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Toyota Matrix Tire/Wheel Questions



  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 874
    Changing the rims is NOT going to fix the problem.

    If your mechanic friend doesn't think it's alignment, what did he think it was? I'm sorry to say, but I think he is totally wrong. Most irregular tire wear issues can be traced to alignment problems of some sort - and in this case, it is clearly the camber. As peter reported, he seems to have solved the problem by fixing the camber.
  • I got a great belly laugh off your arrogance and hope it works for you. I have every service record of this car since it left the lot, one of it's first, under warranty returns was tire wear. After seeing people ripped off by the dealership and other shops, my new mechanic, who I venture to say has way more experience than you or any single car owner and has indicated to me Toyota is very much aware of this problem and who, by the way at the dealerships where he worked has also, been assigned to charged many a camber, struts, alignments, etcetera only to have the problem exist, he is a decent, honest mechanic. So, check the year and model Toyota changed the rims on these cars after you 'fix' your car. And, he didn't suggest changing the rims, it's my idea.
  • I have researched this issue since I've had this car, I love the way people who don't really know what the issue is throw out all these suggestions and especially cracks me up when you talk alignment. I wonder if you understand this is a factory issue that Toyota is not acknowledging as a defect just like they didn't acknowledge the issue of acceleration. In one of the first post, the dealership suggest "his wife turns too much". That should be your 'duh' moment. For people who use this forum for what it is suppose to be, real issue is not alignment, cambers, struts and all the other expensive repairs being suggested (unless it started happening after years of not happening). There is an issue, my last attempt is to try new rims because Toyota changed the factory rims on these cars the same time the problems started. By the way, if you google Toyota, unever wear cupping you will get a huge return on the issue, people who have had this problem since they drove off the lot, fully warranted and have spent years without a decent fix. That means they have realigned to factory specs and tried other versions, they have changed struts, replaced cambor screws and every other speculation and nothing has worked. So there are lemons, not every single Toyota being driven has accelerated unexpectedly, so please don't mention that "i've never had the problem, must be your ......" Toyota knows it and just like the gas pedal/floor mat bs, they aren't gonna fix the cars.
  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 874
    I'm sorry, but perhaps it would be good to explain where I am coming from. I am a tire engineer - many years at that (more than your mechanic!)

    You've highlighted all the things you think are NOT the problem, but you are still fishing for the solution. The problem is the alignment SPEC. The spec issued by Toyota calls for camber anywhere between +0.2° to -1.3°. It's the large negative number that is the problem.

    As proof I offer 2 posts: Rocky's Message #70 and Tamedskr's Message # 185.

    They seem to be the only ones who had the problem and fixed it - and they both did it by adjusting the camber.

    BTW, I have documented other vehicles that seem to have a similar problem - and guess what? Camber!

    As you have pointed out, it's Toyota's problem and it's their alignment specs!
  • cuppingtirescuppingtires Posts: 5
    edited August 2010
    Sorry, we tried the camber 'fix' and it doesn't work over the long haul. Seriously, if it were just the camber don't you think Toyota would fix it?
  • :lemon: The camber is set so the car won't roll over doing the "slolam" driving test through the cones. The car-all four wheels- is set up like the right front of a super-modified race car for a 1/2 mile oval. When the car has to pass the slolam test it will roll over if the tires are not "canted" so more rubber is on the road during maneuvers with high side loads. That is why the dealer will NOT deviate from the recommended camber settings. Even though the tires will wear out prematurely, they won't ever solve this problem with the Matrix. The runaway car problem has them scurrying enough.
    Seriously, if Toyota, Ford, Honda, GM or whomever has to admit to a problem they will all play dumb and talk the party line. Seriously, I am absolutely positive Toyota or any other car, truck or motorcycle maker will do anything to save their own skin. Seriously, I am sure Toyota will spend billions to make the public think they are very concerned about safety. Even though the problem might just cost millions to fix. A hard fix is out of the question. A couple million tons of BS poured on top of the problem is how this is fixed. Just think if no one would speak up for the victims of the runaway cars. If there were no ambulance chasing lawyers they would just shove the problem down our throats forever with their fingers crossed behind their backs. I will never buy another Toyota.
  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 874
    Did you replace the tires? Once tires have developed irregular wear, they are exceedingly difficult to get the irregular wear replaced with something else. You need to start over to get a good reading!
  • pixelrifficpixelriffic Posts: 2
    edited November 2010
    My 2005 Matrix, purchased new in 2005, shares this problem. The original tires were spent at about 31000 miles in the third year. The dealer had the same line that these stock Continental tires just don't last. The car has been reliable overall, so I didn't give it much more of a thought.

    I purchased a pretty expensive set of Sumitomo tires to replace the originals. In the past couple of years, I have rotated the tires on every oil change at about three thousand miles each. Every time, when the rear tires come forward, they're out of balance. I have them balanced of course, but this tells me that wear is taking place.
    Seems most posters complain about front tire wear, but mine seems to happen when they're on the rear.

    I took my car into the dealer when the thumping noise began around 31K. They confirmed it was the tires. To their credit, they suggested the tire store down the street, as the prices were better.

    Every rotation of the new tire set each oil change results in vibration through the steering wheel. This means of course means the tires are wearing unevenly. The local tire shop in our new home town says this is abnormal. The dealer I bought the car from has never heard of this complaint. He suggested that I call Toyota, and the rep had also never heard of my problem. I will add that the Toyota company rep insisted on calling my car a Corolla. Yea, I know it's based on the corolla platform, but that was just annoying. He also had the mind bending habit of saying "uh huh" before I could finish a sentence. He seemed to read a canned message, ending with a suggestion was to take it to the dealer.

    The only new car I've every owned. Not sure I'd buy another one.
  • Yep, the dealership will deny, deny, deny just like they did when the acceleration problem occurred. I think a class action lawsuit is in order.
  • I own a 2009 Toyota Matrix S AWD. I amapproaching 40,000 miles. I know I will need to be in the market soon for tires. Any suggestions?
  • Hi Diva
    I got a set of Hankook Optimo H727's for my '07 Matrix (and my wife's '99 Corolla too) and like them very much. I had a little trouble getting my local mechanic to get them (he wanted to sell me what he wanted to sell me) so I just ordered them online myself (Tire Rack) had them delivered to my house, then installed by the local guy. Turned out to be cheaper that way, too.

    It seemed strange at first to have tires delivered right to my house (UPS) but it worked out perfectly. I could also have chosen to have them delivered directly to my mechanic...

    They were highly rated by Consumer Reports, for what it's worth. That aside, they're good, and seem to be wearing well.

    Hope this helps
  • louylouy Posts: 2
    Just put a set of Hankook Optimo H727's on my Matrix over the weekend. Very pleased in the last 3 days.
  • My wife drives her Toyota very gently. I reversed the tires on the rims last fall-like 13 months ago. Now they are cupped again. I found a shop that understands the problem. The wheel alignment specialist and I talked for some time and I trust him. I have been a mechanic for 45+ years so he was up front and honest with me. He is going to make the camber come back to where it should be. Like I said in previous posts, Toyota is not going to admit to any fault in this. They still have the runaway cars dangling around their necks and it has brought them down. I bought Toyota on the success of their racing programs. That was a big mistake. I will never buy anything Toyota ever again. Seeing them dance around this problem and the runaway cars is an exercise in politics. Since the economy has gone south most industries have gotten real picky with warranty claims. The auto and motorcycle industries both are well known "dancers" when you want something fixed. If the economy is strong you could write some emails and keep after them and get your own way but not in today's world. For the few dollars it would cost to fix this properly Toyota has lost a customer for good. I tell everyone I know about how they danced like little monkeys around the solution and lied to my face. The service manager with his innocent routine made me so mad. I never reveal the depth of my understanding of the problem. Just go into my Columbo routine and see how much condecendence they give me. Friday
  • taxminia0311taxminia0311 Posts: 3
    edited June 2016
    I have a 2003 matrix fwd and after reading all of the compliants pertaining to the tire issue I was think that perhaps I should do the same to my vehicle and have the Camber Adjustment kit K929 MOOG installed on the matrix...also did the solution completly repaired it for you vehicle????? and has any other issue pertaining to the tires come up and if so what was the next steps that you had to take to solve it. [Email removed]
  • taxminia0311taxminia0311 Posts: 3
    edited March 2012
    All I keep reading is blah, blah, blah, but no one has come up with a permantly resolution witht the matrix tire issue.
    can someone pleaseeee ******* tell me that the issue was solve and how instead of blabbing out garbage that no resolution to the tire issue please ppl get with the program...and I want a permant resolution not a temporary one...thank you Dam
  • It has been discussed. MOOG makes a repair part. On mine, I saved the $$ of buying a part and had the alignment tech open up the adjustment slot so the camber could be set at a value that made the tires "flatter" on the road. My car is alot quieter now. The MOOG part has been discussed and a part number was shown. Toyota won't admit to any problem-EVER! This is my last Toyota. I got the biggest runaround ever by them. I have 45 years heavy duty truck repair and a racing background even longer but just played dumb like Peter Falk in the Columbo TV series. They will never get a penny from me again. Rick in Ohio
  • taxminia0311taxminia0311 Posts: 3
    edited June 2016
    Can you please give me the beakdown of how and what did you do to solve the issue so that I can have my mechanic do the same on my 2003 matrix xr and did this solve the entire issue pertaining to the tire wearing down sooner that the warrenty also I also live in ohio and was wondering what "All season tires" do you recommend for the type of cars that we drive...Thanks dude Lorain, ohio. [Email removed]
  • Is 205/16"/60 tire are okay? I am planning to change my tire, so far the ODO is 100200kms.
    It seems the 55 series is noisier than 60.
  • I am looking for suggestions on tires for my mom. She has a 2009 Matrix base model. Front wheel drive, no traction control, and from the few times I have driven it, a very touchy throttle. She loves the car but is scared of it in winter driving. She says her old geo prism would run circles around the Matrix in 1/2 inch of snow. Any thoughts? and thank you . First time user in here and after reading the discussions i am questioning how good her little car really is.. lol
  • zs735zs735 OntarioPosts: 3
    edited April 2014

    I have same issue with 2008 Matrix (base). When i moved rear tyres to the front, i noticed a light wear on the inside of the rear tyres. When moved forward, cupping sound started. it was more pronounced on the right rear tire.
    I have a 2008 Corolla as well; never had this issue but then again; it run 185/65/R15 vs 205/55/R16.
    I got the car aligned and rear right camber was -1.25 within the spec. Question is as follows - can the rear camber be adjusted without the shim kit or do you need it in order to get it right?
    Any suggestions would be appreciated for Toronto area.
    Also, i am considering replacing 205 with 185 set like the corolla. The dealership confirmed no issues with that on my model.

  • jenyayajenyaya Posts: 2
    Hi, my kindred Matrix people!  I just found this thread, and am trying to figure out what to do. I have a 2005 Matrix XR and have had lots of issues with these tires!!! I also live in New Orleans and I had been blaming the streets here, which are more like a Third World country!!  I initially came on here to find out what tires people recommend, and am distressed to hear about the uneven wear problems everyone has had. 

    So, has anyone had success with adjusting the camber/ alignment settings? Or anything else? Any chance Toyota will help?   Also, does anyone happen to know if the Pontiac Vibe also has the same issues? I know the 2005 Matrix and Vibe  are essentially the same car. 

    I am thinking I might just buy used tires since new tires probably won't last anyway! 

    Thanks, and I hope to to hear from someone :)

  • jenyayajenyaya Posts: 2
    Also, do you guys recommend I go with the factory tire size? A few people got the 205-60-16, and  someone said they were trying 185-55-16?

     Thanks again!
  • I'm on my fifth set of tires, sadly it's 2016. How about a class action lawsuit?
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