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Jaguar S-Type Climate Control Problems



  • Hi there,
    Yesterday whilst driving with my heater on smoke started to come out of the heating system vents inside the car. I shut off the system immediately! car runs fine was able to go to work did not turn on the heating system. I did look under the hood for anything obvious found nothing.
    Does anyone have any ideas as to what might be the problem?

    Help would be greatly appreciated
  • I have had the same problem for quite a while now. In fact, my wife does not want to drive the car anymore for fear of inhaling toxic gases.
    Anyway, I have a '03 6cyl w/ 69k miles. I have had it worked on by my own mechanic for this issue and apparently it hasn't worked. It seems to happen after the car is warmed up and you can actually see smoke coming through the vents. It is very frustrating, considering I have spent $300-$400 to fix it and it is the same.

    Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  • Loving my this car...what a beast...noticed however that a "bubbling/gurgling" sounds sometimes comes from under the the dash... especially right after the car is turned off. Any ideas?
  • jaymzsjaymzs Posts: 16
    I too had a 2004 4.2 v8 that bubbled and gurgled now and then when hot or cold .
    Some one told me there was a purged valve on the radiator that had an air lock.
    I never had it fixed but it was annoying at times
  • Hi
    Jaguar S Type - 2.7 Deisel - Reg 2006

    Re your posting Nov 13, 2009 - Heating problems.
    I have exactly the same symptoms as you. Could you tell me what the problem was, and how much did it cost to repair.

    Symptoms - semi cool air blowing from centre vent driver side - warm air passenger side - temperature control and air con do not work. Checked gas level - All OK

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Many thanks Peter
  • jaymzsjaymzs Posts: 16
    I had warmer air in some of the vents on my 04 Stype v8,,, simple fix with a sensor.
    I think it was a couple hundred bucks, I'm going to see if I can find out waht it was I no longer own the car
  • Jaguar S Type - Heating - Air Con Problems

    Deisel 2.7 - Reg 2006.

    Collected car from airport car park - noticed heater controls were not working - cool air from centre vent driver side - warm air from centre vent passenger side. The heater temp control also does not work.

    Any ideas what the problem is, and cost to repair.

    Appreciate your help.

    Regards Peter
  • jeffsljeffsl Posts: 6
    I concur.
  • jeffsljeffsl Posts: 6
    The Climate Control Module has a tendency to burn out, but it is not due to the act of replacing the heater valve. The burn out is most likely caused by too much current / power draw from the old/defective heater valve (which is wired directly to the Climate Control Module). By the time the new/replacement heater valve is installed, the Climate Control Module has already burned up.

    I'm an Electrical Engineer with background in automotive electronics product development, and I wasn't about to pay the dealer a four-figure sum for this when it happened in my own S-Type. If you haven't already replaced that Climate Control Module, I can diagnose and repair it for you. Let me know if I can be of assistance. E-mail me at this dedicated address I've just set up: [email protected]
  • Jaguar S Type - Heating - Air Con Problems

    Deisel 2.7 - Reg 2006.

    Collected car from airport car park - noticed heater controls were not working - cool air from centre vent driver side - warm air from centre vent passenger side. The heater temp control also does not work.

    Any ideas what the problem is, and cost to repair.

    Appreciate your help.

    Regards Peter

    Reg May 2006 - Current Mileage = 34,000

    Thanks for your reply on Edmunds Forum.

    Would appreciate any help - According to Service Manager at Jaguar is most likely to be a broken wire !!

    Whats your view and cost to repair?

    Regards Peter
  • jeffsljeffsl Posts: 6
    For anyone else that may have a damaged/defective Air Conditioning Climate Control Module in a Jaguar S-Type, here are some guidelines and solution(s)...

    1. Driver and/or passenger vent(s) blow(s) hot/warm air, even when the controls are set to max cold (or any other level). This may occur on just the driver side, just the passenger side, or both sides, and even intermittently.

    1. Only the Heater Valve (or "Coolant Control Valve") is defective. After some time, corrosion and vibrations cause this component to fail, either mechanically and/or electrically (i.e. internal short).
    2. Heater Valve + Climate Control Module are defective. When the Heater Valve dies or begins to die, it eventually takes the Climate Control Module with it to the grave.
    3. Only the Climate Control Module is defective. Assuming the Heater Valve is good, this particular scenario is unlikely to happen.

    Why the Heater Valve gets damaged:
    Corrosion - not enough anti-corrosion additive in the coolant, or harsh weather conditions, or just old age? Vibration?

    Why the Climate Control Module gets damaged:
    There is no protection circuitry in the Climate Control Module to protect itself against damage due to failure at the Heater Valve.

    How to diagnose:
    1. Check the fuse for the Heater Valve. It may be labeled as "Coolant Control Valve" in the owner's manual.
    2. Check the connection to the Heater Valve. Is the connector loose/corroded? Is the Heater Valve corroded? The S-Type is an always-hot-fuse system, which means that one wire to the Heater Valve is always "hot" (+12V), and it needs the other wire(s) to ground to chassis in order for the internal solenoid valve to work. Replace the Heater Valve first. If you have replaced the Heater Valve, but still experience the above symptoms, the Climate Control Module has probably been damaged already.
    3. It is probably not the The Evaporator Discharge Temperature sensor(s) under the dash, but check them anyway.
    4. If the dealer has replaced everything else besides the Climate Control Module for you already, then the last piece of the puzzle is probably the Climate Control Module. Gotta replace or fix it!

    What I can do for you:
    You send me your Climate Control Module (complete unit, inside the casing with front faceplate). If you cannot remove it from the vehicle yourself, I recommend that you have a qualified technician do the removal and later re-install for you. I will diagnose it at no additional cost to you (besides what you paid for shipping to me). Once I have confirmed the presence of repairable damage, I will give you a reasonable quote for the repair including return shipping back to you. Not only that, I will modify your module with protection circuitry that will prevent it from getting fried again in the same way (the next time your Heater Valve dies). If you happen to have the old Heater Valve ("Coolant Control Valve"), I can bench test that as well, but it is usually not repairable when the internal and sealed coils are damaged. Send me an e-mail to discuss your particular case: [email protected]
  • jaymzsjaymzs Posts: 16
    I believe you may be talking about the heater valve which opens and allows water to flow into the heater core, its probably vac operated. You will have to ask a mechanic.
    Should be cheap and easy. They gum up on all cars after awhile.

    I'm saying this because your air still works, its just your heat. The valve is only partially open.
  • Thanks for your imput - Please note the air con DOES NOT work.

    Regards Peter
  • stypejagstypejag Posts: 2
    Thanks Jeffsl, this is exact problem on mine 05 s-type, I took it to dealership and found out the heater valves were bad, and leaking some coolant from one of the valve, got that changed and replaced with new heater valves, I thought that would fixed the problem, but the dealer tech came out and told me the Climate control module also bad, and they wanted $1195+tax for it, this is after I spend $285 on the heater vales and $220 on labor. I will contact you shorty once I take out the Climate control unit.
  • jomama3jomama3 Posts: 2
    Same problem with heater, started blowing hot air out passenger side vent
    with semi cool air on drivers side. Dealer wants two hundred to look at the
    car. Can anybody assist with instructions to get access to the motor control
    valve?. And control panel?
  • Had the same problem - It took Jaguar a little time to work it out - Over a day !! - Two split wires presumably to the censors / valves !! - Control valves were ok - They charged £185 incl VAT - which wasn't bad by their standards - Personally, they should have diagnosed problem quicker.
  • jomama3jomama3 Posts: 2
    Hi and thanks for your help!

    Do you know if they removed any of the dash components.
  • jeffsljeffsl Posts: 6
    It may be a good idea to let the dealer (or a good jaguar mechanic) diagnose it. If you can use a multimeter i can give you some instruction with how/where to diagnose. e-mail me at: [email protected]
  • jeffsljeffsl Posts: 6
    wiring problems are some of the hardest problems to diagnose. happy to hear that you got it fixed.
  • stypejagstypejag Posts: 2

    For those having same problem as I, give Jeff a try. I sent my climate control to him last week and got it back 2 days later, put it back in the car that same night, turn on the air cond, cold air on all the vents, problem solved after 2 months of holding back from $1200 dealer cost.

    Jeff, you did great, really appreciated your help.

  • ivey2ivey2 Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem with the "bubbling/gurgling" sounds immediately after the car is shut off. I saw the suggestion about the air lock but wondered if anyone has been able to get theirs eliminated by that fix.
  • dehyadehya Posts: 1
    Hello, i have a 2001 Jaguar S type that needs the front 2 left and right side lower ball joints replaced. I am thinking of ordering the parts from MacAuto parts (part number XR8041215J). They only sell the ball joints and not the vertical link. The dealerships only sell the ball joints with the vertical link, however I was able to find the ball joints without the vertical link. I was wondering if anyone had a similar problem and if it possible to replace just the ball joints without the vertical link? How can I do this and do you know if the parts from Mac auto parts are any good?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,482
    How did you determine that the ball joints need replacing?

    You are allowed .8mm play in them. You raise the vehicle and put a jackstand under the lower suspension arm. Then wiggle the wheel at 12 and 6 o'clock and have someone note the play in the ball joint.

    Also be aware that there was a recall on this car for loose ball joints because the joint nuts were not tightened to proper spec. You might get away with tightening them if they haven't been hammered too badly.
  • modartmodart Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 S type 4.2L with dual climate control. The Passenger side is stuck on heat. A local shop replaced the heater control valve which looks like a dual acting valve. I am guessing that it controls hot water to split cores one for the driver and one for the passenger. The valve does not look new so maybe they did not replace it like they said.

    There are the following 3 Lines of data on the side of the valve:
    1 147 412 175
    2R8H – 18495- AC
    090716 .B

    My question is does the heater control valve regulate the heating temperature by turning on or off the flow of hot water to the coils. If so, then I should be able to apply 12V to the solenoid on top the coil and shut off the flow to the side of the core that is stuck on heat, or is the heat regulated by diverting air flow of the hot air to the outside of the car by some sort of vent damper. I have also read that there are some evaporator temperature sensors that fail and wont send the 12V to the valve. They are supposed to be easy to change and only cost about $20.00. I tried to remove one of them and could not get it out. Is there a special tool that is needed?

    Thank You

    [email protected]
  • jeffsljeffsl Posts: 6
    Hi Dennis,

    New valves should look "brand-spankin' new" and shiny. Let's hope your replacement valve is actually good. :) (don't worry, we can figure that out...see below for test procedure)

    Unlike some other vehicles, the S-Type doesn't use a mixing door for AC/heater temperature control. All AC air always travels through the heater core.

    *IMPORTANT* Do not blindly apply 12V to the valve's terminals. The valve control is an active ground setup. On a dual valve, the middle terminal is always Hot +12to14V, while the outer 2 terminals are either floating or grounded.

    The Climate Control Module sends a ground "signal" to the valve(s), which closes it and impedes the flow of hot water/coolant to the heater core under the dash. For intermediate temperature settings, the module constantly cycles the signal to control how cold the AC blows out the vents. "Lo" temperature setting keeps the valve closed. "Hi" setting keeps the valve open. The problem with this is that as the heater valve ages (i.e. corrodes), it starts to pass more and more current back to the module. Even if the heater valve still works in that state, the board and components in the module, which aren't designed to handle this situation, end up getting literally fried by the high current. So, this heater valve control circuit just stops working, and the valve defaults to full open.

    The evaporator temperature sensors -can- be -a- cause of such problem, but in most cases I've seen, this isn't where the problem comes from. To remove, just pull..harder. They are tight.

    Chances are, the old valve had already damaged your module. So replacing the valve, although a step in the right direction, didn't completely solve the problem.

    If you can use a multimeter to take voltage, current, and resistance measurements, you can follow my test procedure below to help us determine if the valve and/or module are good or bad:

    1. Run the engine.

    2. Set the controls to max "Lo" for both driver and passenger sides.

    3. Confirm that the air is still blowing hot (take note which side blows hot or if it's hot for both driver and passenger sides).

    4. Disconnect the plug from the valve and take voltage measurements at all 3 contacts in the plug. The middle contact should read 14v or so.

    5. Take resistance measurements at the 2 outer contacts in the plug (measure between each contact and a chassis ground). The 2 outer contacts should read close to 0 ohms.

    6. Jumper the middle contact in the plug to the middle contact at the valve. Jumper one outer contact in the plug to the corresponding outer contact at the valve using the multimeter to measure current. Be careful that you don't short anything with the middle contact in the plug (it's always hot +12v-14v). Repeat the measurement at the other outer contact after disconnecting the first outer contact (don't disconnect the middle contacts yet). Each measurement should read 0.9 to 1.1amps. If the measurement in step 5 showed a much higher resistance than 0 ohms, then the current measurement will not give a proper result.

    7. With the middle contacts still jumpered between the plug and valve, jumper an outer contact on the valve to a chassis ground, while using the multimeter to measure current. Check to see if any vents blow cooler air during this grounding process. Repeat the measurement at the other outer contact and check the vents again.

    8. Reconnect the plug to the valve.

    9. Shut off the engine.

    10. Report the results back to Jeff. e-mail to: [email protected]

    Once we confirm that the module is bad, then you can decide if you want to pay a 4-figure sum to the dealer for a new module (only to have it die again when the valve goes bad again), or have me:
    1. Repair the damaged module.
    2. Upgrade the valve control circuit to protect against damage caused by a dying valve in the future.

  • vdsea25vdsea25 Posts: 1
    edited May 2010
    I have a 2005 Jaguar 4.2 S-type. In Aug 09, my AC starting blowing hot air out the driver's vents and cool air out the passenger's vents if I closed the vents on the driver's side. Took the car to an air conditioning specialist and they told me it was the heater control valve that needed to be replaced for a total of $900. I delayed repairs why I tried to find the part on the internet to do the replacement myself. Not too long afterwards I noticed coolant leaking. I eventually had the heater control valve and the auxillary water pump replaced. No change to the A/C. Took the car to the dealer to find out the Climate Control module was shot and replacement would be $1,800+.

    Solution: Two weeks ago I trusted the post from Jeffsl and sent my module to him for repairs. In less than 2 days he had it repaired and ready for return to me. I reinstalled the module and I've got my cold air back. That was the BEST $275 (I paid $25 for insurance) repair ever!! :shades:

    If you're having A/C issues, give Jeffsl a try @ [email protected] thanks Jeff!!!
  • edukeduk Posts: 2
    I have a 1999 S-Type 3-liter.

    When it rains hard, the inside of the windows get damped very fast.
    I have to put the blower to HIGH and after some minutes the damp disappears.
    During winter, defrosting the window took many minutes. It really take a long time to get warm air blowing.
    Sometimes the airconditioning blows a stinking air into the cabin.
    The air is not getting cold when it should do and and not getting warm when expected.
    However, sometimes, I hear a clicking noise, and it looks like the airco start working. At the same time this stinking air is back..
    But the next moment it does not work at all.
    There are no leaks.
    So, what can be the problem. Is it the A/C module of a fuse?
  • calipso64calipso64 Posts: 4
    I had the same issue on my 2007 S type R...was lucky enough that it was still under warranty. Apparently the issue is common enough that a bulletin was sent out to the dealers ( # JTB00066 TSB. ?) . It turns out that the mysterious sounds comes from defective defrost recirculation door actuator servo motor (at least in my case) ...took dealer a good 3-4 hours to swap. So far so good...no more gurgling. :D
  • andy1974andy1974 Posts: 2
    Hi ,
    I own a s type jag 2001 model...its only got 44,000 kms on it and runs brilliantly...recently i went overseas and when i came back found that the heater only blows air but the air is not hot so it does not warm the car...can anyone sugest what may be wrong with it/
  • andy1974andy1974 Posts: 2
    Hi ,
    I own a s type jag 2001 model...its only got 44,000 kms on it and runs brilliantly...recently i went overseas and when i came back found that the heater only blows air but the air is not hot so it does not warm the car...can anyone sugest what may be wrong with it?
  • jamal25jamal25 Posts: 1
    edited June 2010
    Hey Jeff how r u? I am having trouble with my AC. I have a 2005 Jaguar S-type. I took it to the dealership they said I need a AC Control Module, which costs $1600. Please help me if you can.

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,482
    First thing I'd check is your coolant level.
  • sdemsdem Posts: 1
    Late build 2002 4.2L. Winter here, start car, takes ages before heat finally starts blowing. At random time, strange noise, sounds a little like when you just start to release foot brake on wet discs, then flow stops totally and restarts a few minutes later, usually. Very strange. Also initially no fan activity at all, even if manual mode is engaged. Can turn off unit, and back on, no change. I bought second hand a year ago and don't recall this type of behaviour then.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.
  • jaymzsjaymzs Posts: 16
    Yes I had a 04 4.2:L, they replaced what I remember was a heater control valve, not the control panel. That rattle, if it sounds like a gurgle once in a whileand a rattle other times , Well They replaced the vents in the center control , I knew it wasn't that! Comes and goes.
    with or without the fan on. I believe howerver its an air bubble in the cooling system I heard you could burb from below. BMW , same thing. Love the car but got rid of it since they couldn't find the squeal in the tranny, Yes that new FX tranny crapped at 70k . It was reprogrammed repeadily and fluid changed at least 4 times, never help.
    I think I had all the quirks, and didn't expect them being an 04 and all
  • edukeduk Posts: 2
    My problem is solved.

    Problem was electronical.
    The relais responsible for the AC in the fusebox under the motorhood was coroded and the contact points were burned in.
    This is replaced (18 euro).

    Furthermore the space between the magnetic plates on the airco pump was too big and was bought closer to each other.

    Hope this will be of any help for you.
  • katmandu3katmandu3 Posts: 1
    Jamal: We had the same problem with our 2004 s type. Dealer wanted $1600 for part. I bought it on Ebay for $85 and paid the dealer to install it. You might want to check it out.
  • Hey Jamal, the dealership gave me the same quote on the module, plus even more for the service. Mine was blowing hot on the driver's side. I google'd for the problem and found this website: jaguarclimatecontrol.com
    There is a lot of good information there. I followed their step-by-step module removal instructions and got mine out in 15 minutes with no cursing. I had actually bought another module on ebay and found out it had the same problem, only it was hot on the passenger side instead! Go figure. Anyhow, I just sent my module in to them in hopes of getting it repaired. Crossing my fingers...
  • I was wondering how you like your 2001 Jag. I am about to purchase one & am leary. Never owned one before. What do you think?
  • blogginsbloggins Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Jaguar S-Type and the check engine light has been on for a bit. The first time I had a problem it was the coolant reservoir. I had that replaced after ordering the item from Ebay and having it put in. I have been hearing a noise that sounds like trash or a piece of plastic underneath the car but when I checked it was nothing there. All sounds seem to be coming from the left front side somewhere. I took my car to my repairman and thought that the check engine light was on due to needing spark plugs and an air filter. My car only has 62,000 miles on it and I really like it. My repairman told me that it is misfiring or that is what the computer is reading. He didn't have a Jaguar software and he wished he knew someone that did. He told me to drive it and see if the spark plugs were all it needed. He erased the code and the light went off. My car was due for inspection and it passed. I need to change my oil, but it isn't bad, but will do on next week. Well to my surprise 2 days later my check engine light came back on and the Restricted Performance light came back on, which goes on and off at times and when it does there is no accelerated speed. I do know that often times my coolant light comes on saying low coolant, but when my husband checks it isn't really low but needs some coolant put in. Would anyone happen to know what is wrong. Have you had this experience with your Jaguar. I don't have the specific code but will check by Autozone for the code and let you know. Please help.
  • Does anyone know where I can find an AC ECU for a Jaguar S Type 2003 4.2 V8 for the LOW LOW (cheap price)?
  • Hi to all... My wife's '06 S-Type 4.2L VDP (60k miles & still under extended warranty) has a chronic summer cooling problem: On hot Atlanta days with the Climate Control set on 'Auto' and 70F, the air blows cold fairly soon, but the blower fan doesn't speed up past level 2 to distribute enough cold air. She has to lower the temperature down to 'LO' and manually crank up the fan speed to max. If she doesn't do this, it takes 30 minutes to chill the car, which is ridiculous on a premium car. Also, the recirculation feature doesn't turn on in 'auto' and must be done manually. [My 2001 XK8 climate control system works wonderfully when set on 'auto' and 72F, and I never need to monkey the fan speed.] The Jag dealer just replaced the compressor and dryer, which definitely made the air blow colder, but the slow fan speed seems to be the reason the car takes so long to cool down on hot summer days. Does anyone have an idea if the fan speed control is related to bad sensor(s) or faulty climate control module? Help!
  • Hi, can you tell me were to find the climate control modual on my jag.v8 sport s type 4.2. 2004. thanks. barry
  • You can see pictures of where they're located on this website: http://jaguarclimatecontrol.com/repair-and-upgrade/
  • Jeffs, I have 2001 s-type 3.0 and valves + temp sensor replaced but still the same. Are you sure must be climat controll panel? Can you help me? [email protected]
  • So, i took my car to the dealer because i couldn't keep a battery charge. They had to replace wiring and told me i had a radiator leak in the rubber hose? I just got the wiring fixed due to money issues (corrosion and rubber not covered under warranty). I then started getting low coolant errors. I filled it, no problem. Then I noticed in the summer that i was no longer getting air. I then started getting low coolant errors again. Filled and then within 5 days it came back on. Now i'm not getting heat. Still having to fill the coolant all the time. Also, my car fogs up, but wont defog for a while.. have to wipe and drive. Pile of crap. :) Dealer charges me $130 per issue that they check, so I'm trying to avoid it. Any suggestions or opinions on all that could be wrong? Is it all related? Someone told me i may have a blown gasket? Help appreciated.
  • I have a 2003 S-type as well and have had the check eng. light on many times. I have 188,000 highway miles on a V-6 and it still runs with plenty of power. My solution, though simple, works every time. I buy fuel injector cleaner or Octane booster or whatever they have on the shelf at the Dollar store not at the Auto parts and use one every fill up. It turns the light off and keeps it off for months at a time. I avoid Racetrac and QuickTrip gas recommended by my Mechanic. I have also had the "Restricted Performance" message on many times. I had to replace the coil on each plug average cost for each coil is $54.00 at the dealer. This may be your misfiring problem. It improved my performance even with all the mileage on my car.
  • debi42kdebi42k Posts: 3
    The Module is the whole thing that controls your AC & heat. Looks like your Radio. If you want to know how to remove, replace or test it, jaguarclimatecontrol.com is the place to go.
  • debi42kdebi42k Posts: 3
    I just had the CCV (Heater Valve) replaced in my 2006 S-Type 3.0L (under 50,000 miles). It was damaged from a previous leak in the coolant expansion tank but the DCCM itself, and all fuses & sensors were fine. When I picked it up this evening the display panel on the Climate control was flashing & would not stop. The only time I have ever seen this before was when the care was parked outside for any extended period and temperatures reached in the upper 90's during the day, meaning inside the car it was over 100. This was not the case today.

    I am thinking there is a "reset" that needs to be done since they had to remove all of the refridgerant to install the new CCV & then re-charge the system, or they didn't hook something up. The AC works great now - by the way.

    Anyone had this problem??
  • I have a 2001 S type with the same issue can you help?
  • As others have suggested, jaguarclimatecontrol.com has a lot of information regarding various issues. Check out the site.
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