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2013 and earlier-Acura RDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hey there,

    Just wondering which dealer u got that deal from? I'm ready to buy and would be happy with that price. By the way, how much is destination for the car, i think i heard $875?

  • hll7575hll7575 Posts: 13
    Not sure if you have decided to buy, but my gut feeling is that the 08 Acura RDX is just fine. It might be many just came out of the lease program. Back then, RDX might be a "poor men's" luxury small SUV. Now, it could be mroe compeitions, and also the down economy, that either some people cannot afford the "luxury" anymore, or simply wanted something different, say a MB GLK, BMW X3, or Volvo XC60, etc.
  • edin06edin06 Posts: 5
    I just purchased 2011 FWD in Oct, $31500 in WhiteBear Lake MN, the internet saleman name Mark very nice and easy to work with. I would recommend all friends come to this dealer if they want to buy car in the future.
    Another dealer in MN name Buerkle Acura is suck, new car internet manager and new car department saleman are mean and suck too.
  • I have a quote for a new Acura RDX 2012 SH AWD with tech package for 34k. Is this a good price?
  • easyrdxeasyrdx Posts: 2
    edited October 2011
    Hey edin06,

    Does your price $31500 is OTD price? if it is, that is a very good deal!
    I bought my RDX in John Eagle Acura, Houston, TX. The salesman was really bad, he didn't know anything about his car, I have to answer every question that I asked to him.
  • edin06edin06 Posts: 5
    The 2011 FWD $31,500 before tax and Licence. :shades:
  • edin06edin06 Posts: 5
    2012 SH AWD with Tech $34K is very good deal but you can ask your saleman off 33,500 or through some thing in your car like roofrack, all season floor mat... :)
  • harismharism Posts: 1
    Hi Mike, can you tell me the dealership name/city details where you got 34k? Thanks
  • newrdxnewrdx Posts: 1
    Hi Micheal,

    Can you share some information about dealer and city.
  • Is there a shortage of these cars, does anyone know? It seems there are not that many on dealers lots. We just bought a 2010 with Tech PKG at with 10K on it for 29K including tax, title, & fees. I'm looking for a Red one, but have found very few for sale. We have one local dealer who has a brand new 2010 AWD with Tech PKG, in black. NOT a color we wanted, but they were wiling to take $33K for it including tax, title, & fees. Anyone know if more of these cars are on the way??
  • Smart!! you can do even better, the economy is AWFUL, who is buying luxury cars---not that many people. Car prices should be even lower, although the Acura's give good value for the money verses other luxury brands. I was interested in Lexus until I went to the dealer, they are like the price of gold -- over priced.
  • yejiyeji Posts: 4
    Hi All,

    I got an on the road price $34500 for 2012 RDX, AWD, w/out tech package in MD.
    Is this a great deal?

    Thanks for your time.
  • I think they gave you an "OK" price. Does your price include tax, title & fees. Then you are starting to get a decent price. I would say in MD your economy is better than others, thus the dealers can get better prices. Ask the dealer when the car arrived? If the cars are sitting on the lot 60-90 days plus, then they are more willing to do what it takes to move them. If there is a shortage of RDX's then the price tends to stay higher. I would like to see a ton more of these cars hit the market, the new and used prices would come down. Also, in 2013 a RDX re-design is coming, that can reduce the price of the 2012's if its significant change in the vehicle.
  • Hi!
    All the dealers I have contacted for 2011 RDX are sold out of 2011 RDXs. I got a quote for 2012 RDX SH-AWD non-Tech pack for $33,100 (after destination charges, but before taxes). Is this a good deal?
  • Well, if you run the numbers this is not much below the invoice price. Its not a bad deal, but not fantastic. I just missed out on a 2011 2WD RDX with Tech for $31,775 plus tax & title. That was a good deal. It's going to harder to get a good price with dealer inventories as low as they are. Although, cars in general are selling slowly, some dealerships maybe motivated to get cars off the lot. Remember, if a car is on the lot 90-120 days that's costing the dealership money. They are more likely to drop the price to get it off their hands. If Acura can put more cars on the lots prices may get a bit better. The parts supply problem has left Acura manufacturing less cars. I hope in the nest couple of months they can increase production. If you are not in a rush, this summer the 2013 RDX will be on sale. That will significantly reduce the demand for the 2012 model, increasing the pressure to lower the 2012 price to get them off the lots. The 2013 should have some upgrades, which depending on the price maybe worth waiting for.
  • Hi,

    I am looking to buy a 2009 RDX AWD W/O Tech. It has 34,500 miles and dealer price is listed at 26,500 and is certified. Based on the forums here 23,000 (before taxes and TTL) seems to be a resonable price. Is that a resonable price and if so do they go 3500$ down on a used vehicle?

    Thanks for the input.
  • If you look up the trade in value for that car, your price of $23,000 appears to be pretty good. Look up trade in value for a very good condition, 2009 RDX AWD its $23,622. So your in a good price range. Remember, doc fee is extra, sometimes its excessive. Make sure it has a clean title. Get the balance of the factory warranty, even better get the car "certified". To certify a car would cost the dealer about $1000.00. The price listed is the retail price. Try to get as close to trade in as you can. You never know if you NEED to get rid of the car, you won't loose to much money.
  • ziffiesziffies Posts: 11
    edited December 2011
    We're in South Florida and got the following quotes on RDX (not AWD nor SH, just plain ol' RDX):

    2012 RDX - $31,499.00
    2012 RDX Tech - $34,399.00

    Is any of this quote a good deal? If not how much lower we should haggle?

    Appreciate any input.
  • Just bought my 2012 RDX 2WD with Tech Pkg from Acura Carland in Atlanta, they sold it to me for $33, 656.00 including all doc fee's, tax, title were extra. The dealer gave me a good price, but Pohanka in DC are also selling the RDX's for this price. If you are willing to travel, you may save a couple of grand. My experience with Carland has been excellent. I have to fly to Atlanta to pick it up, but for $140.00 to save over $2000 I will do it. All the dealers in my area want 34,500 to $35,000 and I am not going to give them that. The 2012 RDX's will become difficult to get soon, Acura is stopping production and re-tooling for the 2013, to be released in April. It will not be discounted much from its MSRP, which should be $1500-2,000 more than the 2012's. They will be more expensive along with a number of upgrades to complete with Audi, BMW, & Mercedes.
  • I just received an 'upfront' quote from an internet car quote provider. For 2012 Acura RDX base, $31,782 including destination fee. This amount is exactly matched the price from's. This is the first time I use the 'upfront' price. Can anybody advise if it is a good one?
  • I just picked up my New 2012 RDX 2WD with Tech Pkg for $33,600.00, I guess $31782 sounds okay for a base model.
  • I just went back to check the price on Your RDX costs $110 over invoice price. Then, with the same formula, I should pay $30,757 to get a great price like yours for a base model.
    Thanks for your information.
  • If you are interested I purchased my RDX from Acura Carland Atlanta, good buying experience. If you need a contact let me know
  • Thank you for your kindness, but I am living in South Bay area.
  • ditadita Posts: 2
    need some help here folks. I'm moving to the bay area next week and only have 2 days before my new employment begins.
    I have narrowed down my RDX to 2WD without a tech package with acceptable colors being polished metal and palladium
    what is the best way to go about getting genuine quotes from the bay dealers and how wide should I cast the net? 50 miles? 100 miles?

    I'm coming from a small town where at most, we may have 1 or 2 dealers so it's easy to get quotes.

    In the bay area, there are 20 dealers, should I hit every one of their website and submit for a quote? or should I make my own email template and send it to each of the dealers (don't know their email id's).

    Also, I quite fancy the 2013 RDX unveiled at the detroit show, any idea when they will arrive at the showroom?
    Thanks much
  • hbnyhbny Posts: 3
    Any recommendations for dealers in Westchester County, NY area? Still deciding on cars, however I am defintely interested in a CPO RDX - no tech package with under 30,000 miles. Any one have a preference for 2009, vs 2010 or 2011? I looked at and as well as edmunds.

  • I would look up the KBB "trade in" value with a "good" rating and try to buy as close to this number as possible. Get the newest one you can. Remember, RDX went through a redesign for 2010 with a few changes. These remained the same through the 2012 model year. I don't know of any dealerships in the NY area, but Pohanka in DC and Carland in Atlanta are big dealerships who are interested in moving cars. They are a cheap flight away for a New Yorker, especially if you can save some money or in the Atlanta case, get a southern car, which has never seen winter road salt!!
  • drr98drr98 Posts: 80
    We bought our '11 FWD RDX in Sacramento at Niello Acura.

    We paid $30500 w/roof rack. Just email the dealers.

    Good Luck.
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