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Older Civic Maintenance and Repair



  • I have a 2001 Honda Civic who has more undisclosed problems than any other vehicles I owed. I owed many vehicles over my life and I found Honda has more problems and very slow to correct or choose not to correct it. On this 2001, it has bad transmission design from day one and was redesigned in 2003. But they fail to correct the flaw and fail to disclose this design flaw which may cause your transmission to fail. Honda would hope it would fail after the warranty period and they don't have to pay for the correction. Looking at my 2001 Civic, I would buy another Honda. All the vehicles'sI manufactures I owned have corrective bulletins to correct the smallest problem. My Toyotas plus other German cars never have so much hidden problems then my 2001 Civic. Look at the airbag recall. It took 9 years. This is a serious recall as compare to Toyota. Honda is not what they portrait themself to be.
  • jkay3jkay3 Posts: 1
    My 99 civic ex is a great car. I have 145,000 miles and it just started stalling when I slow down to stop. I am also getting 20-25 mpg but I used to get at least 30 mpg all of the time. I have owned it for 7 years with only basic problems. I did get the 90,000 mi check up but only oil changes since then.
    I need some advice before I take it in.
  • no kidding. mo 08 civicis a lemon It can not be driven. dealer and honda canada will not do anything. i will sue them until they bleed when i am done. i have not hadf a car for 11 months. problems started at 1` week !!!!! never buy from honda. they are aholes!
  • g7bfb0g7bfb0 Posts: 1
    edited March 2010
    am seeing yellow engine lite indicator. where can i hook up an OBD1 scanner to get the trouble code? Thanks 4 your help!!
  • ann14ann14 Posts: 3
    2001 Honda Civic DX: Any ideas as to how to find out why the driverside floor gets wet when it rains? the rest of the car is dry.
    Thanks for the response.
  • b072786b072786 Posts: 3
    ckeck you radiator fan makes sure it turns on, especially when your on a stop and idle . and if you did change the thermostat make sure the gasket is on right and its facing the right side
  • medustarmedustar Posts: 1
    Check oxigen sensor. I've had same problem and fixed it. At dealers shop it cost me $380. Try find better place, I paid to much.
  • I have a 1.6/5 speed engine that runs great except for the following:
    when the temperature is cool (below 70F) the car will crank but it will not start! No matter whether the day is wet or dry or the fuel tank is half full or not - it doesn't always start.
    I have already replaced the main relay under the dash, and the ignition module in the distributor - any ideas out there? I'm also wondering if the temperature inside the car has anything to do with it. I'd be obliged with your suggestions.
  • rwayrway Posts: 1
    How much should I expect to pay to have the timing belt replaced on my 2001 Honda Civic 5sp? Mileage is 111K. Is it necessary to replace the timing belt at this mileage?
    Should I also pay for a "tune-up" as the dealer suggests, as well as a valve adjustment and new valve cover gasket?
    What does a tune-up include?
    Why do mechanics replace valve cover gaskets?
    What about the water pump, all drive belts and coolant? How often does this have to be done?
    I've had the car since 2003 when I bought it from the dealer with 23K and the main maintenance I've had performed has been with regular lube and oil and tire rotation, balance and alignment. My dad was my mechanic, but he died and now I need help!
  • kmakerkmaker Posts: 20
    You need to spend a few dollars on having the fuel pump pressure and volume checked. If you have an in-line filter on that car, you should have it replaced if you haven't already. Not too familiar with the model but sometimes the filter and fuel pump are one component mounted in the tank. Maybe someone else can confirm that for you. Either way, sounds like the fuel pump to me.
    Good luck,
  • crazyflycrazyfly Posts: 61
    Timing belt package is THE most expensive scheduled maintenance item any honda has. it is due at 110k mile interval. and I would not delay it too much. if the belt breaks, you are talking full engine replacement - major $$$$. The timing belt replacement alone runs about $350 at the honda dealer, and most dealers have specials to reduce the cost.

    As part of scheduled maintenance, honda recommends changing spark plugs and water-pump. Value adjustment is $300 if done alone. but if done with the t.b. package it is cheaper (about $150) since the cover would be off anyways so you'll save the labor. Gasket has to be changed because the old gasket would leak if re-used. Honda recommends coolant replacement at 120k. but if changing water-pump, it makes sense to change coolant coz you'll save on the labor cost.

    I've got timing belt repalaced three times (different vehicles) and would recommend to do the full package. dealers would quote you $1200 for the whole thing! but **ASK** for discount, and most places will give you 20 - 25% discount easy. Your total cost will rund around $800 out the door. Also shop around independent mechanics. Their prices are about $100 to $150 less. Its up to you where to take your car, but for such a major maintenance like TB package and messing with the engine I would take mine to honda dealer and dont' mind paying more.

    good luck.
  • chrisnhchrisnh Posts: 22
    edited July 2010
    My 2001 Honda Civic was over heating. Added fluid every couple of days, did not see the fill line so over filled constantly but no big deal. Took it to one mechanic who said could not find anything wrong. Problem got worse. Second mechanic replaced thermostat value, pressure tested system, saw fan running, no leaks at hoses (may have also used dye), thought it was solved. But as part of his SOP, he ran the engine 20 minutes again to get it up to operating temp. That is when it fail the pressure test for the first time. He replaced the radiator, problem solved.

    Car had about 90K. Radiator was not happy on the 8 mile commute home. Had some fluid with me, stopped 3 times, would add fluid. Ran heater with windows open. Then it would red line and heater not put out hot air. 4th stop was at a local pond for some relatively clean water. Ran fine for a day and 30 miles that got it to the second mechanic :) Apparently no engine damage 10k later.

    Thanks for Timing Belt tips. Am taking my car to the 2nd mechanic for a 100k eval, to decide if to keep or tradein. I trust both, but 2nd always seems to find the cause of issues when other fail and generally offers 2 or 3 options in any repair. Closest Honda shop is 65 miles away.
  • kmakerkmaker Posts: 20
    head gasket would be my guess. You describe all the symptoms perfectly.
  • chrisnhchrisnh Posts: 22
    edited July 2010
    Hi Paul;
    That was my guess too at first.. I never saw a leak on the ground. I did smell fluid but I had spilled a lot when I was refilling every day.. It was the radiator. I did not see water in oil, no water out the tail pipe, I did not see bubbles in the coolant, nor oil. I think my 2nd mechanic even checked compression. He knew I was not lying about adding lots of water the day before, despite his initial pressure check of the coolant system.

    Now I am wondering about the slight shifting problem I have noticed over the last 2k. Maybe time to trade it in at my Honda dealer for a stick (which I wanted but my wife said no, we needed to have one automatic and it was going to be mine). Sigh. Still like the car.

  • thebeanthebean Parts UnknownPosts: 607
    I have a 2002 Civic EX sedan with 63,000 miles on it. I have owned it since new and have followed the "severe" maintenance requirements for the most part, since I live in Texas and it's HOT here in the summer. At my last service, the dealer (who I trust since they have been good about not "upselling" me on stuff) said I should replace the timing belt/water pump/other belts since the car is 8 years old, even though I haven't met the mileage yet for a replacement.

    I'm wondering if this is just "revenue enhancement" for the dealer, or if I really need to consider this. I'm semi-retired and only work about 6 months out of the year. The rest of the time, the car is only driven around town. I hate to spend the money if this is early replacement, but I also don't want to screw up the engine if the belt breaks.

    Is this too early for timing belt replacement? I plan to drive the car for several more years since it's been fairly reliable.

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

    thebean :confuse:
    2015 Honda Accord EX, 2017 Honda Civic EX-T
  • I own a 2001 Honda Civic. About a month ago while driving further then usual, my civic stopped excelorating and my check engine light came on. I didn't know what the problem was so I had it towned back home. Next day the check engine light went off and it drover normal. A week later it didn't it again. I let it sit for a few hours and then 2 weeks later it did it again. This time a guy friend was with me and suggested it be a sensor and at this time he noted it was over heating. But again, we let it sit for the rest of the night and the next day it drove fine. That was 4 days ago. Yesterday it did the same thing, I got it home. Let it sit. Engine light is off. But now it over heats after only been driven a mile. I had diagnostics done on it this morning and i was told a sensor is going out. There is a leak in the radiator. So I flush the radiator for the chance of any cloggs and refill the radiator. Drove it a mile around the neighborhood, it was in the red by the time I got it back to my drive way. What could be the problem? After it sits for a minute, the leak stops as well.

    please help.

  • vivichovivicho Posts: 2
    Hi I have exactly the same issue. Were you able to fix the problem?
  • vivichovivicho Posts: 2
    Hi, were you able to fix the issue? I have exactly the same problem
  • Hey guys,

    All of a sudden the driver's side rear door's power lock has stopped functioning. It still works manually but doesn't work with the lock switch on the driver's door nor the keyless entry. Anyone else run into an issue like this?

  • My 06 Honda Civic is nearing 105k miles. Just recently had the brakes checked at the dealership, new tires, all wheel alignment, etc. What can I expect from the 105k checkup, both in terms of maintenance and expected costs for said maintenance?

    I've also noticed that the car's suspension has noticeably decreased in quality. The new tires helped significantly, but I feel like I'm on a pogo stick when I go over those 2-3" strips of black that decorate our freeways hiding/fixing cracks in the cement which gets unbearable after a while. What could this be caused by and it's solution, and will the dealership check this at 105k?
  • My car started to make noise and took it to place where I get oil changed and buy tires. They said it was coming from the muffler they thought. Now it is losing speed on highway sometimes to the point where I put flashers on and am only driving 30 miles an hour. It has always lost speed on hills. I have to be frugal financially but this is my baby and I want to keep it. It is the best car I ever had. What could it be? Should I take to muffler place first or to Honda Dealer ($). I am one of those that people can take advantage of very easily. Thank you..
  • Ok. i have a 1993 honda civic dx. Thing runs beautifully, until i drive for a long period of time. I think it's an issue with the IAC unit. I am not a mechanic but there's a piece connected to the back of the IAC unit, where there is sensors plugged in and there's only two 12mm bolts holding it in. Well my car when it gets hot will not start back up. I know i need a starter eventually, but that is not the case in this issue. When i dump cold water on that piece where the sensor is plugged in on the the back of the IAC unit the car will fire right up! It never fails and it always happens. I called the dealership and they want me to bring it in for a diagnosis at $108 bucks an hour! First off i would bring it to them IF i had the money but i do not. Second of all my job consists of me driving all day because i work as a roadside assistant and i rescue stranded motorists! Who's gonna rescue me when I need help!! lol So if someone, anyone out there knows a solution to this problem PLEASE let me know.
  • Mid 90's extended warranty to 150,000 miles or 14 years.

    Most Honda owners have much stronger warranty coverage than most dealers admit. See the consent decree between Honda and the EPA. See pagesw 10 and 11 which refer to Appendex B. Everything from intake, fuel, exhaust, etc is covered, including the very, very common cracked manifolds.

    If your dealer won't honor it , call your state attorney general and ask for consumer protection. They will educate the dealer about the meaning of the federal law.
  • hey, i had the same problem, doesnt mean its the same thing, but, i have a friend who works on hondas for a living and he had me disconnect my cat from thr tail pipe and just leave it open, the car started right up. but i did blow a head gasket from trying to start it too many times, the plug caused alot of back preasure and bam! blown head gasket! it only took 5 minutes to disconnect the exhaust and it woulda saved me the head gasket, so watch how long you just keep turning it over trying to start it.
  • danielldaniell Posts: 128
    Unfortunately I have a 1998, which is not covered by that recall and extended warranty... only 1995-1997 models are.

  • If you haven't replaced the radiator fan switch--that's the ticket! It's located on the thermostat housing; runs about $25-$35. It activates you fan motor when the engine gets to a certain operating temperature, and also at intersections, when stopped. Hope this helps.
  • tigrone701tigrone701 Posts: 7
    My Honda Civic (110 K) has a check engine light. The diagnostic code is 0505 (Idle air control valve).The car was idling low on rpm when slowed during a drive. I have cleaned the throttle and the air filter but the check engine lights keep coming back.
    The IAC valve is really expensive for Honda Civic 1998. Is it better to clean the valve or replace the valve completely with a new one. Or is there anything else I should be looking at. Any advice will be highly appreciated ?
  • jtg16jtg16 Posts: 1
    Hello, my DX just randomly shuts while I'm driving. i have noticed this usually happens more often when the gas tank is half empty. Also, another detail is 3 times out of 5 times i start it, it will ignite then turn off. Until i accelerate it a little.. please help!
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