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Jeep Grand Cherokee Start Stall Idle Problems



  • Just purchased my beloved 98 5.9L back again bought it from a dealer thinking it would be turn key sort speak, I'm in need of some help maybe you guys can give me some insight on my problem, Noticed it Miss firing last week replaced spark plugs started it up and it ran smooth took it out for a run maybe 5 miles of hard acceleration and when got back to my garage it was back to what it was, So i decided take it into a shop have him put the engine scanner on it and see what it will say, 150.00 later and another set of plugs he says number 7 was dead,changed and ran fine, Until i took it on a long ride that next day about 300 miles, got home noticed it again with a slight misfire at idle only same as last time, So now I'm ruling out the plugs being it seems to only misfire when at idle and after a few minutes running, Seems to have the power at higher RPM's as i gave a 96 Camero a run for his money today so i know the jeep is using its 8 cyl or maybe not? this is what i need help on here maybe someone has had the same problem, I should mention the check engine light came on both times and came off the first time i changed the plugs. Also i want to point out, The day i bought the jeep and drove it for the first time it was acting strange at first meaning the rpm's would climb over 1000 at idle and would idle up and down and then from then on it stayed under 1000 and now this issue of misfiring so thought i should mention this as this all happend in this order all within a week. Thanks Don
  • My son is a jeep tech, and has been working on my starting problem for over a year, it was starting and stalling out , right off, he narrowed it down to security problems , replaced the security module, all sensors, even grounded the doors to make the computer think it had a key in it to bypass, but still as soon as the weather got cold and wet, my problem came back, finally after he and the master tech trying everything as a last ditch effort he replaced the computer, that was over a month ago and it has seemed to stop the problem, we live in the very northern part of Vermont , almost on the canadian border, so the bad weather is here, he cracked open the old computer and it was full of moist er and corrosion, I hope this long effort to get this jeep fixed helps others to a very long but easy fix
  • My 2000 Grand Cherokee has been in the shop since Friday night. (The Garage is BMW, so I guess theyre not used to Jeeps, although they do seem to be trying their best). They initially replaced the ignition switch but that didn't work. They're know looking at electrical bundling (I think that's what she said). They're also considering whether it's worth throwing money at it. They promise to get back to me tomorrow. I'll keep you updated.
  • hey,
    ive got a 01 grand jeep cherokee and im having problems starting my vehicle. i have the key in the ignition and when i try to start it , i cannot turn the key to start it ? could it be a bad park/nuetral switch ?
  • hey,
    ive got a 01 grand jeep cherokee and im having problems starting my vehicle. i have the key in the ignition and when i try to start it , i cannot turn the key to start it ? could it be a bad park/nuetral switch ? :confuse:
  • went out and mine would start then stall but would idle if i held the gas a litte bit there is a small screw where your throttle is(the 3 cables and the metal bracket that holds them) the throttle hits it when fully closed i turned mine out a little bit problem solved (this screw youll only see the threads needs to be turned from underneath)or use a small pair if vise grips from the top let me know if this helps anyone
  • i have a 1994 cherokee country with 2.5. I'm having a starting problem. In the morning my jeep starts up right away no problem. The problem happens after its warmed up. After its been warmed up and i run into a store for five minutes, then come back out to start it, it won't start it just keeps cranking, but once i put the pedal to the floor it starts right up. Everytime i drive around and run into a store and i need to start my jeep I have to put the pedal to the floor. can someone please help me out.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    sounds as if you have injectors that leak
    i would also change the fuel pressure regulator on the fuel rail could be allowing to much pressure on the fuel rail
  • Having had my 2000 jeep in the shop for a week, the BMW garage appears to have fixed the problem. Apparently they found a wire near the crank sensor that was being pinched, spliced and was shorting. This was a wire at the top of the transmission bell housing. (Sorry, means nothing to me!). They rewired this section and tightened brackets to stop further pinching. The cars been working fine all weekend. I must say after reading all these tales of woe I didn't have much hope, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
    Good luck to the rest of you out there.
  • rmchavrmchav Posts: 1
    Same prob w/my 98!!! Did you get any good responding solutions?
  • I own a 96 jeep grand cherokee with 118000 miles on it.It recently started acting up,hesitating ,bucking,then it stalled.The mechanic thought it was bad gas,he put fuel system cleaner in it.After a weak it started again, i put high octane gas with a dry gas, drove it down the road,it was bucking frantically,losing power,pulled it off on a side street,put it in neutral,reved it up,cause it sounded like it was ready to stall.waited a bit, put it in park, it rev up too 1200rpms,then dropped to around 600rpms.I've read other people problems like mine.I'm going to try to replace the Crankshaft sensor,but i don't have a clue where it is located,I looked but could not see it.Does anyone have a pic,so i could see where it is?Does my jeep have a camsaft sensor too?I called a local jeep dealer they said it wasn't listed in there computer.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    what engine you have
  • 2004 Jeep Grand Cheorkee SE.
    When I try to start the vehicle, absolutely nothing happens. The engine does not even begin to turn over. However, if I sit and try to start the vehicle multiple times(minimum 20 times), it eventually starts in the manner in which it should.
    The weird symptom that may give some indication as to what the problem is what the gauges are doing prior to attempting to start the vehicle. The gauges will spike up to about 25% (ie, 30-40 mph on the speedomoter) and then immediately go back down. All gauges do this and are in sepuence.
    The only other note is that while the vehicle is in this "no start" mode, that all electrical functions do not work. Radio, door locks, windows, etc all do not function.
    The vehicle has done this to me 3 times, but on all occasions has eventually started up with persistance. However, I would like to fix this asap.
    Thanks in advance.
  • teamo1teamo1 Posts: 1
    i had the same problem with my 05 jeep grand cherokee. i had the ignition replaced. worked fine . but down the road i had another problem , lost all the lights on my display . the only thing i had was the park and rev nut light on couldent tell how fast i was going nothing , plus my rear brake lights went out at the same time , brought it in a couple of times kept re sending some codes in the computer . worked for a few day . the problem was after i got tired of thier [non-permissible content removed] was , the p.s.a board witch is a computer board was bad ,was still under warentee thank god i head they can cost 600 to 700 a board . so be carefull have them check it , no problems sence then , good luck
  • i have the 4.0 straight6
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    at the rear of engine on the pass side way in the back held in with one small bolts hard to get at should come with instructions on how to install has small paper spacer on tip that goes in by flywheel (dont remove as sets the space betyeen flywheel and sensor will come off when you first start up)
    good luck
  • thank you,.one more question,does this have a camshaft position sensor?If so where is it,and is it hard to replace,i was told i should replace both.Where is the computer located?
  • I have a 94 grand cherokee with the same problem. I was driving last night and 2 mins later it stalled and now it wont start back up... I am out of ideas and my mechanic thinks its the computer. I was just wondering if your problems have stopped after you replaced the computer? I live in PA and my problems occur when its wet or hot out. If you could reply I'd greatly appreciate it... Thanks
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    yes inside distrubater
  • Having to hold the gas sounds like possibly a bad TPS "throttle position sensor.." Or IAC valve "Idle air control." Both of them are on the throttle body. I would go to your local Pep Boys or Auto Zone and get a 29 dollar Haynes manual for your GC and run some tests on this area. If they check out it could also be a Crank sensor or Cam Pickup Sensor.. or worse case scenario ... a bad PCM. But strange its not popping the check engine light.
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