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Ford Five Hundred/Mercury Montego Maintenance & Repair



  • Have you noticed the paint job on the hood peeling off?
  • How about the paint job on the hood? Mine is peeling off and I've fought with Ford and they seem to think I'm in a million. But, every 500 or Mercury Montego I've seen or know of has the same problem. I'm telling everyone to check their hood. File a complaint to Ford please.
  • kagookagoo Posts: 1
    I just took apart the air intake to clean my 2005 Ford Five Hundred (basically same car as yours) and when re-assembling I saw this same hose and thought I missed something. I've rechecked all my steps and do not recall disconnecting it so I think it's there by design but have no idea the function.
  • Tried to replace the rear struts on Ford 500 (2005) and can't get the lower mount to line up again with the new strut. Isthere a trick I am missing?
  • I have a 2006 Ford Five Hundred. My car pulls to one side when i accelerate. it pulls no matter how fast i accelerate and when i let off it straightens out. tire pressure good and car aligned. the boots around the axles seem to be ok. i did notice a motor mount or transmission mount coming from topp of trans to top of engine compartment in center has a bushing that is bad. could this cause my car to pull? i also have a rattling noise in the right front. evrything seems to be tight. help please hard to drive when the car pulls evrytime i accelerate...
  • i no longer have my Five Hundred (2005, FWD) but i did notice that under hard acceleration, especially with the traction control off, the car does pull to the right slightly. in your case, its probably multiple symptoms, could be bad alignment, could be different tires on either side? uneven tread wear? brake issues on the side that it pulls to? i know the FWD model uses a Limited Slip Differential, and with TCS off, only the right side gets power so maybe your Diff is in need of service due to a leak or damage. Hopefully it wont need to be replaced as in FWD cars, the diff is part of the transmission. Good luck!
  • so you have AWD then? only all wheel drive Five Hundred's have the CVT
    in my Five Hundred, i had the FWD one so i just had the 6 speed auto and i found it to be very reliable. didnt have engine problems until 150k miles and then i traded it in for my current car. I miss the Five Hundred every day though
  • kbeazmankbeazman Posts: 1
    I have the same year and it surges when I am turning into or backing out of a parking space or my driveway.
    Did you find out the cause???
  • docnash23docnash23 Posts: 2
    Yes, take butterfly out of the throttle body, clean throttle body. Install butterfly back... Make sure it is adjusted just right.. By opening and closing throttle body butterfly. Then install throttle body. I never experienced it again plus I got 5-8 more miles per gallon
  • My 2005 is doing it also. I don't think it is rust. it is corrosion caused by installing a steel hood latch on an aluminum hood without proper protection. Galvanic corrosion. What is Ford doing about this on these older cars?
  • FORD is not really doing anything. When last I contacted and they contacted back, they were willing to go 40/60. They will pay 40% of a new hood and my portion was 60%. I don't think that was a good choice so I haven't done anything yet. I am waiting for more people to come forward about the similar problem with their vehicles because I know of (personally) 3 other cars just like mine and so I'm hoping people will complain as I have and maybe Ford will do something. Let me know if you contact them and what they may say or do for you. Thanks,
  • This is a safety issue in addition to being a cosmetic issue. Galvanic corrosion is eating away the aluminum hood metal. Eventually the hood latch bar will tear loose from the hood and the hood will fly up while driving. I believe it is happening to all 500's and Montegos.
  • My hood has approximately an inch square where the paint has totally chipped off, directly front and center. However, if you look under your hood you will see there is quite extensive bubbling happening as there is under my hood. I am concerned the whole hood is going to rust a way in a very short time frame!
    Have you contacted Ford?
  • What kind of engine problems did you have? My 500 had about 160,000 miles on it when I started it up one morning last Jan. I thought the engine was coming apart; loud knocking and running on 5 cylinders. Never heard anything like it. Took 5 to 10 minutes to quiet down. Since then, I'm left with a faint knock when I start it up. Takes about 10 miles to quiet down. It's still there, just not as noticeable. Does not use oil. Oil analysis showed nothing unusual, but they recommended doing a couple more. My mechanic is not sure what happened either. Haven't found anyone with a similar problem. Considered trading it, but can't get anything for it due to severe hail damage on top of the high miles. Will just drive it 2 more yrs or until it stops, whichever comes first.
  • I've had the same problem for several years. Finally got it figured out. In addition to cleaning the throttle body again, he reset the KAM (Keep Alive Memory). Drives perfect now!
  • I just signed a deal to order the vehicle below. I've been to a few dearlerships and this was by far the best offer. Can someone please comment as to whether this is a good deal?

    2014 Grand Cherokee Limited Lease Terms: 39 Months, 7500 miles/yr
    Max Steel with Black interior
    Luxury Group 2 package
    Off Road Adventure 1 Package
    Heated Engine Block

    1k out of pocket (inc. all fees, taxes & first month), $409/month
  • Have a 2006 Mercury Montego Luxury from brand new. With 77600 miles on the car, have had to replace the rear brakes TWICE. Told the dealer from the get go that there was something wrong with the rear brakes (excessive dusting) but was told everything was fine. The first time was at 15000-18000 miles and was quoted a price. (It was done finally under warranty). Next time was around 65000 miles. Asked the ford dealer(since mercury is gone now) why twice so far. My experience is two replacements for the front pads before the rear are due (due to the braking ratio). The service manager said it might be the way my wife is driving the car???? So I told her no more drifting. So far the report is the front brakes are fine.
    Another problem was the gas gauge was setting off the CEL. Took the dealer 4 times to get that fixed.
    Now, (2/14) the Airbag light is blinking then staying on. The front harness was replaced 3 years ago due to an accident, not sure if that is the cause of the light.

    Other problems we have encountered: a porous wheel, bad wiper arms, motor mount. The dealer tried to have me change the power steering fluid twice in about 50,000 miles til i called him on it. Then he tried to pass it off on the technician being a grade D. I told him that is why you have service managers.

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