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Honda CR-V Navigation System



  • The manual that came with our 2011 CR-V cites attributes about the system that it doesn't have. For example, it discusses certain Bluetooth features that are only avaiable on "compatible phones." I checked and no phone currently available on the planet is compatible with those features on Honda's NAV system since it doesn't have those capabilities. The manual does explain the features that do work in understandable text, photos and illustrations but you can't make a Mercedes out of a bicycle. The unit is of 2007-8 vintage. it would appear that Honda bought thousands more than the could sell in those years so they just kept installing them in 2009,10,11 models to get them out of their inventory.

    The 2012 is advertised as "completely re-engineered" so I would assume they put a fully functioning, up-to-date system in the new models. Ours was priced at $1500 so, if they upgraded to a unit comparable with what other automakers have been installing (even their NAV system in the Pilot is better) in higher end versions of their featured models, it will probably cost more.
  • Exactly!! Youre paying $2000 for a $200 GPS system. Kind of a no brainer to stick with the EX-L, although youre still paying $2000 for fake leather seats. Best deal is the EX
  • You can download Nav manual from Honda website. You have to create an account with your car model first, then, it will show up the appropriate manuals for your car model.
  • Downloading a manual, if you didn't get one when you bought the car, is one thing. Making the NAV system do what it is supposed to do is another. Even after spending $185 (Honda had issued me a $500 credit to compensate for the system's deficiencies) for an updated CD, it is still far less accurate than my Garmin and is not fully Bluetooth compatible.
  • jake140jake140 Posts: 1
    I'm thinking of buying a new 2012 CRV EX-L w/Navigation. I've read a number of posts and they all say the Navi is lacking. Would someone describe what the display looks like. Is it 3D or does it simply look like Google Maps on a smart phone? Does the Navi fail all the time to find locations? Is there an aftermarket navi system that any of you would recommend for the CRV? What does one lose, if anything, on the touch screen if the navigation is not purchased? Thanks for your help.
  • I have 2008 CRV and I personally like the 2D view more than the 3D. Honda Navi does not have 3D view. The 2D view Navi screen on Honda is pretty big and it gives you plenty surrounding area of the map to check out vs. 3D view which is distorted and it doesn't give you a good sense of surrounding area. I think Alpine is the company who makes Honda Navi. Perhaps they have something better that fits Honda CRV.
  • I really don't know what is meant by 3D in this application. From a marketing standpoint, I guess it is but it isn't 3D like Avatar or in a 3D film. You have a choice of little cartoon icons or arrows on a backlit map, like a Garmin or any GPS I've seen. We have a 2011 CRV EX-L that we like with the exception of the NAV. I carry a Garmin that I use hiking and had in an old Blazer we gave to our son. The NAV in the Honda is sub-standard, much less feature-wise and in accuracy than many other NAV systems I've seen and far less versatile and accurate than my 5 year-old Garmin. I don’t know if it is improved in the 2012 model, perhaps that’s a question to ask though, beware, not even the owner of the large dealership was well-versed in the operation of the NAV. Not even NAV tech support was of much help.
    Aside from the fact the maps were 5 years old and Honda paid for a $185 upgrade this last December, it is not fully Bluetooth compatible. Deceptively, they say you have to check to see if your phone is suitable to work with all the features but, lo and behold, there is no phone sold in the U.S. that is “compatible.” The main feature we miss is Caller ID; that is to say, even if the caller is in the on-board phone book, they are identified on the screen as is the case on all other systems I’ve seen. It only shows you that you have an incoming call but you already know that since it rings and tells you.
    The voice recognition is low-end; I’ve seen a lot better in other vehicles. The Honda Pilot has a better NAV system. What I’m saying here applies for 2011 vehicles; I don’t know about 2012 models but perhaps some of the issues I bring up here can be asked if you go to purchase the 2012.
  • chuckhurchuckhur Posts: 1
    Recently bought a 2012 CR-V and would like to mount a Garmin Nuvi GPS unit. I have a vent mount, but the wiper stalk interferes with putting it on the left side center vent. I have it mounted on the left side vent, but it's not very convenient. Does any one have experience or suggestions for the redesigned 2012?
  • Oh what a mistake we made. Bought the 2012 CRV with built in nav. The thing is antiquated. Wish we had not gotten it. My cheap 2009 Garmin is more accurate and easier to use.
  • Join the club on that! We were hoping that Honda would clean up their act on subsequent models. We had the same experience on our 2011 CR-V. I have an older Garmin, 2006, and it is better than the Honda Nav. The sales people were clueless, the owner of the rather large dealership didn't know what was going on, even Honda "NAV tech support" didn't seem to know what was going on. I wrote letters to everybody, including the president of Honda International in Japan. Finally, they issued me a $500 letter of credit and I though I could upgrade the NAV system with an upgrade they produced. It cost $185 and did bring the mapping into 2011 but the system is still not fully Bluetooth compatible. That is to say, the manual shows the caller ID feature IF your phone is compatable. Currently, no cell phone offered by any carrier in the U.S. is compatable. That's because the system just can't do what is advertised and shown in the manual.

    I'd rather give them back the $500 and replace the NAV with a real system. When we travel, we take the Garmin, as backup since we don't trust the Honda NAV.

    While we do like the car, we're extremely dissapointed in Honda. This is our first Honda and will be our last. EVERY other in-dash NAV I've seen is far superior to Honda's. Our theory, not supported by any evidence, is that in 2006 they bought container loads of this NAV system and then car sales dropped, leaving them holding the bag on 2006 systems so they're still getting rid of them on you and me.
  • vinod3vinod3 Posts: 1
    Hi John, Have you considered suing Honda Motor in small claims court to recover the cost of the Navigation system or possibly a class action law suit? I have similar issues with Honda on my 2008 Honda pilot. It seems that they have installed, like you say, five year old mappings and then they try to sell new one every year. I would be interested in your thoughts.
  • No, I haven't considered small claims. I wrote to everyone possible, many letters to thier Nav Tech Support, the owner of the dealership, Honda USA---every officer, Honda Japan---top executives, including President Honda International, every blog I could find---including this one, consumer affairs everywhere---including in Reno, largest city near us where the dealer has several dealerships. Finally, 6 months into it, they offered $500 credit so I took the credit and told them I'd back off, figuring it wasn't going to get any better than that.

    So, when the update CD was available, I bought it------for $185---and had a decent rear view mirror installed------for $360----it should have been in the car, supposedly a "top of the line" HA! "fully equipped" model that "had everything you can put on it." Trouble is, it had a $10 rear view mirror that Manny, Moe and Jack would put on their "Super Bargin $1" table. It didn't have fog lights, which up here in snow country would be very useful. (Haven't installed them yet as I was thinking about unloading the car.)

    My wife loves it. So---I'm gonna get the fog lights and hunker down for a year or two. I go in to get a small recall done and they say, "Hey, your tires are 1/32nd" of tread left. "WHAT?!!!!" I've got a little over 16,000 miles on the car! So, I go to the place where I buy tires for our commercial vehicles and get a DECENT set of tires, $964.

    I can't believe Honda would put such junk on what they say is the top model of CR-V's. I've been meaning to write them and tell them that "luxury, fully equipped models, should be and not have Tonka Tires that wear out before you get out of the showroom.

    Honda? My first and last!!
  • I agree that the Nav system sucks! I just got out of my friends Altima and his nav just let's him talk to the system instead of keep holding a dang button to talk!
  • I've been in several late model cars, some luxury, some mid-range; ALL have better NAV systems than our 2011 CR-V, which is supposed to be "top of the line" for Honda CR-v's. In fact, even with the $185 (Honda gave us a $500 credit after I wrote to every Honda executive I could round up, including the Honda International President in Japan) 2012 update, it is still steam powered. My "Smart Phone," a Droid Razor, has two NAV systems on it that are better than the Honda NAV we have.

    To make matters worse, the last time I took it in for regular service, a month or so ago, I was told I needed new tires since the tread was down to 1/32nd of and inch. I only had a little over 16,000 miles on them!!!! I've owned dozens of cars and God only knows how many sets of tires I've been through and I do not recall ever getting that little, even on the "re-treads" I bought when I was broke!! And this was supposed to be a "top end" model, "loaded." I've owned Fords, GM cars, Mercedes, Cadillacs, BMW's, etc., many purchesed new, and never had a set of tires last for so few miles.

    If that After I put a new, $1000, set of tires on, I found that the howling sound that no one in the Honda service dept. could figure out was due to the tires.

    So, bottom line, I'm not a happy camper with Honda.
  • dscrv12dscrv12 Posts: 1
    edited September 2012
    I own a 2012 CR-V EX-L w Navi. Don't waste your money on Navigation. It really sucks. I live in SF Bay Area. When I look for nearest Costco Wholesale, It points me to locations out of state. To find local warehouse locations, I need to search with a sub-category like Gas Station or Pharmacy. It can not find the Courtyard Marriott near eBay HQ in Campbell. Will not accept street address as a valid address for the hotel. Google maps and my 3 tears old Garmin seem to have no issues.
  • Your initial assesment is correct. The NAV sucks, especially when compared to just about anything else, other auto NAV's, smart phones, Garmin, etc.

    However, today I received a note from Honda saying they've got a "2013 NAV update" out for $149. I'll buy it and hope. You might want to see if you can get the dealer to spring for it. I got $500 out of them due to the bunk 2011 NAV in my CRV EX- L that was more than 3 years old. Though, I had to write to the president of Honda International and dozens of othe high placed Honda executives. Good luck.
  • bmfcbmfc Posts: 9
    Thank you for your comments about the '12 NAV. I have a '10 and it is horrible. I hoped that Honda would fix it in the new model but it is clear that they have not. It's sad that a company that makes such a good car cares so little about current technology.
  • longo2longo2 Posts: 347
    Sorry to bring this up on the CRV forum, but all the harsh talk about Honda's navi systems goes back for years!

    I have a 2006 Honda Ridgeline RTL with Navi and back up camera. In the U.S. they only provide mapping up to the CDN border and then your auto icon shows you driving in an empty field! In all fairness tho, Honda is an equal opportunity PITA as the CDN versions only work up the border going into the U.S..

    My $100.00 Garmen has maps of all North America and has never let me down from Alberta to Houston Texas.

    My daughter in Texas has a fully loaded CRV with Navi and for her map update the dealership now wants another $300.00

    (it couldn't even find the Dallas Convention Center!)
  • ken75ken75 Posts: 52
    My wife drives a 2011 CR-V and I drive a 2011 Nissan Rugue and neither of the navigation systems equal Garmins least expensive LifeTimeMap units. Unfortunatly I gave both of these Garmin units to my two daughters and they will not give them up. I find it very difficult to choke up around $150.00 for the updates and find out they will be no better. Along with this, the fuel economy on the CR-V is pretty bad but my wife loves the thing so I am stuck. If we keep the cars I will have to purchase a Garmin unit for each of them and have them permanently installed. The Rogue's fuel economy is about 24/30 so I can't complain about that.
  • Well, now, with a Droid Razor, I have tree APS that have better graphics, directions and overall navigation that the CR-V NAV unit. I also keep the old Garmin handy when travelling in the CR-V.

    When I was in a bitter dispute with American Honda over the crappy NAV unit, I did some legwork in China for where Honda purchased their NAV units. I've found scads of units, virtually all far superior to the one in my 2011 unit. Once our warranty runs out, we'll go ahead and purchase an after-market unit and have it installed, if we decide to keep the Honda. Like you, my wife loves the car, me? not so much. I've owned many SUV's larger than the CR-V and prefer them. I think we'll make adecision to get a new car, or not, next year sometime.

    Milage doesn't mean much to us since we don't drive a whole lot. We live in a remote area, stock up at CostCo and hole up. But, I must admit that I'm surprised at how crappy the milage on the CR-V is. This isn't much of a problem except for the poor range when we're on a long trip. With only 350 miles or so, and other, newer, cars over 500 miles, I'm often chagrined at having to fuel up so often.

    Consumer Reports also says that the CR-V is noiser than comparable. We thought so, too. When it turned out the crappy tires Honda put on the car lasted only 16,000 miles, I bought some Michlens, for $1,000, and the car rides MUCH quiter. Surprising.
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 5,107
    i'm in full agreement w you ken if you could live with out the dealer installed nav system the garmin nuvi are money well spent and saved.

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2012 MB ML350

  • longo2longo2 Posts: 347
    edited October 2012
    To bad the backup camera is coupled with the Honda's actually a useful feature!
  • wds1wds1 Posts: 23
    My parents, who are senior citizens, have finally decide to purchase a 2013 CR-V. They test drove a CR-V w/NAV. It is not because they had to have navigation, but it was available in the int./ext. color they wanted. They liked how the back up camera is largely viewed in the NAV screen. If you purchase NAV, aren't you getting an expanded view with the back up camera? Also, what are your thoughts on the 2013 NAV? Is it improved over the 2012, at all? If you are a senior, do you think the easy to see camera in the NAV area is a good safety feature? Thanks for any input you can provide!
  • snukesnuke Posts: 81
    edited October 2012
    I am retired, a senior citizen and purchased a 2012 CR-V. I purposely bought the CR-V w/NAV because of the large screen which helped me see the backup camera view better along with the radio station names. (I am a music lover). Many have complained about the NAV being outdated and since I have never used a GPS, I can't say that it is or is not. But, like your parents, I love the large screen and I, too, wanted a specific color interior/exterior. I have searched high and low and have not been able to find the difference in the 2012 CR-V and 2013 CR-V. I have been a Honda owner for over 20-yrs. and my past experience with Honda is that they will slightly change the back and/or front lights on their vehicles and not much else. If your parents are able to find the color interior/exterior they want in a 2012 CR-V, they will probably get a better deal than on a 2013 especially since Honda did not seem to change much of anything between the two. Oh by the way, I love my 2012 CR-V which I have had since June.
  • Well, someone who has never used a cell phone would pick up a 2009 "flip phone" and think it was wonderful. With little or no frame of reference, the Honda NAV is great. However, I've owned a Garmin GPS and rented GPS equipment when travelling, travelled with others in luxury cars with NAV equupment so my frame of reference is wide-ranging. From your perspective, the Honda NAV is probably super, however, from mine, it is decidedly sub-par and is definately not worth the $1500 - $2000 that Honda charges for this antique (2009 vintage) NAV equipment. Good luck with your CR-V. Check your tires often...........I only got 16,000 miles from the factory tires and spent $1000, less than a year later to get a decent set of tires on the car. :cry:
  • wds1wds1 Posts: 23
    Thank you so much for you reply, Snuke. It really gives us a perspective from a senior citizen's point of view! They, too, have been long time Honda owners and are music lovers. The large screen is great, along with station listings, but I was a little concerned about their ability to use the navigation, as some have said it is not user friendly. One report I read said he wanted to pull it out and throw it out the window. HA! Anyway, I guess they will know more when they take a thorough look at it again when they visit the dealership. I don't think the CR-V's have changed from 2012 to 2013, other than some color changes, but they have just gotten an offer at invoice on the 2013. They are pleased with the OTD price, so I think they will take that offer, unless they decide to forgo the NAV. Thanks again for your input!
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 5,107
    I always find that my $200 Garmin Nuvi works much better than the dealer installed Nav system. Fast And very east to use. I have gotten the dealer Nav in 4 of my cars over the years and my wife is clueless and hates navigating thru them. Save your money.............

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2012 MB ML350

  • ken75ken75 Posts: 52
    My wife just took her car (the 2011 CR-V) to Olathe, Ks. from St.paul and when she got near KC, the lovely Honda navi system steered her right through the center of town. No matter how many times she tried to get to the East of KC the nav system would not give her an alternate route. If you have ever had the misfortune of going through KC without really being familiar with it, good luck. The large screen is very nice to look at and the set up is easy but if it will not take you on the route you would like to take, it is not worth the extra money. My wife is a smart lady and knows how to use this thing so if she says not good things about it, we may just have to look at something with a decent nav system or as I stated previously, install a permanent Garmin Nuvi and that will solve the problem. At any rate, this will be the last Honda.
  • bmfcbmfc Posts: 9
    I type in the name of a local business and the NAV gives me listings in other states. I'm in MD and for a restaurant 10 minutes away, it gave me a restaurant with the same name in Texas. The system doesn't comprehend where you are.

    I bought the new disc. There's a new highway near me but the new disc only picks up HALF of the highway. That's right: I'm on it and the system has me on vacant land but eventually picks it up. How does this make sense?
  • To all CR-V owners who are displeased with the NAV system: you ought to send a complaint fax to American Honda, Customer Service, fax #(310) 783-3023. It appears Honda got stuck with a bunch of 2008 or earlier NAV systems when car sales dropped then and have been offing them on 2009, 2010, 2011, and, apparently, 2012 models to get rid of them. This is supposition since my CR-V 2011 NAV system and the others has deficiencies that were in some earlier models from manufacturers in China. I checked to try to replace mine and found many companies selling outdated NAV systems, with backup camera, etc. for around $300 to $500.

    I have written to Honda USA, Japan, all corporate officers I could find addresses for. They finally gave me a $500 dealer credit with which I bought a update disc that really didn’t solve the problem at all, especially the Bluetooth deficiencies that are outlined in manuals but don’t function on the system (to get around that, they list phones that are “fully compatible,” yet no phone available in the U.S. as of September of this year is “fully compatible” with the outdated system in CR-V’s). I also purchased the deluxe mirror, which, along with fog lights, should have been on a “fully equipped” model as our CR-V was promoted to be.

    Just word to the wise FYI: be sure to check your factory equipped tires on the CR-V since ours went 16,000 miles, down to 1/32nd", and we replaced them with decent tires, costing $1000. Every “luxury car” I have ever purchased had premium tires and a decent battery (the battery crapped out in 11 months. ) Honda shame on you!!
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