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Honda Fit Exterior & Bodywork Questions



  • Owned '07 Fit for almost 3 years to date, 25K mi., always garaged. Driving down 101 through Santa Rosa-Petaluma. Heard a crack. Pretty scary. Didn't notice where it came from until I got home to San Fran. There's a hooked crack coming down the windshield from the center of the roofline. Larger than a dollar bill (that's how AAA insurance references the size of the crack.) It's a pretty clean break, no obvious hit from rock, pebble, etc. I have a $100 deductible to replace it. I do have a couple of teeny pebble cracks on other parts of the windshield. I realized how thin the glass is on the FIT from those little pebble cracks. The paint job on the FIT is pretty thin too. Scrapes off pretty easily. I've owned a Datsun 210, Toyota Tercel, just so you know I've owned other low end cars. No glass or paint problems with those cars. Still love my FIT, but scary to think the glass might crack on me.
  • htigner, did the dealer try to refuse your window claim originally? How was Honda involved?

    Our new Fit got a crack the very first morning it was driven to work after taking it home from the dealer the night before. The dealer says it was a rock, and they used a pin to run down the crack to find a speck or something. It just seems rocks love Honda Fit windows, I guess. And now we are on our second tire problem in less than 3000 miles (from a blowout, can happen to anyone I expect, to a "bubble" in the tire wall which seems to be a fairly common issue with these tires).
  • htignerhtigner Posts: 2

    No they didn't try to refuse the claim, the service manager just seemed to me pretty convinced that Honda wouldn't take care of it. He took pics and said he had to send them to Honda and about a week later we got the call that they would replace it.

    Worth letting the dealer examine, take pics and hope I guess. We called the day we discovered the crack and had it in to them the that evening..
  • thurst1963thurst1963 Posts: 42
    I have 2008 Blue Sport Fit 27000 miles.I have never seen so many paint chips in my life.The front hood has between 500 & 1000 chips already.(unbelievable) The and the primer is chipped all the way to the metal on half of them.I see in the past they had some problems with the blue paint true or not.Has anyone else had chipping like this go on?????
  • stephen987stephen987 Posts: 1,994
    On my orange '09 Fit Sport, a large slice of paint (5 inches long and about an inch and a half wide) peeled off when I rested a box on the back bumper for a few seconds while loading. Also, the dash appears to be suffering from heat warp.

    Count me among those unimpressed by the quality of the Fit.
  • besb3besb3 Posts: 1
    I have had my New 2010 Honda Fit 3 Days Now. Yesterday a Car threw a Rock which was no bigger than a tiny pebble and even though it didn't have much impact when it hit the Windshield - sure enough it Cracked. The fit must have a Very Thin Windshield. I sure hope the replacement windshield is thicker than the Original.
  • i stupidly backed out my garage and the long rope that I used to pull down my garage door got caught onto the car and when I notced it it was too late. The rope got too tight on the rear windshield and it poped like someone threw a big rock at my windshield. I called my local Honda and they stated that they could send out someone and yes its out of my pocket. my point to them is yes it was my fault, but the windshield busted out way to easy. So now I am stuck and they Honda does not want to admit that the Honda Fit 2010 windshields are not as strong as they want to claim.
  • stephen987stephen987 Posts: 1,994
    Rear windshields from any manufacturer are not designed for that directional stress. Man up and call the insurance company--it's an accident, not a warranty issue.
  • hell yeah, I woman-up (ed) and fixed it out of pocket with out insurance :)
  • jcbohjcboh Posts: 2
    I had my car for about 2 weeks when the front windshield cracked. I had never had a windshield crack on a car before.

    I called Honda and was told they never heard of it. I went to the dealer and the service manager said a rock hit it and I just had bad luck. I had printed out the examples in this forum as well as other examples on the web and he said call the Honda 800 number.

    I called Honda back and this time I talked to someone who opened a case for me since my car only has ~800 miles on it. His manager called me a day later and took down the details. He said he had never heard of the Fit having these issues, only the 2007-ish Element. I told him to come to this forum and read all the examples of this happening (thank you forum). He said they would look into it. About 5 days later, the service manager at the dealer called me and said that they were told to replace my windshield for free.
  • maxnmaxn Posts: 1
    edited November 2010
    Our Honda Fit developed a 14" crack while parked. It runs from the middle of the driver's side edge towards the centre. There was no sign of any impact point, We took it immediately to our Honda dealership and they seemed to agree that it could be a stress crack and forwarded pics and details to Honda district office. I was prepared for a fight but 3 days later we were told they had been authorised to replace it.
    I'm glad we took it to the dealer so quickly because the next day a tiny part ofthe crack had opened a miniscule bit and 2 separate windshield repair shops that I showed it to thought that that indicated an impact point, and neither thought it was a stress crack. In forty years of car ownership I have never had this happen before, but it seems as if with this model it could likely happen again. Otherwise love the car.
    This forum was invaluable in helping things along - bravo!!!
  • My sister had a crack on the fit at the lowest part of the windshield on the passenger side. Honda's glass people said it's due to a chip. Honda told us that using the heat if there's ice on the windshield would cause it to crack. I guess honda's trying not to admit their windshield crack and break. Just want to add this to the queue. Seems like honda is trying not to admit that windshield need to be recalled.
  • Same windshield problem as everyone else - appeared without impact on the passenger side and runs right to left. My opinion of Honda is slipping...
  • lsmith24lsmith24 Posts: 1
    Just wanted to add my complaint. I returned to my Fit after work one day and found a crescent-shaped crack that begins low on the front windshield, near the wipers. It was a frigid day (high teens) and I was using the heater that morning.
    I'm still debating whether to bite the bullet and pay or try my dealership first. In any case, I'm going to call Honda corporate (1-800-999-1009) to register the complaint.
  • This is exactly what happened to mine. It started out about 10" and has grown to at least 14". It is lower down on the driver's side and is slowly traveling toward the middle. Reading this forum gives me hope. I'm glad to know I'm not alone.
  • Just yesterday I found a front windshield crack on my 2009 Fit for no reason. The crack is on the driver side and curve up from the bottom for about 12" to 13". I found no chip, impact by pebble or what so ever to cause the crack.
    I think the stress fracture is a common cause and is dangerous to consumers. Message #9 suggest the complaint can be direct to NHTSA; National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
    I am going to call dealer for a remedy tomorrow. Wish I do not have to pay for the manufacturer defects for my 2009 Fit. Other than this problem, I love my Fit.
  • bevstr8fanbevstr8fan Posts: 1
    I bought the car in March, by April, I had 3 different cracks(dings), I had never owned a car or truck that has done this to me. I have no knowledge what caused these dings, except for one of them, a truck passed me and flung a small rock. The insurance company had someone patch this one ding, but it developed a stress crack in it, and within a months time, it cracked straight across my windshield about 15 or 18 inches across, growing longer everyday. My deductible is 500, and the work will run 392...figures...I'm afraid to fix the windshield, only to crack again, Honda seems to use cheap, thin, glass on these cars...I love my car, but a new car should not have this kind of problem. Very concerned.... :confuse:
  • xfit08xfit08 Posts: 3
    First of all. The body cannot take simple swipe, like oh...say a car using your car as a door holder or even a slight swipe or bump because of wind or human error.

    How did I feel the first time I found a parking lot ding on my door? Wanted to extremely hit some one.

    Thus I always try to find parallel parking spaces. Note of advise on this part. Do not squeeze it in between huge cars...yes ding on the bumper.

    Also you might not like the front fender being so low. It cannot go up or down an inclined roads easily, you basically have to slowly crawl.
  • windwatcrwindwatcr Posts: 1
    I'm working with a friend that had her 08 Fit developed a crack similar to what everyone is describing. This happened before she took it in for the first oil change. The dealership here in Omaha did their pen test and said it was a rock chip impact that occurred near the passenger side wiper arm. Unusual place for a rock chip to occur. How did you make out on your claim? Which dealership did you go thru? Unfortunately, my friend, middle aged female did not raised he-- like I would have and now, windshield still not repaired is going to cost many hundreds to fix. How can Honda America claim to not know what is going on here? How can one contend the pen test as not accurate diagnosis for these stress cracks? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • 2352ohoh2352ohoh Posts: 4
    I was driving home yesterday, it was about 99 degrees in San Ramon, CA. My new Honda Fit had been sitting in the sun all day closed up. I always make sure to leave windows down a little in the heat though. I bought this car 2 mos ago with 20 miles on it when I bought it. It now has over 1000 miles on it. I keep the windows down until I got on the freeway, then I put them up and turned on the air. about 2 to 5 miles into my travel I heard a pop which sounded like it came from under my dash, like the air condioning unit. I said that is not good, but I didn't see it, and it came from within the car, under dash. I made a mental note of it. I got home and washed my car. As I was washing the windshield I noticed it had a great big moon shaped crack in it. I took it to dealership right away. They did pen test said it wasn't covered in warranty, because he said he found a fisher where inpact hit. It was coming from bottom of passenger side , under windshield wiper up further where he daid rock hit it and then up and over to middle windshield. I left thinking he was right. The next day I did same routine, with car and I heard same crack noise coming from airconditioning unit, around the same area on hwy., that happened day before, there was no rocks, no trucks by me. I will fight this to the end. This engine is right under dash, which is right under windshield. This is a fault in the way it is made, and quite frankly I will fight to get everything back in the deal including my 2006 Hyndaii Tiburon, that kept a couple of star specks from rocks hitting windshiend forever, with no major change. I made a huge mistake not to check this website before buying. I love my new car otherwise, but this is something I will not tolerate. Not after signing a $26,000 contract with them, and leaving a car that I adored for 5 yrs, with no problem. Thanks for the info., I suggest you all read everybody's input, and let's put a stop to this bull. I want out.
  • jcbohjcboh Posts: 2
    I printed the messages from this board and took to my dealer and sent to Honda. I kept calling Honda America until I got someone to open a case for me on this. The next thing I knew, my dealer called to say Honda was payong for a new windshield.
  • 2352ohoh2352ohoh Posts: 4
    I am with you on that one. I might have to have my cousin who is a lawyer to file a huge lawsuit, for all of our behaves. I'm calling tommorrow to get out of this 26,000 dollar contract I made two mos. ago with them. And I won't trade it in for another model, and I won't accept the tax and license bill on it either. I want every dime I put in, and I want out of this contract, or I will sue for much more than that. That is what we all should do, who has a contract for the purchase of this vehicle. Honda does make great cars, but they better allow me to step away like a lady!!!!!!
  • 2352ohoh2352ohoh Posts: 4
    amen, it takes all the people to stand up together and fight this thing. They said I could trade it for another Honda, but I'll be stuck with the tax and license. Let's see what they'll be stuck with when it's over.
  • I experienced the same problem that everyone on this discussion thread is describing. 1st cracked window happened after I returned to my car in a hot parking lot. I had it replaced through my insurance after two dealers insisted it was a rock hitting the windshield. Come on give me a break! The car was parked! The 2nd cracked on the replaced windshield happened two months after the replacement on a cold rainy day. I am driving around with that crack because I suspect that it was a Honda design flaw. Now I am convinced that it is a flaw because other Honda Fit owners are experiencing the same problem. Thanks 2352ohoh for bringing this to my attention. What is our recourse? I am in.
  • 2352ohoh2352ohoh Posts: 4
    Your welcome about the info. Your situation is exactly why I've decided I've made a mistake purchasing my new Honda Fit 2011 model. I've already had a windshield crack so badly it needs replacing. The car is new, I purchased it may 1, 2011. I'm talking to a lawyer tomorrow, to see what my options are. I will let you know what our options are, after that. Wouldn't it be something to make a class action lawsuit against this Co. I'm not a sue happy person, but I feel something is going on here, and it's not rocks and it's not our fault. Even if it was rocks, it still shows that this windshield is not acceptable. I feel it has something to do with the hot whether and cold whether. They have a responsibility to inform the consumers about their good points and their bad points. They know somethings wrong, and their putting their heads in the sand. I can't afford a new windshield, I had to drive home in the wind, and rain yesterday, on the freeway. I was scared to death with this cracked windshield. This is a safety issue, that other people need to know about. Especially channel 7 news. I don't want the same thing to happen again, that's why I would rather get out of contract. I'll let you know what happens. Sounds like a major recall to me, and it might have to be the consumers, this time to do it.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 8,391
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  • pilot125pilot125 Posts: 2
    I just bought a new 2011 Honda Pilot 8 days ago and have a huge crack in the windshield below the windshield wipers. It extends the entire length of the windshield and curves up on the driver and passenger sides. I have less than 1000 miles on the SUV and no rocks have hit the windshield. I brought it back to the dealer and he said a pebble hit the windshield and caused the crack. NO WAY. This is defective glass.
  • kvs60kvs60 Posts: 1
    edited July 2011
    Same problem as everyone else. My daughter's 20 month old, low mileage (~5,000) Fit was in for some safety recall work, and an oil change, which went smoothly enough, though after she got the car home she noticed a long crack on the passenger side of the windshield, starting from the edge. Appeared to be this same stress fracture that everyone else is describing here, with no indication of a chip from a stone. Really not clear whether anything the service guys at the dealer did that might have increased the chances of this happening. Apparently the car was outside in the hot sun prior to my daughter picking it up, and they cranked the air to full when they drove it over to the pickup area while she was paying, though that kind of temperature differential really shouldn't cause this to happen so easily.

    Took the car back to the dealer the next day (Fladeboe Honda, Irvine, CA), they did the pen check, no arguments, they took pictures of the crack to send to Honda, ordered the new windshield, called me after a few days once the windshield was in, scheduled the appointment with the glass guy that does the replacement, then we took the car back for the work, and everything covered under warranty. They did say they hadn't seen this before on a Fit, but that the Pilot had a problem in the past, as others mention here.

    So no problems getting it replaced, but it's pretty worrying that this happens so easily and I'm concerned it might happen again. I think I'll make a complaint to NHTSA as someone above suggests.
  • angie777angie777 Posts: 1
    Last weekend I was washing my car (2009 Honda Fit) and I heard a thump. I thought it came from a neighbor or something, not from my car. When I was whiping my windshield I noticed 3 big cracks originating from the bottom middle of my windhsield by the Windshield wiper. I called Honda and they advised that if there are no points of impact, the replacement might be covered under warraty. I was relieved, my dad, myself and my boyfriend inspected the cracks and did not see any points of impact.

    I took my car in today. I had to wait 45 minutes for a supervisor to inspect my car. After an hour of waiting I was approached by an agent not the supervisor and was told that a small nick was found in the middle of two of the cracks . We asked that they show this to us.

    The supervisor came out and poked the "nick" with his pen several times, possibly making the '"nick" worst and bigger. He started off by saying that Honda is very careful and takes pride in their parts and that they would not pay for it. I started to think that the car should had been inspected in front of me to make sure that Honda didnt create the "nick" themselves, too late for that.

    The next step would be for a Honda rep. to inspect it. I asked them to set up an appointment. They couldnt tell me when but they promised to call.

    In the meantime I will look into taking my car to a Glass Specialist and get a second opinion.


    I had take my car in for a Recall already, I love this car but im starting to think it was a bad choice. I should have bought a Scion!
  • cindyjcindyj Posts: 7
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