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Pontiac Grand Am Wet Floor!



  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    According to the latest info on the fuel economy site, neither a 4 or 6 cyl 94 Grand Am qualifies under the CARS program since they have combined economy ratings above 18 mpg. I doubt if a 95 would either.
  • wow, I can't find it either. I looked here

    I see they have a 95 Pontaic Grand Prix and I thought Grand Prix were supposed to be a better model than Grand Am. In fact, I don't see any Pontiac Grand Am's on the list?
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Does it have a factory sunroof?
  • no it is does not have a sun roof.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Is there water in the trunk, in the spare tire well?
  • I have had my 95 grand am for about two years. The first year i noticed i had a puddle problem. It clearly starts in the passengers front, however the puddle gets so big as i'm driving goes to the back and ends up on all floors. It wasn't a big problem and during the summer when it was real humid the puddle would completely evaporate. Even though it would always come back and freeze over the winter. However, this past summer the puddle didn't seem to evaporate, the problem is worse. At all times i seem to have a four inch puddle in my car. Every time i go to drive my car i have to scoop the water out with a cup in order to keep myself partially dry. I would completely get rid of all the water and i come back a half hour later, no matter what the weather, the same size puddle would always be there waiting for me. I had a friend do some work on my radiator this summer and he decided he needed to jack up the car in order to get underneath. As he went into my trunk we noticed that the puddle was in my trunk too. Not only was it in my trunk but my spare tire compartment was completely full of water, the jack was all rusted, and garbage. I want to bring this car out to college about two hours away from my home but i'm scared that its not safe enough for the long drive. Every person i ask seems baffled. Should i worry about this, is there an easy fix, do you think my car's safe enough to bring to school? I would greatly appreciate any input
  • You 2 I'm having the same problems,and havn't figured it out either. :mad: But I was wondering where are those "weep holes" located that your talking about?

  • You 2 I'm having the same problems,and havn't figured it out either. :mad: But I was wondering where are the "weep holes" located?

  • :) I had the same problem with a 96 with water on the inside of the car. I traced the problem to a broken plastic inlet/outlet pipe on the heater core. I replaced the heater core with one I bought at Autozone (in stock). The new core comes with metal pipes. If the car is loosing coolant it would be a clue. This was the fix.
  • I too have wet trunk and floor board back drivers side with a puddle. After investigating where the water could possibly be coming from I discovered the spoiler was dripping water. I have taken spoiler off and will seal it. Has anyone also had this problem??? :cry:
  • I bought a 2003 Pontiac Grand AM - 4 door - in 2007 and it has leaked almost from day one. I have gotten no assistance from the dealership. They told me that they don't work on doors or windows. The water appears to be coming in right where the release latch is for the hood. I can see the water when I open the door. It also appears that water has gotten into the fuse box panel and it appears to also be minimally wet on the inside. If I stick a flat-head screwdriver in the joint and lift it back a little, Ican also see water where the dashboard meets the windshield area right above the fuse panel (hopefully this gives enough reference points so that you can tell where in the car I am talking about). I put silicone all around the windshield and this didn't help. I then sealed all around the door and this didn't help either. I also sealed around the area of the door where there is a hoze leading into the side of the car (near the area of the hood release). This hasn't helped either. It does not leak on the passenger side or the trunk just the driver side. The leak has gotten progressively worse to the point where now the entire left side of the car is wet, front and back and the windows are fogged up and sweating from the inside from all the moisture. The smell is also horrible. I put down several towels and it dries out a little bit but if it rains (even a little bit) it is soaking wet again. I cannot afford another car but this problem is driving me crazy. I have standing water in my car EVERY time it rains. Any suggestions or correcting this problem? PLEASE HELP!! :mad:
  • glass_docglass_doc Posts: 1
    edited April 2011
    If you are having wet floor problems and you have a sunroof, it is very likely this could be the cause. If the water is on the outer edge of the floorboard (nearest the door) and just under the edge of the dash (either side, driver or passenger) check this solution.

    Open the sunroof and look all the way to the front and in the corners. You should see a pencil sized hole for drainage. This hole leads to a tube that drains down the A-pillar (the front posts on both sides of the windshield) and out between the door hinges (on a 2002 Grand Am). If you see debris in front of the hole clean it out. Now pour about a 1/4 of a cup of water down next to the drain hole and watch for it to come out the hole between the door hinges. Make sure both sides are clear. If it doesn't drain and you can't see any debris try blowing it out with an air hose or use a straw and your mouth if you're desperate.

    How would this get the floor wet instead of the seat you ask? Your sunroof is designed to deal with water that gets past the seal. Believe it or not, it is not designed water tight. There is a small drain pan that holds that water until it gets drained. If it goes over the edge it gets into your headliner which has a plastic underlayer and (depending on the angle that your vehicle is parked) it runs out the front corner of the headliner where it is channeled by the A-pillar cover down to the top of the dash. It runs down beside the dash into the floor. If you are parking on a steep incline, I suppose you could get water in a different location.

    Hope this helps! Oh, I almost forgot. Check those drains regularly!
  • Now into my second Grand Am (1994 SE) I've torn the thing apart and have found many problems :( No matter the year of the car ever person that I've spoke to that has owned one has had leaks. :cry: First off the car is one of the cheapest cars that you will find on the market. I got my second one in a trade. The first one that I owned was a 1992 four door base model with the 3.1 v6. Boy did it leak!!! It was more of a starter car into the world of Grand Am problems for me than anything. The first leak I found on the 94 was on the passenger side going directly into the floorboard. Which for those of you that do not know your ECM/brain of your car is mounted on the firewall inside the car there. Which mine got brain washed (pun intended) If you take off your windshield wipers and the plastic shroud covering the base of your windshield and look to your passenger side you will see a plastic flap that is directly behind the blower fan which is suppose to open and close as you turn on and off your air condition. Once that flap opens it is a direct shot into your floorboard. They put no after thought into the fact that if the flap ever wore out the car would flood. Do not wast your time going to the dealership because they are useless. If their computer can not tell them where the problem is and how to fix it then their useless. Unfortunately there are some thing that has to be done by them like reprogramming the ECM/brain if it gets wet and has to be replaced. :mad: Back to the problem. The best thing to do is to reseal the base of the plastic case that the flap is attached to. Forgot the technical name of the part. (work with me people) :) Be careful because there are screws near the firewall that have to be removed as well as the screws that you can see before you remove the item. It is also glued so if it will not come of easy and the plastic flap is okay the just hit the base of it with some silicone and remember to clean the area good so as to have a good seal form with the silicone. I will post more later. Good luck...
  • boodad1boodad1 Posts: 1
    I believe I found the culprit (in my 1986 Grand Am anyway). I just bought the car about two weeks ago and it is in really good shape.
    I noticed this leaking you all are referring to almost at once.
    Today, it was raining and I had already pulled up the rug and padding on the front floor boards the other day. I noticed water running to the front from underneath the front seats through a channel that seemed to be there under them coming from the rear of the car. :cry:

    I opened up the trunk lid and the passenger front corner of the trunk was wet. At each corner of the upper part where the gasket sits of the trunk lid GM, for some reason, put a channel under the corner of the back window going somewhere. It seemed to me that it was running down the floor board to the front floor board of the car. I caulked it shut and will do a water test tomorrow.
  • I have the same problume u had also with a 96 grand am but my problume is that i have a line that comes out on the side of the heater core on the fire wall it looks like its a drain but not shere can u tell me if urs has the same drain and did fixing the heater core help u :cry:
  • I have found that grand am's from the mid 90's have a firewall defect. The firewall rusts through, letting in the water that rolls down your windshield. It's most certainly a GM defect, A firewall should never rust through.
  • tony182tony182 Posts: 1
    I have a 1996 grand am. I would like to know when G M corrected the firewall and wheel well problem as I am getting water on both sides of my car. Does anyone know where we can get a diagram of firewall interior and exteriior that you referred to in wet floor solution.
  • I have the same problem with my 96 grand am. I found out that on these cars the windshield leaks does it on alot of grand am
  • davidv3davidv3 Posts: 1
    I have had such problems trying to locate and fix the water leaks on my 1995 Grand Am, that I have come up with my own a tarp for around 12 bucks and cover it up when it looks like it might rain or rain is forecast. Other than taking out the carpeting and seats and a whole lot of other stuff that is just too much trouble to do to fix it. When I can afford to I'm getting rid of this mechanical's more trouble than it's worth!
  • yvesmyvesm Posts: 2
    I have had my 1994 3.1 l V6 since 1995 and have 225,00 kms on it as of January 2015. It does not have the sunroof. I first noticed leaking inside the car starting around 2003. It started on the passenger side and by 2010 had started on the driver side. I only had the trunk leak problem once around 2004 when I noticed the spare tire well was full of water. I bailed and sponged that out and noticed the gasket was not sealing all around the trunk. In a couple of spots near the hinges, the car body was bent down enough that the gasket did not seal. There were a couple of tears also. I realigned the body metal (easy by hand and fixed the tears. I have not had water in the trunk after that. The car insides were not so easy. I tried a number of fixes and consulted mechanics who blamed the rusty firewall, the windshield, the doors, the A/C drain and so on. Nothing worked. The leaking got worse, the insides were always humid and I had to keep rags under the rubber mats to pick up water after every rain or else the water moved on to the back seat floor. Then, last summer I did a rare thing, and hand washed the car. As I rinsed it, I noticed no water coming out the rocker panels, something I knew should happen from the early days when I always hand washed the car. Where was the water going? Right inside the car on the floor at the front and going all the way to the back seat floor. The rocker panels had plugged up with debris and sand from years of accumulation that commercial car washes could not flush out.

    I used the hose with a nozzle to flush out the rocker panels from just inside the front doors in the void going to the front at the bottom. Tons of sand and debris came out. I flushed until clear and water flowed freely out the rocker panels I then spent the next couple of weeks sponging out the wet carpet inside and lo and behold, I have not had water anywhere in the car ever since. The carpet has remained dry and I no longer bother keeping rags in the car.
  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Posts: 4,356
    A common location for water intrusion in the front of the car are the wiring harnesses where they pass through the firewall to the engine compartment. They are visible just behind the strut towers at the rear of each inner fender. In fact the drains for the cowl that are mentioned direct the water right past the harness lugs that are supposed to seal the body.

    The fix is easy, spray rust proofing. Just get the area dry and paint it with the rust proofing a few times over several hours to allow the coats to dry and tack up a bit. Spray all the way around the plastic that latches the harness into the body of the car and that will prevent the water from running inside from that location.

    BTW these water leaks are a big problem for the airbag module that is under the passengers seat (under the carpet) and the cause the module to fail and typically destroy the harness connector.
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