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Honda Fit Exterior & Bodywork Questions



  • I have a 2010 Fit with less than 10K miles. Drove it earlier today in the city (not many rocks in the city), did not see or hear anything impact the car or windshield. Got in this evening and noticed a nice 6 inch, moon shaped crack in the lower part of the windshield, starts below the hood line of the car, near the wipers, a very odd place for an impact fracture. Sounds like this is a "known" issue that Honda does not want to "know". Frustrating. I was heading to trade it in tomorrow morning, now have to stop by Honda dealer first to see if I can get it replaced!
  • 2013 Honda Fit. Only 6 months old and 6413 miles. Today, I parked it in the indoor garage where I work and I know the windshield was in perfect condition at that time. I'm always inspecting it for dings, bird poops or scratches before I drive it, especially because I live in NYC....anyway....

    ... When I returned from work, lo and behold, it had a 10 inch crack that stemmed from the very bottom center of the windshield (underneath the wipers). The crack goes straight up from the edge for about 4 inches and then curves around in a crescent shape. After careful inspection, I am certain that it is some kind of stress fracture because there is absolutely no point of impact or missing glass along the entire length of the crack.

    I'm no design engineer but I'm pretty confident that it is a Honda design/manufacturing defect and and will fight to make sure they make good on it. As one poster stated before...It seems that the frame around the window could be expanding beyond its flex specs and placing undue pressure on an already thin/weak window to begin with. Hot/cold contrasting temperatures would simply contribute to an already inherent weakness in design. I also suspect the installation and/or the sheer size of the window could also be another contributing factor in the designs vulnerability.

    The break point in the windshield seems to be a common denominator in all these supporting posts therefore I don't think its some freak random coincidence. Honda may need to go back to the drawing board on their windshield/frame design. I smell a recall in the future but only if we all act and make it known. I will call Honda corporation and see what they say and do. All of us with this same problem need to register this complaint with the Honda Corporation. We need to band together on this issue or suffer the losses. I at least want a warranty replacement.
  • aafit09aafit09 Posts: 1
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    I bought my Fit in 2009 new. Within 2 months of owning the car, I went out to my parked car to find a crack starting dead center at the top edge of the windshield in a straight line downward behind the rear view mirror. Confident that nothing had hit the windshield, I took the car to the dealership, called Honda America, and was eventually told that the windshield would not be replaced due to the pen test "proof" that something had hit the window. I eventually folded after much frustration and paid to replace the window myself. This was ~May 2009.

    Coincidentally, just this morning -- May again? Something to do with the weather? -- I went out to my parked car to find a new crack -- this time starting dead center at the bottom edge of the windshield going behind the wipers in a straight line upward. I swear I could draw a perfect line from where the crack in 2009 occurred at the top to where this one occurs at the bottom. By the end of the day, the crack has created the same hook shape that others have described.

    I called Honda America and heard the same story: "we've never heard of this problem." I told them that many other people have reported it -- how can they tell me they have never heard of it? I asked for a manager to escalate my call to and was told that I could not talk to someone else and that I would have to go to the dealership. For the record, a pen test today would prove that there is no nick.

    I am very frustrated with Honda's lack of attention to this potential safety issue. The cost of the replacement windshield certainly doesn't seem worth the lost satisfaction of so many Honda customers who will think hard about buying another Honda vehicle.
  • acool6401acool6401 Posts: 2
    Same thing happened to me, same crack, same spot , same shape and I took it the Plaza Honda in Brooklyn. It was clearly a stress crack.
    I told them not to do their [non-permissible content removed] pen test ( though I didnt use the word "[non-permissible content removed]" to them) unless I was present so I could watch and monitor the test like a hawk.
    I know I had no dip in the crack because I inspected it myself. Even one of their managers said "it looks like a stress crack to me"
    They distracted me by asking me to talk to the service manager and when I turned my head back to look at my car, someone was jabbing their pen into the crack...after I told them not to do it!!! I immediately told them to stop and they did but it was too late...."Oh sir, sorry but this is not covered because you and have a tiny dip in the crack according to our pen test" so I was fuming mad so I said..."Well since I'm not covered let me show you how easily one could make a dip in the crack with that pen" and I deliberately made another one to prove my point and believe me guys when I say that it does not take much pressure on that pen to do it.

    I think its the dealers tricks of the trade to get away with not covering a crack that was clearly a stress crack before they ran their little test that saves them hundreds. I ended spending a few hundred at Safelite Auto Glass. These dudes gave me a great price and did quality replacement work. I also added windshield coverage to my auto policy for the future. I am very disappointed with the Honda Corporation and refuse to do any work at a Honda dealership from now on. I would rather find a good mechanic and pay out of pocket. I just dont trust the service at dealers and it always way over priced anyway. In addition to that, they always seem to find a way to not cover what is supposed to be covered. At least thats been my experience maybe somebody else has better things to report but I doubt too many will step forward for that.
  • mcbrushmcbrush Posts: 1
    I have a black 2013 Honda Fit with "delicate" paint. It is 4 months old, has 15,000 km and hundreds of small chips on the hood and even a few on the left front fender. We made 3 winter trips through the mountains since we bought it. I have owned many vehicles and made many winter trips and have never had such a problem. Honda Canada denied a warranty claim, saying that rock chips weren't covered and a complaint to Honda Canada Customer Service produced the same result but with an offer from the dealership to give us a "good deal" on repainting the front end of the cars. Has anyone else had similar problems?
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    he, he...let me know what the good deal is on repainting the front hood; we'll get a volume discount. My 2007 Fit's hood looks like was in Beirut in the '70s. Although I like my cars to look as nice as they can, it is what is under the engine that matters most to me, and if my car is to take on battle scars, I want them on the outside metal and not on the interior where I have to look at them all the time.
  • barnhambarnham Posts: 1
    Took my 2009 Honda Fit to have it aligned over a year ago. The mechanic told me they couldn’t do it. I forget what he said as to why. I don’t know if he said the frame was bent or something else wrong with the car. The care has never been in an accident based on two car reports. I hit a curb that caused a small dent in the front. Guess I thought I was still driving my Forester.
    I have a coupon from dealer to balance all 4 wheels, rotate tires and inspect brakes. While doing this, will the mechanic notice if anything is wrong with the frame? Maybe I have to have them do an alignment to find this out. Thanks!
  • I parked my car in the garage last night and all is well; this morning I get the car out of the garage and I notice a 12-16" crack originating from under the plastic by the windshield wiper. I looked at the crack and no signs of chips or anything in fact the crack is so thin I took a second look to make sure it wasn't a scratch from the wiper even though it curves the opposite way. Then I remember that when we originally researched the car in 2009. there was a thread in the unofficial honda fit forum about cracks in the windshield. So I went online and found this thread. The posts are unbelievably and I stress unbelievably similar to my story. I called the honda number 1-800-999-1009 and spoke to a rep named Christina... she told me there was no recall and my warranty was out and because of that I was basically sol. I told her I am not alone with this problem and it wasn't the money or the insurance claim which by the way; here in florida, covers for windshield with no deductible. I was calling because; as a responsible consumer and because up until this point I liked honda, to tell them that there was obviously a problem with their product and they should do something to fix it and own up to it. Basically do the right thing. They told me again there was no problem because there was no recall. I told them about this thread and they said they cannot take the views of third parties (third parties?...customer feedback). She told me that I should take the car to a dealership to get it checked out, and I told her I was willing to do that but asked her if it was determined not to be my fault (chip or anything else) If honda would own up to the problem . She said she could not say. I escalated the call to Marla her supervisor because I was going nowhere besides her telling me that she was writing down what she told me. The supervisor Marla was just has helpful as Christina was and told me that she was also writing everything down and I could not speak to anyone else. I felt like I was in that episode of Seinfeld where the doctor blackballs Elaine for complaining. She told me there was nothing they could do for me. I hung up in disbelief about the total lack of customer service and care. I have had at least four hondas in the past including the fit. The fit will most likely be the last. I guess this was literally the crack that broke the camel's back. I have filled a claim with the insurance company they're coming monday to fix the car.
    p.s. I talked to a dealership locally and the service person told me to bring it in and that she will look at the crack and this thread. I am going there tomorrow (saturday). I will post what ever happens.
  • smallpotatoessmallpotatoes Posts: 2
    edited September 2013
    Went to dealership and talked to very nice service manager he looked at the crack and said it looked like it was a chip. I asked him how could it be, because it was almost under the wiper. He also explained that the crack spreads over time. I told him how unhappy I was with customer service at corporate Honda and he agreed they can be difficult and because of that he could not do anything else he said those are the same people that I talk to. Monday morning (today). The glass repair company came to repair the car and the guy initially said that the crack looked really weird because of the place where it happened and because he couldn't see chip. i gave him a magnifying glass and then he said that yes there seem to be a chip but that he would let me know after he took the glass out and inspected it to see where the crack originated. he finished the work and showed me that the crack started because of that minuscule chip. I called Honda back to apologize to Marla. Still not happy about the customer service because of the lack of empathy due to the fact that I am a customer inexperienced with cracks and that after all these facts I had a reason to be concerned.
  • My daughter parked her 2013 Honda Fit last night. She returned in the morning to find a 14" crack straight across the middle of her windshield starting from the middle of the drivers side edge. There does not appear to be any "chip". After reading these comments and many other complaints on other sites it is becoming obvious Honda does not own up to stress fractures or they are not making windshields durable enough to absorb the slightest impact (normal driving conditions). I have seen rocks bounce off my Cadillac windshield leaving craters in the windshield that did not crack. My 1994 Honda has pits all over the windshield and no cracks after 20 years. After owning five Hondas I too think this is the end. A reputation is an easy thing to lose. We'll see how they respond tomorrow.
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