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Jeep Wrangler Maintenance and Repair Questions 2007 and newer



  • Add me to the list of wrangler leaking roofs.I have a brand new 2007 Sahara soft top. Took it in 3 times so far. They are getting anoyed with me now and requesting me to go to another Jeep dealer. I'm retired, 28 years with Ford Motor Company. I jumped ship and bought a Jeep. I have never taken any of my Fords in for warranty in the whole 28 years.
    I'm taking this Jeep in every time it I got new problems when it rains.All the gauges stop working, no odometer, no speedometer,no turn signals, no interior light, no tach, no gas much for Jeep tuff. I cant drive it when it rains....NOT IMPRESSED
  • Sorry so long on replying, But I have not done anything with the dealer as of yet. I have played with the tops and I found by just snuging up the two hand screws on the the rear of the two tops as opposed to gorilla tightened has stopped my leak so far. However I have not had heavy rains lately. Washing has not caused leaks. will check out the other forum you mentioned and see what he did. Any clue on the clunking coming from the drivers seat belt area between the front and rear door??
  • Anyone out there know how to reset the oil change alarm in a 2007 door Wrangler? The manual doesn't seem to mention anything about it, and I really don't feel like having the dealership do it...

    Any help will be much appreciated...

  • :lemon: I posted earlier with problems with my new 2007Jeep 4x44dr having a problem with what is called the "death wobble" It has now been back to the dealer 4 times and the last time someone from Chrysler actually came in and replaced the steering dampener. I am still having the problem and I now have a lovely $30,000 lawn ornament. Has anyone had any luck under the lemon law for the death wobble? :lemon:
  • I am also experiencing this whistle from the windshield. I have returned to the dealership many times. The first time they brought in an outside glass repair guy to reseal the cauking. The sound went away but the job they did on the caulking was so bad I took it back for them to do again. This time they replaced the entire windshield and did a better job caulking but the whistle is back. The sound goes away on the freeway but is very evident around 40-50 mph. Did anyone else have some resolution with this? Since I've been back to the dealer many times I about ready to lemon law the only has 5000K on it.
  • In the last few weeks my Passenger Air Bag light has been coming on in my dash after a few minutes of driving. It does not go off until I turn Jeep off. Has anyone experienced this problem with their '07 4door Sahara?
  • Yes..I had it and called the dealer....Quick question...did you place anything on the passenger seat. If it weighs over 5lbs (I think) it will turn your air bag off. It could be your purse. I had my brief case on it. I never even would have thought it was that!
  • Guess what? It magically stopped going off. I cannot remember if I placed anything on the seat, but that doesn't make sense to me. A person would cause it do go off by seating in the seat wouldn't they?
  • Chrysler has offered me a replacement vehicle... Dont get me wrong, I absolutely love my wrangler but the almost being killed on the highway thing is something that I just cannot get over. I have decided to get a 2008 commander. I am waiting for the paperwork to come over and then I will drive the wrangler down and give it back. It most definitely will feel like a death march, similar to taking my dog to the vet to be put to sleep :cry: but I cannot drive every day knowing that the DEATH WOBBLE could happen again and this time my kids could be with me. I will get another wrangler soon. I dont think that a sunroof could ever replace the feeling of going topless on a hot summer day! The thing I will miss the most is the jeep wave, so if you are in Connecticut and you see a black 2008 commander be sure to wave, I am with you all in spirit!!
  • waterdrwaterdr Posts: 307
    It's a Wrangler. It has a short wheel-base and is heavy. It will bounce and hobby-horse like an SOB. The new 4-doors are a big improvement in ride quality over the older models, but it is still crappy. I have driven a bunch of the new ones and they all do this. If the road is smooth, they are fine. But, add bumps and hills, and it turns into a roller coaster. Jeep has tried to make people think that the new 4-doors will make sedan people think they can get one of these as a family car, but the ride quality is terrible when compared to a almost anythng else.

    They are also extremely slow. Passing on the highway is complete fear when merging into traffic. Wait until your first wind-storm.

    Bottom line, this Wrangler is still a great, fun, weekend or ocassional use car. but, no substitute as a family hauler.
  • waterdrwaterdr Posts: 307
    Sorry, my post what out of order. I did not realize I responded to such an old post.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    No biggie - it's still great info to put out there.

    It's a Jeep thang. :)
  • roadburnerroadburner Posts: 11,681
    It's a Jeep thang.

    I bought my 1999 Sahara in May 2002 with the idea that I'd use it as a parade car(long story) and sell it in the fall. I had also heard all the stories about the uncomfortable ride, the unpredictable handling, and horrible HVAC system. Well, we ended up selling a very clean Pathfinder SE and keeping the Jeep. No, it doesn't have Lexus levels of NVH or BMW agility, but it certainly isn't a penalty box. I've since fitted Dunlop Radial Rover RVXT tires, Bilstein HD shocks, and Hella E-Code headlamps which have made the beast an even better all-weather vehicle. Aside from the familiar TJ radiator and exhaust manifold maladies, the Wrangler has proven to be quite reliable and inexpensive to run. Taxes, registration, and insurance runs less than $500/year, so I'll probably keep it for a long time.

    Mine: 1995 318ti Club Sport; 2014 M235i; 2009 Cooper Clubman; 1999 Wrangler; 1996 Speed Triple Challenge Cup Replica Wife's: 2015 X1 xDrive28i Son's: 2009 328i

  • I HAVE A 2007 4 DOOR UNLIMTED. I have had the death wobble 4 times now each time I take it in last time they replaced the stabilizer and now they said the only way to fix it is to replace parts that are not under warranty and I have to pay this is a lease jeep what can I do. in north carolina lemon law applys ideas welcome
  • Also...makes no sense that ANY part on a 2007 (unless you added it yourself and voided the warranty) would not be covered leased/purchased cash/ financed it... please elaborate so that I can help you... my email address is [email protected] if want a quicker response.
  • Talked to the dealer and Crysler today again and we have worked out throug the dealer that it gets fixed at no cost of I get out of lease it has been 4 weeks of this but I did nothing everything stock on the jeep. hope it works out dealer thanks for the response . dealer doesn't want it known it is a lemon live in small town
  • betsybugbetsybug Posts: 1

    I have a Wrangler X 4-door manual transmission with 22k miles. At 17k miles I started hearing a whistling noise when idling. I called the dealer to make an appointment for service in early December. In the few days between calling them and the appointment, I began to notice the whistling sound even while driving (especially accelerating). I could make the whistling stop by barely touching the clutch pedal. Also, in the lower gears--1 to about 4--while accelerating I noticed a sputtering noise (almost like a leaf stuck in a fan) that seemed to be coming from directly behind the glove compartment. Also, when I tried turned the ignition, it would make a popping, clanking noise. It became difficult to shift gears (especially to reverse). I made it through several days of these problems to the appointment, and they told me that the throw-out bearing needed to be replaced. After ordering it, I waited nearly a whole month before either the part could come in, or before they could fix it (who knows?), and then when the part came in, it was the wrong part in the box. (??) They ordered another one, and I waited again, assured that this problem would not leave me stranded: "It might get louder, but it won't put you down."

    Well, something else did put me down. The Powertrain Control Module went out, and Chrysler paid for towing nearly 300 miles. While it was there, they finally replaced the throw-out bearing, and when I went to pick it up, I noticed immediately that the clutch seemed extremely loose compared to what it was before. Before this, I felt resistance as soon as I touched the clutch pedal, but then it was nearly to the floor before I felt resistance or could even move the shifter. If possible, the clutch was TOO responsive. They assured me that it was the way it should be and that mine was never right. "Your problems started at the assembly line," they said. They explained that the throw-out bearing was "sitting crooked" and that was the reason the clutch had so much resistance before. They told me to take it home (an hour drive) and let them know if I just couldn't get used to it, and they could possibly adjust the clutch.

    I didn't have to go back to get the clutch adjusted because about 6 days later, the whistling noise and all its company returned. So I took it back. This time they replaced "everything above the throw-out bearing"--whatever that may be. I drove home, 65 miles, and it started again. It's just as loud as ever, and does it all the time, as opposed to sporadically the first time, and a little more often the second time.

    The Chrysler representative is supposed to come run a diagnostic test this time (it goes back tomorrow morning). I find it strange that they've not done that yet, anyway. I've read some other forums where people said they had this trouble, but haven't found a solution. Is anyone else having this trouble, or can you offer any advice or hints?

    Sorry it's so lengthy!
  • kimber67kimber67 Posts: 2
    I'm having the exact problem with the same results from the dealer. I have given my case to CAMVAP & have a hearing in a couple of weeks. Chrysler says they have no other experiences like mine. I also have an issue with the dash lights coming on and then my jeep doesn't start. It is currently in the garage for the 16th time. I only bought my Jeep March 2007
    I have tried accessing ther maintenance board for the repairs as suggested but I amhave having trouble. Can someone please post the exact link so I can try to acces that way?
  • shaunasshaunas Posts: 1
    Our 2008 Jeep Wrangler pops out of first gear. There is a loud bang and the entire car shakes when it happens. Unfortunatly it's random, and because the dealer can't duplicate it, they won't fix it. They suggested it might be "user-error"; however it happens to both my husband and me, and only in our Jeep.

    Does anyone have any ideas how to get this fixed, and what this might be from? I keep thinking I'm hitting something when I hear that bang, and I don't feel very safe, especially when clutch pops out of gear in the middle of an intersection.

    I'm hoping also, that people with the same vehicle and the same problem will post so Chrysler *might* be more inclined to fix this problem.
  • flynlevelflynlevel Posts: 1
    My 2008 Wrangler dows the same; the problem started around 5K miles, and is getting worse (now nearly 10K miles). Only in first gear, pops out with a loud clunk; dangerous if your pulling into traffic. At first I thought it was user error (just not putting into gear all the way), but having had several thousand miles to focus on it I'm sure there is some weakness in the machine (not to mention, 20 years and a million miles on manual transmissions probably qualifies me as knowing how to shift). It does help to hold the shifter lever hard in the first gear position until you are ready to shift to second.
  • Hi,
    I have a 2001 four cylinder wrangler. I have been experiencing a squealing noise which has gotten progressively worse. At first I thought it might be a bushing or boot etc. but I wonder if it is the u-joint... The noise is definitely not the wheels as it is sounds like it is moving much faster than the wheels.

    Anybody have any suggestions or similar problems? If it is the u-joint, there doesn't seem to be any grease fittings so do I need to replace?

    Any help would be appreciated.
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    You sure it's not the belt? My belt would squeal, but I tightened the tensioner pulley and it stopped. The belt was slipping.

    A bad u-joint would be a repeating noise...

  • Does anyone have issues with their jeep wrangler not starting if the tilt steering column is all the way in the up position. This has been looked at three times by the dealer and each time it is good for about a week and then it wont start. It will start if you move the tilt all the way to the bottom. About halfway down i hear a twang and anytime after that it will start. any solutions?
  • davej5davej5 Posts: 1
    My 2008 Wrangler does exactly the same thing. I've been waiting to take it in to the dealer until it starts doing it more often because I had the same problem with a steering shimmy that they couldn't duplicate. It's doing it pretty often now so I think I'll take it and tell them to keep driving it until it pops out for them. It really is frightening when it first happens to you or you aren't paying attention, not to mention dangerous when pulling out into traffic. I'm getting to where I keep my hand on the shifter when in 1st gear in case it pops out.
  • belibeli Posts: 1
    I have the same problem, but my wrangler is has only 2k. I've taken it twice to two different dealers and they keep saying that it is my fault. I also tried to hold the lever when it is in first but it hit my hand once and I don't do it anymore. If you find any place. or any way to fix this problem please let me know.

  • I have a 98 Wrangler and on the 4th transmission. Three yrs ago my transmission went out and replaced with a Jasper. I have gone thru three installed in less than 3 yrs and two of them in the last month. The first replaced trans started out as 1st, 2nd and reverse not going in smoothly, lost of grinding. I got replaced then 1st gear popping out (in intersections and about getting rearended)I thought the transmission was laying on the road by the sound that it made and the shaking of the jeep. The more transmissions I get replaced the worse that it does it. The syncronizers are what the problem is supposedly.

    I am not getting anywhere with Jasper so I am researching other vehicles and unloading this one. It's a shame because I am so much a Jeep lover but enough is enough.

    Good luck with your's. I atleast got 7 good years before the problems began.
  • Hello. I'm back again after a y :mad: ear or more. I've developed a loud squeal in front end. My 2008 Rubicon was held at the dealer for 8 hours and they called it "...the backing plate touching the rotor..." and claimed the adjustment they did cured it. ON THE WAY HOME THE SQUEAL started again. Can anyone suggest something ? Thanks.
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    It is possible you have a brake dust buildup in the caliper. Try a high pressure wash around the brake calipers. Do it once a week. An automatic car wash booth won't get it like you will with a good hard stream of water. Compressed air works well also but sure makes a mess. If that isnt it, maybe the pads were installed without anti-seize compound or backing.
  • Hi all. I bought a 2007 4dr Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4x4 Automatic in January of '07 (brand new). It currently has about 32K miles (I drive about 50 miles roundtrip to work 5 days a week on the highway). I love the vehicle, but about a month ago my husband and I were driving along at about 70, and it the whole Jeep shook like we had a blow out. We pulled over, but nothing was wrong. Tires were fully inflated. I drove later that week about 400 miles (we were going camping) one way and 400 miles back and nothing happened. This morning my husband took my Jeep to work as he is bringing it in for an oil change, and at about 65mph it did the same thing. He pulled over, checked the tires, and same thing. It really feels like the way a vehicle reacts when you have a blow out - not necessarily just a front end shake.
    Has anyone had this problem? I am worried again, because we are supposed to tow a trailer this weekend from Vegas to Park City, UT and back, with kids, and the trailer will be full on the way back. Help!
  • Sorry to take so long responding. It's been a month and squeel is basically gone. I only hear it when STOPPED (!) and maybe rolling a bit. I have the 6 speed so it may be clutch related. Anyhow it is about .02 percent what it was...this I can live with. EXTENNNNNNNDED HAPPY DRIVING WISHES TO ALL. :shades:
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