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Chrysler Pacifica Transmission Problems



  • when i had fill it up with gas just recently it started to shake and the malfuncion light had come on and it won't stop shakeing when the car is in park what is the problem with it i had fill up my tank with plus gas
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    bulldozer, juleszee, and others:
    I can fully understand what you are goin through! We bought a 2005 Jeep Liberty CRD (desiel) and it was in the shop 25 times in 16 months and 28,000 miles. The Service manager and the Thec's got so sick and tired of working on the Jeep they called Chrysler and said they could not fix all the problems. Chrysler called us to see if we would consider a buy back! Now that's bad when the service department is that up set over a vehicle.
    If you bought the PAC used call the BBB that works very well, and is perhaps faster than the Lemon Law thing. I encourage all of you to document every time you talk or see someone about your problems. Many people trust their memory, and under pressure to quote someone they can't remember details that make your story rebiable.
    The buy back on our Jeep libert went super great. But we picked a Jeep Compas which was less that we expected and the quality was sub-par. We drove it 9,200 miles and we drove it 5 months and traded it on the PAC. We got hurt bad on trading it in! We will be paying for a big dead horse for 5 more years! The hit we took on the Compass was worth it as the PAC is by far the better value and the mpg is much better as well.
    I sure don't know about anyone elses finances, but for us it was a situstion where my wife and I hated the Jeep Compass, we the Compass after we got it. We made a bad choice, and we either lived with it or changed vehicles which hurt us.
    So weigh it our and I hope it works out for U all.

  • Hi,

    I have a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica and am struggling to figure out how to proceed in solving my problem with it.

    The check engine light came on about a month ago. I took it to Midas and they read the computer (for $60+ bucks!) and said the computer reported a problem with the bank 1 sensor 1 oxygen sensor. Since the car was driving find and the quote seemed high to replace it, I left. A few weeks later the car started to exhibit a dangerous problem: if you hit the gas, the car would just idle without warning. The problem was intermittent. Thinking that the problem was related to the oxygen sensor, I took the car back to Midas and had them replace the oxygen sensor. They also convinced me to pay for a fuel system cleaning. When I left Midas, the check engine light was still on. Midas said it was probably due to the fuel system cleaning and would likely go away in a few days.

    I therefore continued to drive the vehicle and occasionally it would exhibit the aforementioned problem of not moving when you hit the gas pedal. About a week ago I drove a few miles to a store and when I left the store to return home, I could leave the parking lot. The car would not do anything but idle when I hit the gas.

    I had the car towed to Midas. Midas inspected the vehicle the next morning. They called me and told me that the check engine light was no longer on and the car was behaving normally. They said the computer only read out the previous oxygen sensor error message (same bank 1 sensor 1).

    I had read about the 2005 Pacifica recall related to the Fuel Pump Module and Power Train Control Module (PCM) Software (NHTSA recall number: 06V432000) the evening before Midas inspected the car. Midas recommended that I go to a transmission company. I showed the Midas representative the recall notice and he said that it was unrelated. So I left Midas and drove to AutoZone where I heard they give free advice.

    I drove the car to AutoZone. The check engine light was no longer on, but the representative read the computer and just saw a two part message, which he showed me. The first part said there was a problem with the oxygen sensor in bank 1 sensor 1. The second part said they same thing but had a pending attribute on the message. The representative said that was probably just there because Midas didn't clear the message. He asked me if I wanted him to clear it. I said yes and he did so. He said it was probably an electrical problem and to bring the car back to read it when the light comes back on.

    The light came back on later that day (yesterday) and I took it back to AutoZone. The representative read the computer and it had the same two part message about the oxygen sensor. The representative said the pending attribute on the second part might suggest the problem isn't just limited to the oxygen sensor.

    My theory is that the message is suggesting there is a problem with the fuel mixture due to a malfunctioning fuel pump and power train control module as specified in the recall. Chrysler said my VIN did not match the recall. However, I dropped the car off at the Chrysler dealer and told them my theory. They said they will charge me a $106 to look at the car and will refund me the money if it turns out the recall does apply. I'm now waiting to hear back from them.

    If they say the recall doesn't apply, I'm not sure what to do next. Any suggestions? I'd appreciate any guidance.

  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    So far you have made two mistakes that I can see. Take the car to someone who knows what he is doing. The dealer is where you should have gone once you knew it was an O2 sensor. Depending on your mileage, they are covered by the emissions warranty.
  • Damon,
    If I am not mistaken, I believe that the Pacifica does NOT have an accelerator cable attached to a throttle body like older model cars do. I believe it is an electronic throttle device, either wired or wireless depending on the vehicle. If it were me, I would check in that area. You may be looking at a sensor problem. Like I say, I am not 100% sure, but thats where I would be looking. I have an 07 Pacifica with the 4.0 liter engine, and my car has no accelerator cable. Hope this helps. Anyone else have any suggestions?
  • Thank you for the replies rhollis and bulldozer.

    Rhollis, I hear you. I originally emailed and called my Chrysler dealer for a quote for the o2 sensor replacement. They never provided me with a quote. Are you suggesting that Midas may not have replaced the o2 sensor effectively? If so, do you believe it is possible that the dangerous problem I am experiencing could be caused by a faulty oxygen sensor?

    Bulldozer, I don't know how to determine whether my Pacifica has an accelerator cable or an electronic throttle device. The car is currently at the dealership. The recall I am worried about says the following:



    Does this seem to potentially match my symptoms or does the o2 sensor message better match them?

    Thanks! --Damon
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    Damon: Taking your car to Autozone and Midas were huge mistakes. These outfits hire inexperienced, and generally trades men that don't have what it takes to work at a dealership. (not even a closed down Yugo shop) The parts these places use are usually a cheap imitation or poorly made parts from some place in a country you never heard of before. These parts don't last and may actually damage your engine.
    With a few exceptions the Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep dealership can find the problem, and fix it properly with less cost and hassle than most places. The o2 sensor is usually replaced in pairs, top and bottom. Unless the correct one is replaced right and cleared form the computer the problem still continues. Often when just one sensor is replaced the other one will go out real soon too. (voice of experience on our 96 Dodge neon)
    Many years ago I use to take my cars to these places thinking I was saving money. I was young and trying to save time and money. It wound up costing me a lot more time and money too. I am older and I hope smarter.
    Here is one example, Oil Changes at Walmart for our PAC is $29.98 with their cheap oil. My dealer sends me coupons and an oil change is $21.95. I also get Mopar oil filters, and Mobil 10w 30w which is what the owners manual calls for. The car gets washed and inside is cleaned too, for $8.00 less. Jiffy Lube is $32. for the oil change, no brake there either. See what I mean.
    By going to the dealership you find right up front if there is a recall or some other needed thing. The dealer is the one with the best communication from the factory for recalls and computer updates on their equipment that finds your problems.
    I sure hope this helps, as you have been drug into muddy waters by these so-called automotive shops. And no I do not own Chrysler stock, but I have bought 17 Chrysler made vehicles and been very pleased with the service and the care our vehicles have gotten.

  • Thanks for the response, farout.

    I have to admit that I am a bit skeptical of all the Chrysler dealership recommendations. I like competition in markets and the idea that only Chrysler dealerships have access to the means of proper diagnosis concerns me. That said, I feel like I'm forced to go to the Chrysler dealership after the latest turn in events.

    I paid the dealership $95 for their diagnosis that the bank 1, sensor 1 o2 sensor needed to be replaced, something I was already told by Midas and AutoZone. I was a bit frustrated by this. I felt I got something for my money when the dealership gave me a dealerconnect technical bulletin that said the 05 PAC o2 sensor needs to be replaced by an 04 PAC part. The issue was discovered in 2005, which makes me suspicious of quality.

    I took the bulletin with the recommendation back to Midas and asked them to replace the o2 sensor with an 04 PAC Chrysler part. I left them a copy of the recommendation. They followed it and during testing after replacing the part with the part from the dealership, the check engine light appeared again stating a problem with the bank 1, sensor 1 o2 sensor.

    I'm now planning to head back to the Chrysler dealership. I hear your comments about the quality of Midas technicians. However, I'm very reluctant to pay the Chrysler dealership to replace the o2 sensor a third time. I'm very suspicious of the computer in this 05 PAC. I wish I could find out if any of the 127K 05 Pacificas that were recalled had symptoms related to the o2 sensor. I wish I didn't have to trust the dealership, but I feel like I'm backed into a corner.

  • The dealership did determine that there is a problem with the PCM. Problem now is that there is no ETA for the replacement.

    So I've paid Midas for a o2 sensor I didn't need and have no idea when I'll get the replacement part I need.

  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    drnager: I expect the dealer may have your PCM or know when it will arrive by now. If you feel that AutoZone or Midas gives you better service than the Chrysler dealer than it would be best to stick to one place for general repair. But for techincal service I would advise you to stick to the dealership for that. Howerver I would reconsider these other two outfits. Call the BBC and see if either of these two other places have a record of problems and if they resolved them.
    I do not know what you paid for your PAC, but new our PAC was more than I earn in a year. In fact it's the most expensive vehicle I have ever bought. I want to protect our investment and for me the Dealership is the only one I trust, but that's just my opinion. Be well.

  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    Looks as though you received "The Midas Touch".
  • waterdrwaterdr Posts: 307
    Yo....nothing is more frustrating then a drivability problem.

    I speak from experience. This is my advice:

    1 - O2 sensors and modern car tuning is one of the most mis-understood areas of a modern car. If an O2 sensor is bad, especially the first bank, the car can run like total crap. O2 sensors send a voltage signal from .1 to 1.0 volts to the ecm which tells the computer if the car is running rich or lean. They are narrow-band senors, so they don't record a true air fuel ratio, but rather give the computer a "rich" or "lean" signal. The car then "learns" and adapts as you drive as the fuel injector are pulsed based on this signal. The sensors are used only to fine tune the a/f as the ECM has a built-in fuel table.

    2 - ONLY use OEM O2 sensors and get them from the dealer. The quality of "off" brand or non-original sensors are not very good. Just ask any dyno-tuner. You won't find them anywhere but the delear.

    3 - The PAC's are equipped with a drive by wire system. They don't use a throttle cable. This may be where your problem lies. Although, the car may not like the O2 sensor signal, so it could be preventing you from driving it to prevent damage to the motor. I can't say for sure, as I don't know the car well enough.

    4 - You need someone who is good with tuning or diagnostics. You won't find this at Midas, Sears, Wallmart etc.... You either need to go to a dealer OR find a good local guy who owns his own shop with a good reputation for solving problems. The car needs to be road-tested or put on a dyno with a data-logger to find the problem. Only then will the tuner be able to read the O2 signal and will be able to see what is going on. Going to Auto-Zone or Midas only get's you in the ball-park as far as codes are concerned.

    5 - If you are on a tight-budget, make sure they know that. There is nothing wrong with that. Most shops will work with folks and cut them breaks....not usually dealers though, but it is still worth a try.

    6 - Any shop that sells fuel system cleaning services should not be trusted. IMO, no reputable shop or mechanic would sell those services. They are a scam.
  • Hi farout finally I took some time and take my PAC to the dealer again this time to the one y bought from my car this is the 7th time they will try to fix it, and they are changing the converter for second time in one year plus engine mounts etc..... I told the service advisor that will be the last time or want chrysler to buy back my car, I want to change it for an 08 PAC that seems to work just fine.
    today my car is ready... I'll let you know.
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    I beg to differ. We have been using a MotorVac machine for years. This is done only after everything else has been checked. It makes a noticeable difference.
  • Well, I'm back! At this point, I wish I could just get a replacement for my 07 PAC. After the torque converter replacement, I am still stuck with a whinning noise coming from the front at 50 MPH and above. I recently drove the car to Florida for a family vacation hoping that putting a few miles on it might help this situation. Wrong. The noise gets worse at freeway speeds, and the constant battle to correct the steering wheel constantly to the left practically had my wrists worn out! It is as if the only wheel that is pulling the car is the right front. The more gas you give it, the worse the pull. The most amazing amount of torque steer I have ever witnessed. And my wife's identical 07 PAC? Absolutely NO problems - No whining noise, No torque steer - NOTHING. Before my vacation, I practically begged my selling dealer to fix the problem. They had their "chief" service manager from another dealership they owned come and ride with me - a REAL scholar. He tried to tell me that as cars get older, parts on the front "move" causing wind noises that were not there before to be noticed.Anyone else out there fall off the turnip truck yesterday? At any rate, they kept the car a week, did not log a service ticket at all, never drove it from where I parked it - NOTHING. I even left 2 messages for the salesman that sold it to me, and HE never even returned my calls either. I am so fed up that I am just unsure what the next step should be. And a simple fact is that I will NEVER step foot in the selling dealership agian for ANY reason. I plan to call Chrysler and see what they might say, but the outlook is grim. Since when is getting an attorney involved ever been a positive solution? I won't even be able to afford that! This may be the last Chrysler product I ever own - a shame to hear from a person who's father had a Chrysler franchise for over 20 years! Keep you all posted. :mad:
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    Sad! I would suggest that you contact the National Center for Dispute Settlement. The address should be in the back of your owner's manual. Make sure that you have every piece of paper as they will want to see it. This is the start of the arbitration process. It took me three times, but Chrysler finally bought back my car. I had to hire an attorney to get all of my money, but it was worth it. During the entire process, Chrysler never suggested that they simply replace the car. This would have been an acceptable option. Instead, they acted as though I was some sort ofdope who knew nothing about automobiles and the way they should function. I have been in the auto repair business for over 40 years, and since I am still in it, and since I have a good following, it is safe to assume that I must know something.
  • Only one question-does the arbitration process include cars that were purchased used? I purchased mine as a "program" vehicle with 11,500 miles on it. I'm afraid that option doesn't apply to me. We will see what Chrysler has to say first, and if that gets me nowhere, then maybe I should contact my attorney. I'm tired of giving everyone else the benefit of the doubt. I too have been exposed to the auto industry since I was old enough to talk, and I know when I've been handed a load of bull. No one seems to care, but they aren't the ones making the payments either. I'm sure if they owned the car, they wouldn't want to put up with what we are going through either, wouldn't you think? All I was asking for was what was fair and just - I'm not out to go overboard here. Just give me what I'm paying for and I will be pleased. But now I have been ignored, and that just isn't right.
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    I am afraid that it doesn't, but it might not hurt to give them a call. I believe that a "program" vehicle is one that has been used by Chrysler, so maybe they can help. I feel sorry for the person who buys my old car at an auction - no warranty on a car with 5500 miles and it is pretty unpleasant to drive.
    It might not hurt to haave an independent certified mechanic drive the car and make a report. This worked for me - one was at my expense and the other, who drove the car before and after attempted repairs, was on someone elses nickel.
  • You know, I was looking at all used Pacificas within 150 miles of my zip code on I found one at a dealer in NC with only 5600 miles on it. It was a 2007, was a burnt orange color, Cognac it is called, and had 19" factory rims on it. I actually called them to inquire about trading mine for it. That one would not have been your old one, would it? Just curious.
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    My car was Inferno Red. It went to Ganley Dodge in Cleveland. I was assurred that it would be auctioned, but that does not mean that a dealer did not buy it. The 5600 miles certainly fits, but it had 17" wheels. Whomever gets my old car gets no warranty from Chrysler, although having one didn't do me a whole lot of good.
  • d08d08 Posts: 16
    I'm so sorry to hear about your car, but I know how you feel. Mine has give me a lot of problems since I bought it and I have taken to the dealer on several times and they still don't know what in the world is wrong with it. I can say one thing that the dealership has been extra nice and tries their best to help me. I think that the 07 models have bad parts in them and the parts they are replacing with are bad also. So it is a never endig story. I wonder if the parts are coming "China"!!!! By the way my car only has 8000 miles on it now, the tc has already been replaced and now they are odering motor mounts and some other stuff for it. We will see.
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    What really bothered me at various dealers was that the standard answer was "problem not experienced". I offered to drive the car with a so called technician but they never took me up on my offer. I even went so far as to drive 45 minutes to the selling dealer on a Saturday as arranged by my salesman only to be told that, "we don't have time for that". Why not just poke a pencil in my eye? I am not so certain that it is Chrysler, but rather bad techs who are too lazy to try to find the problem.
  • Today, I plan to call the selling dealership and talk to the owner or president. I simply can't let this situation go without calling his attention to it. The lack of respect for me and my concerns has finally caused my blood to boil, and I feel that he should be made aware of it. He may not even care, but he will hear from me before I call Chrysler and talk with them. If I were to treat a customer at my business the way I have been treated, then I would expect to lose future business as the negative word spreads, simple as that. I hate to have to involve an attorney, but the situation may dictate the need to.
  • my PAC got the second torque converter one month ago they did all re flashing and the car returned to bad again after few hundred of miles , I went back to the dealer and this time the service manager and the mechanic went for a ride with me
    they felt the problem and again left the car, I called Chrysler to let them know my car was in the shop for tenth time and the reason because I did not want to do a lemon law was because I liked very much the car but that it will be the last time that they will have to fix it or I want a new car, they seemed very nice and receptive they gave me a claim number and asked for the miles of the car.
    After that I received a call from the service manager and let me know that they were doing the best they can and were with the Chrysler technicians fixing my car
    they gave me my car back and again at the beginning it felt very smooth but after few days is coming back to do bad , I'm not sure if I want that car that has been torn apart few times, today I'm driving some other cars and call Chrysler if they don't want to change my car I'll get a attorney any way they will have to pay for it.
    I'll keep posted
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    Being mice and receptive and repairing the vehicle are two different things. It is like dealing with many companies whose employees apologize over and over again for your inconvenience but they don't have a plan to do anything about it. They are programmed to apologize thinking that by doing so they will make you go away.

    In March, perhaps, I went to a local Chrysler dealer to wee about buying a 2008 T&C once my Pacifica issue was resolved. The salesman knew that I was coming, but he then had to waste my time while he swept the snow off the demo so that I could take it for a drive. We went through all of thedetails, I told him what equipment I wanted, etc., and he then fiddled around trying to come up with a price. I had an appontment to get to so I asked him to either call me with the price (he had 3 phonenumbers for me) or E-mail it to me. I am still waiting. I really feel that the problem is at the local level.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    After Chrysler bought your PAC back what did you get to replace it. Were you satisfied with the buy back and how much you got the replacement for?

    With all of the vehicle mfg's hurting, and they are all but selling below factory cost this might not be a bad time to buy if a person can pay cash, as credit for cars is not what it used to be a year or so ago.

  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    The buy back process was a bit tedious as the dealer slipped in $2,700 negative equity on a paper that I originally signed, after I signed it, but I never saw that paper again until they sent it to NCDS by mistake, I believe. I did get all of my money back. When I was looking at replacement vehicles, I looked at '08 T&C's but I felt that all of the dealers around Cleveland wanted at least $3,000 too much. I bought a used (2006) T&C with everything I wanted, and I like the body style better. During this whole process I went from four cars down to two, the T&C and a Sebring Convertible that I bought from a customer. I still have a 1979 Plymouth Trailduster that has never been licensed and is not road worthy due to rust, broken brake lines, and frame deterioration - just a plow truck around my business. The odometer shows 1579 miles since the vehicle has gone backwards almost as much as it has gone forward.
  • They make an attempt to repair my car again at the beginning the car felt better but after few hundred of miles is start to do the same, shuddering between 40-50 miles per hour and 60-70 Mph always under 2000 Rpm, also when you start from 0 to 10 and then brake to complete stop the first gear comes back like 3 or 4 seconds after the car has stopped like something hit you from behind, I called Chrysler again and told them that I don't want that car any more this car has been put apart so many timesthey have changed several things and I feel not comfortable with that, every time I see missing screws or tie the cables properly, last time they broke the inner boot from the axle when they disasamble the transmission and they replaced it with a re manufactured one,for me is not acceptable any more .
    Chrysler called me and let me know that I have to drop the car Dec 1st at 8.30 am
    because the technician is comming, I don't know if to try to fix it or just to replace it
    I was seeing a 2008 Pac I drove it and seems to drive better i tried to make it to do the fault but was fine, do you think that it would be good idea to change it for one I can get one signature series with all the options for $25,000 with 0 miles seems good price I paid for mine $32,000 and has not nav or back up camera
    but I don't know because is a car that is not comming for 2009.
    your advice is welcome.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    faschulz: The last Pacifica rolled off the assembly line on Dec. 12. 2007. That was the last of the 2008 PAC's and the PAC is perhaps the best vehicle Chrysler ever made. At least thats my opinion. Any "new PAC' sold today would or should be marked down big time. In Sept 2008 the national sales for all PAC's sold was less than 600. The last stats I saw said there was a 90 day supply of PAC's in the US.
    I fully expect to see 2008 vehicles of all brands still being sold new in June 2009. This car business is in the worst condition you can inagine.
    We initally has the shudder problem but with the TC replacement and two reflashes it was gone. We are very pleased with out PAC and the excellent mpg!
    Hope this helps.

  • thanks for your response, I think the same about the Pac but I had two town & country before and they were so great never have any problems I sold them because they had 130,000 miles and was afraid of some major repair, I hope at the time I can finish with this there are some Pacs left so I can get another hopefully with no problems, I have not seen any in this forum complaning about 08 Pac.
    I'll keep in touch.
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