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Mazda MPV Transmission Problems



  • Yes, I had the same problem, my 2002 MPV transmission failed at 79000 miles. I took it to the dealer when the problems were first evident and they said it was operating as designed. Cost me 4000 dollars in repairs when it failed completely on the highway. Your transmission is going break, it may be very dangerous to drive your car. Mine literally lost all power on the highway thank Goodness I was able to roll off to the side of the road, or I could have been toast.
  • Hi - How did you recreate it? I can't figure out what the common link is.....Is it after it has been driven awhile in stop and go traffic? When I am going up and down hills? Sometimes it happens at the first stop light of the morning. HELP!!! The lemon law lawyers WILL NOT take my case any further because they said since I had 80,000 miles on it - I must be getting my moneys worth - even though these problems started at the BEGINNING. I don't know what to do now - they referred me to another lawyer to possibly file a class action suit - we could do it just based on all the people from this site who have had the same problems but how the heck do you pull that all together? Or do I just sell it and never look back? :sick:
  • I contacted Mazda USA and they are replacing the transmission at no expense to me! I am impressed!
  • you need to be going between 20-25 mph, before the tranny shifts into (3rd--I think)... let off the gas...for a few.. then try to accelerate... think about the speed in which you would make a turn... where you would have to slow down...then accelerate. that is what worked for me...
  • Update - I just traded my Mazda MPV in on a 2006 Toyota Sienna! I just didn't have the time or energy to fight Mazda anymore. I KNOW in my heart & head that if I would have stuck it out I could have won but I have a FAMILY & A JOB! I was spending so many hours doing research, etc.. So - took the easy way out. They only gave my $7,500 for my van that I paid $39,000 for four years ago. The good thing is my new van was $41,000 and there is NO COMPARISON of features. This van does EVERYTHING!!! I had to have all aftermarket Navigation/Stereo/DVD installed on my Mazda for $6,900 and it always looked "added on" and was so complicated my husband couldn't even turn on the radio! So....I'm not looking back! I wish you all luck with your individual fights! My advice - DOCUMENT EVERYTHING, EVERYONE YOU TALKED TO, ETC.... If anyone files a Class Action Lawsuit - I'd love to hear about it! Take Care and Thanks for all your help & especially for listening to me!!! :shades:
  • lyntonlynton Posts: 2
    How did you go about this? Did they replace it because of your low mileage?
  • dblchindblchin Posts: 12
    I contacted Mazda USA and they contacted the Mazda service dept that I always use. I believe because the low mileage and that I always used Madza to service my car, that they replaced the transmission at no cost to me.
  • My 2002 MPV with 68,000 miles started having problems with the transmission slipping into neutral. I took it to the local dealer who and service manager indicated there was an "internal failure" in the transmission and repair cost would be $3,500. They would order a rebuilt transmission from Mazda and install it. A transmission failure at this low mileage is not acceptable. My first and last Mazda! I'd strongly advise any MPV owners out there to get rid of their vans before it is too late.
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,444
    You're right, it is unacceptable. I would try to get Mazda to cover a portion of the rebuild cost.
  • I called Mazda today. They were useless. They said because I was out of warranty based on mileage and time of ownership ( 45 months and 68,000 miles) they could not do anything. It is annoying that the tranny would go at such low mileage and equally annoying that the repair is so expensive. Anyone reading this that owns a MPV, dump it now!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,911
    Well... some of us have MPVs with extended warranties. So no need to dump it just yet.

    I have a friend whose Odyssey just had a tranny failure, out of factory warranty (fortunately he had an extended warranty). I guess all Ody owners should ditch their vans also, after the warranty runs out.
  • Does anyone know if this problem affects the 2004/2005/2006 MPVs? I am looking at several '04s and '05s but will look elsewhere if they have not addressed the problem and made a change to their trannies.
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,444
    I've never heard nor read anything about this particular problem before. Stop looking and start buying. :)
  • :cry: I have a late production 2003 that has been doing this since 4500 miles (purchased brand new) It has been services 6 times and now has 32K miles. first, they said the switch needed resetting (3 times), then, they replaced the computer control module and then a few more ajustments... well here we are a few weeks later and the tranny is still, i call it, "Kerplunking" between first and second gears. there is a hang time ..almost in a neutral state... and then.."THUNK" into 2nd. It goes back to the shop tomorrow...and the maintenance advisor and director both have been very accomodating. They mention possibly, (after consulting the tech line) replacing the tranny. However, I, like many of you, want to know if I too, should cry lemon law. I am a bit broken hearted since I do love this van so much and it truly is still brand new. any suggestions?

  • tcc21tcc21 Posts: 69
    Well, it's been a long time since I posted or visited here.
    Looks like the dialogue of issues has not changed in the past year!! Today I spent another $200 to have a mis-firing diagnosed and repaired. Problem was a 'cracked spark plug'!
    I had them replace the front bank of 3 plugs since the back 3 would cost me another $300 to do and I don't think it matters changing plugs at 73K miles. Problem started when driving in a rainstorm the other day and the 'check eng.' light came on. Then it started blinking and the engine started missing real bad! I ran it for two days hoping it would dry out but didn't and got it into my friendly "Bear" dealer in WBL, MN. Just one more stupid thing to happen with this car!! I DO have an extended warranty and was hoping it may be something else wrong - but plugs are not covered - NORMAL maintenance item - yeah right!! Everything on this car is a NORMAL item gone wrong!
    Oh yes, I STILL have the creaking noise in the front end when going over bumps - NORMAL again! They said they would need to pull the bushings off and relube them - another $200 if I wanted that done - not!
  • bsa1bsa1 Posts: 1
    :( When the motor idles, it has a loud ticking noise, like a loose rocker. The dealer said this is normal-I do'nt think so.The van also has a warped brake rotor-shakes the whole van when stoping. And like everyone else, shift shock.
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,444
    My 2004 doesn't have a ticking noise, and can't recall anyone having ever complained about it.
  • tcc21tcc21 Posts: 69
    My 2003 Has a 'tappit' sound after the engine is warm.
    Sounds almost like a diesel engine! It's not like a rocker panel or cracking sound...just like the pistons are firing and making a loud ticking sound! Has done it since almost new.
    Oil changes ever 3K miles too! Everything bad is normal on these units!!! I DO have an extended warranty too! I'm watching everything like an owl!
  • Well don't scare me with anything else... No, my 2003 doesnt do that ticking thing. However, on my last visit regarding the tranny, I could not get the darn thing the duplicate with the tech in the car so then sent me home. My advisor and I have a deal though, I call him everytime it does it, tell him exactly the details, and then log log log the info in a "diary".. and I have lodged a compaint with Mazda USA. So, it has come to the point where the dealership is CALLING ME every week to see how things are.
    I am thinking of it this way, I have a 7 year/100K warranty so still a very young vehicle. As long as the dealership works with me and gives me an upgrade rental everytime, I will be patient until they fix it.
    Keep the comments coming..

  • annaaannaa Posts: 2
    Our transmission went out on us yesterday, suddenly and without warning! We contacted Mazda USA and they will only pay for the transmission, not the labor. How did you get them to pay for it all? Is it still under warranty? What year and how many miles? Our's is 2002 with 57,000 miles. We couldn't even get the district service manager to call us back. Mazda claims it's their policy!
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