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Toyota Highlander Check Engine Light



  • jrfierojrfiero Posts: 123
    Could you please be more specific? What aspect of emission control which causes the CEL is covered by a recall?
  • i can't remember the exact code my CEL gave. if you call your dealer and give them your VIN number they can tell you if all of your recall updates have been done.
  • jrfierojrfiero Posts: 123
    So, absent any specific information on this supposed CEL-related recall, and absent notification by Toyota that a person's vehicle is subject to a recall, I'd ignore this thread and proceed with normal diagnosis of a CEL.
  • woodstocwoodstoc Posts: 6
    My wife's 01 HL's CEL, VSC & TRAC lights came on after a car wash sometime ago. After a couple of days, the lights went out so I figured that a connection got wet and caused the lights.

    Buy a pressure washer about three weeks ago, and the wife decided to wash the HL with it. Lo and behold, here they are again on the dash. After two weeks, I disconnected the battery and restored. Lights went away. After a few times of driving, they are back on and the SUV cannot be inspected.

    Any ideas of where a connection might be, that could cause this so I can begin to troubleshoot? (The engine compartment was not opened for the wash)

    Thanks for any replies.
  • woodstocwoodstoc Posts: 6
    01 Highlander, had Autozone pull these two codes. I bought a Haynes manual, but the codes do not run into the 1000's, they show to be all in the hundreds.

    Can anyone tell me the meaning of these two codes, and possible solutions? I posted about washing the car and having these show up. I think something must have gotten wet to cause the codes.

  • jrfierojrfiero Posts: 123
    Those are O2 sensor codes. Search this thread and you'll find plenty of info (but not about them being water-related).
  • woodstocwoodstoc Posts: 6
    Thanks, I searched the net last night and found the codes. It appears that the bank 1 O2 sensor has an issue. I'm thinking that water entered the elec connector and possibly shorted it out or caused an issue. I'll try that first, then replace the sensor if necessary.

    Thanks for your reply.
  • I'm having the same problem with my 2003 Highlander, the Check Engine light keeps coming on. We've paid over $400 to have the 1st oxygen sensor fixed just a month ago, now the dealer is saying the 2nd one is out, another $400. Where can I find details on this recall - does it affect my model? I have an 8cyl AWD, thx for any help, this seems like an expensive issue.
  • do you know what the error message is when your check engine light comes on? if it says something like "emissions" then it's possibly the same problem i had.
    call the dealer and give them your VIN number, ask if there were any recalls for your vehicle.
    since the day i had mine fixed, i haven't had my CE come back on! thankfully!!
  • When the 1st sensor blew in August, it was the heater circuit, bank 1 sensor 1, error msg PO135. Yesterday it was the heater circuit, bank2 sensor 1, error PO155. In checking online it seems only the 4cyl models were recalled, I have a 6cyl. I contacted the GM at the dealership yesterday to plead my case; the Svc Mgr seemed indifferent in resolving the issue. If each one of these sensors costs $400 to fix, with 4 of them in 2 "banks", that's a conceivable $1600 cost repair for each bank, yikes! Of course if they are not fixed, I'm learning it could be even more expensive if the catalytic converter is affected. WIth only 71K miles on this car, I feel I'm not getting that famous Toyota dependabililty.
  • jrfierojrfiero Posts: 123
    1. If they're charging you $400, go somewhere else. Its a simple job and doesn't take any Toyota-specific knowledge or tool.
    2. There are only 3 on the V6, despite what the manual says. Bank 1 is the rear exhaust manifold, Bank 2 is in the front manifold, and the third (post cat) is after the converter just before the muffler.
    3. Please see posts 4360 and 4362 in the Maintenance and Repair forum.
    4. There is no recall for O2 sensors. Someone posted a general comment that there was, but was not able to provide any detail.
  • rdw1rdw1 Posts: 8
    My son changed my oil in my 2005 Highlander, but I have forgotten how to get the light off. Can someone please tell me?
  • Back in September I had an O2 light also. The sensor, with a discount, cost me $250.00 at the Toyota dealership. Two days ago I got another light. I hope it's on the other (there are 2) bank. In any case, I ordered the sensor, a Bosch (OE) #1521 from Amazon for $109.00. I like the price. Since it is also the front sensor, I'll probably try to replace it myself. It's supposed to be an easy job? I'll need a special wrench and 'anti-seize' stuff for the treads.

    Oh yes, and this is relevant. The time-to-change interval on these sensors is 100,000 miles. I had my first failure right after 100k and this second one at 105k. So, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.
  • A first for me. I am mindful I switched fill ups from an Exxon to a Shell station and am running a 2001 Highlander 4wd with about 128k miles. Codes were checked and an indication that a service/tune up is due since there are misfire issues.

    Please respond to the cost of a service for the problem at hand and one mechanic said that the service may be a bit pricey since the intake manifold has to come out...(Note: this is what I think I heard)

    If the timing belt was replaced at 68k when is it due to be replaced again? Words from the wise are appreciated.
  • I recently had the check engine light come on my 2001 V6 Highlander. When I read the code, 1130 which corresponds to an oxygen sensor, I was concerned but cleared the code, hoping it was some spurious reading. Unfortunately it came back before I had driven a mile.

    I then read as much as I could find on the web about this problem. To cut a long story short, I found that cleaning the MAF Sensor with an aerosol cleaner and adding a new air filter solved the problem (I hope). I have now driver about 160km (100 miles) with no problem.

    I found that the backside (away from the air filter side of the sensor was filthy and my theory was that it would therefore take a greater airflow to cool it to the reading that the on-board system wanted. In turn this meant that the engine was running lean, hence the code 1130 reading.

    So I would encourage anyone who has a problem like this to first try the cleaning the MAF sensor/change filter routine. It takes 10 minutes to do and costs very little – under $30.
  • Since Toyota is dealing with mass recalls have you considered contacting them regarding the CEL on your Highlander? I read in a previous thread that there was a recall on O2 sensors but no one contacted me and my vehicle is registered with Toyota so how did I miss that? I've taken my car to a Toyota dealer to fix the O2 sensor and no one stated there was a recall.

    This seems like the best time to bring this to Toyota's attention. I'm tired of shelling out all this money for a CEL fix (oxygen sensors on bank 1 & 2) that hasn't addressed the problem, clearing the codes so my CEL can go off. I can't tell if it is something serious or defected.

    TOYOTA'S CONTACT INFORMATION: If you have additional questions or concerns that have not been addressed here, please contact the Toyota Customer Experience Center at 1-800-331-4331. The Toyota Customer Experience Center hours are: Mon.–Fri. 5:00 am-6:00 pm PST, Sat.–Sun. 7:00 am-4:00 pm PST.
  • I have this Toyota highlander manufacture 2004, it has just thrown out check engine light with the vsc and trac off light on, i quickly hock my scan tool to the dcl connector and draw the code which states, P0328 - Knock Sensor 1 circuit high input (bank 1 or single sensor).. i have tried to look out for this sensor on bank one of the engine block but i could not find where its located on the block, this is my first time of searching such things on toyotal but i have known knowledge of it location on vw cars, so i thought its possible to locate on Toyota cars, but i could not find it, so if someone could help me with detail step by step of directing and showing me where its located i will be grateful, as i am away that on many forum information read, that if such issue happened, the engine code must be solve first, and if its done, it could trigger off the vsc or trac off, so please help me locate here this KS sensor is on this single block engine..
  • tom154tom154 Posts: 8
    Can somone tell me where the oxgen sensor, Bank 2, sensor 1 is located on my 2003- V6 Highlander. I have a check engine light on and NAPA said thats what their computer says is the code.
  • jrfierojrfiero Posts: 123
    Please see posts 4360 and 4362 in the Maintenance and Repair forum.
    Bank 2 is the front bank, and the O2 sensor is screwed into the exhaust manifold, staring at you when you open the hood.
  • tom154tom154 Posts: 8
    Great I appreciate that help
  • Similar to others, my check engine light has come on several times after an oil change. The cause was a lose vacuum hose. Most recently after the same problem, I was able to find the hose and reconnect, but i do not know how to reset the check engine light. Should it go off automatically or can i reset?
  • bikeman3bikeman3 Posts: 85
    freddeee as far as I know it will go out itself. A technician can reset it but will probably charge you. Ask at a local autozone store
  • Thanks for the advice. I will do that
  • rdw1rdw1 Posts: 8
    Highlander Maintenance Required Light is on

    I received this message from a Good Man that I would like to say Thanks.

    This is what he sent. It worked for me before, but this time, it is not working. I put synthetic oil in mine and don't need to change it as often and I still get the light. It has worked a couple of times for me but this time I am having a problem getting it to work.

    I was able to reset by holding odometer button down while turning off ignition switch and turning ignition switch to on and watching dashing go from 5 to 0 and the maintenace odometer resetting to zero. The Light would go off. Let me know if it works for you.
  • tom154tom154 Posts: 8
    edited March 2011
    I replaced my front o2 sensor last year (amazon Bosch OE $114)and getting the check engine light on again this year. Very easy it was right there when I opened the hood. Napa said that its the same o2 sensor code. Do these sensors go bad or could it be something else causing it. I just had the spark plugs replaced yesterday (Dealership $197) after 131,000 miles thinking that would shut it off. No luck. Light went back on immediately after I re connected the battery and started the car up. Any idea what I should check next that may be causing this o2 code and my light to go on ?
  • tom154tom154 Posts: 8
    Can anyone tell me where my Bank 1 Sensor 1 O2 sensor is located on my 2003 Toyota Highlander.
  • jrfierojrfiero Posts: 123
    Please see posts 4360 and 4362 in the Maintenance and Repair forum.
  • tom154tom154 Posts: 8
    I just completed my change out after following some advice from posts 4360 and 4362 in the Maintenance and Repair forum. It is very difficult to get a good look at the sensor but once you get your angle my technique it’s not that bad. Go from under the car. I used a 7/8 open end wrench. I then pushed a pipe against the bottom of the wrench while lying w/ my head towards the back of the truck. I was able to now hit the end of the pipe w/ a hand sledge about 10 or 15 times until it loosened. I did use WD 40 first to lubricate (watch for dripping). When it came to unplugging it from the harness. Be sure not to unscrew the sensor all the way you will need the tightness of the wires to unplug. I first practiced on the other "easy to get to sensor" right under the hood connected to the manifold. I was able to the just grab the clip (since I practiced) and pull the wire w/ one hand from under the car. It just popped out no problem. I did disconnect the battery to reset the computer and so far after a couple of miles no check engine light. Crossing my fingers.
  • tom154tom154 Posts: 8
    Thanks got it changed. That was a big help.
  • tom154tom154 Posts: 8
    did this fix work for you. Did you ever ever change the last o2 sensor after the cat.
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