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Lexus GS 350



  • Where is this noise coming from? Only happens on really rough roads, railroad tracks or brick walkways. How do you pinpoint this? Sounds like its behind gauges then it sounds like its over behind nav area. Please help. will drive me crazy!!!!
  • lz4004lz4004 Posts: 37
  • The dash noise in my 07 GS350 was fixed by the dealer at no charge. They had to pull the dash out, an all day job. It solved the problem. The only residual problem I have now is engine vibration at idle, and it has been there since the car was new. The car does run well.
  • chucko3chucko3 Posts: 793
    The dash noise is coming from the gap between the windshield and the dashboard around the vent outlet on the driver side and/or the passenger side.
    Mine is more pronounced on the passenger side.
    I stuffed a soft foam on both sides. When the car runs over rough surface, the dashboard moves a bit and rubs against the windshield. That causes the creaking noise.
    Regarding the squealing brake, there is a TSB for it.
  • Having gone through nightmares with my mechanically similar '08 Toyota Avalon Limited, I now find that one of the two headlights has burned out on my '08 GS350. I was disappointed, but not surprised, to find out that the GS has the same, idiotic design that requires that the front bumper cover be removed in order to change the bulb. Add the three hours of labor to the Lexus list price for the replacement bulb of $175, and you're looking at over $400 to change a headlight. What a load of %&*%.

    At any rate: having replaced two sets of HID bulbs on my Avvy, now the question is what folks' experience has been with the GS. The first set of HID's I bought for the Avvy were no-name bulbs online, which burned out in less than a year. I then purchased Phillips brand bulbs. So far OK but it's been less than a year. Had a body shop change the bulbs which they did for much less than the dealer's price.

    Has anyone purchased a brand of bulb other than the Lexus OEM bulb? And a picture I saw of the purported OEM bulb suggests it's a Phillips, which I can buy online for less than half of the lexus price. Can anyone confirm it the OEM bulb is a Phillips? Has anyone tried to change the bulbs themselves?

    What a pain. My '07 Suburban still has original halogen bulbs, which I can buy for $20 and replace myself in 10 minutes. Good thing I got the Lexus LOL
  • I have an 07 GS350 and my husband replaced the bulb. We ordered one online for about $100 and he just changed it. I know it didn't require much because he is not very mechanical. I am pretty sure he did so under the hood behind the light kit.
  • I tried the soft foam. didnt work. I did pinpoint were it is. If you lay your hand on the bump behind the steering wheel above the gauges, it stops. Its at the dealer right now and they are fixing it. I hope!!!!
  • carguy0522carguy0522 Posts: 1
    edited January 2012
    Took My 08 GS 350 to the dealer yesterday with 57,000 miles on it. I purchased my car brand new and opted for the additonal 100,000 warranty. My GS sounds like a riding mower with 400,000 miles. I can hear it thru the fire wall & it gets louder on the highway on acceleration. The clicking/Tapping is always there even at idle in park. People have said "what the heck is wrong with your car"? I swear its the lifters or the Valves/springs. I've worked on cars myself and grew up around mechanic's. The Service advisor's answer....."it's the high pressure fuel pump" It's normal".....what a load of bull! Plus they claimed no recall's on my car for lifter's or valve springs, which i know is a lie, i just read a press release Lexus put out for faulty valve springs.
    I'm printing out the recall and sending it in with a letter to the General Manager because i know they are going to give me the run around.
    Anybody have any of the same thing going on? Any Lexus Mech's out there that can give me the inside scoop?

    Thanks, much appreciated!!
  • I also have this same noise. I had a 98 gs that had 187k on it and was quiet, so when I bought this 2008 gs in oct with 37k on it I had taken it back because my husband said there was lifter noises. They claim its the fuel injectors. its the 1st year for that type so they are quite loud. they claim they changed the pressure from 50lb to 1500lb and thats why they are so noisey.
  • lz4004lz4004 Posts: 37
    I took my 08 gs 350 in last nov. for the valve spring replacement covered under warranty. The rather somewhat clicking noise in the engine is still the same after the valve springs were replaced. The dealer said this is normal for this engine.
  • The knocking noise in my dash is gone. dealer pulled dash and fixed it. had car for 2 days. they said it wasn't the noise that other owners had. I am very happy not hearing that anymore. now to solve the brake dust and sometimes squeek of front passenger brake.
  • noise in dash is fixed. yey! dealer pulled dash and fixed. they had for 2 days. driven now for awhile rough roads no noise. so happy!!!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    A reporter is hoping to interview car-shoppers under 34 years old to learn whether they are interested in the new "near-premium" offerings from Acura, Audi, Buick and Lexus. Thanks for responding to by Thursday, March 29, 2012 with your daytime contact info and a sense of whether you think those vehicles are well-suited to you and your peers.
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,751
    Just took delivery on a new 2013 GS350 with luxury pkg, Mark Levinson audio, preferred luxury pkg, blind spot alert, heads up display, parking sensors, NAV pkg, MSRP was $58,800. This is my first Lexus since 2001, when I had a GS300.

    Got a stupendous end-of-the-month deal of $53,000 plus tax and fees thanks to a $1500 conquest cash incentive available on the GS350 ($54,500 less $1500 conquest). Great ride and handling and increased horsepower to 306.

    The technology is more than awesome with what seems like scores of buttons and a 12" split screen for NAV and system displays. I had owned BMW 535's and Mercedes E350's and wanted a sport sedan that had sport handling with a luxury ride and the GS350 fit the bill.

    The interior is that new Flaxen perforated leather to accommodate ventilated seats. Charcoal wood trim with wood and leather steering wheel compliments the more luxurious interior and pleasing ergonomics of the GS. Flaxen is a saddle interior and the exterior is a metallic gray.

    After getting out of a German sports sedan, the first noticeable difference is the ease of handling and luxury ride as opposed to the overly stiff and hard riding German models in this market segment. The car is about the same curb weight as the BMW, Mercedes and Audi, but handles like a heavier, better balanced luxury sedan. With the 306 hp V6, the GS350 is equal to the task of luxury married to an adaptive handling sport sedan via the ability to select a sport ride and handling setting or a more reserved luxury setting with the turn of a switch on the driver's console.

    The learning curve to master the vehicle's technology and settings will be a steep one, but I am looking forward to that ride as well.

    In summary, this vehicle is a must to test drive before making a final decision on one of the German entries.

    2018 Mercedes S450

  • lz4004lz4004 Posts: 37
    What dealer did you purchase from? I`ve never seen them discounted,not even a 2012. i live it ct. All 3 dealers won`t budge unless it`s a demo.
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,751
    which dealer....

    First of all, I was in the business and managed several dealerships so I know about invoices, conquest cash, incentives, etc. That being said, the dealership I bought from is in Florida - 2 of the country's 4 biggest dealerships are here and competition is fierce. Finally, this is the end of the month - best time to get a great deal on any make of car.

    If you are willing to come to Florida, i know you can get a similar deal.

    2018 Mercedes S450

  • zoombie99zoombie99 North JerseyPosts: 260
    There are now good deals in the NY metro area and there were some great deals the past few days since it was the end of the month. You should be paying no more than a grand over invoice.
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  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,751 more than a grand over invoice..."

    Probably can get the same deal I got then if you are driving a qualifying competitor's luxury vehicle - $1500 conquest. Don't know if that will continue in May. Conquest certificates are given to dealers based upon their sales. The bigger the dealership, the more conquest certificates they are allocated. In Connecticut, with smaller dealerships, it's possible they ran out of conquest certificates before the end of the month. Pays to buy from a bigger dealership where they have more certificates and more flexibility in pricing.

    2018 Mercedes S450

  • zoombie99zoombie99 North JerseyPosts: 260
    Conquest expired in the northeast at the end of March. Some dealers have certificates but they don't apply to the GS. It is my understanding that dealers in Florida had a program that may end today. I am dealing with one of the largest dealers in the NE. I didn't pull the trigger because they didn't have it in the color and equipment I want.
    BMW 2015 Mediterranean Blue 535x
    BMW 2017 Melbourne Rent X3 28i (wife's)
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,751
    didn't have it in the color and equipment I wanted

    The car I bought wasn't my first choice for color or equipment, wanted silver but settled for gray with the Flaxen (I think that's the color's name - saddle color) and I didn't want the heads up display, but the price was right and I got financing at 2.6% for 60 months. Availability of colors with the Levinson audio package which was a must for me, was not good and we have the largest and third largest Lexus dealerships down here. So, it was now or never so I did the deed.

    2018 Mercedes S450

  • peterjhpeterjh Posts: 11
    edited May 2012
    Just picked up a brand new 2013 GS350 (white).

    MSRP: 52,517
    Negotiated: 48,100
    Final Price: 46,600 (after a $1500 conquest incentive)
    They also threw in 2yr / 24,000 miles free maintenance.

    One problem I had is that I was going to pay full cash for the car, but the dealer said I'd need to finance $10K to receive the conquest incentive. So I ended up financing 10K @ %4.99 interest, but I will pay it off in 2 - 3 months.

    Hope this helps!
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,751
    ...but will pay it off in 2 or 3 months...

    I don't remember my dealer telling me that the conquest certificate required that the new GS350 had to be financed - although it is possible - but usually conquest cash does not require that. Be interested in finding out if that was a requirement or if they scammed you into a loan, no matter how short term it is. Anyone out there know the answer?

    Sounds like you got a great deal. That's why I bought one - unfortunately because I had to have the Levinson package and NAV package and NOT the sport model, I ended up with more than I wanted and an exterior color that was not my first choice. Sure didn't need the Intuitive Park Assist here in Florida (no parallel parking down here) nor the Head's Up Display and the Blind Spot Monitor, but the ride and handling are superb! The MSRP on mine was $58,880, or about $2000 more than I wanted, but there was nothing else available and the deal with the conquest was just something I couldn't walk away from.

    Good luck and enjoy your new car!

    2018 Mercedes S450

  • peterjhpeterjh Posts: 11
    Yep, so initially, I walked out from the dealer, thinking that they are trying to 'scam' me. However, I ended up calling Lexus HQ office and they did confirm that the Conquest incentive is only available if financed / leased through Lexus. I also called 2 other local dealers and they all confirmed...

    They all told me to keep the loan for min 2 - 3 months before paying off. I did the math, probably paying approx $130 in interest...

    BTW, the car is amazing. :)
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,751
    so initially, I walked out from the dealer, thinking that they are trying to 'scam' me

    Like I mentioned in my previous post, when I bought my car down here in Florida, they did not mention to me that the $1500 conquest required a loan with Lexus Financial Services - and I figured out why - I have a small loan ($16,000) for 60 mos with Lexus Financial at 2.6% on the new car. I now know why they moved me from Bank of America to the Lexus Financial Services loan - had to have some financing with LFS to qualify. Makes sense now. Glad you checked it out - I have never heard of a conquest being tied to a specific loan/lease requirement - and now I have.

    Yes, the car is awesome - a little more powerful than my 2012 Mercedes was, more comfortable to sit in, that's for sure, the choice of econo, Sport or Sport + settings for ride and handling, and the more comfortable ride. Quieter than the Mercedes as well and much less expensive. My Mercedes was $62,325, or about $4,000 MORE than my GS350 - but my GS350 has much more on it, even though the Mercedes was a P2 package car - top of the line.

    I don't use the Intuitive Park Assist (no parallel parking down here), don't pay much attention to the Blind Spot Monitor as it picks up a car in the lanes to the left and right of me too late for me to do much about it, and the Heads Up Display is convenient for speed, but that's why I have a speedometer.

    I have the NAV package, the Levinson Audio Package and the Upgraded luxury package - like being in front of my computer at home, to be honest with you. Heavy on the Technology, and it will take me months to figure it all out.


    2018 Mercedes S450

  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,751
    What I've noticed is that the new Lexus GS 350 rides like an LS 460 and has the handling of a Mercedes-Benz E350 sport. It also has all the luxury features and technology of the new LS 460 PLUS some new features that the GS350, LS460 and Mercedes have never had.

    Best darn car I've ever owned and driven!

    2018 Mercedes S450

  • sjr200sjr200 Posts: 8
    I second this. I picked up a GS 350 FSport, Starfire Pearl/Cabernet Interior, Nav, Parking assist, Blind spot, paint protection about 3 weeks ago. It handles like a dream, comfortable, fast, smooth, loaded with tech and looks fantastic.

    I personally love the brushed aluminum trim that comes with the FSport. And the red interior, just awesome. I can also say that the standard sound system sounds great. I know some audiophiles insist on the Mark Levinson, but honestly, you dont need it with this model. It's far superior to the sound system in my wifes RX 350. (something she complains about every time she is in my car lol) I couldn't be happier. I'm in So Cal and it makes the commute so much more enjoyable.

    If you are shopping around in the class, especially in the sport dpt... BMW 5, Merc E350, Audi A6, give the GS 350 FSport a look. You won't be dissapointed.
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,751
    I've had some real problems with my new 2013 Lexus GS350's tires. They say it's not balancing since they rebalanced the tires twice. There is a vibration in the steering wheel when the tires are cold. The vibration is so pronounced that I get a rattling sound in my dashboard. Dealership says they can't do anything unless Lexus authorizes that the tires be changed. I've contacted Lexus, but I am not getting anywhere WIYH them. My service dept. told me there have been several reports of complaints about vibrations in the steering wheel in different parts of the country, but Lexus refuses to do anything.

    I sure hope this isn't another hidden problem with Toyota products that Toyota refuses to admit!

    Be careful when you test drive one to make sure there is no vibration in the steering!

    2018 Mercedes S450

  • zoombie99zoombie99 North JerseyPosts: 260
    Some models had a steering issue which was corrected but it was not related to the tires. See further postings on clublexus gen4 forums
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  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,751
    Steering problems

    I checked that out, but I did not see anything about steering problems in the new 2013 GS 350. My assistant service manager at Lexus told me he drove one of the 2013 GS 350s the use for loaners and it had the same problem. I asked him about the steering problem, and he said he was not aware of any steering problems in the 2013 GS 350, just several complaints regarding tires!

    So I'll have to wait until Lexus makes up their mind about what they plan to do!

    Thanks for the feedback as well as input.

    2018 Mercedes S450

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