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Pontiac Solstice New Owners Reports



  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    take it to the dealer...take with the service manager...not your salesman.....most salesman dont care one way or another once they made the sale.....explain the problem.....discuss the issue level headed and without emotion to resolve it....your issue isnt normal......and there hasnt been anything mentioned about it over on the solsticeforum that Im aware of
  • willardwwillardw Posts: 1
    Well Friday I test drove a 2007 Pontiac Soltice. I loved it so much, I bought it. Was on a used Nissian dealer lot and the Wife said this was the one she seen at the main new car dealership a few weeks back. We had talked about trading off our diesel truck because of high priced fuel and not RVing much because of increasing cost. I know, I have read some reviews, not everything is perfect, but, hey I am 66 tomorrow and I can't wait forever. I feel at least 20 years younger driving it. I have had 2 Corvetts, GTO, & :) Firebird, but this is something for todays current driving challenges. Thank You Pontiac, keep up the good work, maybe not perfect, but still a dam good effort. I love this car!
  • Well, its 50+ degrees here in the mornings now and the lazy brake thing has disappeared for me on my GXP. Obviously it is temperature related.

    After 11,000 miles, I am happy to say the car has been flawless other than the brake thing. No trips to the dealer for anything. 29.5 mpg average and getting better every day. The top is completely dry. I am still amazed at how quiet it is, top up or down.

    I gotta say, I am totally enjoying my 26 mile trips home from work through the countryside in the evenings......
  • rosey6rosey6 Posts: 4
    I just had the tonneau cover installed on my 2007 Solstice. When i picked it up from the dealer warranty shop, they gave no instructions about use. When we tried to use it, we found that it is not user friendly at all. Help!!! Does anybody have any experience on using one, are we doing something wrong or is it really as difficult as it seems.
  • burlappburlapp Posts: 2
    I have been the owner of a New Beetle convertible since 2005.
    I love the car. BUT...
    I was at the dealership every month for some problems.
    They finally, under the lemon law, exchanged it for a brand new 2008 a couple of weeks ago. So it is too soon to tell.
    But I have also been driving a Solstice Turbo for the past week ( I test drive cars for my website, And I can tell you,even though I love my "Bug".
    I fell in love with the Solstice.
    It is an amazing car to drive that will put a smile on your face every time.
    I just can't believe it.

    There are some compromises like a cheaper interior. No storage etc.. And no back seats.
    On another note. I used to hate driving sticks. But GM could only get me a manual to test drive for a week. and I actually love it.
    I think the Solstice is a very rare car . Something really special with personality.

    Drive them both before you buy.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    very few solstice owners have used them since it required drilling into the body to install the snaps.....when you say use of the you mean installing it or using it while driving??
  • rosey6rosey6 Posts: 4
    Drilling holes in the body was my primary concern about installing the tonneau cover, but my husband thought that it would be useful. I was talking about installing it, after we figured it out driving with it on is fine. It very hard to put in the car, the dealer assured me that the canvas and vinyl just need to stretch but I can't really even get it to zipper closed, getting it into the car is not a one person job for sure.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    probably need to leave it in the sun for a while...let it warm up....and then try you intend to leave it on for extended periods of time?
  • rosey6rosey6 Posts: 4
    I am not sure how much I will use it, now that I see how difficult it is to put on the car. The cover was damaged with the installation at the dealer (or was damaged when I got it since it had never been out of the box I am not sure) now I really can't use it until it is repaired. It has been a frustrating experience. Now I am waiting to see what if anything the dealer will do for us. The car and cover were purchased from another dealer out of state so who knows.
  • My wife is crazy about the Solstice. It would have to be her daily driver. Space isn't issue, but we're wondering about how the car would do in a Michigan winter. Any opinions/experiences?
  • rosey6rosey6 Posts: 4
    We live in Iowa and the Solstice sat in the garage last winter and will again this winter. I did drive it in the snow a couple of times just because I got caught out and it started to snow, it held the road OK on my short (2 mile) drive home. I was a nervous wreck!!! This car is so low that if you had much snow or had to drive before the roads were plowed I think you would be in trouble.
  • marpmarp Posts: 1
    I'm in the same situation as Ken. Live in Michigan and my wife is crazy about the GXP. The obvious main concern is the rear wheel drive and handling in the snow/ice... Any other brave MI Solstice owners out there with opinions/experience?
  • I live in Indiana and drive my GXP year-round. There are 4 or 5 days during the winter when I have to park it and take my 1980 K-10. The biggest issue is ground clearance or lack thereof. The ice/slush builds up in the center of the road from normal traffic and hammers the front valence. 3 or more inches of snow is pretty much the max it will take.
    With rain, I drop my speed about 10 MPH and watch for standing water. I do stay dry inside however, even with heavy downpours.
  • Exterior accent fender vent covers and backup light covers.

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