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Chrysler Pacifica Transmission Problems



  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    My car is over and done with. Perhaps the worst example of dealer customer relations was when I arranged with the salesman to drive there on a Saturday - about a 45 minute drive - so that someone could just go for a ride in my car with me. He told me that he would arrange it with service for 10:00 AM. I arrived on time and was told by the service writer, "We don't have time for that." I didn't blow up, but I certainly should have.
    I havefound that the way chrysler dealers become 5 star dealers is to send out comment cards to only the customers who they know will send back a favorable report. Some years back a service writer said that he knew that the service was terrible on my RAM 1500 but he literally begged me so send in a favorable report.
  • d08d08 Posts: 16
    Hey, thanks for getting back with me. Yes, I did get the lifetime warranty and the dealer is supposed to be a five star dealer. I don't think that they will give me much problems and I certainly don't want them to think that I am just complaining about my car when I have to keep taking it back to them. Should I ask for them to buy back my car?? I just would love another car , maybe a good one that I don't have these kind of problems with. When I first got my car I just loved it until the problems started happening and thats when I found this site that everyone else was having some of the same problems. I'm all about giving someone a chance to fix the problems, but I really think that this car has serious issues. It not only has transmission problems, but when I crank up my car it sounds like something is loose and also driving stop and go, Like a loose valve or something and also it runs rough sometimes when I am idiling, like it has water in the gas??? And the other day when it was running rough I heard the motor ticking and I stopped and checked my oil and it was fine full. Is that ticking normal??? That is one thing that I know how to check because of my older cars that I use to own, I always would keep a check on them. I am a woman by the way, I just don't know about it. I am so depressed about this..
  • Hi I read your post because we have a 2007 PAC . It's been to the dealers 3x for transmission problems. They did the re- flash. Then I found this forum on Edmunds. Gave it to Manager. They replaced TC . The shutter seems to be gone happened once since being fixed, BUT still have hard shifting and cranking noise when turning,(just not all the time) I read you post and it said Chrysler had it posted on their website about problem.WHERE? I couldn't find it and we are bringing car back to dealer this WED . Could you please post more specific info. It would be greatly Appreciated!!! Thanks.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609 and both have a link to "tsb" which is a service bulliten. You will most likely have to sign in. These are super great web sites. But your dealer has these tsb's in their Chrysler service computer web site. That's not a good reason to make you prove your point.
    Our 07 PAC has almost 23,000 miles on it. Every once and a while we get a jerky shift from 1st to 2nd, or when we stop and go rather quickly. Our dealers Service Manager said he would reflash it, and that shour resolve it. We have been blessed by having a great dealer, LLoyd Belt Chrysler, Dodge Jeep, in Eldon, Missouri.
    No matter how good the vehicle, without qualified tech's who know their stuff the vehicle is no better than those who maintain it. Hope this helps. Is your PAC an AWD? We have been amazed at the power and the good fuel mileage.

  • Thanks for the info. Our Pac is FWD. We have 24,000 on it. What is your gas milegage? The best we have gotten is 24.9 @ 65-68 mph. This is with the replaced TC.Is that good? Stats say 24 mgp......I've read other posts with higher? We get the same hard down shifts at low rpm. This website has been our blessing with this headache.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    We get consistently above 20. mpg, even when I sit in the car with the air-conditioning going as my wife shops. That includes stop and go and spending up to 1 hour with air con. running. When driving around local traffic we get 22 to 24 mpg. On a longer drive of 200+ miles we have gotten as high as 28, but typical is closer to 25,3 to 26 mpg. We have aprox 23,000 miles on ours, it it a AWD Touring which I would think would get less mpg than the FWD Touring or Limited. Often we drive at 65 mph in a 70 mph speed limit. We drive conservativly, and try to drive carefully. We do pull off to let faster traffic by on two lane roads. We do the speed limit on two lane roads. We try not to be poken-alongers.
    I can't say if you should ask for a buy back, only you and perhaps your Service Manager can help with that choice. However these clunks and odd noises need to be taken care of and the dealership should be able to find the problem and correct it.
    With the Lifetime Powertrain Warranty that can be a long time, we expect this just might be our last vehicle as we are retired, and vehicles have been a big ex pence all our life, so maybe this will be what we need now. I do think the warranty is protection that no other vehicle company is even close to, and should deliver many years of service.
    Take some time to think this over and get someone's advice who is knowledgeable about the PAC even a tec. at the dealer can be of a great help. Sorry I can not tell you much more. Hope this helps.

  • djagdjag Posts: 39
    My transmission is flawless in up and down shifing. It is just as smooth as my 2008 Acura RL.
  • Well, all I can say is I'm about ready to scream. It's been a while since my last post. The last time I posted, I had just had the latest re-flash done on my 07 PAC, and all seemed well. But then the rough shifts and slamming into gear from park to reverse or drive came back with a vengeance. Once again, back to the dealer. They said they couldn't duplicate the problem. I kindly explained that this was simply unacceptable. The next phone call I received was letting me know they were replacing the torque converter! After they had kept it 2 1/2 days already. 7 days after that, I finally get it back. Less than 2 days later, I got a horrible whine in all gears, and a loud rattle in park. Yup, back to the dealer! This time, it turned out to be a bent and loose heat shield and defective starter (? ? ?). OK? Now I have it back again, and there is a "roar" noise similar to a bad wheel bearing from under the hood present after 45 mph and continuing all the way up past that. I'm thinking, what next? The dealer knows my problems, their service department knows my problems, and I'm being told to bring it back again. Yeah, OK. Fact is, I'm still making payments every month while it is in their shop for at least 1/2 of every month since I purchased it. No bumper to bumper extended warranty is going to repay me for my time away from work for service department visits and having an unreliable car to make payments on. Those of you with NEW PACS are blessed with a buy back or arbitration option through Chrysler. I purchased mine used with 11,500 miles. It only has 16,000 on it now. What can I do but keep on dealing with issue after issue after issue! Like I can trade out now? And take a beating on trade in value? At least my warranty is trasferable! But why should I have to? It shouldn't be like this! Chrysler is not going to buy back my PAC, and neither is my dealer. The whole situation SUCKS! I have been nice, kind, kept my cool, been pleasant, forgiving, haven't complained about the time/inconvenience, stuck with recommendations, etc, etc. But when is enough going to be enough? I STILL fail to see how my wife's identical 07 PAC has had -0- problems, and I've had too many already to count. WHERE IS THE JUSTICE IN THIS? I think this last issue has my patience pushed to the limit. It's not the dealer's fault; they just sold the thing to me. It's not the service department's fault; all's they can do is fix the darn thing each time it breaks (and only do what the Chrysler warranty department tells them to do). So who next? I've called Chrysler...anyone get any higher the customer relations? I need someone there to put into my shoes and see how they would like it! :sick: And NO! Hiring an attorney to sue Chrysler or the dealer is not and never will be a viable solution for me - I just want the car to be AS IT SHOULD or one like it to be AS IT SHOULD without costing ME a ton of money!!!
  • juleszeejuleszee Posts: 16
    Im in the same boat as most of everyone on here.
    Ive been to the shop so many times, they know my voice on the phone and when I come in they call me by name.
    Ours they say they cant duplicate anything. But I think it's a line of crap. They will not replace anything, do anything, just say they can't duplicate it and thats it. In fact they have heard it. But dont want to do anything. :sick:
    Transmission is still shifting hard, falling out of gear.
    Front end makes noise, I get a whoomping sound when turning corner's.
    Can't drive it in the rain or through a car wash and expect it to start when I turn it off.
    Runs rough in rain
    Molding on the top is falling off.
    I loose traction on hills and going up on ramps.
    Have to keep replacing the engine mounts, Roters had to be rotated already, brake's squeek.
    Its just a lemon.. augh!! :lemon:
    One good thing... The radio works!! LOL

    Chrysler 1-800 number is a joke, I believe that the district manager is just screwing around so we will make it to the year mark and they dont have to do much about it being a lemon.
    So, I called the District Attorney and filed the Lemon law, now the chrysler shop will not take my Pac in for repairs. Since we dont have arbration in my state that was the only way to go. I feel lost like no one is willing to help. I want to trade this off to get rid of the headache, but they wouldnt give me anything for it. 13,000 for this 07 with 11,000 miles on it. Talk about getting screwed!
    Im waiting to hear what the District Attorney says.. :sick:
  • YIKES!! I would be happy if I could just swap equity on a similarly priced vehicle. What dealer would ever do that? The salesman I purchase my PAC from said to bring mine back in again and leave it with their service department until everything is corrected. That would be great, only what else might break later on? Both service managers know me ALL to well. They are freindly and polite, but I know they are getting EXTREMELY tired of seeing my car over and over and over again. And I am quite tired of bringing it back! I am seriously considering trading it if I can find a dealer who will give me a decent figure on it. I can transfer my warranty to a different vehicle and drive on. But like you, I am sure I won't get what I owe. It just isn't right, and there's not much we can do about it except keep bringing them back for repairs. The only justice is that Chrysler will spend a small fortune in warranty work to keep our cars on the road! Anyway, I plan on calling the 1-800 number and just ask for someone in charge to see what he/she would do if they were me!
    By the way, I get the same "whoomping" sound when turning as well. Service department "can't duplicate condition". Happens every time I drive it. I wonder if they actually drive them at all ? ? ? :confuse: When I bring mine back next week, I am going to insist that someone rides with me and I will drive around as long as it takes to "duplicate condition" !!! :sick:
  • when i had fill it up with gas just recently it started to shake and the malfuncion light had come on and it won't stop shakeing when the car is in park what is the problem with it i had fill up my tank with plus gas
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    bulldozer, juleszee, and others:
    I can fully understand what you are goin through! We bought a 2005 Jeep Liberty CRD (desiel) and it was in the shop 25 times in 16 months and 28,000 miles. The Service manager and the Thec's got so sick and tired of working on the Jeep they called Chrysler and said they could not fix all the problems. Chrysler called us to see if we would consider a buy back! Now that's bad when the service department is that up set over a vehicle.
    If you bought the PAC used call the BBB that works very well, and is perhaps faster than the Lemon Law thing. I encourage all of you to document every time you talk or see someone about your problems. Many people trust their memory, and under pressure to quote someone they can't remember details that make your story rebiable.
    The buy back on our Jeep libert went super great. But we picked a Jeep Compas which was less that we expected and the quality was sub-par. We drove it 9,200 miles and we drove it 5 months and traded it on the PAC. We got hurt bad on trading it in! We will be paying for a big dead horse for 5 more years! The hit we took on the Compass was worth it as the PAC is by far the better value and the mpg is much better as well.
    I sure don't know about anyone elses finances, but for us it was a situstion where my wife and I hated the Jeep Compass, we the Compass after we got it. We made a bad choice, and we either lived with it or changed vehicles which hurt us.
    So weigh it our and I hope it works out for U all.

  • Hi,

    I have a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica and am struggling to figure out how to proceed in solving my problem with it.

    The check engine light came on about a month ago. I took it to Midas and they read the computer (for $60+ bucks!) and said the computer reported a problem with the bank 1 sensor 1 oxygen sensor. Since the car was driving find and the quote seemed high to replace it, I left. A few weeks later the car started to exhibit a dangerous problem: if you hit the gas, the car would just idle without warning. The problem was intermittent. Thinking that the problem was related to the oxygen sensor, I took the car back to Midas and had them replace the oxygen sensor. They also convinced me to pay for a fuel system cleaning. When I left Midas, the check engine light was still on. Midas said it was probably due to the fuel system cleaning and would likely go away in a few days.

    I therefore continued to drive the vehicle and occasionally it would exhibit the aforementioned problem of not moving when you hit the gas pedal. About a week ago I drove a few miles to a store and when I left the store to return home, I could leave the parking lot. The car would not do anything but idle when I hit the gas.

    I had the car towed to Midas. Midas inspected the vehicle the next morning. They called me and told me that the check engine light was no longer on and the car was behaving normally. They said the computer only read out the previous oxygen sensor error message (same bank 1 sensor 1).

    I had read about the 2005 Pacifica recall related to the Fuel Pump Module and Power Train Control Module (PCM) Software (NHTSA recall number: 06V432000) the evening before Midas inspected the car. Midas recommended that I go to a transmission company. I showed the Midas representative the recall notice and he said that it was unrelated. So I left Midas and drove to AutoZone where I heard they give free advice.

    I drove the car to AutoZone. The check engine light was no longer on, but the representative read the computer and just saw a two part message, which he showed me. The first part said there was a problem with the oxygen sensor in bank 1 sensor 1. The second part said they same thing but had a pending attribute on the message. The representative said that was probably just there because Midas didn't clear the message. He asked me if I wanted him to clear it. I said yes and he did so. He said it was probably an electrical problem and to bring the car back to read it when the light comes back on.

    The light came back on later that day (yesterday) and I took it back to AutoZone. The representative read the computer and it had the same two part message about the oxygen sensor. The representative said the pending attribute on the second part might suggest the problem isn't just limited to the oxygen sensor.

    My theory is that the message is suggesting there is a problem with the fuel mixture due to a malfunctioning fuel pump and power train control module as specified in the recall. Chrysler said my VIN did not match the recall. However, I dropped the car off at the Chrysler dealer and told them my theory. They said they will charge me a $106 to look at the car and will refund me the money if it turns out the recall does apply. I'm now waiting to hear back from them.

    If they say the recall doesn't apply, I'm not sure what to do next. Any suggestions? I'd appreciate any guidance.

  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    So far you have made two mistakes that I can see. Take the car to someone who knows what he is doing. The dealer is where you should have gone once you knew it was an O2 sensor. Depending on your mileage, they are covered by the emissions warranty.
  • Damon,
    If I am not mistaken, I believe that the Pacifica does NOT have an accelerator cable attached to a throttle body like older model cars do. I believe it is an electronic throttle device, either wired or wireless depending on the vehicle. If it were me, I would check in that area. You may be looking at a sensor problem. Like I say, I am not 100% sure, but thats where I would be looking. I have an 07 Pacifica with the 4.0 liter engine, and my car has no accelerator cable. Hope this helps. Anyone else have any suggestions?
  • Thank you for the replies rhollis and bulldozer.

    Rhollis, I hear you. I originally emailed and called my Chrysler dealer for a quote for the o2 sensor replacement. They never provided me with a quote. Are you suggesting that Midas may not have replaced the o2 sensor effectively? If so, do you believe it is possible that the dangerous problem I am experiencing could be caused by a faulty oxygen sensor?

    Bulldozer, I don't know how to determine whether my Pacifica has an accelerator cable or an electronic throttle device. The car is currently at the dealership. The recall I am worried about says the following:



    Does this seem to potentially match my symptoms or does the o2 sensor message better match them?

    Thanks! --Damon
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    Damon: Taking your car to Autozone and Midas were huge mistakes. These outfits hire inexperienced, and generally trades men that don't have what it takes to work at a dealership. (not even a closed down Yugo shop) The parts these places use are usually a cheap imitation or poorly made parts from some place in a country you never heard of before. These parts don't last and may actually damage your engine.
    With a few exceptions the Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep dealership can find the problem, and fix it properly with less cost and hassle than most places. The o2 sensor is usually replaced in pairs, top and bottom. Unless the correct one is replaced right and cleared form the computer the problem still continues. Often when just one sensor is replaced the other one will go out real soon too. (voice of experience on our 96 Dodge neon)
    Many years ago I use to take my cars to these places thinking I was saving money. I was young and trying to save time and money. It wound up costing me a lot more time and money too. I am older and I hope smarter.
    Here is one example, Oil Changes at Walmart for our PAC is $29.98 with their cheap oil. My dealer sends me coupons and an oil change is $21.95. I also get Mopar oil filters, and Mobil 10w 30w which is what the owners manual calls for. The car gets washed and inside is cleaned too, for $8.00 less. Jiffy Lube is $32. for the oil change, no brake there either. See what I mean.
    By going to the dealership you find right up front if there is a recall or some other needed thing. The dealer is the one with the best communication from the factory for recalls and computer updates on their equipment that finds your problems.
    I sure hope this helps, as you have been drug into muddy waters by these so-called automotive shops. And no I do not own Chrysler stock, but I have bought 17 Chrysler made vehicles and been very pleased with the service and the care our vehicles have gotten.

  • Thanks for the response, farout.

    I have to admit that I am a bit skeptical of all the Chrysler dealership recommendations. I like competition in markets and the idea that only Chrysler dealerships have access to the means of proper diagnosis concerns me. That said, I feel like I'm forced to go to the Chrysler dealership after the latest turn in events.

    I paid the dealership $95 for their diagnosis that the bank 1, sensor 1 o2 sensor needed to be replaced, something I was already told by Midas and AutoZone. I was a bit frustrated by this. I felt I got something for my money when the dealership gave me a dealerconnect technical bulletin that said the 05 PAC o2 sensor needs to be replaced by an 04 PAC part. The issue was discovered in 2005, which makes me suspicious of quality.

    I took the bulletin with the recommendation back to Midas and asked them to replace the o2 sensor with an 04 PAC Chrysler part. I left them a copy of the recommendation. They followed it and during testing after replacing the part with the part from the dealership, the check engine light appeared again stating a problem with the bank 1, sensor 1 o2 sensor.

    I'm now planning to head back to the Chrysler dealership. I hear your comments about the quality of Midas technicians. However, I'm very reluctant to pay the Chrysler dealership to replace the o2 sensor a third time. I'm very suspicious of the computer in this 05 PAC. I wish I could find out if any of the 127K 05 Pacificas that were recalled had symptoms related to the o2 sensor. I wish I didn't have to trust the dealership, but I feel like I'm backed into a corner.

  • The dealership did determine that there is a problem with the PCM. Problem now is that there is no ETA for the replacement.

    So I've paid Midas for a o2 sensor I didn't need and have no idea when I'll get the replacement part I need.

  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    drnager: I expect the dealer may have your PCM or know when it will arrive by now. If you feel that AutoZone or Midas gives you better service than the Chrysler dealer than it would be best to stick to one place for general repair. But for techincal service I would advise you to stick to the dealership for that. Howerver I would reconsider these other two outfits. Call the BBC and see if either of these two other places have a record of problems and if they resolved them.
    I do not know what you paid for your PAC, but new our PAC was more than I earn in a year. In fact it's the most expensive vehicle I have ever bought. I want to protect our investment and for me the Dealership is the only one I trust, but that's just my opinion. Be well.

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