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Ford Escape Audiophile Radio & MP3



  • the cd player says cd error just recently 4 cds wouldnt eject and still wont play any cds at what do i do is there a recall on this model or is it a human error please help its my ex wifes and all i want to do is help fix this one thing and i will be off her ---- list for at least a month
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    If you have discs that are still stuck, there are some tips in the How to Remove a Stuck CD Guide.
  • The input jack is on the bottom right of the centre console. It is hard to spot, but just look as far down the console as possible, on the right, just above the little area where there is a rubber? mat to put stuff on.

    Hope you can find it. I just ordered my 08 Escape, can't wait. It was mandatory for it to have that feature, so I made sure it was there!
  • I took a look and I don't see any indication of a hookup on the 07 Escape. Maybe they added on the 08

    Ford is so far behind in the electronics field, well I shouldn't pick on them, it's a US auto maker thing. They are never on par with foreign makers in technology. All they do is copy years later. This is my last US car.

    As usual the dealer said the Escape had it. Typical.
  • i just got my 2008 escape hybrid and i want to replace the single cd player with the 6 disc is the oem radio. can someone explain to me how i remover the orginal radio
  • I have a "trip tunes" hard wired Ipod hook up to install on my 07 Escape w/ single CD ford radio. I need to find out the color code for the acc lead and the ground, which I assume is the black.
  • fries1fries1 Posts: 12
    I have an 07 Excape XLT w/6cd/mp3 with sat button. in the menus it has an adjust for speed sensitive volume. when I make an adjustment in the menu my drving volume does not change. My dealer says it doesnt have the option installed, but why would it be in the unit's menu if its not installed? Am I getting the run around from my dealer or is this possible. Thanks in advance for any advice. :shades:
  • bpikebpike Posts: 1
    I was able to resolve this issue with my 2003 Ford Escape XLT with 6 Disc CD. I too was getting "CD ERROR", "INITIALIZING" and "NO CD" msgs on the display - I was able to fix with the following steps...

    [1] With vehicle off and keys not in accessories position, access the fuse panel (driver left foot kickplate trim piece) and pull fuse in slot #27.

    [2] Start the vehicle/power accessories

    [3] Turn off the vehicle/disable power to accessories

    [4] Replace the fuse... it may spark (mine did) as the Radio/CD unit immediately draws power

    You should here the CD mechanism moving/realigning and clicking.

    [5] Start the vehicle or power the accessories - you should now be able to cycle through and eject discs (I had 6 loaded). I then tested by repeatedly loading, playing and ejecting a single disc (I have not tried multi discs yet though).
  • I had a 02' Focus with the 6CD Ford radio and it would not eject the CD's. I now have an 03' Escape with the 6 CD, AM/FM on both, and this radio will not push out my burnt CD's or my regular CD's that I purchase already made from the stores. If I took out the radio and tipped it upside down and put it back in the car, the radio would eject. The Focus was much easier, I took out the radio and it did not have a top to it so I could just reach in and pull out the CD's. I have used the popsicle stick on my current Escape Ford radio and finally got fed up with the Ford brand of radio and purchased an Alpine single CD head unit and it works every time. Do not think too much of the Ford radios or whatever brand that they are installing in their vehicles.
  • hi,
    please help me, my ford escape 2002 cd changer, automatically changes volume balancing, cd, ejects, and does crazy stuff byitself. even when i turn it off, it still starts byitself and start doing it again
  • I have had 2 Audio units installed. The last one does not say audiophile on it like the other 2. They told me that they could only get refurbished ones when the last one broke the same day it was installed. When I picked up the vehicle from the dealer there was a new one in it without the audiophile logo on it...just a plain black face plate and it does not sound as good as the original one. I paid for the audiophile system. Are they trying to trick me into thinking this is what I paid for or is it just the plain ole system that is standard :(
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    UM you haven't heard of Sync? Sync is the most advanced auto electronics interface on the market today at ANY PRICE!.

    As for future audio systems, Ford will introduce its first "Sound by Sony" system this summoer on the 2009 F-150 which will filter to the rest of its fleet.

  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A reporter seeks to interview buyers of models equipped with Ford Sync. Please respond to no later than Friday, February 1 with your daytime contact information and a sentence or two about why you purchased Sync.

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  • My 6-disc CD changer does weird things. It will not allow me to choose which disc plays or let me change from one song to the other. All I can do is fast forward to get to the track I want. The tone control doesn;t work either. It also will sometimes refuse to eject a disk. I have tried disconnecting the battery terminal but it did nothing. Suggestions? Thanks.
  • johnlujohnlu Posts: 1
    Please help!
    I tried the suggestion by bpike. Not only the CD still stuck but my car can not even start!!!

    I don't know what's wrong. Is the fuse broke? I need get a new fuse?

    Please somebody help!!!!!!!!!
  • w9swww9sww Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2002 escape and would like to use the spare tire well for 2 way radios and a "secure" storage area. Has any one heard of ,or made an external spare tire carrier for he escape ? tnx Bill
  • hey i have this same problem and same car but there is no slot 27 please help me
  • I have a 2006 Escape with a 6 disc changer. The radio works fine, but the CD's will not play. I can put them in and take them out with no problem, but all of a sudden, they will not play. The CD's are not homemade discs.


  • vg33e powervg33e power Posts: 314
    If you are still under warranty, get it replaced through Ford. if you are out of warranty, don't bother with it and buy yourself an aftermarket head unit. My 2004 Escape went through two stock units with same problems in addition to the volume raising to full blast when trying to turn it down. I replaced both stock headunits while under warranty, but after the third one started to act up, out came the stock unit and in went a Pioneer head unit with USB iPod interface....needless to say "loving it".
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