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Chevy S10 - GMC S15 and Sonoma Engine Swap

I was wondering if a motor out of an oldsmobile will work in an 89 s-10.


  • hoodlatchhoodlatch Mid-westPosts: 255
    I've been wondering about the same thing, except with a 307 vice 350. Either way I'm sure things like cutting torch and welders fit into the equation. Actually, my little S-10 has been performing quite well with the 4.3L.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
  • you can do lots without having to do any major cutting and fit any small-block nicelly man it's just how u go about it
  • Can I put a Northstar v8 into a 2000 Catera w/3.0 V6?
  • mvolekmvolek Posts: 5
    A 307 will work but is a lil large to be fit in there. I know it sounds weird but there is a difference from a 305 to a 307. But it will work
  • nhs06nhs06 Posts: 1
    does anybody make a 4.3L to 5.7L engine conversion kit for a 2001 S10 ZR2
  • How hard will it to be to swap a 5.3L or a 5.7L V8 with fuel injection into a 2000 s-10 with a 2.2L with a 5speed manual tranny, if its even pratical?
  • 1990 chevy s10 2.8 fast idle have changed out idle control motor still has fast idle pleas help
  • a 4.3 v-6 from an Olds Bravada(another Chevy Blazer) . Gm got in some hot water in the late 70's for putting Chevrolet small blocks in Cutlas's (people whining about having an engine with more power and less expensive replacement parts--DUMB) that ended up legalizing using Chevrolet motors in race cars of other GM divisions .
  • Any info about kits , adapters , engine management circuitry will be greatly appreciated .
    Thanks ,---Freewheelin'
  • Just got a 1999 Sonoma extended cab 2.2L 4cyl. It seems as though this engine is not strong enough for this truck. I had a 96 2.2 standard trans. and it will easily out preform this newer truck which is automatic. Anyone know if I can replace this engine with a V6? Will it match up with the trans. in the truck. How much should it cost? Any help?
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    Best thing is live with it or get another truck, with computers swapping engines is not easy anymore.
  • Both of these motors are worthless slugs of lead.[305 - 307]
    An Old School 327 stock is ten times that of both of the others.
    It has to do with the perfect Bore to Stroke Ratio of the 327.
    It has the best power to weight right out of the box.

    It's why they were the standard issue for fuel economy and power in School Busses.

    350's have been stuffed into these for some time now.
    Just Google search and you will see many done.
    Once you make a search for a topic, then hit image search button.
    You'll see hundreds done all over the world.
  • hoodlatchhoodlatch Mid-westPosts: 255
    Can I replace my 4.3Z with a Vortec X or W long block? I would like to up grade my 92Z with a balanced Vortec using my intake and exhaust manifolds. Has anyone tried it before? Thanx
  • I am looking to replace my 2.2L in my 95 chevy s10 with a 4.3L. If I found another s10 that was 98 or newer with a 4.3L in it with low miles, would it match up under my hood. My 2.2 taps while running i have replaced the lifters and bridges. the tapping is coming from with in the engine. i gave up on this engine, and am looking for a total replacement. this is just a project truck now. thanks for any 411 :sick:
  • I Have a 98 GMC Sonoma 2.2 5 speed and i was wondering if a 4.3 vortec out of a 98 GMC Sonoma Or 98 S10 would be the same computer and plug right in to my 2.2
  • I have been assured by the salvage yard and rodder friends that the engine swap from 2.2 to 4.3 is very painless, but don't know about driveshaft issues. The computer and harness from the 98 up TPI engine should be used and the radiator should be upgraded also. The only question I have is about the driveshaft. My Jimmy has the 2.2 5-spd, and the 4.3 will have the 5-spd from the later truck. Can I use the existing driveshaft or will I have to use something else?
  • I am doing the same swap, and have been assured that this is an excellent swap, but the computer, wiring harness, and sensors from the later model engine must be used to function correctly. Good Luck
  • I am currently finishing up a swap in my 95 s10 the swap is very painless. Your best bet though is to find a car or truck with everything in it that goes to the engine, then you can swap the computer and everything else that matches the 4.3L. Our biggest problem was deciding which 4.3L to use when incountering a Vortec it is all wires and elctronic you could do all the chasing or you go like I did with a TBI, that was the easiest route along with plenty of upgrade options. The 4.3L has the same bolt hole pattern as a small block v8 so the 2.2L tranny wont match up and the 4.3L tranny is longer. So the best bet there for us was to either find a shorter drive shaft or a split yoak that would work, the other option is to buy an adapter kit that would allow me to use my t5 tranny from the 2.2L I think we bought this adapter from ADVANCEADAPTERS.COM
  • what are you smokin? i have built both 305,s and 307,s that have totally creamed so called "balanced&bluprinted engines". i had a 69 chevelle that had a tonowanda 307 in it and i wiped the street with everything that it came up against except for bvelieve it or not ,a supercharged 72 mazda rx 3. i also had a 76 monza spyder with a 305 in it. i raced motorcycles with that car. the 307 was a cross between a 283 and a 327. the 305 is a cross between a 262 and a 350. these motors are not given the respect that they really do deserve.the only real difference between them ( other than the 400) is bore size and heads.and that is for more power
    from a 350? i have a 262 on my trike that pops out around 285 hp on pump gas.
  • Can any one tell me what problems I would have swaping a 95 2.2 with a 2001 2.2 ? Would it be worth the swap as far as what I would have to change .
  • tver1tver1 Posts: 1
    Hey there, I have a 1995 S-10 w a wanting to put a 4.3 vortec in it......Im trying to find out what I need to make it as painless as possible......any suggestions would be great.......thanks for your time and e-mail is [email protected]
  • Hey i was just wondering if anyone replyed to your thread, i was considering doing the same swap but to my 98 sonoma from my 2001 S10, and was wondering if its a pain stacking process or if it is even worth it?
  • 808s10808s10 Posts: 2
    hey i got this o2 s10 w/the 4.3l engine.. its out already. and a 350small block is going in but the ? i got is.. my year would it be realavent to like the 2nd gens. or is there other technical diffecaltys??
  • 808s10808s10 Posts: 2
    hey i got this o2 s10 w/the 4.3l engine.. its out already. and a 350small block is going in but the ? i got is.. my year would it be realavent to like the 2nd gens. or is there other technical diffecaltys??
  • boonejdboonejd Posts: 1
    Hey does anyone know how much trouble it is to put a 2001 2.2L s10 engine in a 1994 s10?

    if you can email me @ [email protected]

    thanks appreciate any help
  • sonoma420sonoma420 Posts: 1
    I recently swapped my 4.3l for a carb 350 want to know if anyone knows about using stock gauge cluster and what part of original harness i can use
  • ace89ace89 Posts: 1
    The engine in my '87 GMC S15 isn't the greatest, it's a 2.8 V6 so i want to switch it out. I want power so i would like to go with a small diesel engine. Has anyone done this?
  • nanoknanok Posts: 2
  • nanoknanok Posts: 2
    I've got an '02 S15 with a 2.2L, 5 spd, 4.10 rear end and 155K miles. I want to put in a 4.3L keep my 5 spd, and use a 3.42 rear end with disc brakes. Who can give me some insight into this job? I would appreciate all of the help I can get. Thanks everyone!
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