2005 Yukon SLT Pre-Owned, purchase or not...

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Checked out Morrissey GMC on Long Island and liked a 2005 Yukon SLT. It has a lot of extras (3rd row, leather, adj. pedals, heated seats, onstar, bose system, garage opener, compass) including the "autoride" suspension and "stabilitrack". I noticed the 4x4 settings for the stabilitrack system are different than the normal Yukon's. For instance, it has only 1 button that disables or enables the stability control. I was a bit concerned that it wasn't a 4x4 and asked the sales guy, who of course, assured me it was. Carfax also noted the car as a 4x4, so I'm not too worried, but I'd like to know if anyone has seen this type of setup before? They're asking $30k, for it, which I think is high. The Yukon has about 25k miles. Also, are there certain items that I should be looking for that aren't so obvious? Oh, and is there a way to find out if this Yukon has been serviced for recalled items?
Any help is appreciated! Thanks.


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    All 2005 Yukons have Stabilitrak, both 2wd and 4wd. Stability control aka ESC aka Stabilitrak is completely different from and unrelated to 4-wheel-drive. That button turns stability control off and on, not select 2- or 4wd. Those are separate controls over on the left side of the dash.

    That price of $30K is right in line with Edmunds TMV. You could of course offer a little less and see where it gets you, but it's fair. TMV from a private party is about $28K, and trade in value is $26K.

    Regarding problems, there are only about a million posts in the Yukon and Tahoe forums here. Just browse through a few of them yourself. ;)
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    Not a bad price at all for that vehicle. You can get carfax to find out if any major items and the vehicle, if serviced at GM dealer, should tell you routine maint. It's not too bad a price and the ride is sweet. I love my 05 Denali.
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