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Porsche 911 Carrera Prices Paid



  • Hi...Can anybody advise me what type of discount I can expect to receive off of the MSRP on a 2010 911 Carrera. Sticker price was $84,505.00. The dealer told me he could take off 7%. I have read in other posts that buyers are getting $20K off the sticker price. Can this be true? Thanks, Jack
  • Hi..I just found it the other cost on a 2010 Porsche 911 Carrera with no options is $69,800.00 give or take a couple of dollars. Jack
  • tonka858tonka858 Posts: 103
    you should expect 15% off of MSRP..
    if your a costco memeber on the prices it out for you.
  • Does anyone have any recent experience with pricing for a new 2010 C4S? Dealer quoted 5% off sticker of about $110k. Seems pretty high to me - wanted to see if anyone had any recent experience. Thanks
  • Walk away from 5% discount. It is nonsense! Every dealer is doing at least 10% off all 2010 models. You may even be able to stretch it to 15% off MSRP...I tried but couldn't do it. I was originally looking at a 2010 C4S but ended up with a plain old 2010 vanilla 911 Carrera with 10% off MSRP...I drove the C4S and I ended up purchasing the 911 Carrera. The C4S is a slug compared to the Carrera...if you don't really need the all wheel drive...go with Carrera S. I purchased my car from Champion Porsche in Pompano Beach, Florida. Speak to Marco Guerrero. Great guy at a great dealership. I will buy all my future Porsches from this dealership. And I just love my car. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I did all my shopping in late July and bought the car on August 01. I could only surmise that they are cutting even greater discounts today. Good luck, Jack.
  • llngoc2llngoc2 Posts: 15

    What is the realistic percentage off an on-the-lot 2011 Carrera or Carrera S? How about on an order? I was at the dealership looking for a base Carrera but the dealer has an S on the lot with most of the options we wanted (and a few which we didn't care for). The salesperson implied that the price is negotiable but how far can we really expect to go? I don't want to get all work up for an S and found that it is still too far off from my original budget.

  • fq1fq1 Posts: 56
    edited July 2011
    Looks like there has not been a post in more than 8 months. Can people report on how they have been doing lately with deals on any 997, especially since the 991 is just around the corner.
  • Wanted one forever. Looking at a 2002 Black Cabriolet with 40k miles @ price of $27,800.00. 2 owner car, clean Carfax. New HRE wheels and tires, navigation. Looking at it this weekend. Good deal?
  • larryallen707larryallen707 Posts: 169
    If you are looking at used 911's check Rennlist. Tons of great info there on prices, options, etc....
  • youn0813youn0813 Posts: 28
    How much would my dad be able to take off of a 2012 911 with a sticker price of $118K. The dealership in Los Angeles, CA, offered him a 5K discount, but I feel like that's very little, if I were buying any car, I'd get at least 10% off of the sticker price. That's about how much I got on my ML350 not long ago, but it did take some time and traveling.

    Could someone familiar with 911 pricing voice in some comments, opinion, or suggestions regarding amount of discounts one get obtain?
  • llngoc2llngoc2 Posts: 15
    If this is the redesigned 2012 991, I would consider this very good discount but if this is 997, then it is way too low. Back in September 2011, I was able to get a 7% discount on a custom order 997.

    But if it is the brand new redesigned 991, don't expect too much. BTW, was your ML the new redesign or the older model.
  • I started with Costco and was given the name of a dealer in Silver Spring, MD. With an MSRP of 95,590 for an order, the sales rep gave me a discounted price of 93,800. Wow - not even a 2% discount! When Costco contacted me regarding my experience, I told them it wasn't worth my time.
    I am now working with a dealer in Charlottesville, VA. Should I expect a 7% discount or higher? Thanks!
  • fq1fq1 Posts: 56
    I am seeing significant discounts right now and 7-8% should definitely be doable.
  • Thank you for responding so quickly. Today the dealership in Charlottesville, VA quoted me a 5% discount, much better than 2% from the Silver Spring, MD dealer. I'll keep at it!
  • udi617udi617 Posts: 1
    Just got 2013 911 convertible sticker 112005 got it 103000 in Huntington L.I had great experience
  • ed911ed911 Posts: 1
    looking for good delership in LI area seems you had good experience can you share who did you deal with. thank you
  • I am planing to order my first 991 and I am between going with a Base 991 7 speed manual transmission or a PDK transmission.
    I test drove both and felt that the clutch pedal is pretty hard and was wondering how does it fell on every day driving. I appreciate if anyone can share your opinions.
  • I was really torn but decided to go with the manual. I must say i was disappointed at first because the clutch was so stiff. After about 10,000 miles, it opened up and now it's a lot easier. I think by 15,000 miles, i will be fine.
    It's such a personal decision. You should trust your gut. In retrospect, i would prefer the PDK because i live in the city and sometimes, i get tired of shifting but i have to admit, I'm really starting to enjoy the shifting. Keep test driving but the problem is that you will have a whole different car after 10,000 miles.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,555
    I volunteer to break in your clutch pedal for you... 5K - 10K miles...

    No charge! ;)


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  • Thank you guys. I decided to go with the PDK, yes it's going to cost me more but I don't want to worry about when my wife drives the car. Not to mention that with 7 speed manual I am afraid I will have to speed more than I should just to make use of the 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7th gears ;)
  • Hi, all ...
    I am considering buying a 2002 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S. It has 77k miles, and is all stock. The seller is asking $28,900.

    Any thoughts, pros, cons and other feedback regarding this particular model would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!
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