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Inifiniti FX35 and FX45 Maintenance and Repair

tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
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  • Hi guys,

    I was wondering if anyone knows how to operate the Nav system while driving. It's a real pain to have to stop to type in an address especially when there is a passenger who could be entering the info. Anyone knows the solution to this?
  • fx35awdfx35awd Posts: 218
    When I purchased the car I noticed that at the dealership and the sales man told me the infiniti mechanics can overwrite that by installing some wire to bypass it. I have not done it myself, but he told me it can be done. If you find out please let me know as well. I know all the navigation system does that and that includes Lexus, Infiniti, Toyota and many others except for Honda and Acura. :surprise:
  • Could use a little help. I bought my black FX35 two weeks ago. It was supposed to come with Roof Rail Crossbars but when delivered, they weren't there. The dealer, Infiniti Tustin, has agreed to add the crossbars, no charge (and with no hassle). However, they also suggested that I might prefer to have my FX "permacoated" instead, that I might find that more valuable to me than crossbars.

    What do you all think I should choose?
  • Choose the crossbars. The silver ones are all aluminum, and the superior construction of it will justify why they cost so much. Warning: The instruction manual states that the crossbars are designed to NOT bear any load. The dealer and Infiniti websites offers several Yakima roof rack items. However, checking with Yakima, they verified that they do not make the crossbar adaptor for any of their applications. Strictly for looks only.
  • Does anyone know if the M45 engine management system can be applied to the FX45 to increase the horsepower to 335HP?
    The engines are identical in the 2004 FX45 and 2005 M45. Are there mechanical differences that will prohibit this, or is this a software update? If available, does the potential cost justify 20 HP (6%) increase in HP? Thank you for any information or experiences.
  • I just bought a 2004 FX35, which is my first-ever SUV and a GREAT vehicle! One weird thing - when I start the car from cold - I get cool air out of the Vent which continues as long as I drive the car (with fresh air In, Temp. set at 60F). However, if I were to stop and park the car, even for only 10 or 15 minutes, and get back in, the Vent air is now hot - even if the outside air temperature is cool. I've brought this to my dealers attention and they are trying to convince me that this is normal - that it will "cool down eventually". I've owned LOTs of cars and I've never had this problem with the Vent air being hot after the vehicle has warmed up. Any clues? Is this normal on the FX Series?
  • This is a well known engineering "goof" in the FX model. The fresh air intake takes in air from the engine compartment. I have an '04 FX with the same problem, and as far as I know it is still present in current models. It will not get better unless the ambient air temp is really cool. Sorry about that.
  • Bummer. My 2004 FX 35 finally has a break down. The passenger side outside rear view mirror died. It won't adjust up or down, only side to side. Something wrong with the motor, most likely. Off to the dealer's. Still disappointing as I have never had a problem with japanese cars before... Jon.
  • I have noticed that when I open the tailgate the door will stay in pretty much any place I put it. I can't remember if it used to rise with just a little push. It seem like it takes a good lift to open it all the way. It seems to do a better job of closing with just a slight push. Is this normal, or does it need new pistons?
  • I'm seriously considering purchasing a FX-35 in the next month or so. It's one of the vehicles on my list to decide between. For the past 15 years I have exclusively owned VW's and my personal experience with them have been wonderful (Corrado, Jetta, Passat). I assumed my next vehicle would be a Toureg but upon reviewing ownership experiences there are too many issues and very, very high cost of maintenance that make for items like brakes, tires, even windshield wipers a bit rediculous. I fear my need for a larger vehicle w/ minimal towing capability (motorcyle rider) and my thus far love afair with VW might be at an end.

    I've done a lot of research finding out about the alternatives and without a doubt the FX is top of the list. It looks to have everything I'm looking for and I simply see no list of outstanding reliability issues that give me pause. If this short list on this forum is any indication of the problems folks are having with their FX'es then sign me up.

    I initially just couldnt get over the materials chosen for the interior on the initial release, but am very happy to see that they are putting in more credible materials on the interiors now. It really has made all the difference in retaining my interest.

    I hope to very soon have a "new fx owner here" message posted.
  • I just purchased a 05 FX35, used, and they are ordering me a owners manual. I can't figure out how to recline the rear seats?? I have looked everywhere for a lever!
  • If the '05 is like the '04, there is a small lever for each seat back low on the seat back (near the seat back/seat bottom crease) and near where the passenger's hip nearest the center of the back seat would be. Look for it near the seat belt buckle. It is recessed a bit so is not readily seen unless you are looking specifically for it.
  • Thank you very much... as of today, I still hadn't found it. One more question... Mine didn't come with an owners manual or a navigaition cd... the dealer said they would order me one, but it has been 3 weeks. how would i locate these items myself?
  • srz948srz948 Posts: 68
    I have a 05 FX35 for over a year and it is one of the best cars I've ever owned. That said, I just noticed the compass in the rear view mirror is suddenly displaying the letter "C" only. Does anyone know what this means? Is there a reset button. It worked fine up until a few days ago. I would like to avoid going to the dealer for this so any help is greatly appreciated.
  • The "C" means that the compass needs to be calibrated.. It can go out of cal for a few reasons. To get it back into calibration you need to go to a parking lot and go in a circle a couple times or so (driving at a relatively slow speed) and it should auto calibrate. Normally in driving, it can cal by itself but it needs to have a rotational field at different degrees to calibrate. If this does not bring it to work properly then the mirror compass is defective.
  • For the release levers, just look in the area I described. You will flat, black metal pieces that could look like part of the hinge assembly. Reach under the tab and pull forward. The seat back will release.

    Regarding the owners manual, the dealer is probably the best source. Not sure what you meant about the Nav DVD. The player is under the front passenger seat. It should have the DVD in it. If not, they cost about $200 from Zernin ( If your's does not have one, I think that is a dealer issue.
  • I received a notice from Nissan North America, recalling the headlamp and rear combination lamp. The letter just stated that the old lamp don't comply with the standard, but not sure whether they are too bright or too dim. I am living in a rural area, prefer brighter headlamp. If you guys know anything about this recall, please let me know. Thanks,
  • What year FX do you have?
  • mine is 2005, but many many 2003 to 2006 are in the recall. Check it with your dealer
  • ktakta Posts: 1
    Jason...I have owned a 2005 RWD FX 35 for 14 months now...purchased 11 months old off lease for $28, at 45K miles since new and could not be more pleased w the car. I am a gearhead, former racer and have owned a wide range of auto's...My other car is a 2004 BMW 330 Ci and, while the FX isn't as nimble is much more comfortable and ergonometrically friendly. I bought for "usability' (carry my boat stuff)...and performance. Absolutely NO problems of any sort...averaging 19-20 mpg in town...24mpg interstate at 80 mph. Excellent road car. Great seats and amenities...jut replaced other than routine maintenence.
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