our 05 spectra 5 in may 05, all options, we paid 21,000CAN for it, they threw on the kia front visor and tinted the windows for us too. we took the stock mp3 player out, and replaced it with a jvc mp3/wma deck that has exact same metallic trim as the dash, a perfect match, we opted for the 5spd, would you take anything else? just had awesome mileage last month too! gas here in BC was $1/litre, we only spent $50 for the entire month of aug in gas, and we do a lot of city driving. fun to drive, slick looking car, and wicked on gas! we love it!
  • sly71sly71 Posts: 2
    Hi. I am considering the purchase of a 2006 Kia Spectra SX, with auto-transmission, antilock brakes, and spoiler. The only thing it is missing is the sunroof, which I am contimplating finding another with it or just doing without. The sticker is 17,500.

    I wanted to know how much you got your car for, before TTT. I am trying to see how much negociation room there is on this car. thanks so much!!
  • sly71sly71 Posts: 2
    was the 13,880 after tax tag and title or before?? I am looking at one that also has a 17,500 sticker and I want to see how much room I can move on the price

    thanks so much!!
  • masta159masta159 Posts: 3
    Hi, I posted this earlier in a different forum but I want to throw out what I was offered by the dealer & was wondering if anyone thinks it's a good one. They offered $14995 for an automatic Spectra5 & $12670 for Spectra (4 door). I like the hatchback better. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  • herfnerdherfnerd Posts: 4
    Automatic or stick? Sunroof?
  • masta159masta159 Posts: 3
    No sunroof, but automatic. This is also the price before taxes or any other charges but it includes all rebates & incentives.
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