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Mercedes-Benz C230 Problems and Repairs



  • My 2003 Mercedes Benz C230 Kompressor has 54K miles and I just bought it in May and my mistake was putting PLUS Gasoline istead of the PREMIUM and the front Oxigen Sensor went bad. But the car wasn't turnig on normally, I was having issues making it run. When I turn ON the key it just started if I press on the gas pedal. So my question would be if the oxigen sensor would be a problem so the ignitions won't turn on normally?
  • I have a 1998 Mercedes C230; have had it for three years. It's a wonderful car, but currently has a couple of major drawbacks; the seat controls started intermittently not working... then they started only working in hot weather... now they don't work at all.

    The other side of this is the climate control. When I set to a temperature, or just crank the fan up to full-blast, I can hear the fan working overtime within the console, but little-to-no air comes out of the vents. This makes it difficult in both the dead of summer, and the depths of winter (or vice versa).

    On both counts, I've had a Mercedes dealership and my local (and trusted) mechanic look into it. They've said it's a problem with the computer in the central console (the dealership called it a... "convenience" module, or somesuch?).

    I'm primarily trying to find out the name of this part so that I can find a replacement on my own. Can anyone point me in the right direction for this? Or give me any other suggestions?

    Any help is appreciated; I don't look forward to another winter having to hold a snow-brush out of my driver's-side window to keep the windshield clear.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,454
    No, it's just a co-incidence if your 02 sensor failed at the same time you used PLUS gasoline. Your car's computer can adjust for whatever type of gasoline you put in it. All you'll notice is some loss of performance but you can't hurt anything.

    As for hard starting with a bad 02 sensor, the only thing I can think of is that a bad 02 sensor may cause the car to run rich or lean, and that might have fouled the spark plugs.

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  • Thanks, I have a c230 2003. I am going to try what you suggested.
  • Did you find out what was wrong.
  • pfilapfila Posts: 1
    Wife's 2005 C230 Kompressor with less than 50K on it. Mechanics reset and say drive for 200 miles then take to smog. Without fail light comes back on and no smog..again!
    Dealership has 'given up' even they dont know what to do. Last suggestion they're going to drain all the gas in the fuel system and put in Chevron with Techron to see if that makes a difference.

    Any suggestions, dont have the error codes to hand.
  • my Check engine light is on solid yellow. Last Thursday12/1 I put gas in my car(premium). Friday 12/2 my light came on. In Oct I had a service B done to my car no problems. Sunday 12/4 I went to autozone to get a diagnostic. they came back with 1. thermostat defective or 2. sensor defective or 3. coolant level is low. I checked coolant level that's ok. I'm hoping the joker at the gas station put the right gas in my car. I was not paying attention. Now i have read blogs saying to replace sensor/ thermostat could run me $200-800. should i wait and run the gas down to see if that was it or what? any answers?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,454
    Well, as surprising as it sounds, these trouble codes don't actually tell you what's wrong--they indicate where to start looking, but your car's computer cannot single out defective components--it only indicates systems or circuits that might be under distress. I'm not even sure that the codes were read correctly, but if they were, it might make sense that a bad sensor could light up an engine light. The only way bad gas could cause this is when it causes a misfire, and misfire codes are generally easy to read.

    You might also check your gas cap and tighten it up.

    There's also a different way to check coolant when hot or when cold. Be sure you are reading the correct level in the overflow tank, depending on a cold or warm engine.

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  • i got a 2003 mercedes c230 kompresor but it dosent whant to turn on. it cranks but dosent turn on. i tought it was the crankshaft position sensor so i bought a new one and switch it but still did the same thing.. What should i do next..
  • Mr. N H, like you, I'm experiencing similar issues with my 2007 c230. If the majority of the 162 other comments are referencing similar issues, this may give merit to a class action law suit or recall. I've communicated with a friend who is an attorney, and currently working on a class action law suit, in the hopes he will assist me in getting this information out to the Feds to, perhaps, lodge an investigation/recall. My experience of deceleration occurred on 1-18-12 at 7:30pm, on the interstate, traveling at a speed of 70mph quickly decelerating to 45mph , I was forced to pull off on the side of the road. Imagine what could have happened if a tractor trailer truck had barreled down on me, not recognizing my reduction in speed (due to not seeing brake lights). I have definitely made my extreme disappointment and concerns with my car known to the Raleigh, NC Leith Mercedes, Service Manager. I am confident Mercedes-Benz is aware of the problems, to that end, I am taking up the vigil of getting this information out to the young woman took on Bank of America and prevailed; therefore, I know this, too, is possible.
  • Paul, I posted message number 163, please let me know if my issues would be considered in the class action......I cannot articulate my problems with mechanic jargon or expertise, but my car is currently in the shop.

  • On my c230 Kompressor the fuel pump went out and after replacing it the car runs ok but sometimes it wont start right away acting as if it is not gettong fuel. when it starts it might sputter for a few run seconds or more then run normal. if you prime the fuel pump a couple of times before starting it seems to help sometimes but not all the time. ???? checked the inline check valve but seems to be ok.????
  • Daughter bought a 2000, C230 on 2/3/12 now the trunk won`t open, tried using the key, the remote and the switch on the console no luck. Help
  • Check up underneath by the license plate to see if there is a latch, if that doesn't work try: t-battery-trunk.html Scroll down to instructions.
  • Make sure you have the key extended all the way out and try again. Also make sure your battery in the keyfob is good. Also you might have the trunk in the lock position which is all the way to the left. Insert the key turn it all the way to the right then try pushing in on the button and see if it opens. I have never had this problem with my C230. Hope this help. Also check your fuses
  • Hi I to have a 2007 C230 Sport and for the past year have been back and forth to my local Mercedes shop with numerous problems. With the camshaft sensors and telling me that my camshaft is "Over Retarded". After seeing this post it's obvious it's not just my car. Now today 2/22/2012 while driving home my transmisson would not shift out of what seemed like 3rd gear after using the kick down to climb a mountain. I pulled off the interstate and shifted into park then back into gear and it was doing a very hard shift. After pulling back out onto the interstate it would not shift period felt like neutral. The car did move but only have the rpms were at like 3 grand. I still owe a fair amount of money on this car and can not afford to fix it on top of paying for it. Please do let me know if your able to get some kind of class action going. It's kind of a relief to know I'm not the only one. Also to the car had a fowl smell coming from it after it was finally stopped. Thanks Brett
  • So I just bought a 2006 C230 yesterday, 02/25/12. I was so excited as this is my first expensive car I have bought. About 3 hours of owning it my check engine light comes on and it states that I have an intake manifold issue and thermostat issue. Is this normal after 75k? As like you I reside in Raleigh NC and if this is something normal I would like to join you with reporting this junk because this is a freaking MERCEDES! this should not happen!
  • I have a 2003...Does the recall apply to that year also?
  • My red batter/alternator light has been coming on for about 3 months now. It'll come on, I'll shut the car completely off and restart it, and the light goes off. Yesterday, however, I had just started it and had my visor open with the mirror and the light went out, the whole car shook and made a noise, the lights came back on and so did the battery/alternator light. I turned it off and on and it went away, but I still don't know what's wrong with it. We had the car serviced at the dealership in January and they didn't mention it. I'm having the engine mounts replaced at the dealership tomorrow (for $1,145) and I'm wondering if I should tell them...I don't want them to do a bunch of diagnostics and have it cost me an arm and a leg. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
  • jgy2001jgy2001 Posts: 7
    97 C230. 140K miles. Cluck shift sound sometimes, when accelerate at up hill incline.

    Dealer said: rough shift only on 3 to 2 downshift. Found transmission fluid dark. Do not understand this -> "performed short test, found stored code for selector lever is implausible, communication with engine module, and reverse/park lock solenoid fault".

    Normally would recommend a valve body, but mileage is high. Not confident will fix shift issue without cause clutches to slip. Dealer said : best to replace entire transmission.

    But for now, can still drive without much problem.
  • lnowelllnowell Posts: 6
    edited March 2012
    I have a 2006 C230 Sport that i purchased brand new at the end of 2005 and for about 2 years now periodically when i press on the gas the car barely moves but the RPMS will continue to rise as i accellerate and i try to put it in reverse and it goes nowhere until i put it in park (and it makes a loud thump) and turn the car off and start it right back up and everything is normal. 80,000 on the car and i have changed the transmission fluid and the fuel filter. Mercedes Benz Dealer have not heard of these issues before but i have read similar problems on this Forum. Amazing
  • lnowelllnowell Posts: 6
    What was your car doing that it neeeded a speed transmission sensor and where are you now with your issue with your car and Mercedes Benz.
  • Mine was shifting erractically for the last couple of years, so I took it into the Mercedes dealership, they did two huge updates on the cars computer that pertained to the transmission & its a ton better!
  • zygzyg Posts: 1
    edited April 2012
    Driving my 2006 C230 on I-95 at speed 65 mph, I experienced a sudden loss of power. Fortunately, I got off of the highway safely. My mechanic found that my transmission was slipping together with faulty code 0894. According to the Mercedes service bulletin, "Limp Home Mode," if there is no power transfer and the code 0894 were presented at the same time, then the K-1 clutch is damaged. My car had only 39,500 miles but was out of warranty. I took the car to the dealership because Mercedes promised to help me with the repair cost. The dealer stated the new valave body would solve the problems, so they replaced it. However, it did not make any difference. Finally, they disassembled the transmission and found the blown seal in the K-1 clutch, which was responsible for the clutch failure. They replaced the K-1 clutch along with the new redesigned seal, which indicates that the seal was originally defected. Total repair cost me $4,300 and Mercedes did not give me a penny. Recently, my mechanic tells me there is a shortage of new valve body. According to,, Mercedes is in a fight with its own suppliers because they produce a low-quality part. If you have problems with your 7-speed transmissions, please report it to: NHTSA. Only this organization can enforce Mercedes to do a transmission recall. In 2011, Mercedes made their biggest profit in their history. However, I don't think they will use it to fix their issues with transmission.
  • tonyblanotonyblano Posts: 1
    I have a simliar problem. I have a 2007 C 230 sport when I excilarate then come to a complete stop I feel a vibration then when I attempt to excilrate it does'nt want to go even though the RPM has moved. I have to turn the engine off then restart it then I'm fine. I've been told it could be the air conducter or fuel pump. I brought it in to replace the fuel pump which the mechanic indicated the problem to be. However, the problem is still there. He stated that I have two fuel pumps so both were replaced. ????? could you help me if you could thanks.
  • brownshoesbrownshoes Posts: 2
    My daughter left me her car in December, when she went overseas. I drive it back and forth to work about 30 miles round trip once or twice a week. About a week ago, I went to the local grocery store and parked the car, placing it in park. When I was getting out, the car began to roll backwards on a really small incline. So, I have to ensure that the parking brake is always on regardless of my location. I was able to drive the car home, as there was no noticeable problems other than the C230 rolling when in park. I drove it to work a couple of times following that. About three nights ago, I saw smoke coming from under the hood when I parked the car at my house. I thought it was rain water that hit the the bottom of the car, as it had been raining and the temperature cooled. Low and behold, it was transmission fluid leaking from some where underneath the car. this afternoon, I put the car on my ramps and intend to go underneath this afternoon to see where the fluid may have leaked from.

    For the past 35 years, I've worked on all of my own cars, as well as my friends and relatives. I'm not a mechanic by trade -I am a do it yourself person when it comes to cars. I don't dabble technical issues beyond my capabilities. I have never owned a foreign car, so won't work on my wife's BMW unless its an oil change. I have changed the oil it it (BMW) and on my daughter's C230. I have never heard of a vehicle being placed in park and then rolling on a slight incline. I have also never seen about a quart of transmission fluid leak out from beneath the car like it did the other night. Has anyone ever seen this before or can tell me how a Mercedes goes into park like I've described, and still rolls? I can tell by the 18 pages I just read in this forum, that the C230 is very expensive to repair. Has anyone ever lost a quart of trans fluid? I find it odd, that the car still drives, as I just put it on my ramps. :confuse:
  • lnowelllnowell Posts: 6
    I found no one who could assure me of a definite fix for the problem so i traded my problems away before it became a money pit even though the 2006 looked brand new with 80,000 miles.
  • jbluntjblunt Posts: 1
    Hi Folks,
    My Merc ce 230 Coupe is overheating. The temperature is reaching 120 in 10 minutes of driving. The Temperature stands still at around 80-90 while driving however when the car slow downs/trafiic signal it increses rapidly.

    I stay in Qatar and its summer right now, i think weather plays its role in this problem however the rest of the cars does not get heated to this extend.

    If the tempearture reaches 120 i have to either stop on the ROAD or on the road side and wait for it to cool down before driving again.

    The mechanics here does not have sound knowledge about why the car is over heating.....

    I have to put water every 6 hours to run it...

    Your valuable advise or suggestions are highly appreciated with regards to a permanent solution.

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,454
    Okay...if the car is running all right when you are driving down the road, but overheating when you are in traffic, then you have an AIR circulation problem, not a COOLANT circulation problem. This leads me to suspect that your electric cooling fans are not operating properly.

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