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Dodge Dakota Starting Problems



  • If that were my truck I'd check the fuel pump pressure and output. Sounds like there's enough gas getting in to start but not keep running. Could also be that cute little screen on the pump intake in the fuel tank. Cheers
  • My truck will not start, it turns over but it seems like there is no spark or its not getting fuel. I used starter fluid with the throttle body open and it still wont start. There is no check engine light and I do hear the fuel pump when I turn the key. I get a code 55 when I turn the ignition 3 times, but I always get that code. It will crank until the battery wears down. I have not checked for spark yet.

    Any ideas?
  • Hi I have a 2000 dodge dakota sport v6
    I have no high idle start and my check engine light is not on
    It does start but takes a bit to start when it is cold once it warms up it will start right up
    any ideas please help!!!!!!!
  • Been having some starting issues with my 2000 Dodge Dakota, 4 Cylinder, Manual Stick. Thus far I've replaced the starter, the battery, & the Alternator. It ran fine for half the day today, then all of a sudden, it won't start, I turn the key and hear one click. What's the problem?
  • Had exact problem for about 1 year. I had no idea what to do. I was suggested replacing a fuel pump on top of fuel tank by other dodge owners who had the same problem. Decided to take that chance and sure indeed fixed it. Later I found out that this problem is common in Dodges. Bad pumps have difficulty building up fuel pressure when starting engine. Once pressure builts up it starts fine. New pump will take care of this. THis problem is very, very common on these cars.
  • I am at my wits end with this truck. I bought it and did a full tune up with new plugs and wires, distributor and rotor, etc. Then all of a sudden one day I drove to the gas station on my way to work, shut the truck off, and when I went to start it up I had no power. No lights, no dash, nothing. Then after 15 minutes the thing started up like it had never happened. I had the truck tested and they said my battery was bad and my starter was bad, both on separate occasions and so I replaced them. Now it's doing the same thing again only this time I have power and it just clicks when I turn the key so I know the starter is engaging. It's been getting colder but it did this in the summer so it's not a cold weather thing. The battery tests fine and the starter is brand new. Transmission... ignition... alternator...? Does anyone out there have the same problem or know what I have to do to fix this? :sick:
  • zone39zone39 Posts: 1
    I have a 99 Dodge Dakota. When its wet outside truck will not start. It cranks over fine. I dont give it any gas at all being fuel injection. I've had to let it sit for 2 days before. I switched gas. A mechanic said it is a vacuum problem. I must keep it in the garage. I just died going down the road but luckily started. Please help
  • `95 dodge dakota 3.9 v6 230,000 miles auto tran. 4wd has been running good till yesterday. Went to start it and no go-had plenty of battery. I let sit for few minutes and put jumper cables on it-I pumped and held down footfeet and it finally started. Is there any wires or relays I can check to make sure fuel pump is getting power? If so where are the relays and fuel pump power wire. On my other car I can actually hear fuel pump running for a few seconds seconds when I turn key to on position. Can`t hear on dodge pickup-help!
  • I've had my 1997 3.9L Dakota with 110K about 4 months, it appears to be all original and in excellent condition. In the last week it starts easily, runs great, but will not crank to restart after I drive ~25 minutes to work. By lunchtime it will start. It's happened consistently 10-12 times now, a couple of times I've driven 5-10 minutes and it restarts easily. All accessories work - just no cranking. When it does not start the ABS light stays on when the key is on. The check engine light is not on.

    The 3-on's with the ignition key do not show any trouble codes - I'm not sure if this is correct for a '97? I have not had it scanned for codes.

    Running at speed the dash voltage gauge indicates ~15 volts, at idle I measured 14 volts at the battery.

    Does a '97 have the infamous Splice #115? Any ideas?
  • Hey did you get an answer for this cuz I just did a lot of work on my 99 dodge Dakota and now it turns over but doesn't fire and I can hear the fuel running and wont fire even with starter fluid
  • I just did a lot of work on my 99 dodge Dakota took of the intake manifold and clean everything up change the distributor cap plugs and wires. Now that its all back together it turns over but wont fire I tried using starting fluid still wont work before I started the work it was just fine any ideas.
  • handydhandyd Posts: 1
    1997 Dodge Dakota 4x4 auto with 5.2 sport, cranks fine but will not start. Daughter was driving down the road and it just quit and will not start. Scanned with no codes. Gauges all work. Fuel pump runs and have spark. Poured gas in carb and still no start. I need help tried all I know. Somebody out there got to know what is wrong so share the knowledge.
  • i have the same problem with same model. if u get an answer please let me know, [email protected]
  • seleneselene Posts: 10
    I had a '93 with the same problem. It turned out to be the harness in the engine compartment at the front, drivers side. There is an exposed (poorly wrapped in electrical tape) that had a connection going from one to 2 wires. It had something to do with the auto shutoff switch. It had corroded completely through and kept the spark from getting to the plugs. It was apparently a weak spot in the system. Once I re-spliced the wires, no problem. You might check and see if that is the problem on yours. Let me know if it helps. Scott @ [email protected]
  • i have a 94 dodge dakota when i go to turn her over it clicks but does not turn on after repeated tries it wont start ive noticed that every time i try i have to wait to hear a click from the starter then try again eventually it catches could my starter be bad im thinking the bendix on the starter or could it be a loose connection lately it takes 10 min to turn on also after i run to town i can pull into a parking space and she just shuts of before i can put it in park please help shes all i have
  • Has anyone figured out why it won't hot start? I am having the exact same problem with my 97' Dakota 4x4 with a 3.9. It will start fine and run great driving short trips and restart fine but after driving for 20 min. Or so I will then shut it off but it will not restart. It turns over fine and everything else works but it will not start even with starting fluid and the fuel pump is working. It will start with no problem after a few hours. I had it scanned and it flashed 2 codes the first one said bad crankcase sensor and everyone said that's why. I replaced it and it is still having the same issue. The second code said camshaft sensor but the auto store and dealership said the 97' doesn't have a camshaft sensor but something similar inside the distributor. Unlike Dave my ABS light has never come on. I don't want to keep throwing money at it and hoping. The truck is in great shape and runs great so I would hate to get rid of it. PLEASE HELP ANYWAY YOU CAN. Thanks...Brent
  • I recently changed the oil pump pick up tube on my 2004 Dakota 4.7. I had to lift the engine to do so. Now when I went to start it up for the first time, nothing happened. The dash lights come on and the power windows work, but nothing beyond that. The "Check engine light" will flash 10 times, then stay on. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  • New battery; put in re-man starter/solenoid; can hear the solenoid engage and turn but engine not starting. The chain that the solenoid engages with is in very good condition. Don't suspect engine seized because drove the truck yesterday (old starter still had a little life left). I did not test starter before installing. And I will do that, if necessary. However, I can hear the 'click' and the fast 'whir' of the solenoid pushing out and spinning when I try to start the truck.
  • ricktorricktor Posts: 3

    I have a 92 haveing prolubm witht it when it is cold it will start when it warms up it won't

  • I have a 1997 Dodge Dakota Sport. I replaced the transmission and now it cranks but won't start. There is a wire connector in the same wiring harness as the VSS conector which is han

  • I have photos of the connector hanging loose.

  • Only had my 87 dakota about a week now ..yeah shes a fixer upper ....i had problems with some battery wiring problems i just put a new alternator in yesterday and tested battery its good .. but as soon as i get rhe alternator in its starts fine goes around the block ...i park because i figure im done ...untill today i drove about around town ...didnt really trust turning it off ..i get home and now it wont start ...i turn the key oil light comes on ...and i go to turn it over and the starter just clicks loud.......and oil and oil filter been changed too
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