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Toyota Tacoma Transmission Problems



  • I need to admit an addendum to this post. I got an email from the NHTSA atus=45. I see very few complaints in there. May I recommend that all file their complaints with these people.
  • 09taco09taco Posts: 33
    I just got my truck (09 4x4 doublecab v-6 auto) back from the dealer, They re-programmed the computer for the tranny, now it seems okay, I highly recommend taking it back to the dealer to have the computer software updated, it really improved the way it shifts at low speeds. I would like to have the downhill assist removed or disabled, i still have hard down shifts, at times, the dealer said thats the way that is designed, This feature saves brake pads
    good luck!!!!
  • I have driven my truck quite a bit now since this past Saturday when Toyota re-programmed my computer in accordance with the new TSB. The transmission has not hesitated at all now and the truck seems to cruise a little nicer when my foot is off the gas. One thing I have noticed though is that it seems to be shift into 3rd or 4th a little rougher, but not all of the time. Kind of a slight jolt when it shifts, but nothing I am concerned with at the moment. I am just happy to have the hesitation problem fixed. If Toyota is reading this, thank you for finally addressing the problem. In fairness, I will let everyone know the issue has been addressed.
  • Forgot to mention, don't let your dealer tell you they have not heard of the TSB. Call Toyota National Customer Service and give them the TSB # (posted earlier) and they will contact your nearest dealer. My dealer was not aware either, until they received the email from national.
  • 1051 current miles purchased September 30,2009. transmission shifts HORRIBLE. Took it in for service Friday the 13th of November 2009. The dealership told me to bring it in they said they knew what was wrong it needed transmission fluid. They called me the next day Saturday said it was all better. i picked it up they had to put 2 quarts of transmission fluid in it. YES IT LEFT THE FACTORY in California 2 quarts LOW. It is better and still not right. I called again today spoke with my service guy at team Toyota in Baton Rouge he told me the following. They have a flash for the computer for a reprogram of the transmission for the 2009 Tacoma. They have another customer with a 2010 same as mine with the same issue. They drove it 45 miles with the computer hooked up to it and found numerous shifting errors in the report generated during that test drive. They attempted to 'flash" program the computer with the program provided in the TSB for the 2009 Tacoma IT DID NOT WORK, IT IS NOT COMPATIBLE. They are 100% clear there is an issue and they are addressing it with Toyota. I can bring my truck in to service and have them test drive it and document that I have the same issue and that is ALL they can do at this time. there is NO FIX for it currently there should be in the future they do not know how long that will take. They understand my frustration. So that is where it is TODAY November 18, 2009. My 2010 Toyota Tacoma does NOT shift correctly according to Toyota and there is NO fix. As a side note the dealership and my service writer are being real honest, straight forward, and understanding.
  • Well I just got off the phone with the service manager from my dealer wherein I told him about TSB 0373-09. He was not aware of it. I set up an appointment to get what he referred to as a "Flash" update which that TSB is, for tomorrow. I'll get it done and report back as to the result of it after a few days to see just what it does. Keep the fingers crossed.
  • can you say again what kind of motor / transmission you have? thanks.
  • 2009 Tacoma Dbl. Cab 4.0l V6 TRD 4X4 automatic.
  • 09taco09taco Posts: 33
    I just got my truck back from the dealer, they re-programmed the tranny and now it seems to shift ok. I still get a hard down shift at times but NO revs at low speeds. I think its alot better/ safer than before.
    . My truck is a 2009 double cab V-6 TRD off road. with only 6952 miles on it. I bought the truck brand new in Feb, 2009
  • Well, hopefully good news folks. T-SB-0373-09 was just flashed (meaning downloaded) onto my Tacoma this morning by the dealer. It is titled as ECM Calibration:Enhancement to Shifting Performance & Smoothness. It says applicability is for 2009 engine 1GR Transmission 5AT which I presume is automatic 5-speed. It says " To enhance shifting performance and smoothness below 20 MPH during the 2-1 downshift on vehicles equipped with an A750 transmission, the Engine Control Module/ECM (SAE term: Powertrain Control Module/PCM) calibration has been revised. Use the following repair procedure to address the condition." Previous Calibration ID: 30449000/30449100 and the new Calibration ID: 30449200. There are 4 pages to the TSB and it seems to be directed to the 2009 model only. Don't know if it affects other years or not. I can tell you that the drive home I didn't notice the problem at all. Don't know what if anything else might be negatively affected by this at this point. To soon to tell. Why it has taken so long couldn't say other than possibly Toyota needed time to try it out. The dealer was not I repeat not aware of this new TSB (11-3-2009). You will have to tell them about it as apparently Toyota's communication system leaves a bit to be desired. Once again the TSB # is T-SB--0373-09. I still fault Toyota for not coming out and not saying they were working on the fix and would advise the dealers/customers when completed. What I can say is what a success this forum can be. It took over 300 postings of this problem to get Toyota to react. Frustrating I know but each and every one of you is responsible for this problem being addressed. Though this fix may only help a few of us (I hope not) it is because of this forum and others like it that it happened at all. Thanks. I really have my fingers crossed that this fix fixes the problem on all years of the Tacoma and other makes with this issue. Do have a good one.
  • Just a note to tell you to look at Post #313. I too just got mine reprogrammed this morning as so far so good.
  • Has anyone with a 2010 got this "fix" yet? post #313 stated they didn't know if it was only for 2009 or not.
  • Good job on reporting there befuddled2! Does anyone have the 4 page copy of the TSB? Might be helpful for some of us who have dealers that are claiming ignorance.
  • I made them make a copy of it for me when I took the vehicle in. I just don't know how to copy it and post it as an attachment in this format. We're not supposed to put our email addresses on here otherwise I'd copy it and send it to whomever wanted it. For me to type it in here verbatim would take several hours and even then I wouldn't be able to put the illustrations in with it. The dealer can pull it up as it is there. Any ideas on how I get it to you?
  • Here's a link to the TSB. I don't think posting the actual text on here is possible. It would lose something in the translation. ml
  • I clicked on the link above and got an error. However I noticed at the end of the link a miscue (.ht-ml) change that to html and it works and yes it is the correct TSB. Try clicking this link. ml
  • I bought my 09 tacoma 4x4 access cab in July. Got the run around from dealer and Toyota. After reading the posts on this forum I made appointment at the dealer. Got the truck back Fri. Nov 19 after ECU re-programming, major improvement in shifting. Before, it would wait to shift (from 1st to 2nd gear) at 2400 to 2500 rpm, now it shifts at 1400 rpm without that annoying delay. As a result the truck performs better.
    The work order quotes a different TSB.
    "Condition : Complaint of erratic transmission shift. Seems to take awhile to shift into proper gear.
    Cause: Comfirmed complaint. TSB 3111 applies, ECU requires re-flash.
    Correction: Re-flashed ECU and re-checked. Okay now "
  • Great. Hopefully, many others will call the dealers and get this accomplished. At this point (a few days after) my truck seems and feels much better. I am optimistically hoping it continues and produces no ill side effects over time. Go forth all and lets put this problem on the back shelves. Kudo's to Toyota for stepping up to the plate. Do have a good one.
  • I too have the update on my 09 Tacoma and the shifting is significantly smoother. (for now). But you are correct, the dealer will not tell you of this update, I had to once again, tell them of the transmission glitch. It is unfortunate that it took so long for this issue to be addressed with all of the hassle that Toyota customers had to endure just to get their vehicle to operate as they should.

    It is interesting that everyone I spoke to claimed they have never heard about the issue, but yet an update to the transmission came out? They knew about it.

    These forums are important and I hope everyone continues to post issues they encounter with any company they deal with. Whether its auto related or other.

    Now I just have to wait till Toyota figures out my radio issue. As it has shorted out since I bought it back in January. This is the vehicles 2nd radio to do this..

    Thanks everyone!
  • Boy do I feel fortunate. My 09 Tacoma has only had the problem with the transmission. As I've scanned these posts I've seen many other problems. Patience is a hard thing to come by and harder to practice. Hang in there and keep pursuing it.
  • Remember, you're on a thread for problems. There's not a "2009 Toyota Transmission Everything's Fine forum" so that all you read here makes it look worse than it really is. Enjoy your truck. You got a good one! :)
  • I'm confused. Just what does that comment mean? I'm very much aware of how frustrating problems can be when you buy a new vehicle and it doesn't work right and the dealer and manufacturer just pass you off. If you're a dealer trying to pass yourself off as a victim shame on you. This truck is no better than the previous truck (Ranger) that I had. May you never have a problem with any of your vehicles.
  • Tacomarye, I just read you are having radio issues too. I wanted to get my 2009 transmission fixed first then address it but now is as good a time as any. My problems have been it, changes channels on it own or the station tune drifts to an odd setting, will not change channels when the buttons are pushed on the dash, will not increase or decrease volume using the dash knob or the control on the steering wheel. Will not turn on when the dash knob is pushed. I think it is possessed.
  • I wish I could help. Electronics are funny things. Even tech's scratch their heads trying to figure them out. All I can suggest is having the dealer change the radio out for a new one if they will. Save you a lot of aggravation, not to mention the dealer.
  • I took my '09 tacoma in for service yesterday, gave them the TSB, they reprogrammed it and it seems to be better. I suggest you take the TSB # with you when you take for service because the service tech did not seem to know about it even though I had talked to someone higher up at least twice about it.
  • jmiglia, I am currently on my second radio and am awaiting a third which is supposedly on back order. Toyota claims they know they are having issues with their supplier and are working out the details. Your radio seems to display the same characteristics as mine. My advice is to take it in and get them to replace it. At first they did not believe me. So I took the tech for a ride and the radio began acting up infront of him. Now they dont even question me when I complain about it.

    Although the radios are supposedly on 'back order', make sure you get the issue logged under warranty.
  • Having cursed my '09 Tacoma crew cab 4x4 truck from Jan 10th to Nov 25th it seems the TSB has finally fixed the engine reving- shifting problems. I wish I could say I am happy with it now, but after having 2 Toyota dealers tell me for 11 months that there is "nothing wrong" with the transmission I think we'll just trade this pig when Nissan gets inventory levels back to normal. It still has a very weird drive train -like it's jumping around down there when you accelerate ... got to say I love the off-road suspension though - that's the one thing they got right. It's a sham they screwed up the rest of the build..the suspension is the great!
  • I'm curious, is it the JBL system or another brand of radio.
  • Reading all posts here and good to know that T-SB-0373-09 fixes the '09 transmission problem. I'm driving a 4x2 PreRunner Dbl Cab Long Bed 4.0L V6 5-Speed Auto for exactly 6-weeks now with same transmission problem. I sent an email to my dealer and cut&paste befuddled2 post #313. The Manager replied letting me know that they're going to look at the TSB then get back to me. That's 2-weeks ago and no updates from them yet.

    Does anyone know if same TSB applies to 2010 or if there is already a new TSB avail for 2010 model?
  • The link to the TSB is posted on here look back a little and you can bring it up on the internet. Print it out and bring it to your dealer.
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