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Honda CR-V Navigation System



  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "My daughter purchased a 2008 Honda CR-V LX. She works for NATO and shipped the CR-V to Europe. The Honda Dealers are unable to downgrade the Navi GPS to Europe Maps. Is there a software program out there that will allow to change from US maps to Europe. "

    Did she try a European Honda dealer? Or if she is already in Europe, did she try the US Honda dealers?

    You have to buy the Europe maps... it isn't an upgrade or downgrade.
  • She went to a Honda dealer in Brussels and the European DVD is 3.32 version and the 2008 Honda CR-V is 6.2 version. When the European DVD was installed a message came up saying unable to read 3.32 version. I talked to Honda America and they told me the dealer should be able to use a setup disk and downgrade to 3.32 version. The dealer used the diagnostic disk and was unable to downgrade the 6.2 version.
  • I have exactly the same problem. Please let me know if you managed to solve it. Any official statement by Honda?
  • I agree with you, have you found a way to remove the disclaimer?

    Also how can you turn off the Navigation and go to the clock only screen?

    Also my blackberry has sent the honda my address book, is there anyway to see it and then apply voice to each address?

    Apart from these little points the car is great!
  • Hello, does anyone know if it's possible to purchase and install a Honda nav system in a base EX after we've purchased it? We don't necessarily want to go up to the top-of-the-line version of the CR-V (don't need all the "extras") but would like to have the Nav System. Thanks in advance!!!
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    I think it retails for about $4000 for the part itself.

    You are better off finding one used off a wrecked CR-V, or any other Honda/Acura that did not have climate controls integrated into the GPS/Headunit.

    Aftermarket is another venue to pursue.
  • Honda will not respond. The problem maybe with Alpine Copywright law. Alpine has not responded either. We may have to find a Hacker to get it changed.
  • I bought a 2008 Honda with a Factory installed Navigation for US and Canada.
    Honda and Alpine have not been of any assistance in trying to obtain a way to get the system to work in Europe.
    The GPS system is Alpine, using Windows CE and Navteq maps.
    My friend is having the same problem with his USA Merc using Alpine GPS/ Navteq Map.In the Honda with DVD in I get out of Region error. On his Merc the Nav system start up but is black - when he scrolls out and to the left he can view the USA with distance 4,000 miles.
    I compared the DVDs - MERC Navteq vs Honda Nateq and there are a few Gigantic Map files that are the same on both DVD. These files have the below extensions.
    I think if I can find the European version of the Map files in the correct format
    I can create a new DVD replacing eh USA for European map files.
    Any comments?
    If the concept is correct do you know where maps of Europe with the correct file extensions can be purchased or downloaded?
    Any help comments appreciated - thanks
  • My daughter gave up on trying to get the navigation system changed to Western Europe and bought a Tom Tom 920 with european map and she is very happy with the Tom Tom.
  • dmcwdmcw Posts: 5
    I have an 09 CR-V with navi. When I searched for Subway on the navigation system, it gave me one in Pennsylvania, but I live in Louisiana. I noticed others have had the same problem. Does anyone know if this is a bug in the system? Is it just not possible to find the nearest location for the restaurant requested? It does fine if I already know the address, but I haven't had any luck finding anything using only the name.
  • I have found that the Points Of Interests database is not very complete. The POI of a $400 Garmin Nuvi is far superior to the Honda unit.
  • Fatjack,

    I just moved to Europe and have downloaded files which when burned stated that it is an older version of the software than is in my US system. I am awaiting my US DVD and wanted to try exactly what you were thinking, combing the two. Were you able to make the DVD by combining the two or can you provide me with some hints on what either worked or didn't work.

  • Made a little progress but no success.
    I now have a correct map disk. I later found out that the Chryslers sold in Europe are supposed to have the same map format. I loaded up the new maps all looked OK, however the next problem is there seems to be a region lock - so I got the same out of region message even though it has the correct maps.
    If you look into the system file by Cancel, Menu, Map hold for 5 seconds you can see satellites and time date is functioning fine.
    Ideally a patch is needed to sets the region code to Europe. That is way more then I can do.
    Their patch is to reprogram your REC model Navigation unit to disable the In-Motion limitations. I doubt I will be able to solve this issue. I am thinking about detaching the nav unit looking at the attachments and seeing if by removing it I can at least use the other feature like clock set and door unlock. Perhaps buy another unit and use that? Keep me informed on your progress! Good luck!
  • Thanks for the reply. The dealer wants 300 Euros for the disc and I'm still not sure that it will work due to the differences in firmware versions. It looks like others have tried the dealer purchased discs and the dealers still couldn't get them to work. I'm probably just going to buy a portable nav system which I can sell upon leaving and spend the next 3 years and many DL DVDs trying to make it work. If I discover anything I'll let folks know.
  • ykckbyykckby Posts: 30
    I posted this under another discussion in error so am redoing it here as a new subject......

    I've searched the forum and find no answers on how to add bluetooth to the EXL nav system (I have a 2008). If anyone knows...please share.

    However, assuming it can't be done for whatever reason (I'm not tossing this and buying an Acura) are there other nav systems with bluetooth that can be installed (ie replace my current system)? (Not being frivolous....I cannot use an ear piece).

    My husband's Lexus has a completely integrated gps and bluetooth system....that is what I would like. Is there such a thing to replace what I have currently in my car.

  • chris156chris156 Posts: 1
    Hello, ypu might want to look at a canadian site caled

    I bought an accord unit from them!!

    Hope it helps
  • glendon2glendon2 Posts: 5
    Will the system work in Europe?

  • I just bought a 2008 CR-V with the factory navigation system. My wife was tired of having to use the laptop/gps in the car when we traveled. We live at the end of a long dirt road. While the system can (almost) locate our house, it refuses to route on "unverified" roads - including most of the back roads in our area. It also refuses to route on many of the streets in the nearest town of about 50,000. This greatly reduces the utility of the system since any idiot can find interstate exits. I want to use the system for exploring the countryside. I think that the failure of the system to provide even a "get me out of here" routing capability off the major highways should be considered a safety issue. If anyone has a modification to the software that would allow it to route on unverified roads, I would like to have it. I find it ironic that mapping software for vehicles that are nominally intended for use off the major highways should fail completely when the vehicle is used that way.
  • swingwingswingwing Posts: 1
    A guy on the OdyClub forum was considering replacing his failing DVD drive with a Compact Flash/IDE adapter and CF memory. The adapters are on newegg for under $20. If this is possible, I wonder if you could load your "European" disc image onto the CF card, and avoid the out of region error?
  • jhichijhichi Posts: 1
    Can anyone help.

    I imported my CRV 2007 + Nav. from the state. It came without a DVD for the navigation, anyway My first concern is how to adjust the clock, it keep on asking for the DVD.

    My second concern is how to get a Navigation DVD for the Middle east.
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