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Honda Accord Audio Questions



  • mariodmariod Posts: 28
    I don't think the front speakers are shutting off.

    What's happening is that the stereo makes the sound super FLAT... Basically shutting down the tweeters (in front). The sound sucks!!!
    It's the worst radio I ever owned in a car.

    Just for kicks try an ipod or CD and the sound is much better. for what ever reason it does NOT get as flat when using either or.
  • 2003 Accord radio/cd obviously works fine, but sound does not come from speakers suddenly.

    How to diagnose and possibly fix with limited budget?

    Grampachuck :confused:
  • Recently 10/28/11) my 2003 Accord sound stopped emitting. I can see that the radio is searching and finding stations, the cd player runs from track to track, but no sound. Did you get any replies to your question two years ago?
    Dealer will want mucho $ to diagnose. Friend says it is a fuse between the amp and speakers. Owner's manual only shows a fuse for the "Radio" and no other related fuse. Is there an maintenance update at the dealer I don't have access to? I cannot afford to replace the unit at the prices now being asked.

    The car runs like new and looks like new; why sell and buy whole car just because sound stopped? Must be an answer out there.

  • hey i have a 2004 accord and i have an original stereo without display can i do a 2005 accord 7'' display stereo and will the harnes still match ?

    someone help pls
  • The standard stereo for the 2004 and 2005 are the same.

    The larger displays are the touch screen navigation systems, and no they are not compatible with the non navi systems. The navi screens control much more then just the stereo, so installing one would be a major swap out if it's even possible.

  • 2005 Honda Accord radio does not work?
    This seems to be a known problem. At first the car would turn off and leave the radio display on (i.e. station number, etc;) but no sound...I pulled the #5 fuse put it in...this would fix it and work for a few days then it would happen again. Eventually, the radio stopped working. The cd light stays green (i.e. means a cd is in the bay) and the display would light up but with no info and no sound. Looking for ideas.
  • My 2005 Honda Accord stereo stop working. At first was like on and off all the time. Then, the single CD player started ejecting the CDs for no reason. Next, the lights went out with no sond at all.
    I really do not know what to do. Any suggestions???
  • Precisely the same thing happened to my 05 Honda Accord. I went to the dealer and they told me I would have to pay out of pocket to fix it because my warranty is up. I had the compartment underneath the radio removed and an Alpine stereo installed. The old radio is still there and still randomly comes on and fizzles out again... Sometimes not for a few days will it go off!
  • In my 07 accord ex coupe, the six disc changer started skipping madly. I had a professional installer disconnect it, and put in an Alpine single disc w/ipod connection. It sounds great except that the OE microwave antenna is crappy. I'm still thinking about getting a mast antenna installed.
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